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PERSONAL STATEMENT Architectural Engineering Technology student with a passion for thoughtful and symbolic design and the desire to use design to be more inclusive. I enjoy studying interaction between the design and the user, hands-on work, and understanding the perfect blend between art and science.


Name: Audrey Presnell

INTERN, Quina Grundhoefer Architects Daily “red-line� corrections through the CD phase, preparing finished renderings, measuring existing buildings and drawing them in DataCad, scaled model making

Number: (850) 776-4851

T.A, USM School of Construction + Design AutoCad/Revit tutor


INTERN, Dalyrmple Sallis Architecture Measured existing sites, double checked RFQ forms & specifcation documents, firm marketer.



Revit Photoshop InDesign Enscape BlueBeam AutoCad Sketchup DataCad

University of Southern Mississippi Architectural Engineering Technology, 3.37 GPA



(May 2018-Present)

(August 2018-Present)

(June 2017-August 2017)

(August 2016- May 2020)

EXTRACURRICULAR American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), President Southern Mississippi Student Constructors Club, Secretary Design Build Institute of America Competition, team competitor, club member Associated Builders and Contractors Competition, team competitor, club member U.S Green Building Council Club, club member

(Spring 2020) (2016-Present) (2018,2019) (2019) (2018-Present)











The Hangout Studio 3: Jessica Lee

Mobile Street in the city of Hattiesburg was once a lively street, bustling with activity and businesses. After it was plagued with two tornado hits and a flood, the once bustling street is now mostly barren and forgotten. This project is meant to kick start the revitalization project of Mobile Street.







Placing the buildings side by side to recreate how old Mobile Street buildings use to be placed


Offset middle building to create a separate space between the buildings.


Large window walls to create a sense of transparency between the building and the user.


This facade with built in seating encourages the users to interact with the building.

The undulation wall morphs into a bench.

Robie Reconstructed Studio 3: Jessica Lee

Studio 3 was the task to take an existing famous building of choice and adapt to a certain site, I chose the Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright. At first, it felt blasphemous to take this famous building and change it on my terms, but the quote by Wright, "the house doesn't determine the site, the site determines the house," helped me to justify my design. With limited space to put the Robie House on this site, I carved into it and created a cantilevered balcony that the driveway runs under. Half of the building is contemporary, which was done to represent how architecture is always evolving. When Frank Lloyd Wright designed his buildings, they were considered extremely modern for that time. Now, we are able to push that mindset even further than anyone of that time could have fathomed. It is a testimony to how architecture is always evolving.

Frank Lloyd Wright used the “path of discovery” technique in many of his buidings. This site is meant to be a “path of discovery” experience as well. The long driveway to the hidden parking lot behind the building guides the user through the site and introduces them to explore the creek that is behind the building.

Concept Sketch

Final Elevation

Concept Sketches

Since this design is a contemporary take on the very modern style of Frank Lloyd Wright, I took his famous red square tile and made it into a mural wall for pictures. This is the new present-day way for free advertisment through social media and another way to educate the public on who Wright was.

Interactive Sculpture Studio 3: Jessica Lee

This two part project was to design an interactive sculpture that related to my previous project, “Robie Reconstructed,” which was a museum dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the surrounding Mississippi area. This design is inspired by the official logo for the city of Hattiesburg. The interactive part of this sculpture is inspired from the “Bimini Ring Toss” game. A person can stand on an arrow and will be able to toss a string with a ring attached to the end to the center pole, which will have a hook for the ring to hook on to. There are six places to throw the ring, and each of the places will be a plaque on the ground with Frank Lloyd Wright facts.

Sculpture Floor Plan The first part of this project was creating the design. My design was a modern pergola with horizontal slats that turn into built-in seating. The horizontality alludes to Frank Lloyd Wrights “prairie style.� Concept sketches

Part I

“Hub City� Logo The location of the cities of Jackson, Meridian, Mobile, Gulfport, New Orleans, and Natchez surround Hattiesburg, which make it the "Hub City."

Proposed structural design

Part II

This second part for this project was taking the original design and adjusting it to be built within a $2,000 budget. The basic knee brace framing was the solution to be under budget while not compromising the concept and still offering the future possbility to build the modern pergola over top.

Law Office Studio 2: John Kochtitzky

The object of this project was to find a solution for unattractive parking lots. We designed for a law firm on a particular site in Hattiesburg, MS. It is a large law office which required a large parking lot. Putting the parking lot on the first floor and making it into a single story parking garage, instead of hiding the parking behind the building, gave the oppurtunity for more green space on the site. Because the first floor parking garage is meant to be hidden, theoretically, only the employees will know to park there. There will be limited parking right off the street for just the clients so they can see a clear entrance and feel invited.

MASSING DIAGRAM The first floor office area is for the clients to meet with lawyers. Parking for clients is available and visible from the street and close to the front entrance. The employees will park in the first floor parking garage, have a seperate entrance into the building and work on the second floor to ensure the clients’ privacy.

Initial concept sketch

First Floor Parking Garage

First Floor Office

Second Floor Office


Angled Beams


first floor parking garage first floor office second floor office




Hattiesburg Mosque Studio 2: John Kochtitzky

Designing a mosque for the Islamic Center of Hattiesburg on North 25th Avenue, I went for contemporary rustic feel while still keeping the traditional mosque architectural requirements (minaret, dome, prayer hall, mihrab, minbar, ablution area, and shoe shelf). This design is meant to evoke a sense of protection from the outside with its fort-like wall, while still being inviting with the materials.

The minaret acts as the sun dial

Site plan

Sun dial example

Sun Dial Site To honor the origin of Islam, this site is a working sun dial. Before there were clocks, Muslims relied on sun dials to determine when prayer time was. Although sundials are not used as much today, this sun dial site is a reminder of how long the Islamic religion has prospered. The sun dial site is meant to serve as a homage to the faith.

Concept Sketches

The ablution area is

where Muslims wash their feet before they enter the prayer hall. This common practice is made difficult for those in wheelchairs. Adding a foot washing station with no seating was put in place for those in wheelchairs to easily access the faucet and drain.

The shoe shelf area is usually the last thing thought about in the design of a mosque, so it was important to make this area look like it belongs and to save maximum space while still having an appealing look.

Additions to Pensacola Catholic High School (under construction) 3D model was made with Revit, rendered with SketchUp, and edited with Photoshop.


Quina Grundhoefer Architects

A day in the life at Quina Grundhoefer consists of red line corrections on DataCad, sitting in on client meetings, making finished scaled models, or creating finished renderings for presentations.

First Baptist Gulf Shores Scale= 1:25

I constructed this model during my first summer internship with Quina Grundhoefer Architects in 2018. When I wasn’t making this model I was helping with red line corrections and sitting in on client meetings.

Shalimar United Methodist Scale = 1:20 Made during my second internship with Quina Grundhoefer Architects during the Christmas break of 2018-2019, this model was literally made with my blood, sweat, and tears after an unfortunate incident with sweaty hands and an X-acto knife to the calf.

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