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Client Observations

Pastiche is a one girl band [or company], comprised by Audrey Castelo. The company focuses on the fabrication of one of a kind accessories as well as vintage clothing retail. The word pastiche is defined as “a musical, literary, or artistic composition made up of selections from different works”, which is exactly what each piece of jewelry that is made at Pastiche is. Resin cameos, Swarovski crystals, copper chain and various vintage components are incorporated to create a unique piece, special in its own way. Pastiche was born out of love for beauty and appreciation for old materials that have survived time.

Pastiche is an emerging company that has quickly gained recognition amongst the friends and peers of its owner. So far a few jewelry pieces have been sold and several custom orders are being processed. The vintage clothing retail side of Pastiche has been rather successful [sold at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market] and it’s proven that customers who shop for vintage do appreciate the careful selection of items provided by the buyer.

Target Audience

marketing materials

Pastiche customers also share that love for beauty and look for uniqueness in every aspect of their lives. They love color and are not afraid to be bold and edgy, whilst focusing on their femininity. Pastiche Vintage garments are carefully chosen and allow expression through style. Our costumers are fun, possess vibrant personalities and their style is a mélange of color, patterns, crystals and metal. A Pastiche girl listens to all kinds of music, from T Rex and The Kinks to Animal Collective and Fiona Apple; she often shops at flea markets and enjoys a healthy but fun lifestyle.

The company has been prepared for the online shop’s grand opening to distribute its product to other retailers. So far only Facebook and Instagram have been enough to get orders in from local and international customers. The vintage clothing has been particularly successful with Asian buyers and Los Angeles fashion-forward girls [and guys too!]. The marketing materials provided in this manual are designed to communicate the fun and light-hearted essence of the brand and to make the customer feel appreciated.


Brand attributes

The hand made jewelry market has had a major boom in the last couple of years, mostly due to the growth of websites like etsy, pinterest and tumlbr. These websites accentuate the value of uniqueness and are very effective when it comes to selling to a client that aims to reach indivuduality yet follows fashion trends. There are many companies that started as a small project such as Pastiche that have gone [or at least tried to] become corporate, fading in the process. Pastiche prides itself in good craftsmanship, attention to detail and seeks to reach out to customers that support small local businesses and care about the environment.

Since there are so many jewelry and vintage stores in the market, Pastiche’s identity was created with the purpose of attracting the customers attention and wonder when they see the enigmatic silhouette logo. The customer is drawn towards out of the norm art, yet wants to belong to an artistic community. The softness of the shades of pink used represent femininity and fun, and black represents boldness, sophistication and refined style. Pastiche products unapologetically make a style statement and simultaneously celebrate womanhood.

Brand Overview


Brand Strategy positioning platform The difference between Pastiche and other jewelry/vintage companies is its sense of humour, and the ability to not take itself too seriously, hence the use of such unusual sillhouette as a logo. Audrey’s designs reflect a sense of playfulness and appreciation for good quality. Accessibility is key, which is why the website’s layout was made to provide an enjoyable shopping process for the customer. When physically placed in a shop, the boutiques should be small and located in hip districts accross the country to convey the message of singularity and exclusivity.


To promote the brand, a thank you post card and round sticker with the logo will be included with every online order. Business cards will be available in boutiques and shall be given to customers upon request or under the sales associate’s discretion. Every item will be tagged using mini-cards and natural yarn. Such mini-cards include the online store’s web address as well as contact information for feedback and custom orders and are to be printed on matte paper.

Goals This manual was designed to consolidate all the pretty things that Pastiche stands for, and communicate them to its customers effectively. The simplicity of these graphics allows them to be placed successfully in every deliverable to get the attention of potential customers. The intention of the silhouette logo is to not give away what the company sells, to awaken the shopper’s curiosity and make them want to look more into the world of Pastiche.

C=15 Y=88

C=0 Y=0

M=72 K=3

PMS=8923 C

M=0 K=100

PMS= Black C

C=4 Y=69

M=95 K=30

PMS=199 C

C=4 Y=69

M=95 K=0

PMS=710 C

C=5 Y=29

M=39 K=3 0

PMS=805 C



Color Palette & Logo Variations


abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz * Minimum size 20p [no maximum] * Only to be used for title typography Not for body copy * To be used on online banners [not exclusively]


abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz

* Minimum size 21p * Only font to be used inside the Pastiche logo


abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz

Little Days

* Minimum size 10p * Only to be used for “Pastiche�

abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz KG Always a good time abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz

and other titles * Not for body copy * Maximum size 50p

* Minimum size 10p * Online exclusive * Maximum size 50p



* Minimum size 7.5p * Exclusive to bodycopy * Not for title typography * Maximum size 50p

post card

(with online purchase)


Audrey Castelo Vintage Clothing & Custom Jewelry

pastiche 213-300-4847







(with online purchase)

Audrey Castelo Custom Jewelry & Vintage Clothing 213-300-4847 pastiche


Marketing Materials

business cards



(clothing only)



Audrey Castelo Vintage Clothing & Custom Jewelry



Linen Bag (jewelry only)




large paper bag

(online exclusive)


Pastiche About








Online Store

Pastiche Brand Manual  

Brand Manual designed for the jewelry company Pastiche

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