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October 17th 2011 A PROPHETIC WEEK IN REVIEW" the foretold Great Confusion - now beginning to crash the shores of the Great Society? Are we approaching the final throes of

The entire global economy titers on the very brink, while turmoil and the drums of war in the Middle East threaten the peace of our planet. And now the Occupy Wall Street Protest goes Global. Even a skeptic cannot deny these events and the multitude of signs presently unfolding are unprecedented in the modern world.

The Lord said just before His return at the end of the age, "there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring". The sea and the waves represent the peoples and nations of the world. Roaring, as in Protest? "The Greek word perplexity here means a state of quandary, doubt, uncertainty. This is what we see in our world. The nations are in a state of distress - with perplexity. There is no one who has the answers. Band-Aid solutions are attempted, but the problems persist. And in the midst of all these world changing events we see Jerusalem - taking center stage among the nations, the prophesied burdensome stone it would be for all people, graphically illustrated at the UN General Assembly just 3 weeks ago. Jerusalem is the Vortex The Bible describes the history of events surrounding the city of Jerusalem that will herald and precede the Lord's imminent return, and the second coming. The Bible says this controversy over the city of Jerusalem, will soon engulf the entire world in a conflict of cosmic proportions. Since the beginning of 2011 the Middle East is undergoing a transformation, the end of which is no where in sight, closing in on the state of Israel's citizenry, Peace Now movement, as well as supporting the Occupy Wall Street Protest launched Globally Oct 15th. The "Jury" is still out with regard to the outcome of the UN showdown which took place just three weeks ago. Will a soon to be "Imposed" UN resolution, or a major war in the Middle East, be the catalyst that sets in motion "the last of the last days?" Only the Lord knows. But one thing is certain --- something is happening! Occupy Israel, or, Occupy Rothschild St. Oct 15, 2011 Occupy Israel, as part of the Occupy Everywhere movement, has taken on the name, "Occupy Rothschild Boulevard" in Tel Aviv, Israel.

'Occupy' Times Square - New York City embedded Oct 15, 2011 Thousands of protesters crammed into Times Square where dozens of people were arrested. Thousands rally in New York's 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

Oct 15, 2011 The system simply isn't working. That's the message from thousands of people around the world, furious at financial structures that have led to a global crisis. The Occupy Wall Street movement began in the U.S., and spread to Asia and Europe - where things got violent. The world marked October 15th as a coordinated day of action in solidarity with the New York-born movement. Hate at Occupy Wall Street Oct 13, 2011 By the - "Emergency Committee for Israel" Occupy protests spread around the world

Oct 15, 2011 (CNN) -- Thousands of people across the world railed against corporate power, grinding poverty and government cuts Saturday as

the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to the streets of Europe, Asia and Australia -- and took a particularly violent turn in Rome. Firefighters battled a blaze at an Interior Ministry building near Porta San Giovanni in Rome, the main gathering site of the Italian protesters taking part in the Occupy movement Saturday, said eyewitnesses who reported seeing a Molotov cocktail thrown near the building. A spokesman for Mayor Gianni Alemanno, who condemned the violence, confirmed 70 people were injured, 40 of them police officers. No arrest numbers were available late Saturday. Police said hundreds of anarchists in Rome moved in where peaceful demonstrators had gathered as part of the global Occupy movement. The anarchists -- some wearing ski masks and belonging to a group termed "Black Bloc" -- torched cars, broke windows and clashed with police. "It's been completely hijacked by these violent factions, and the police are nervous, and the situation is very tense," Barbie Nadeau, a Newsweek correspondent, told CNN. "I myself saw at least -- I would say -- a dozen people who probably needed some hospitalization or some care -- some stitches certainly." Two police officers were seriously injured and two young men lost parts of their hands in explosions when protesters torched cars, she said. In London, protester Peter Vaughn, reflecting the mood of many in the crowd there, said people criticized financial institutions that have "gambled away our money." "We're giving people a real voice against a government that just ignored us," he said impossible. "You are not listening to us, whatever we do, however we vote, however we demonstrate. It does not give any result. Quite the opposite, as poverty and austerity plans continue. So we can't go on like this so we are getting out and showing ourselves," he said.

