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from the editor


his time last year, we’d have been preparing to bid you farewell as 360, and therefore audio tonic, closed for the summer months. But thanks to the spanking new upgrade and 2nd floor, we’re very, very pleased to say that we’ll continue adding the vital ingredient to your weekend throughout the summer as we’ll be taking the party downstairs. And launching our weekly sessions Below will be one of the fastest rising talents on the house market, the UK’s Hot Since 82. But before all that happens in June, we’ve got May’s line up to contend with first! We’ve got another clubbing exchange with Uberhaus, the ace new hotspot in Beirut, before Mexico’s Robbie Akbal drops by for a deep

house masterclass. And we simply had to invite Noir back after his devastating set last November. We’ve got interviews with all those stars, while we also have all the latest news and gossip from Ibiza to prepare you for the summer. We then turn towards our trusty residents for the final two weekends, with the Rooftop closing party on May 31: you’d better get the Pocari Sweat in for the next day as this will be a big one! And don’t forget you can actually take us home with you now as our double CD audio tonic at 360, recorded by myself and Raxon is now out – just ask the 360 management if you’d like a copy. See you on the dancefloor :-)

3rd: audio tonic presents Uberhaus with Phil & Tia 10th: Noir (Noir Music) 17th: Robbie Akbal (Akbal Music) 24th: Helen S + residents 31st: The Residents ROOF DECK CLOSING PARTY


7th: Below launch party feat. Hot Since 82 14th: RICH SHOWELL 21st: Balcazar & Sordo 28th: Claptone

Contact info Saturday Showcase May 11th: Sam Farsio & Simon B. 25th: Amir Sharara


B ck in

BLACK His last set at audio tonic had us reaching for the stars from start to finish, and quickly became clubbing folklore in the city. So it was only right and proper that we invited Noir back for another sure-to-be-stellar set… Welcome back to the city – your previous set was called one of the best the club’s ever had, did you feel a special vibe when you were playing? Thanks for the kind words. It’s always great to play underneath the moon and the stars and I really enjoyed 360. I think there’s a great atmosphere and “love” in the air at the venue, it’s a special place. What did you make of the city, were you impressed? It wasn’t my first time in Dubai, so I already knew what to expect of the city. But yes it is pretty impressive, and the first time you see it you go “WOW!” What came first for you: production or Djing? I started DJing first. It was my love for “electronic music” that naturally led me to become a DJ. I then learned making music from scratch. A good friend taught me how to use software for production and then I hooked up with a musician (and also a friend of mine) who taught me about key progressions and learnt how to be a musician really. I made music with both guys in the beginning and just sucked in all the knowledge I could, and eventually became skilled enough to be on my own and create the “Noir” tracks you know today. Today I write and produce everything myself and I play everything by hand - even the drums are created from a keyboard or controller/drum pad and not programmed by clicks from a mouse… And can you be a DJ in this age without making your own music? Of course. The hard thing is to get your name known around the world and that of course require something else than “just” being a good DJ.


Making music and creating “club-hits” is a very good way to sell yourself as a DJ. Solomun is now one of the biggest DJs, but he had writer’s block until he heard your big track ‘Around’ – you should play him music more often… Yeah I read in a magazine he had writer’s block just before the remix of “Around” but he did create a lot of great music before that, so I wouldn’t say he had a writer’s block until he heard “Around”. And writer’s block happens to all producers. There are good weeks with lots of creativity and bad weeks when nothing good comes out, that’s how it is when you’re an artist. I am happy that “Around” opened up his natural flow again, ‘cause he had a really good run of productions following the “Around” remix. Solomun and I did play a couple of gigs together and hopefully there will be more in the future. You sampled Paul McCartney, and he cleared the track but you’ve never released it – why not, and will it ever see the light of day? It will never be released and I wouldn’t want it to be released as it sounds very dated today. It was made back in 2003 and the sample got cleared by Paul McCartney in 2004. It was ready for a release and people predicted big things for it, as it was the first ever sample he cleared for an official release with his name on it. But just when labels around the world heard the news and started getting excited about the track, we got news from Paul’s lawyers that he had to approve every single compilation that the track would be included on. He needed to hear and approve all the other tracks included, and that could take months to get through. Back in 2003/2004/2005, the sales of singles had declined and the digital market was not 100% accepted yet, so all music sales were made through album and compilation sales, so it was a big part of record labels’ income back then.


