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SOUND LIBRARY® | May Learn How to Take Better Control of Your Busy Schedule

Time Management Success Made Simple | Brian Tracy

Blockbuster business guru Brian Tracy (Eat That Frog!, Goals) presents a proven time management system that will help you stop wasting time and start getting important tasks done faster. So many people struggle with time management — especially in today’s society, where it seems like everyone is doing more of everything. Good news: You can become the master of your own time! And when you do, you become the master of your life. So if you’ve been feeling stressed and anxious because you simply have too much to do and not enough time to do it, it’s time to take a critical look at your time management skills with this helpful guide.

Narrated by the Author Business 12 CDs

978-1-4690-2418-9 SLD3425 $74.99

A Quick Guide to Getting in Shape and Improving Performance

The First 20 Minutes | Gretchen Reynolds

Do you really know how to get fit and healthy? Bringing us cutting edge research and science-based prescriptions, Gretchen Reynolds shows us what we do and do not need to do to reach out fitness goals, whether that means running a marathon or just getting off the couch or. Busting popular myths, looking at which supplements actually work, giving us the lowdown on weight training, and singing the praises of just standing up, The First 20 Minutes is the guide to take wherever you take your workout.

Narrated by Karen Saltus Exclusive | Health & Fitness 8 CDs

978-1-4690-2420-2 SLD3426 $69.99

This Candid Memoir Offers Smart Insight on Reaching Your Goals

Lessons from Everest | Seven Powerful Steps to the Top of the World | Dr. Tim Warren After a devastating failed attempt to climb Mt. Everest in 2007 and a brief period of mourning, Dr. Tim Warren became focused on learning the lessons that had been revealed to him while hiking alone for three days down the Khumbu Valley of Nepal to heal his damaged lung tissue in the luxury of oxygen-rich lower altitude. He felt an overpowering desire to return to the mountain the next year and experienced a clear vision of himself at the summit and arriving safely back in base camp. After testing those lessons over the next year-and-a-half, and within an inch of his life, he achieved this goal.

Narrated by the Author Exclusive | Inspirational 3 CDs

978-1-62460-213-9 SLD3245 $39.95

A Riveting Dual Narrative Ignites this New Grouse County Novel

Pacific | Tom Drury

In a triumphant return to the characters that launched his career two decades ago, Tom Drury travels back to Grouse County. Pacific’s dual narrative features fourteen-year-old Micah’s introduction to Los Angeles, where he takes new drugs with new people, falls in love with an enchanting but troubled equestrienne named Charlotte, and gets thrown out of school. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, an ethereal young woman comes to Stone City on a mission that will unsettle the lives of everyone she meets—including Micah’s half-sister and father. An investigation into the stranger’s identity uncovers a darkly disturbed life, as parallel narratives of the comic and tragic, the mysterious and everyday, unfold in both the country and the city.

Narrator TBA

Simultaneous | Exclusive | Fiction 4 CDs

978-1-624060-623-6 SLD3421 $49.95

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AudioGO New Releases: May-Aug 2013  

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