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7 Fantastic DIY Cleaners you definitely have to give a chance

1. Vinegar ● ● ●

Combine with water, or in some cases use pure. Apply with a sponge or a spray bottle. The acetic acid is natural and safe for the environment. It’s perfect to use in dissolving hard stains and deposits. Good for:

1. Scale, grout and mineral deposits removal from metal surfaces like pots, pans, cutlery, shower heads and etc. 2. Sticker and wallpaper removal from walls 3. All Surface Cleaner 4. Stain and mould removal from clothes and walls 5. Degreasing the oven

2. Lemon ● ● ●

Cut in half and rub with the cut side or squeeze over the item needing cleaning. The citric acid is natural and safe for the environment. It’s perfect to use in dissolving hard stains and deposits. Good for:

1. Dish soap replacement 2. Whitener - replacement for bleach

3. Rust and tarnish removal from metal objects 4. Window Cleaner 5. Degreasing the oven

3. Baking Soda ● ● ●

Mix with three parts water to create a paste. Apply with a brush or by hand Sodium Bicarbonate reacts both with acids and bases and neutralizes them, restoring pH levels to normal. Good for:

1. Drain unglogging 2. Deodorizer

3. Abrasive Surface cleaning 4. Oil and grease remover 5. Furniture and wall cleaning

4. Coffee Grounds ● ●

Dry out and apply or use warm, but moist. The grounds have a coarse texture and make for good abrasive cleaner. Caffeine is also a good nutrient.

Good for:

1. Dust Inhibitor 2. Scratch-up cover for the furniture

3. 4. 5. 6.

Abrasive Surface cleaning Insect repellent Plant nutrient Deodorizing

5. Hydrogen Peroxide ● ●

The only product constituted by only hydrogen and oxigen. Harmless to the body and environment.

Good for:

1. Mould removal 2. Toothbrush cleaning 3. 4. 5. 6.

Water purification and detoxification Wounds and skin infections Whitener - bleach alternative Improving laundry and dishwasher products

6. Alcohol ● ●

Spirit is a perfect dissolvant for most substances Evaporates after use, thus no need to rinse afterwards

Good for:

1. Cleaning all types of glass surfaces 2. Polishing chrome, copper and brass 3. Glue and sticker removal 4. Hand sanitation

7. Coca Cola ● ●

Suitable dissolvant for deposits and oily stains Harmless to the environment

Good for:

1. Limescale and mineral deposits remover 2. Rust remover 3. Metal surface polishing 4. Grease and blood stains removal from cloth items 5. Oil leak cleaning

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7 fantastic diy cleaners  
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