Paul McCartney’s demand complicated the release so much that the record labels kinda gave up, so that’s why it never really got an official release. What style of music have you been signing to Noir recently, how have your tastes or trends changed? My taste changes all the time. My ears are very impatient and they are always listening for something fresh and new. Something to make them go “YESSSSSSSSS!” In 2012 I got tired of the trendy deep house tracks with pictched down vocals from old hip hop and R&B tracks. I know they are still popular on sites like Beatport, but it’s almost an instant turn off for me unless they are really special somehow. Lately we have been through a lot of 90s inspired garage house as well and my ears have already moved on from that too. I guess I am in a place right now where house with a techy edge, stand out groove, slightly dark, fat and warm, something really well produced and arranged turns me on. But ask me again in one month and I might say something else. For Noir Music I have moved away from deep house and more into the tech house and techno area for the recent signings. It’s still “deep” but it doesn’t carry the sound you know from the deep house chart on (for example) Beatport. For me it’s about trusting my ears and move where ever they take me, whatever they want. I don’t sign music because it’s “trendy” or because it could become big


hits, sell a lot, look good. I sign music that moves me, makes me wanna dance, makes me excited to DJ etc. So I will always be moving forward and not just release one specific genre, style etc. The key word is fresh! You work a lot with Defected, what has working with a major label taught you? When Defected licensed “Around” from Noir Music I got to know Simon Dunmore and the whole Defected crew. We had several meetings and I played a couple of parties for them. In that process we found out that we just “click”. Sometimes you meet people and there’s a special chemistry and that’s what happened. All the things Defected are doing right now are really good for house music, they have really turned the page from where they were at 2-3 years ago. I am proud to have become part of the family, ‘cause Defected is now 15 years old and they have released some of the most important tracks in house music history. They have survived through good and bad times for the industry and if there’s one label I believe will still be here 15 years from now, it’s Defected. It’s all about the love and passion for good music. And when you find people in the world you love and trust you stick with them ;)

Noir plays audio tonic at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday May 10. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via platinumlist. ae from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.



Some DJs are worth waiting for, which is why we booked Leeds hot-stepper Hot Since 82 for his June gig waaaay back last November. Since then, his deep house star has risen even further, with everyone from Pete Tong to Tiesto (true story) playing his tracks. Put your hands together and welcome Daley Padley AKA Hot Since 82 who launches our summer sessions at 360 on June 7.

Welcome to Dubai - have you had any feedback from fellow Leeds DJs PBR Streetgang? I don’t know them actually, I love their music but I have only heard good things about Dubai and its club scene. I’ve got friends who live there who are always going on about who’s playing, it’s exciting! And where’s the most exotic place your DJing has taken you so far? I’m playing 3-4 gigs a week at the moment, and normally 3-4 different countries – I’ve played on pretty much every continent now, so I’m really enjoying life.

What’s planned for the rest of the year? I’m doing an album and compilation for Moda Black, it’s a mix compilation, but everything on there has got fresh remixes and edits. I’m going to be in Ibiza every single week pretty much. I’m playing for We Love, Flying Circus and lots more: I’m ready to get on the White Isle!

You’ve had a fast rise to fame in the last year – did you change something or was it just a case of getting picked up by the right people? I’ve been making music as Hot Since 82 for a couple of years, but I’ve been making music for about 12 years now. I guess it’s just a case of right place, right time with [hit single] ‘Let It Ride.’

And what can we expect from your Dubai show? They’re gonna hear a lot of my own stuff, a lot of new bits from the album. It’ll just be good quality electronic music at the end of the day.

How would you sum up your sound? It’s a weird one, as I like my music to reach a wide range of people. Booka Shade like my stuff, even Tiesto has been playing my stuff which is quite bizarre. A lot of people seem to be playing my stuff though which is great.


What was your introduction to the house music scene? I got into music when I was really young, I listened to Motown and Northern Soul. Then about ’91, I got into the KLF, Prodigy and all that sort of stuff. I then got into hip hop, and found my way back into house music.

Hot Since 82 plays audio tonic Summer Sessions Below at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday June 7. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.


