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Blackstone audio | July March The Winds of Altair by Ben Bova read by TBA Earth is running out of resources—and time. The planet Altair VI has been chosen as a haven for Earth’s millions, but it has a beast that will have to be dealt with before the human colony ships arrive. Ultimately, in order to make Altair VI habitable for humans, all native life must die. Exclusive | Science Fiction 7 CDs 978-1-4829-1138-1 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1135-0

BSCD0045 $76.00 BSMP0045 $29.95

My Education by Susan Choi read by TBA

Regina was warned about Professor Nicholas Brodeur long before arriving as a graduate student at his prestigious university, but no one warned her about his exceptional physical beauty—or his charismatic, volatile wife. This is the story of Regina’s mistakes, which begin in the bedroom.

I’d Rather Be With You by Mary B. Morrison read by TBA Nursing wealthy businessman Chicago DuBois back to health was the least Loretta could do. And with Madison, his wife, out of the country, Loretta couldn’t resist reigniting his passion for life—in and out of bed. But now Madison wants to take back what’s no longer hers. Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | African American 9 CDs 978-1-4829-1238-8 BSCD0102 $100.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1235-7 BSMP0102 $29.95 $22.46

“Universal and raw and irresistibly sympathetic…A tour de force.” —Washington Post Book World on A Person of Interest “Superbly told...profound. ” —Boston Globe on A Person of Interest Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Fiction 10 CDs 978-1-4708-8187-0 BSCD0056 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-8184-9 BSMP0056

Sweet Deception

Murderville 3

by Rochelle Alers read by TBA

The Black Dahlia The Murderville Trilogy by Ashley & JaQuavis read by TBA

$105.00 $29.95

The Philadelphia Quarry by Howard Owen read by TBA

A decade ago, Myles Eaton was a hotshot attorney engaged to a woman he swore he’d love forever—until she left him to marry a powerful politician. Now she’s back, and she has a few ugly secrets … and a burning desire to rekindle things with Myles.

Taking up where the thrilling Murderville 2 left off, we’re thrown back into the international street chronicle. Lives and money are on the line, and tough choices will have to be made between love and loyalty.

Twenty-eight years ago, Alicia Simpson identified Richard Slade as her rapist. After DNA evidence recently freed Slade from prison, Alicia was shot to death. Most believe Slade did it, but police reporter Willie Black has his doubts and goes searching for the truth.

Exclusive | Romance 5 CDs 978-1-4829-1167-1 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1164-0

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Urban 7 CDs 978-1-4708-8239-6 BSCD0034 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-9827-4 BSMP0034 $29.95

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4708-9809-0 BSCD0036 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-9806-9 BSMP0036 $29.95

BSCD0055 $55.00 BSMP0055 $29.95

The Tudor Conspiracy

That’s That

The Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles by C. W. Gortner read by TBA

A Memoir by Colin Broderick read by TBA

England, 1553. Rumors of revolt against Queen Mary swirl around the person many regard as England’s only hope: the queen’s half sister, Elizabeth. Brendan Prescott, obliged to return to the palace, soon finds himself working as a double agent for Queen Mary, who orders Brendan to secure proof that will ruin his cherished Elizabeth.

Colin Broderick spent his childhood in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. In this powerful memoir, which doubles as a detailed portrait of a tempestuous time and place, we watch a boy struggling to understand the injustice around him and a man coming to terms with his past.

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Historical Fiction 10 CDs 978-1-4708-9823-6 BSCD0032 $105.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-9820-5 BSMP0032 $29.95

Exclusive | Biography 7 CDs 978-1-4708-9768-0 BSCD0077 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-9765-9 BSMP0077 $29.95

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AudioGO New Releases: May-Aug 2013  
AudioGO New Releases: May-Aug 2013  

AudioGO's Spring 2013 Sound Library catalog, featuring our newest titles in fiction, nonfiction, children's and radio drama.