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Audrey Freeman


August 2014 - May 2018

Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture University of Colorado at Boulder Colorado National Collegiate Scholars Member Vice Chancellor of Infrastructure and Safety / Program Mentorship

Experience October 2017 - June 2018

Surround Architecture Intern Created interior sheet sets in Revit and design presentations Developed material boards and palettes with clients Provided client coordination and organization Performed as-builts and site documentation Worked in a team environment and integrated design skills with others

January 2016 - October 2017

Creative Learning Labs Lab Monitor Ran CNC machines and 3D printers for student projects Provided assistance for laser cutting machines Assisted students with all woodshop equipment and taught safety Provided Rhinoceros support Built furniture and partition walls for Environmental Design studio spaces

August 2017 - December 2017

University of Colorado Teaching Assistant Provided support for an architectural history course Offered assistance and support for students in and outside of class Graded research papers and other content Used office hours as an opportunity to mentor students 303.709.3631

Skills & Interests

Revit Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Rhino Sketchup 3D printing Enscape Vray Microsoft Word Excel


References Dale Hubbard Principal at Surround Architecture 303.440.8089 * 101

Drawing Painting Graphic Design Model Building

Other Interests

Awards & Achievements

Red Gallery 2018 University of Colorado Boulder Project on display: Boulder Central Market

Marianne Holbert Associate Faculty Director & Senior Instructor 303.492.2196

Paul Schroder Lab Manager of Creative Labs 303.735.6177

Design Excellence 2015 University of Colorado Boulder Project: Boulder Creek Bridge

Boulder Central Market Boulder, Colorado The 9,200 sq. ft market, a community gathering space, provides a year-round focal point and a symbolic living room for the city. Located in the heart of downtown Boulder, the complex touches upon the primal notions of gathering, creating a venue for passive and active use and recreation. The space opens up to a plaza via two large bi-fold window walls. The large roof overhang provides protection from rain and sun. The plaza features planter benches and gardens to encourage people to pause and columns that provide electricity for events. The undulating roof lifts up from the building to gesture towards the park and adjacent thoroughfare, with the gap between the building and roof becoming a dramatic clerestory. The roof then drops down towards the plaza to provide a sense of enclosure and safety.



Drop down roof to allow street access for seating




Raise street side of building to match surroundings

Extend roof out to create outdoor pavilion

Create opening in roof for sun exposure



Seating Area Modular Partition Walls Bathrooms Green Wall Kitchen/Demo

Enclosable Spaces Food Vendor Freezer Space

Community Tables

Food Vendor

Bar/Cafe Auditorium

Planter benches

Utility Columns

Section AA

The structure dissolves into an open oor plan to host the local farmer’s market and other large scale events. Durable low maintentance materials are used, including exposed wood beams, recessed glulams, girders, steel structural columns, aluminum store-front windows, and an aluminum composite panel roof system.

Revit Rhino 3D Printing Photoshop Illustrator Model Building



Red Peak Daycare Center Silverthorne, Colorado The project focuses on providing a connection to the outdoors as well as a learning environment that promotes creativity and innovation. The topography of the site is heavily sloped, which drove the initial process. The strong central axis creates a long corridor, which is staggered to ďŹ t into the site, and provides circulation, learning space and a small space to grow plants. The separation of the daycare as a compound allows for connection to the outdoors and speaks to the mining history of Silverthorne. The compound nature of the structure allows it to be built in phases, during the summer season. The building is designed to allow for a changing curriculum over time by hosting partitionable, multi-use spaces. The facility includes play areas, classrooms, a library, outdoor and indoor recreation spaces, as well as adminstration offices and a cafeteria.

Site Plan

9 10


Kitchen Lunch

2 Reading Room Outdoor Space


Greenhouse Corridor


Storage Bath Office

Class/Play Class/Play

Indoor Play Outdoor Space


1 Class/Play Clinic Outdoor Space

Revit Photoshop Illustrator Rhino Model Building

Surround Architecture Seeley Residence

Master Bath Elevation

Located in Greeley, Colorado, this house faces pristine views of lakes and mountains. Built for a large family, the house provides indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. The compound features the large main house with both intimate and social functions, a garage and a separate pool house near the lake. During my time at Surround Architecture, I offered design support in the office for this residence. I created renderings of exterior palette options as well as interior renderings. I helped to create an interiors drawing set for the main house.

Master Bath Elevation

Master Bath Enlarged Plan



Kitchen Elevation

Kitchen Elevation

Kitchen - Enlarged Plan

Kitchen Elevation

Kitchen Elevation

Revit Photoshop Enscape Indesign Wine Cabinetry Elevation



Rocky Mountain Culture Center Boulder, Colorado The Rocky Mountain Culture center sits nestled in the foothills of South Boulder Peak. The center performs like a museum, displaying local artwork from the front range, information on ecology and wildfires, a gem stone display and other galleries and exhibits specific to Colorado. Equipped with an ampitheatre and multi-use spaces, the structure has opportunties for education. The building’s form is meant to mimic the feeling of being in a canyon, and is built into the hill to copy its surrounding landscape. The program provides unique information about the Colorado Front Range and its history.



Main Floor Plan

Second Level Floor Plan

Section AA

Section BB

Revit Photoshop Rhino Illustrator Model Building



Grohous Research Center University of Colorado East Campus

The Greenhouse research facility in Boulder, CO focuses on supporting sustainable living, passive design and bulding efficiency.The small campus provides opportunity for community members, students and children to learn about sustainable living and also provides space for CU boulder researchers or professors. The greenhouse faces south with sun exposure in order to grow vegetation which was a contributor in the design process. The center is also equipped with community gardens for the surrounding areas.

Site Plan

Site Section



Section AA

Section BB

Section CC

Sketchup Rhino Illustrator Model Building Hand Drafting



Other Artwork





Audrey Freeman - Portfolio in Design & Architecture  
Audrey Freeman - Portfolio in Design & Architecture