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October 17th – 25th 2011 A PROPHETIC WEEK IN REVIEW"

What's happening in the world?

The global economy titers on the brink, turmoil in the middle east and the drums of war continue to threaten the peace of our planet. Occupy Wall Street goes Global, compounding an already unstable environment. Earth cataclysms appear to be accelerating, more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, famines, droughts, man made disasters, social unrest and uprising. In every direction we see the same startling signs, "upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring". What is all this pointing to? Are we indeed seeing the birth pangs of the end days, as many scholars are stating? What did the

ancient Mayans know, and what insight is there in the book of revelations? Even a skeptic cannot deny that the earth is going through unprecedented systemic activity. Is all this activity leading to one singular, cataclysmic event in our future? According to the Bible, that singular cataclysmic event, is found in the book of Revelations when the proclamation is made, "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ." It would seem no other event in the history of the world would overshadow this decree. An event that appears to be nearing our horizon, these very days, as we earnestly watch for the signs of His return. The Harbinger - A Prophetic Week in Review, below are some of the News Reports not commonly covered in the "main stream" media over the past week - Oct 17th - Oct 23rd. "A Harbinger - anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; or sign, a forerunner, that heralds a presage or portent, an indication of things to come." The links below are "active" so pick and choose the ones you care to read. --- For additional news, commentaries, editorials and in-depth coverage related to Bible prophecy and end-time events, please visit the following GP Family websites: "End Time Info", and "People of the Keys" 10/23/11  Jordan's

king urges restart of Mideast peace talks  Jordan: Peace deal must ensure Israel's safety, acceptance  Fatah and Hamas said moving toward finalizing Palestinian reconciliation deal  US warns Iran against moving into Iraq  US pullback to leave 30,000 Iranian Al Qods fighters sitting in Iraq  Syrian president replaces governors of tense areas  U.S. Senator McCain: After Libya, strike on Syria may now be considered  At World Economic Forum, Arab Spring looms large  New euro 'empire' plot by Brussels  EU bank failures could crash Wall Street

 Monster

Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks  7.2 earthquake hits Turkey, up to 1,000 possibly killed  Series Of Earthquakes Reported Across The Globe  Belief in witchcraft, spells, the occult and protective charms runs deep in the Middle East  What Real Witches Practice After Halloween  Young Hispanic Catholics Continue to Shift to Evangelical Churches  Harold Camping Doomsday Wrong Again; Now on to December 2012?

10/22/11  Mideast

power brokers call for "Marshall Plan" after unrest  Jordan says Arab region needs new strategies  Ahmadinejad slams NATO, denounces U.S. pressure in Middle East  Ahmadinejad: US policies spell doom for America  Saudi Prince Nayef's rise in tune with Muslim Brotherhood's regional takeover  Saudis said looking to China for strategic ties after U.S. 'betrayal' of key ally Mubarak  Official: EU banks have to raise $140 billion  Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika,” defined by a “new world order” and a system of “global governance  If Europe Should Fail  7.6 earthquake hits South Pacific  Flood Waters Submerge One Third Of Thailand  US awaits new prophecy on 'end of world'

10/21/11  Israel

'ready for partial West Bank building freeze'  Palestinians: Israel offered halt in settlements  Hezbollah: 'Next time, we'll begin with attack on Tel Aviv'  New virus threatens Iran's nuclear program  'Iran to soon move nuclear material to bunker'  Gaddafi's killing fuels Syria's Friday protests

 After

Muammar Gaddafi, a Perilous Race for Power in Libya  Russia: Libya's new leaders must respect Gaddafi deals  After helping to kill Qaddafi, NATO prepares to end Libya mission  Fierce rhetoric, strategic disconnect from West among the red flags in newly Islamist Turkey  India's new weaponry: Nuclear torpedo  Dollar slumps to record low versus yen  105 dead in Central America after days of rain  Floods threaten Thai capital, scores killed in Myanmar  Strong 6.2 quake hits northern Japan  Super weeds 'run rampant in fields near GM crops', scientists warn  MIT Develops New Radar Technology To Allow Military To See Through Walls  Chinese toddler left bloody in hit-and-run dies  California Christian group now sees end of world today

10/20/11  Palestinians

to push for UN membership Nov. 11  Forecast in Israel: More kidnappings of Jews  U.S. fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force  Moscow welcomes Hizballah delegation, cites Israeli talks with Hamas  Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead, Rebels Claim  Libyan rebels drag Qaddafi's body through Misrata - More fighting ahead  Syria's uprising creeps across Lebanese border  Turkey launches massive operation in Iraq  Pakistan forces kill 34 militants in northwest  Pakistani PM Vows to Further Cement Ties with Iran  UN: North Korea holds up to 200,000 political prisoners  India food inflation returns to double-digits  US 'Misery Index' Rises to Highest Since 1983  A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living  CDC: Antidepressant use skyrockets 400% in past 20 years  Japan earthquake caused archipelago to move eight feet east  4.6 earthquake shakes San Antonio, Texas  Another Unusual Storm Leads to More Extremes