The Beirut What happens when Beirut’s best club Uberhaus joins forces with audio tonic, the award-winning Dubai club night? Well, a club swap of epic proportions as residents from each club have been impressing their Middle Eastern dancefloor brethren. And it continues, as Uberhaus night Romax and Friends take control of 360’s decks on Friday May 3. We spoke to Romax, and the two headlining DJs, Romax’s wife Tia and Phil, both underground stars on Beirut’s clubbing scene

Welcome to Dubai – what have you heard about the city’s clubbing scene and audio tonic? Phil: I came to Dubai two or three years ago and found out about all the international acts, the local talents and the amazing venues, I was really surprised! I know now that audio tonic is an award winning party, enough said! Welcome to Dubai – what have you heard about the city’s clubbing scene and audio tonic? Tia: AlI I can say about audio tonic is I heard Mr Mr and Raxon playing at Uberhaus in Beirut and they kicked ass with their energetic beats. And what can you tell people about Uberhaus? Romax: We started Uberhaus to fill the gap between commercial rooftops and underground after hours, Beirut deserves a fun spot where people can hear proper electronic music on a good soundsystem, something we did not have at that time. Who’s been the best guest you’ve had since the club opened and why? Romax: Hmm tough one… M.A.N.D.Y and Gunnar Stiller were awesome nights, they tore the roof off and played till the lights went on, which is usually a good sign. Tia: There have been so many, to name a few I would say Martin Buttrich, M.A.N.D.Y, Siopis, Blond:ish, DJ T… You run a night called Romax and friends, what’s the ethos behind the night and who are your friends? Romax: Since we have four themed nights with residents, I wanted to create a night where I can invite other talented local DJs to give them the space they deserve to play their music, including Tia, Diamond Setter, Trix and Kam.


beat And where does Uberhaus fit into the clubbing scene in Beirut? Tia: Uberhaus has been specifically designed to shift the emphasis from the table/ bottle service common elsewhere with ‘real music’ its primary focus. Where else should people check out in the city if they’re flying over this summer? Phil: Start at Le Capitole or Centrale for a good meal and a nice vibe, then it’s Uberhaus with its new summer location, ending it at BO18 for those who don’t give up! Romax, as Tia is your wife, do you have to fight over what you listen to at home? ROMAX: Haha she wins! No fights so far, we play a lot of soul and funk at home which keeps the peace just fine… Which other DJs would you compare yourself to musically and stylistically? Romax: Musically it would be DJ T as he played most tracks that I play as well, he also has a funk and soul background. Stylistically it would be Siopis as we were wearing the same socks. And what can Dubai expect when you play for audio tonic? Tia: Expect warm groovy fun music. Phil, your sound has been described as ‘splongy’ before - what does that mean?! Haha! Honestly, I still don’t even know what “splonge” means but the guys [at Uberhaus] really pushed me and helped me locally to play my sound. What have been the biggest tracks in your set in the last few months? Phil: ‘This 97’ by Daniel Dubb, ‘Trouble’ by Craig Hamilton and the almighty Hanfry Martinez & Javier Carballo’s ‘Vamos Mi Nino’.

Uberhaus presents Tia and Phil, audio tonic at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday May 3. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.


Mexican flavour We have another Mexican export at audio tonic, and yet another top notch party starter – this time it’s Hot Waves and Leftroom’s Gabriel Sordo who’s playing with his studio and DJ partner Balcazar. We caught up with Gabriel ahead of his return to 360 at the end of June for our Below summer sessions.

Welcome back to Dubai, what memories have you of the city and previous parties? I have great memories of Dubai - this will be my third visit to this amazing city. 360 is one of the best places I have played - the DJ booth is a dream and the view is impressive. I have tons of memories there and lot of good friends who live in Dubai - it is always is a pleasure to come and visit! We’ve had a Mexican invasion recently with Miguel Puente, yourself and Robbie Akbal – what’s the scene like in Mexico and who else should we be listening out for? It has been a very good year for Mexican artists – lots of artists are touring around the world and working with very good labels. Miguel is one of our favourite DJs and producers from Mexico and Robbie is a excellent DJ and runs one of the best Mexican labels – Akbal Music.


