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Blackstone audio | august March Scissors by Stéphane Michaka read by TBA Based on the life of the great short-story writer Raymond Carver, particularly his last ten, postalcoholic years, Scissors is that rare thing: a funny, compassionate, and convincing portrayal of the creative life—its compulsions, its rewards, its frustrations, its affinities with tragedy. Fiction 4 CDs 978-1-4829-1470-2 BSCD0017 $49.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1467-2 BSMP0017 $19.95

Rain Dogs

by Baron R. Birtcher read by TBA

In 1976 Colt Freeman and his partner, Snyder, like a modern-day Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, have plied a small-time marijuana trade and now want out. But their failed getaway takes them straight into a deadly narcotics war.

Night Extra by William P. McGivern read by TBA When the police arrive at Richard Caldwell’s house, they find him drunk and dazed, staring at the beautiful girl who lies dead at his feet. It looks like an out-and-out murder case—but is it? Reporter Sam Terrell thinks it is a frame-up and sets out to get the truth. Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4829-1376-7 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1373-6

“Stylish, fast, soulful, and has an indelible—and rare— sense of place.”—Don Winslow, bestselling author, on Angels Fall

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Thrillers 10 CDs 978-1-4829-1251-7 BSCD0042 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1357-6 BSMP0042

$105.00 $29.95

BSCD0021 $76.00 BSMP0021 $29.95


The Seventh Gate

Jump the Gun

by Ben Bova read by TBA

by Richard Zimler read by TBA

An Annabelle

Earth has only one hope of survival. David Adams is a man with a brain as advanced as any computer and a body free of human frailties. But he’s a prisoner, trapped in an island-sized cylinder that circles a doomed and desperate planet. Nevertheless, he has a plan.

Sophie is a smart and sexually precocious fourteen-year-old coming of age during Hitler’s rise to power. She befriends a group of Jews working against the government, but when a member is sent to Dachau, she realizes there must be a traitor in the group.

Exclusive | Science Fiction 13 CDs 978-1-4829-1405-4 BSCD0047 $118.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1402-3 BSMP0047 $29.95

Exclusive | Thrillers 10 CDs 978-1-4829-1393-4 BSCD0025 $105.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1390-3 BSMP0025 $29.95


Dark Companion

The Roma Sub Rosa Series by Steven Saylor read by Ralph Cosham

by Jim Nisbet read by TBA

Starkey Mystery by Zoe Burke A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery read by TBA

Annabelle’s life seems dull compared to the movies. So when she meets charming Mickey Paxton, she joins him for a romantic holiday. But they are soon pursued by criminals and cops, and Annabelle must rely on her wit to get her out of a terrifying situation. Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4829-1248-7 BSCD0091 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1344-6 BSMP0091 $29.95

Mission Unstoppable The Genius Files by Dan Gutman read by Michael Goldstrom

As Caesar marches on Rome and panic erupts in the city, Gordianus the Finder discovers, in his own home, the body of Pompey’s favorite cousin. Pompey gives the Finder a choice: unearth the killer or sacrifice his own son-in-law to service in Pompey’s legions—and certain death.

Banerjhee Rolf, a bright, levelheaded Indian American scientist, is content to spend his days with his wife, tending his garden and studying astronomy. When his relationship with his seedy, drug-dealing neighbor takes a weird turn, Rolf ’s placid world is shattered, and he becomes a fugitive.

Coke and Pepsi McDonald don’t want to get locked in their burning school, thrown into a pit at the top of a sand dune, or drowned in a vat of liquefied SPAM. But what else can you do when you’re being chased across the country by your insane health teacher and two homicidal men in bowler hats?

Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4829-1380-4 BSCD0016 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1379-8 BSMP0016 $29.95

Exclusive | Thrillers 4 CDs 978-1-4829-1252-4 BSCD0026 $49.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1362-0 BSMP0026 $19.95

Exclusive | Juvenile Fiction 5 CDs 978-1-4829-1370-5 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1367-5

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BSCD0084 $55.00 BSMP0084 $29.95

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