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The Engagement Session

Tips & Planning

Your Engagement Session The engagement session is a fun way to capture your love and celebrate your engagement. The session is very relaxed; a great way to capture the “unique� aspects of your relationship. No schedules or guest waiting on you, the perfect setting for wonderful images.

When The best time to plan your session is at least 3 months before your wedding date. There are so many uses for your images; this allows plenty of time for you to do so. Invites, save the dates, guest books, engagement parties; the possibilities are endless.

Time Lighting is key. With photography, the most important thing is great lighting. The best lighting is at sunrise or sunset. So earlier in the day or 2 hours before sunset is the ideal time to schedule your session. Engagement sessions can be up to 2 hours, so be sure to plan enough time for there to be great lighting available.

Where Location, location, location. I get asked this all the time. Where is the best place to go for an engagement session? When choosing the location, consider your relationship. Consider places that have sentimental meaning to you or anywhere you love to go with each other. If you love the outdoors, think of your favorite park. Or maybe you love getting a cup of coffee together. You get the idea. If you have a hard time deciding on a location, I am more than happy to recommend some of my favorite spots. We will find the perfect location and your e-session will rock!

Here are a few of my favorite engagement session ideas to help you get inspired. 

Where you first met or where your first date was at

Picnic in the park

Day at the lake

Favorite games together

Favorite sport or team

Ice-cream or coffee shop

Reading together

Walking your dog

Going dancing

State Fair

Music/ instruments

Cooking together

Feel free to look on pinterest or for inspiration. I am amazed at the unique ideas you can find online.

What to Wear The clothes you wear are a reflection of your personality. So I say, let it shine! I always encourage couples to wear what makes them feel like a million bucks. You know, that favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly or that new shirt you just got. I also love color! Do not be afraid to wear color. Feel free to bring a couple of different outfits with you. You do not have match perfectly, just make sure your outfits complement each other and that they do not clash.

At the end of the day, it is all about you and your future bride/groom. Your images will be a reflection of your relationship and time together before your wedding. So make it a date and plan on taking a day off to relax and get some great photos together.

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Engagement Session  

tips on planning your engagement session

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