The protests spread amid the growing financial crises for several Western countries. Finance ministers with the Group of 20, meeting in Paris, pledged Saturday to take "all necessary actions" to stabilize global markets and ensure that banks are well capitalized. Europeans turned out amid debt troubles and austerity plans in Greece, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Germany. United for Global Change -- the central site for the movement organizing worldwide protests -- said 951 cities in 82 countries were to take part in the demonstrations after online organizers called for a worldwide rally. More than 10,000 demonstrators of all ages gathered peacefully in Madrid's spacious Plaza de Cibeles on Saturday and than walked uphill to Puerta del Sol. The "May 15 Movement" started five months ago to the day over austerity measures and high unemployment. Some demonstrators said they felt Spain's protest had gone global and that the world had joined the movement started in their country. The newspaper El Pais said tens of thousands of protesters turned out in Barcelona. Around the world, protesters marched, listened to speeches, and displayed banners reading anti-corporate slogans, including the now ubiquitous "we are the 99%," "Banks are cancer" and tax the rich 1%." The vandalism that erupted in Rome angered peaceful protesters. There were car fires and masked people breaking windows at banks and stores, where many thousands faced a large police presence. Firefighters were working to contain the blaze and the tensions calmed down in the evening hours. But the echo of Molotov cocktails could be heard and a lingering cloud of black smoke could be seen, Nadeau told CNN. In Germany, police used pepper spray on two protesters who crossed beyond police lines. Still, the demonstrations across the world were peaceful overall, inspired by the protests in the United States. In London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke to demonstrators. The demonstrations

are contained to an area in front of St. Paul's Cathedral. There have also been three arrests, two for assault on police. "What is happening here today is a culmination of greed that many people all over the world have worked towards from Cairo to London," Assange said. Tens of thousands demonstrated in German cities, witnesses said. Peaceful protests with a festive atmosphere blended with a mood of anger toward big business, where demonstrators carried signs saying "Goldman Sucks," "Eat Cash," "People should not be afraid of their government," and "The government should be afraid of their people." "They are stealing our rights," one banner read at a demonstration of several thousand people in Madrid. Canadians turned out in Toronto, with placards jutting up from a crowd saying "Arrest the 1%" and "Stop ignoring the youth, we are your tomorrow." A sign on a dog said "99% against (corporate) fat cats." Retired businessman Wong Chi Keung, in Hong Kong, said, "We should not let the banks get away with being big bullies." Debbie Chen works for a group protesting against Apple's treatment of its workers in China. "As the world's most valuable company they earn the lion's share while the workers on the production line earn only 1% of the selling price of an iPhone. We hope there can be more even distribution of profits," she said and skipping behind the adults. Some protesters wore costumes -- including a giant panda. "I'm here because young Japanese people are suffering for losing their jobs, but not many speak out their issue to the public," said Kesao Murakami. "I really want young people to appeal forcefully to the public saying, 'We are in trouble.' " In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, about two dozen people -- some wearing masks -- gathered near the U.S. Embassy.

"We wanted to show that the American regime, its system of imperialism needs to be destroyed," said Rudi Daman, leader of the International League of Peoples' Struggle. The group urged its chapters to stage a global day of action against "imperialist plunder, repression and war." Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney joined rallies against "corporate greed" as protesters aligned themselves with the global movement. "Our protests are to show our solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and also protest various problems -- from indigenous issues in this country to government problems," said Alex Gard, one of the Melbourne organizers. "We know we have it better than the protesters in the States ... but there are still problems in this country." Organizers urged protesters to bring sleeping bags and other soft items to sleep on. "I've heard people say they plan to be there for days, even months," Gard said. Organizers worldwide started social media pages on Facebook and Twitter devoted to "October 15" — #O15 on Twitter — urging protesters to join the global call for protests. The worldwide movement is galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement started last month as a backlash against the economy and what demonstrators say is an out-of-touch corporate, financial and political elite. Occupy Wall Street organizers say they are inspired by the Arab Spring that led to the toppling of regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. The founding movement in the United States has spread to other major cities in the nation. The Harbinger - A Prophetic Week in Review, below are some of the News Reports not commonly covered in the "main stream" media over the past week - Oct 10th - Oct 16th. "A Harbinger - anything that

