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SOUND LIBRARY® | May Link’s Chilling Novel Now Available for the First Time in English

The Other Child

| A Novel |

Charlotte Link

An old farm, a deserted landscape, a dark secret from times past with fatal consequences for the present. In the tranquil northern seaside town of Scarborough, a student is found cruelly murdered. For months, the investigators are in the dark, until they are faced with a copy-cat crime.

Narrated by Davina Porter Simultaneous | Exclusive | Thriller 8 CDs

978-1-62460-317-4 SLD3277 $69.95

An Irreverent, Heartwarming Tale for Fans of The Lovely Bones

The Sweet Dead Life

| A Novel |

Joy Preble

“I found out two things today: One, I think I’m dying. And two, my brother is a perv.” So begins the diary of 14-year-old Jenna Samuels, who is having a very bad eighth-grade year. Her mother’s severely depressed, her father’s disappeared and her brother’s recently deceased. Worst of all, Jenna is being poisoned. Now an angel, Casey has been sent back to help solve the mystery that not only holds the key to her survival, but also to their family’s secrets.

Narrated by Madeleine Lambert Simultaneous | Exclusive | Young Adult 5 CDs

978-1-62460-510-9 SLD3360 $54.95

The Magical Sequel to Restoration Sees the Return of Tremain’s Everyman Hero


| A Man of His Time |

Rose Tremain

The Restoration is over and Robert Merivel, renowned physician and courtier to Charles II, now faces the anxieties of middle age. Questions crowd his mind: has he been a good father? Is he a fair master? Is he the King’s friend or the King’s slave? In search of answers, Merivel sets off for the French court.

Narrated by Sean Barrett Simultaneous | Exclusive | Fiction 10 CDs

978-1-62460-313-6 SLD3275 $79.95

Ex-Cop Charlie Hardie Faces Impossible Odds in His Third Adventure

Point and Shoot


Duane Swierczynski

Charlie Hardie finds himself in a steel box, tubes and wires attached to his body, trapped inside a satellite parked in orbit 500 miles above the Earth. He’s got a year’s supply of food, air, water, and no communication back to Earth, and must complete his 12 months’ duty or his wife and son will have an “accident.”

Narrator TBA Simultaneous | Exclusive | Thriller 7 CDs Playaway

978-1-61113-150-5 SLD2668 $64.99 978-1-61113-152-9 PLY2668 $74.99

Savvy Guide Advises on Smart Spending to Put Retirement Goals in Reach

How to Retire the Cheapskate Way Earlier, Happier Retirement | Jeff Yeager

| The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Guide to a Better,

Unlike most retirement planning and lifestyle books that focus on investing—or at the other end of the spectrum, on how to get the senior discount on a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s—this new book from Jeff Yeager, America’s favorite cheapskate, makes the compelling case that you can have a joyous, worry-free retirement by merely spending smart and focusing on what you truly want and expect out of retirement.

Narrated by Johnny Heller Exclusive | Nonfiction 6 CDs

4 AudioGo_May/Aug.indd 4

978-1-62460-211-5 SLD3244 $64.95

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