You record with Marco Balcazar – do you DJ together as well, or is it just a studio partnership? We have both a studio partnership and DJ together, we have toured a lot this year and really enjoy playing together! A year ago we joined our booking agency Blueprint Artists which has been a very good step for us, so we are very happy at the moment! What DJs do you look up to and admire in the industry? We really love Patrick Jung of M.A.N.D.Y, he is one of the best guys in the industry – always trying to help us in different ways and that means a lot to us. The same is true of Jonny White of (Art Department), he believed in us and we had our first release on his amazing label No.19. 

What’s your preferred DJ set up and why? We are very easy to cater for - 2 x CDJ 2000s and 1 x A&H Xone 92 simplicity at its best :-) What’s in the pipeline for you production wise? We have some releases for Supernature, Om records and we are working some stuff for Get Physical and Culprit There are thousands of international DJs – how do you make yourself stand out from the rest? Well we are not new on this, Marco and I have been working in the industry for over 11 years so we do what we like and we try to keep our distance from short-lived trendy things.

And what should people look forward to from your set in Dubai? Lots of energy and attitude, we are really looking forward for this gig... we really love the people from Dubai – bring it on!

Sordo and Balcazar play audio tonic at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday June 28. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.


One of the most unique venues in the world, the guys at audio tonic really make you feel at home... a great party. – PBR Streetgang Â

audio tonic

Photos: Kirill Fedorov

g llery


Just amazing: fantastic people, place and city! – KOLOMBO



Photos: Kirill Fedorov


We had a great time when we played for audio tonic, excellent hospitality, amazing venue, and most importantly the crowd were up for it and open to whatever we played – DUSKY





Mexico has a burgeoning electronic reputation thanks to world-renowned festivals like BPM, but it’s also got a growing number of top-quality DJs and producers, including our May 17 guest, Robbie Akbal. We caught up with the head honcho of Akbal Music to find out what’s in store…

Welcome to Dubai – a first for you, what are you expecting? I think Dubai is a great city full of people from around the world. That makes a special cosmopolitan vibe. Dubai is pretty much the other side of the world from Mexico – is this the farthest afield you’ve played? Yeah I guess it is. Mexico seems to be getting an impressive reputation on the worldwide party scene – how do you view it? That’s true, Mexico in the last 2 years has exploded with a bunch of new talented producers that are breaking barriers around the world. Also, Mexico now holds an important festival in the music calendar BPM, which has played a big role in our development. And what was your path to becoming a DJ and producer? I started at a really young age and started with records and turntables. My father used to have clubs in Cancun in the late 80s so I’ve always been connected in music.


You run your own label, Akbal Music – what sort of music are you trying to push through it? We love house music in various styles – the music we put out has to have a special groove and feeling to it. You’ve worked with Raxon from audio tonic, what do you like about his sound and style? His sound is really cutting edge, big basslines, fantastic groove and driving direction. I love his stuff, he is so talented. And what should people expect from your set for audio tonic? A lot of fresh and old tunes, combined with a cool groove and some Akbal flavour. Always selected with care and love.

Robbie Akbal plays audio tonic at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday May 17. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.

Fiesta ime! 25

The last ance HELEN S JC How would you sum up the season in a word? Mr Mr: Empowering. JC: OneMassiveHangover. Raxon: Power! Vas: Epic. Megadon: Massivelymassive! Julian: Consistent. Helen: Groundbreaking. What have been the big styles or tracks in your sets this year? Mr Mr: Skippy hi hats and melodic bass driven bottom end. JC: Slomo! Check out Tanner Ross, ‘The Blame Game.’


JULIAN Raxon: Bassline/groove. Vas: I think the whole ‘bassline Maceo Plex’ craze is over. Berlin is moving to something new yet again. Remixes of 90s tracks is now possibly a new thing. Megadon: Deep garagey disco vibes (with big ass basslines). Helen: Definitely feeling the garagey vibes this season and even thrown in a few rap tracks, which have gone down well!

It’s not the end, just farewell for now, as the upper half of 360 closes for the summer after quite possibly our best season ever. And it wouldn’t be a closing party, without every single resident getting involved to drop their finest dancefloor bombs…

MEGADON Best guest? Mr Mr: Kolombo, but all our guests have been wicked (special mention to Tom Middleton as well). JC: A few of them. But the ones that stood out were Sasse and Kolombo. Vas: Acos Coolkas. Julian: The Revenge. Helen: Huxley.