foreshadows a future event; omen; or sign, a forerunner, that heralds a presage or portent, an indication of things to come." The links below are "active" so pick and choose the ones you care to read. --- For additional news, commentaries, editorials and indepth coverage related to Bible prophecy and end-time events, please visit the following GP Family websites: "End Time Info", and "People of the Keys" 10/16/2011  US

on High Alert, Conducts Drill in Israel and Saudi Arabia  To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data  Big US airlift drill starts Monday - Fresh Hamas demands for Gilad Shalit  Saudi Arabia takes Iran to UN over alleged plot  Turkey and Iran vie for influence in greater Middle East region  Pilgrims gather for Feast of Tabernacles  Exodus from the Arab Spring  Day of 'Global Revolution' comes to London as thousands of demonstrators take over the City  Global Day of Rage: Reporting Inside NYC’s Massive Occupy Times Square March  Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements  Occupy Portland Protesters Sing ‘F*** the U.S.A.’  Saudis underwrite organization to bring world’s religions under one roof  Russia halts oil supply to China after 6.1 earthquake 10/15/2011  UN

chief: East Jerusalem settlement plans are unacceptable  Mideast Quartet to Meet Next Week in Jerusalem.  Iran's supreme leader calls U.S. accusations meaningless  Saudi Arabia Weighing Response to Iran Plot  Iran 'most significant' threat to world: Canada PM  UN calls for international action against Syria after warning country is heading for 'civil war'

 Israelis

join in as Wall Street protests go global  'Occupy' protests swell nationwide; scores arrested  Protesters burn cars in Rome as 'Occupy' protests spread worldwide  List and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events  Floods Affect 8 million in Asia: UN  Spewing Volcano Forces Spain To Close Island Port 10/14/2011  Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US  Former Netanyahu Adviser: Time for the US to Strike Iran?  US seeks support for action against Iran central bank  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says West trying to spread 'Iranophobia'  Israel and Libya: Preparing Africa for the 'Clash of Civilizations'  Israel sees Hamas strengthening its military with release of insurgents  Israel 'plans new east Jerusalem settlement area'  Palestinians condemn east Jerusalem housing plan  U.S. rejects plan to strengthen IMF in euro zone crisis  Breitbart: I Have E-Mails Showing Organized Plan For Occupy Wall Street Protests To Destabilize Government  MSNBC Analyst Cheering Violence: Donny Deutsch „Repulsed‟ By The Tea Party, Hopes For A „Kent State‟ Type Moment So The Occupy Wall Street Movement Can Really Resonate With The American People  More Americans than Chinese can‟t put food on the table  EU considering massive cuts to food aid for poor  Confusion reigns as Thai capital braces for floods  Strong 6.7 earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea  Moderate 5.3 Magnitude Subsea Earthquake Strikes Near Oregon Coastline  Experts warn over Iceland volcano 10/13/2011  Iran

warns US against 'confrontation' over alleged plot  Obama: No options off the table over Iran assassination plot  Saudis say Iran must 'pay the price' for alleged plot as US resists retaliation  Egypt defies Sinai peace terms, hosts Hamas in Cairo before Shalit's release

 Egypt:

