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Case Study FFS Machines Nuts, onions with pickles, blue cheese, dressing Customer requirements A flat bag with a small horizontal seal

Product specifications Product: blue cheese, onions with pickles, nuts, dressing Bag size: 75mm x 100 mm W x L Bag weight: 40 gr Bag shape: flat pillow Film material: OPA/PE 15/40 micron Production capacity: 40 bags per minute

Packed product

Packaging process The Multi head scale will drop the requested quantity of product in the AVM machine. The AVM machine will make a bag which will be injected with a gas flush before sealing. The special liquid bars will ensure a tight closing of the bag for liquid products. AVM 190 HS in Stainless steel

Application options • • • • • • • • •

AVMS 190 HS – AVM High speed in stainless steel Servo on horizontal sealing bars Servo in combination with encoder on film transport Several format sets with and without teflon coating Gas flush Liquid sealing bars with separate knife Ionizer for packaging nuts Multi head scale Special hopper for onions with pickles

Gas flush

Liquid sealing bars + separate knife