MR MR Funniest moment? Mr Mr: I laugh hard every week, I wish I could list everything I laugh/snigger at but on the whole every week there is something worth giggling at. JC: I was warned in the DJ booth for drinking 7Up. Megadon: Raxon’s blue phone. Julian:  There’s been a few and they all involved that cheeky young scamp Raxon. Helen: Rich and my attempts to bust moves behind the decks...




Wish list for bookings for next season? Mr Mr: Now that would be giving it away… JC: DJ Koze, Motor City Drum Ensemble, DJ Qu, Steve Bug, Brunski, Sante. Vas: San Soda. Megadon: Me please! Aside from the obvious, Bicep, Soundstream, Pachanga Boys, Metro Area, Genius of Time (live), Ejeca, Hunee, HMC and Floating Points would all be very nice, then there’s.... Julian: Another amazing season with the same good friends and great music. Helen: Too many! Blacksmif, Urulu, Zoo Look, Four Tet, Theo Parrish, Maceo Plex, Youandewan... And how will Below sound this summer, will you all be taking turns, will it be running at the same times? Mr Mr: We’ll be keeping it as we do upstairs, a nice progression from sunset


through the sub genres of House, with guest DJs starting at 8pm. People will still be brunching so will want a place to go at 4/5pm, and every year we get the usual ‘can’t believe audio tonic/360 is not happening over summer’. Well not this or future years! And what bookings can we look forward to? Mr Mr: Launching our ‘summer sessions’ below at 360º is the huge Hot Since 82 on June 7th – we had to book him in November 2012 for this June gig, an indication of how busy he is. We also have the Mexican duo of Balcazar & Sordo lined up plus our ever trusted residents.

Rooftop closing party, audio tonic at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Friday May 31. 4pm-3am, guestlist only via from 4-8pm. Tables and reservations: 056 682 6617.

Last season saw the emergence of Sankeys, deep house became the goto sound and typically strong seasons from the big names including Space, DC 10 and Amnesia. But with the closeseason bringing with it whole sale changes at Pacha, enough DJ and promoter transfers to shame the Premier League and a brand new venture in the shape of Bomba Ibiza, 2013 promises to be just as entertaining. We look at what’s new this season, and also look ahead to the biggest and best opening parties…


The Wh What’s new

The biggest news from Ibiza is that Pacha have revolutionized their line up, ditching many of their big, commercial names and instead opting to head down the deep house and deep techno route. So out go longtime musical directors Mark Netto and Danny Whittle, who have taken Morillo, Luciano and Defected to their new club Bomba, and in comes Guy Gerber on a Wednesday, John Digweed on Fridays and Solomun takes over Sundays (including his own custombuilt DJ booth in the centre of the dancefloor). David Guetta, you’ll no doubt be thrilled to know, continues his Thursday night residency. Needless to say, avoid like a bad dubstep mashup. Bomba meanwhile is a 1000 capacity club which aims to fill the middle ground between Sankeys and DC10 but with a twist, according to Danny Whittle. “What we want to do is raise the level of service. People come back to any venue because they feel treated well. And that’s where we want to stand out.” And with the Pacha defectors on board, alongside Yousef’s Circus night, the omens look good from the start. Elsewhere, Sankeys have closed their original Manchester club as of the

start of May, allowing them to concentrate on what they see as their make-or-break season. Last year, Solomun’s Diynamic nights were one of the most talked about, while Lawler’s Viva Warriors night also forged an impressive reputation. Both brands continue, while Hypercolour, Dirtybird and Audiofly’s new night are the other additions to the roster. Ushuia look to continue their high end pool party dominance of recent seasons, and have confirmed that Sasha and Pete Tong will hold down weekly residencies during the season kicking off in June. And if you head down to Café Mambo for one of their sunset sessions, you’ll likely come across Dubai regular Matt Charles who’s back for another residency at the club.

Opening parties

Amnesia kick off their season on Saturday June 8 with a 10 hour party including Pan Pot and Marcel Dettman in the main room marking their new techno direction, while Maceo Plex, Davide Squillace and The

hite Isle Martinez Brothers take care of the Terrace. Space kick things off a few weeks earlier on Sunday May 26, with a sure-to-be huge line up across their 15,000 capacity venue. Sankeys meanwhile open up with a two-part party, with Steve Lawler, Finnebassen (who’s the club’s new resident) and Waze and Odyssey on May 23, while Friday 24 features Solomon, H.O.S.H and Cajmere.

