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Blackstone audio | May March The War Below The Story of Three Submarines That Battled Japan by James Scott read by TBA This dramatic account of extraordinary heroism and ingenuity—and the vital role American submarines played in winning the Pacific War—takes listeners beneath the waves to experience the thrill and terror of submarine warfare during World War II. Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | History 8 CDs 978-1-4829-1219-7 BSCD0100 $90.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1222-7 BSMP0100 $29.95

The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones by Stanley Booth read by TBA


Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell read by TBA

Whole reveals why a diet based on whole, plant-based foods will optimize our nutrition and our health. It reveals the elegant wonders of the true holistic workings of nutrition, from the cellular level to the operation of the entire organism. Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Health 8 CDs 978-1-4708-9754-3 BSCD0078 $90.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-9751-2 BSMP0078 $29.95

“This study can be considered the Grand Prix of epidemiology.” —New York Times on The China Study


Test of Fire

The Mayflower Trilogy by Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H. Kidd read by TBA

by Ben Bova read by Stefan Rudnicki

Stanley Booth met the Rolling Stones just a few months before Brian Jones drowned in 1968 and lived with them throughout their 1969 American tour. His thrilling account is a detailed history of the band and one of the best books about the sixties.

Lovelock is a capuchin monkey, engineered to be the perfect servant and to record the life of one of Earth’s most brilliant scientists via digital devices implanted behind his eyes. But Lovelock is smarter than most: smart enough to feel the bonds of slavery—and want freedom.

Exclusive | Biography 12 CDs 978-1-4829-1103-9 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1100-8

Exclusive | Science Fiction 10 CDs 978-1-4829-1097-1 BSCD0043 $105.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1094-0 BSMP0043 $29.95

BSCD0013 $118.00 BSMP0013 $29.95

Earth has been devastated by a massive solar flare. Now a small group of survivors fights to rebuild civilization. Europe has burned to the ground. North of the Arctic Circle, Laplanders are wiped out. The line of dawn raced westward across the Atlantic, but as it did, the brightness diminished. The Americas escaped the sun’s wrath … almost. Exclusive | Science Fiction 8 CDs 978-1-4829-1191-6 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1188-6

BSCD0046 $90.00 BSMP0046 $29.95

The Golden Tree

Liza of Lambeth

Dead Wrong

The Guardians of Ga’Hoole Series by Kathryn Lasky read by Pamela Garelick

by W. Somerset Maugham read by David Ian Davies

The Josie Corsino Mysteries by Connie Dial read by TBA

Coryn, Soren, and the Band preside over a new golden age of the Great Tree. All seems well, but Coryn is tortured by suspicions about his evil mother. As Coryn wanders afar seeking the truth, Soren and the Band follow to guard him from the consequences of his obsession.

Liza of Lambeth offers insight into the everyday lives of working class Londoners at the turn of the twentieth century. Liza Kemp is an eighteen-yearold girl working in a factory in the Lambeth slum who enters into a misguided affair with an older, married man.

After LAPD Captain Josie Corsino’s trusted sergeant, Kyle Richards, kills an unlikely burglary suspect, he harbors secrets about the man. When another killing again points to Richards, Josie must investigate possible corruption within her own police station.

Exclusive | Juvenile Fiction 4 CDs 978-1-4708-8135-1 BSCD0022 $49.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-8132-0 BSMP0022 $19.95

Classics 3 CDs 978-1-4829-1292-0 BSCD0095 $30.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1289-0 BSMP0095 $19.95

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Mystery 5 CDs 978-1-4708-7982-2 BSCD0061 $55.00 $41.25 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-7979-2 BSMP0061 $29.95 $22.46

Capacity for Murder


Night Terrors

A Professor Bradshaw Mystery by Bernadette Pajer A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery read by TBA

A Hideaway Novel by Rochelle Alers read by TBA

A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery by Dennis Palumbo A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery read by TBA

In the early 1900s, Healing Sands Sanitarium is famous for its rest cures and electrotherapy. When someone dies there, Professor Bradshaw is summoned to investigate and finds a clue to foul play. Meanwhile, one among them is a walking dead man.

Reporter Dana Nichols returns to Mississippi to uncover the truth behind her parents’ long-ago murder-suicide and is instantly attracted to handsome doctor Tyler Cole. When her investigation puts Tyler’s career and reputation at risk, the two must search the past for answers.

Trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi is drawn into a desperate manhunt for a retired FBI profiler who is the target of an assassin, while another case involves a young confessed killer awaiting trial. Discovering a connection between the two cases puts his own life at risk.

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4708-7994-5 BSCD0057 $76.00 $57.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-7991-4 BSMP0057 $29.95 $22.46

Exclusive | Romance 6 CDs 978-1-4829-1078-0 BSCD0053 $69.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1075-9 BSMP0053 $29.95

Simultaneous Release | Exclusive | Mystery 7 CDs 978-1-4708-8000-2 BSCD0058 $76.00 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4708-7997-6 BSMP0058 $29.95

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