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Studio am

01 Epoxy


An epoxy stool designed for use in the bathroom by women. It can be used both inside and outside of the shower for convenience and ease of use for applications such as shaving in the shower and applying make-up, outside the shower. Its material and form makes it lightweight while being waterproof and able to stay clean and not hold stagnant water. Materials: - Fiberglass strands - Resin & hardener For frame: - Two wooden discs - Nails - Metal rod To apply resin & hardener: - Plastic bottle - Rubber stopper




Process Top


Epoxy Stool


Making Final


Epoxy Stool

w:14” h:24”

Epoxy Stool


02 Portable This speaker uses a special technology that amplifies the sound of the bass in the music. Simply attach an i-pod or other device to the speaker and place it on a hard surface. The hard surface acts as amplification and makes the sound quality much better. When asking people what they wanted to see change in portable speakers it was better sound quality. This speaker ensures better quality while still being portable. Materials - Aluminum tool - Wood for the base - Polyethylene shield

Speaker Portable Speakers By: Steven Lesley and Audrey Merwin

Final Speaker Design Problem Most people do not use portable speakers because they do not have good sound quality and are not portable enough. However, we found that people would use portable speakers on a daily basis if both of these problems were improved.

Design Statement We want to design portable speakers that improve the quality of sound and increase portability so that people can listen to music on the go more frequently.

Prototype While prototyping we found the shape of the speaker that we wanted to use. We also discovered that this design fit perfectly into the water bottle holder on the side of a backpack for portability.




Poster: 24�x 42�





4” 8”




Vibration Speakers



Computer Model


Vibration Speaker

W:4” H:8”

Vibration Speakers


03 Cereal Designed with a group of four other people, this cereal box dispenser is aimed at helping everyone reach the boxes in the cereal aisle with more ease. This was intended to be designed for people who are in wheelchairs yet turned out to be easier for everyone. This would bring the cereal boxes to an even level and allow easy stocking as well. Materials: - Acrylic - Hardware: “L” bracket, hinges, screws, mounting bracket

Box Dispenser

Cereal Box Dipenserg

Final Product

- Matt Kanno, Audrey Merwin, Sam Piva, Sam Taguchi, Alex Vasquez

Initial sketches

Problem: It is hard for everyone to reach all the shelves in a gro-

cery store.

Design Objective: To make all of the items in a cereal aisle easy to reach and accessible to everyone while utilizing the provided shelving units and space.


Research and Observation

Example Questions:

What items in the grocery store are the hardest for you to grab?

People had the most trouble grabbing items that had been pushed to the back of the shelves, and items on higher shelves. Items that had been packed close together were also difficult to grab, and items with flimsy or large packages were difficult to handle.


We decided to create a product that could dispense cereal boxes at a level that anyone could reach, while still making use of the vertical storage space. The dispenser is gravity-fed, and stacks modularly, to keep installation and maintenance costs low. Features on this model include a sloped tray that keeps the boxes from becoming bent or dented, and a U-shaped cutout that allows one-handed access to the narrow side of the box without losing horizontal storage space.

What methods or devices do you use while trying to get items off a high shelf?

Several people who we interviewed admitted that they did not like asking for help to reach difficult items. Quite a few also said that they had tried climbing the shelves to reach higher items.

Poster: 24”x 42”




Cereal Box Dispenser


Rendered Model


Cereal Dispenser detail Stacked, similar to how it would be displayed in the store

Cereal Box Dispenser




A Splash of Refreshment........Diptych 24”x36” (x2)........Charcoal, Acrylic, Pastels


Transformation........19”x24”........Charcoal and Chalk


Sketches........8 1/2x11........Pen and Ink


Torpedo Blender........ Copic Marker and Ink


Convertible Chair........ Copic Marker and Ink


Robots: A game that I made up for two teams of robots. The yellow “blade throwers” try to intercept the frisbee from the red “frisbee thrower” with their blade. The point of the game is to get as get the frisbee into the different sized boxes with varied amounts each. The bigger boxes are less points and the smaller boxes are more points.

Robot Game........Copic Marker and Ink


Computer Work


Computer Aided Design

The following work was all done using the SolidWorks program combined with the Adobe Suite ( InDesign, Photoshop, and illustrator) to create layouts and finalize projects. All rendering was done using Keyshot.

Poster 24�x 42�


3D printed earbuds


a2m 0

Sculpey Prototype

Foam CNC’d Prototype

Handle Bar Grip






Thank you Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I appreciate it very much and cannot wait to work with you.

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Audrey Merwin's Portfolio  

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