 Is

this the end? Harold Camping says Friday the world will end again

10/19/11  Palestinian

UN bid moves step further in UN Security Council  Prisoners deported under Shalit deal arrive in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Qatar  US objected to Israel's release of some Palestinians as posing a threat  Israel mulls new ships to guard gas fields  Iran's supreme leader ups fight with Ahmadinejad  New virus may herald Stuxnet-style attack on Iran nuclear program, experts say  Saudis conducts security exercise for Haj, braces for Iranian surprise  Syrians rally for Assad, Libya recognizes opposition  Libya forces relaunch Sirte assault after setback  Turkey launches cross-border assault after Kurdish attack  Violence erupts as 2-day strike shuts down Greece  Chilean Volcano's Ashes Ground Flights  Several Tremors Jolt Iran  5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits North Of Tristan da Cunha  FEMA Plans First-Ever Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test  One in Four Believers Are 'Christians in Name Only,' According to Survey  Harold Camping Oct. 21 Rapture: God Stopped Saving People in May, Family Radio Says

10/18/11  Israeli

soldier Shalit, Palestinians freed in captive swap  Israeli leader warns freed Palestinian militants  Mass rallies celebrate freed Palestinian prisoners  US: Quartet to meet Israelis, Palestinians seperately  Iran’s nuclear program suffering new setbacks, diplomats and experts say

 U.S.

intelligence on alert for Israeli strike on Iran  Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners: UN  Putin lays out case for Kremlin return  Heavy rains kill at least 84 in Central America  6.3 Earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea  Series Of Earthquakes Rattle Southern California  Students gear up for worldwide prayer effort  Deferred Doomsday Due Friday?

10/17/11  Israelis,

Palestinians ready for historic prisoner swap  Israel high court discusses prisoner exchange appeals  IDF declares Gaza crossings 'closed military zones' on eve of Shalit swap  What the Alleged Iran Assassination Plot Means for 2012  Ayatollah Khameinei: Iran could scrap directly elected president  Iran launches uranium yellowcake production  Three Syrian generals disappear - Minority regions barricaded against civil war  Libyan fighters raise flag over Kadhafi stronghold  Analysis: Libya oil fields face guerrilla war threat  Global economic outlook has worsened, says International Monetary Fund chief  South Korean team claims to have cloned coyotes  Male or Female - 11 yr Old Boy Given Drugs So He Can Pick Gender  Challenges loom as world population hits 7 billion ==============================================================================

The Mainstream Media's mind conditioning, manipulation and propaganda Some feel they've heard enough. I too wish I could just close the door on this sordid chapter in history. But still more than anything, in my heart I desire and want to know the truth, however uncomfortable it is to know.

Like most of us, I wish it were not so, why can't the reality of our world be a little more humane, I ask myself before closing my eyes, hoping it was just a bad dream. But when I awake the dream continues. General Wesley Clark explains Libyan invasion, with Syria and Iran next A Democracy Now Interview, March 2, 2007 Gen. Wesley Clark claims that ten days after 911 military invasions of Iraq and Libya, with several other Middle Eastern countries, were already planned and settled beforehand. Now we have the explanation for the Iraq war, the Libyan war, and any of the other wars that are coming in the near future. It would be wise for us to keep our eyes on Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, and/or Iran, the other countries Clark gives on the list for a planned western invasion.

The Truth about Libya TORONTO CONFERENCE - PART 4 Sept 9, 2011, The Truth about Libya and NATO's "Humanitarian" Military Road Map - Cynthia McKinney, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Michel Chossudovsky speak at Friends Place in Toronto video PART 4 of 4 Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - Independent journalist who just returned from Libya, and Research Associate of the Center for Research on Globalization - GLOBAL RESEARCH Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan - Свидетельство из Ливии (English) Lizzy Phelan was one of the journalist, who got trapped in the hotel Rexos, when the rebels broke into the Libyan capital. What she, Mahdi Nazemroaya, Thierry Meyssan and lots of other journalists could forget. NATO Rats Doing What Barack Obama Did Not Do with Usama bin Laden The NATO rats showed video and pictures of what they say is Gaddafi. Obama never showed anything to confirm that the US Seals killed Usama bin Laden. If it proves to have been Muammar Gaddafi who was assassinated, clearly, the rats and their Zionist masters will not want him buried where any will know the location because the majority of the Libyan people revere Muammar Gaddafi. 'What Really Happened in Libya' (2/3) Rebel Hostage Mahdi Nazemroaya, Speaks to James Corbett-GRTV Mahdi Nazemroaya, a research associate of the Centre for Research in Globalization, spent two months in Libya before (barely)escaping after the NATO/rebel siege of Tripoli. We discuss what really happened in Libya, including the war crimes perpetrated by NATO in support of the rebels,

