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Audio Bookshelf Bestsellers My Brother Sam is Dead | James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier

Lives of the Pirates | Kathleen Krull and Kathryn Hewitt If you think pirates are just swashbuckling, sword-swinging fantasy characters with a colorful vocabulary; think again! What does history tell us about Blackbeard, Madame Cheng, Sir Francis Drake, and other real pirates?

The Revolutionary War had no clear-cut loyalties—it divided families, friends and towns.Young Tim Meeker’s 16-year-old brother fights with the Patriots while his father remains a reluctant British Loyalist in the Tory town of Redding, Connecticut.

Narrated by Ray Childs and Kymberly Dakin EXCLUSIVE | Ages 7-10

Narrated by John C. Brown EXCLUSIVE | Ages 9-12

2 CDs ABCD 003

4 CDs ABCD 034

978-1-935430-43-8 $ 29.95

Revenge of the Whale | Nathaniel Philbrick

Night of the Twisters | Ivy Ruckman When a tornado watch is issued, twelveyear-old Dan Hatch and his best friend Arthur don’t think much of it. But soon the wind howls, the lights and phone stop working, and the emergency siren wails. Dan, his brother, and Arthur have seconds to get to safety before the twister hits.

In November1820, the Essex was sunk by an angry whale. The twenty-one-man crew, including cabin boy Thomas Nickerson, found themselves stranded in the Pacific Ocean with few supplies and little hope. Three months later, eight castaways were rescued 4,500 miles away, off the coast of South America, including young Thomas.

Narrated by Riley Duggan EXCLUSIVE | Ages 8-11

Narrated by Taylor Mali EXCLUSIVE | Ages 10+

3 CDs ABCD 064

5 CDs ABCD 036

978-0-9814890-6-3 $ 39.95

Riding Freedom | Pam Munoz Ryan

Narrated by Melissa Hughes EXCLUSIVE | Ages 9-12 2 CDs ABCD 063

978-09761932-0-3 $ 44.95

Seedfolks | Paul Fleischman

A fictionalized biography of Charlotte Parkhurst, a real heroine of the Wild West! Parkhurst lived her life as a man and became a legendary stagecoach driver and the first woman to ever vote.

Thirteen lives. One garden. NewberyAward-winning author Paul Fleischman’s poignant book offers a lesson in connectedness and community. As a derelict vacant lot is transformed into a community garden in inner-city Cleveland, differences are overcome and strong bonds are formed. Narrated by Various Artists EXCLUSIVE | Ages 7-10

978-0-9814890-4-9 $ 29.95

2 CDs ABCD 038

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978-1883332-55-6 $ 39.95

978-1883332-95-2 $ 24.95

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AudioGO New Releases: May-Aug 2013  

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