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Dear xxxxxxx I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for xxxxx for your residency program. xxxxx did volunteer work in my office for xxxxx weeks during the summer of xxxxx. xxxxx’s responsibilities in my internal medicine practice included taking complete medical histories, and detailing thorough physical exams. I have quite a broad range of patients in my practice and thus each patient history and examination would be quite dramatically different from that of the patient before. This patient diversity has always presented a clear challenge for the medical students I have worked with in the past. xxxxx not only seemed to switch easily from one disease process to another, appropriately adjusting his questions and the focus of his physical examination depending on their relevance to the patient, he also had a natural ability to hone in on the most important issues for each patient. This skill is something that I have rarely seen in medical students before, and certainly I have never seen it at this level in my experience with students. There are many patients in my practice that I have been following for years, with very complicated disease courses, and yet xxxxx was able to clearly and concisely summarize the issues, timelines, and other information that was key to evaluating the patient on the current visit. Not only did he save me time when he worked with me, but he also inspired confidence, and I was able to rely on him more and more as our experience together continued. I would also like to add that many patients that were seen by xxxxx during his experience with me continue to ask about him, often commenting on what a lovely physician he would make, and enquiring as to whether he would join me in my practice in the future. I feel that this speaks volumes as to xxxxx’s kind and calm manner when interacting with patients, and the confidence he inspires.

Without hesitation I can say that xxxxx will become a top-notch physician and an exemplary member of your residency program. Please feel free to contact me if there is any other information I can provide about this superlative student. xxxxx M.D. Internal Medicine

Sample letter of reference for a medical student  
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