Planes patrol Sinai without Israel's consent  Turkey seeks Israeli arrests over flotilla raid  N.Korea Moves Arms Closer to Border  South Korea puts military on heightened state due to North's unusual activity  Chinese military mobilises cybermilitias  East Mediterranean gas conflict could drag in U.S.  Behind 'Occupy Wall Street': A major push for a global tax  NYC Dem Behind Occupy Wall Street: 'Political Goal Is To Overthrow The Government'  They Don‟t Love This Country‟: Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Says Tea Party and Republicans Are Unpatriotic, Hate America and Are Screwing the Working Class Because They Don„t Agree With Obama‟s Policies  DOJ: Feds Can Tell Church Who Its Ministers Will Be  Indonesia's Bali rattled by large 6.0 quake  PositiveID Corporation Receives VeriChip Implant Order For Use With Israeli Military 10/12/2011  Alleged

Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador Fuels U.S. Push to 'Isolate' Iran as Pols Call Plot an 'Act of War'  U.S. Ties Iran to Assassination Plot Against Saudi Diplomat on U.S. Soil  Alleged Iran plot could have been trigger for war in Middle East  Iran calls Saudi ambassador assassination allegations an 'evil plot'  Saudi says Iran will "pay the price" for alleged plot  Will Israel Bomb Iran?  US on global alert for Iranian reprisal that may jeopardize Shalit release  China Breaks Ranks With Assad  Analysis: Wall St. action part of global "Arab Spring?"  Buckle Up: America Is Getting Very Angry And The Protests Are Going To Become Much More Frightening  Occupy L.A. Speaker: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals  Put A Fork In It: Greece Effectively Shuts Down As Finance Ministry To Begin 9 Day Strike  EU starts collecting fingerprints for visa applications

 Volcanic

Red Alert Issued As Residents Are Evacuated From El Hierro Town  Papua Earthquake Strongest To Hit Region in 2011  Record Number Of Strong Earthquakes In 2011  Britain Faces a Mini 'Ice Age' 10/11/2011  PA

Using US as Platform for Diplomatic War against Israel  Palestinian FM: Abbas actively lobbying Security Council members to back statehood  Sinai militias cut Egypt-Israel trade ties amid declining security  Russian PM Putin in China seeking closer ties  Syria clergyman threatens West with suicide attacks  ACORN: Puppet Master of Occupy Wall Street  Police Arrest More Than 120 „Occupy Boston‟ Protestors  Thousands in Chicago protest financial industry  German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide 'snowball'  Jim Rogers: Trade War with China Will Lead to Shooting War  VeriSign Demands Power To Kill “Abusive” Websites  Dad Taking Photos of Daughter Is Banned From Mall on Terror Concerns  Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules  Subsea Volcanic Eruption Underway Near El Hierro (The Canary Islands)  Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department  Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt 10/10/2011  PA

Plan: Use UN to Cement Claims to Jewish Holy Sites  Israel says 'ready for talks on all core issues' with Palestinians  France FM: Palestinian statehood bid starting to create cracks in European unity  Abbas: El Salvador can help Palestinian peace process  Iran Sends Fleet with Destroyer to Indian Ocean  Israel ready to strike Syria, Lebanon, Gaza  IAEA expected to give details on Iran atom bomb fears  EU holds hand out to Syria opposition

 Moscow

reaches out to Syrian opposition to head off Western military action  Egypt Christians vent fury after clashes kill 25  UN: Food prices likely to remain volatile, high  5.5 Magnitude Earthquake hit‟s Japan's Fukushima Area  6.0 Earthquake Northeast of Tonga capital  5.5 magnitude quake hits Christchurch  5.2 quake hits Bay of Plenty  Volcanic Alert In Effect On El Hierro As 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits  Nearly 700,000 attend gay pride parade in Rio  Homosexuality Gaining Wider Acceptance in the U.S.  Where‟s Jimmy? Just Google His Bar Code eof

The Harbinger 08: The Great Confusion in the Great Society?  

...And now the Occupy Wall Street Protest goes Global. Even a skeptic cannot deny these events and the multitude of signs presently unfoldin...

The Harbinger 08: The Great Confusion in the Great Society?  

...And now the Occupy Wall Street Protest goes Global. Even a skeptic cannot deny these events and the multitude of signs presently unfoldin...