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Spring Auction: Class Baskets & Art Projects

Agenda T H I N G S W E ' L L C O V E R Class Baskets Class coordination Theme ideas Art Project vs Recreateable Drop off date & address

ClassBaskets Wish list via Amazon or Shutterfly Sharesite to help organize Encourage gift cards For every $10 = 1 hour of service, max $50/5 hours Value no more than $500 Too many items? Create a 2nd basket No dupes, 1st class with the idea gets the basket.Email us! A themed basket of items donated by the families of your class.

Anything that encourages relaxation 1)spa 2)gardening 3)crafty Sports themed: 1)professional sports 2)experiences and equipment A day out in the sun, at the park, at the beach, in the city 1)game night 2)movie night 3)DIY night A night in: Food related: 1)BBQ 2)Wine and Cheese 3)baking Anything YETI related

L E T ' S W O R K T O G E T H E R . Contact Us t h e v a n d e n b r o e c k s @ g m a i l . c o m 3 7 1 L o w e l l A v e n u e S B Audrey - Class Baskets g e h r e l s f a m 5 @ g m a i l . c o m 1 1 0 G l e n b r o o k L a n e S B Nicole - Art Projects