Pacha open up the night before Sankeys, with Guy Gerber’s new night The Wisdom of The Glove (nope, we haven’t got a clue either) with a line up TBC, while Cocoon kick-start their Monday night residency at Amnesia with Sven Vath headlining on June 10.


All the rest of the audio tonic team have taken these intrusive (and somewhat silly questions), and it’s time for our final two residents – Mr Mr and Helen S – to take the plunge…

TESTING IMES Mr Mr vs Helen S How would you describe each other’s musical styles? Mr Mr: Helen digs deep into the coffers and pulls out some lovely gems. I guess she’s more experimental so to speak, but within the House spectrum, just more daring. Good daring of course. Helen: Massive tunes... and no filler! What’s each other’s worst habit? Mr Mr: Well I’ve not known Helen for too long, but from what I do know of her I’d say her worst habit would be turning all of us into sound technicians when she turns up to plug in all her kit! Haha, it’s OK though, we are men, we can take it. Helen: Mike keeps winning awards, I want one. The key to DJing is... Mr Mr: Never to be found in so many cases! The key to DJing in Dubai is keeping it real… Helen: Knowing your crowd... and knowing your music even better. Who’s got better behind-the-booth DJ moves? Mr Mr: I’m going to be totally self absorbed and say me! My ‘walk down the step’ move and ‘do the canoe’ never get old, are guaranteed to get a few wolf whistles. Though Helen’s sparkly tops often captivate, so no moves are required. Helen: Well, if you throw Rich into the mix, it’s got to be me.



What’s your strategy when it comes to DJ requests? Mr Mr: I’m the polite one, I need to be seeing that I’m representing for the others who just laugh in the face Guetta/ Gangnam lovers. Helen: Just Say No.

reckon the most embarrassing would be getting blamed for a back end burp by a crowd of unsuspecting females outside the DJ booth (down wind) when clearly it was the mark of a Raxosaurus! Helen: Too many to mention, mostly involving technology fails...

Who would you most like to go back to back with? Mr Mr: Well Rax and I often do, but if it wasn’t him I reckon it would probably be the newest member to the team, Rod (AKA token Ozzie). Helen: Someone varied like Ramadanman or Tom Middleton.

And if it came to a DJ battle, who would win and why? Mr Mr: Helen of course, she’d electrocute me when she sets up all her kit. Helen: Well, like I said, Mike’s the one with all the awards but I’d give him a run for his money :-)

What’s your most embarrasing DJ story? Mr Mr: There are many which involve lifting needles off records, pressing cue on the deck that’s playing blah blah blah, but I


S.K.A.M. - The Is Better EP


he long established AUDIOTONIC label has served up a refreshing blend of modern house sounds until now, and continues in that form once more with a new two track EP from Moscow’s S.K.A.M. The Gruuv and ALiVE Recordings man has been a shining light in the tech house scene since the 90s and these two new releases show he is as on form as ever. Of the two originals, Force Majeure goes first and is a nerve-jangling wedge of low-slung deep house. Built on a snaking bassline, melodic ditties light up the whole arrangement as it wanders through a lonely nightscape in the dead of night. It’s the sort of funky house number Hot Creations fans would lap up. This is Better is another low-key slow burner with plenty of emphasis on a bouncy bassline. Key to making it stand out, though, are the twinkling melodies that lurk above, counteracting the menace below with something of a celestial air. Great production, fresh perspectives and a serious amount of dancefloor clout all mark this out as yet another feather in the bow of both AUDIOTONIC and S.K.A.M. Out on May 6th


THE FEEDBACK: Hernan Cattaneo: Force Majeure (Original Mix) – Very good, support. Tom Budden: Force Majeure (Original Mix) – Force Majeure is the one here for me. Thanks guys! Wehbba: Force Majeure (Original Mix) – Both tunes are rocking!! Karmon: Force Majeure (Original Mix) – Phat! Giom: This Is Better (Original Mix) – Nice work guys. Kruse & Nuernberg: Force Majeure (Original Mix) – Really solid stuff as usual. Force Majeure is really awesome. Good job. Cheers!


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