and how the media helped to enable those war crimes by covering up for the perpetrators. Libya - Anonymous recognizes Col. Muammar Gaddafi as "leader of the free world"! Libyen - Anonymous erkennt Col. Muammar Gaddafi als "Führer der freien Welt" an! Libya - Anonymous recognizes Col. Muammar Gaddafi as "leader of the free world"! Libia - Anónimo reconoce el coronel Muammar Gaddafi como "líder del mundo libre"! Libia - Anonimo riconosce il colonnello Muammar Gheddafi come "leader del mondo libero"! Libye - Anonyme reconnaît le colonel Mouammar Kadhafi de «leader du monde libre»! Libya - Anonymous viðurkennir Col Muammar Gaddafi sem "leiðtogi af the frjáls heimi"! Ливия - Анонимные признает полковник Муаммар Каддафи в качестве «лидера свободного мира"! 利比亞 - 匿名承認"自由世界領袖"上校卡扎菲! リビア 匿名の"自由世界のリーダー"として、大佐Muammarカダフィを認識! " " ! ‫ل ي ب يا‬-- !"‫مجهول ت س لم ال ع ق يد معمر ال قذاف ي ب أن ه "زع يم ال عال م ال حر‬ ANONYMOUS Operation Truth Of Libya For a quick summary of the Libya situation, check the bottom of this description. I understand not all have the time to watch several of these videos, but at the very least watch the first one. This one is a MUST WATCH, it's very complete, and has already got 70,000 views in 5 days!

Libya Truth The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya: The Truth About Libya: Exposing NATO Crimes & Mass Media Lies Gaddafi's son: Libya like McDonald's for NATO - fast war as fast food This one is also a MUST WATCH: Libyan Woman on Gaddafi Media Lies About Libya and Gaddafi: About Libyan victims: Libyan Rebels Free AL QAEDA Supporters: Pro Gaddafi rally with 1.7 MILLION PEOPLE (that's 1/3 of the country's population): Another pro Gaddafi rally with also millions: LIBYA WAR GOLD AND THE BANKSTERS (This one is long, but has a lot of info) EVEN WOMEN PICK UP GUNS TO DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY: WAR ON LIBYA - ANONYMOUS REVOLUTION ---EXCELENT article, must read: Libya Burns As The World Cheers The Truth About Libya NATO handover of free Libyans to Bankers Libya all about oil, or central banking? The Libyan crisis: spontaneous revolution or coup in progress? Libya: War Against Africa We can't allow another Iraq. In the 1950's, Libya was the poorest country in the world. Before the NATO invasion, Libya had become the country with the best quality of life in all Africa thanks to Gaddafi. The people of Libya support Gaddafi, they love his leader, but the media machine of NATO makes us believe this is a revolution similar to Egypt. "We are fighting the bad guy" That is all you hear in mainstream news, but is far from being the truth. A few months before this invasion, Gaddafi announced he was implementing a new currency, alongside most African countries. This would mean Africa would stop selling resources in Dollars and Euros, and would also mean a new powerful currency would get into the market, allowing progress for 3rd world countries in Africa. This of course, is not convenient for the powerful millionaires of the west. AND MOST IMPORTANT. Libya is the country in all Africa with the highest OIL reserves, and the cost of producing a barrel

of oil is 100 times more cheap than in the rest of the world. Gaddafi did not permit oil companies to mess with Libyan oil. The Libyan oil was for the Libyan people. He also did not allowed world banks into his country. All loans were issued by the Libyan government at 0% interest. The rebels have already made a deal with oil companies to let them loot Libyan resources, and also made deals to allow a central bank run by Rothschild Family to be implemented in the country. Rothschild Family is a group of bankers that own all western banks, and are estimated to own over half the worlds wealth. Oh and did I mention already that Gaddafi is the titular head of the nation, but he has no actual power? The true leader of Libya is an indirectly elected prime-minister. The current prime-minister is Baghdadi Mahmudi. Qaddafi is revered as the beloved 'Great Brother, Leader of the Revolution', he is more like an icon, a social leader. So much for the 'mad dictator' we hear about... Don't believe me? All the information is on the videos and articles on this description. And that's just a fragment, do your research, don't let the government fool you with mainstream media. Whatever you hear on mainstream media about this war is complete lies. Spread the word, the Libyan people need you. We may have our differences but remember, we are all citizens of the same world. We are anonymous We are legion We do not forgive We do not forget Expect us eof

THE HARBINGER 11: What's Happening?  
THE HARBINGER 11: What's Happening?  

According to the Bible, that singular cataclysmic event, is found in the book of Revelations when the proclamation is made, "The kingdoms of...