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DOES PLANET X EXIST OR NOT? ARE CONSPIRACY THEORIES JUST THAT? From John Benjamin: 4/9/12 Concerning the validity of Planet X's existence, in my book I don't say for sure that it's real. I leave that open. The new book is even better. I present evidence that 4 new scientists just said they were involved in the research of it. Anyway, the new book will set many things straight. I leave things open to the possibility of Planet X, a planetary alignment, another large astral body LIKE Planet X, or other unknown cosmic forces we are not presently aware of as being the cause of the coming meteorite showers and asteroid and comet impacts that Revelation speaks of. I'll let TIME, and the Lord be the judge .. The evidence in it will speak for itself! SOMETHING'S COMING, whether they want to call it Planet X or Nibiru, Tyche, Nemesis, "Famous Amos," or whatever! It's the same thing. And it's going to send a mass of asteroids, meteors, and comets our way! If the picture first taken in 1883 was only a "far away galaxy" as NASA now says, how could a "far away galaxy" make Uranus and Neptune, (each so huge compared to Earth that they DWARF EArth) how could that far away galaxy make them jump so far out of orbit in their so-called "perturbations" that the Astronomers first noticed to begin with? That's what started all this scanning of the skies for this astral monster whatever name you want to call it, and took up thousands and thousands of hours of many leading astronomers hunting for the source of this "moving of these giant planets" out of their orbits to begin with! SO SOMETHING'S OUT THERE! ...and it's not a far away galaxy causing this!. NASA is lying and having very smart men write stuff to make it sound official. TIME WILL TELL! It may not come by next year! It may be at the later dates of 2016-17 or 2021... BUT IT OR SOMETHING IS COMING! **********

From David Shea – Iceland 4/9/12 It is blatantly obvious that there ARE conspiracies going on,

and all over the place, and all the time, with a very elite few pulling all the strings (as Satan’s agents of course – “spirit led” by him you could say!) and we are not the ONLY, nor even the MAIN people exposing these things – after all, that has never been [the Christians ] main objective in winning the world has it? And yet, Bible Prophecy

fulfillment is so “in your face” these days HOW can anyone IGNORE it? By the way, I LOVE how Kent Hovind presents things in this video : --- SKIP TO 18 mins 34 secs in! I personally agree, and have always believed in, the legacy and the commission the Lord and David left to us as the Family International – to continue on doing the job of winning AND warning! Otherwise Satan has “free reign”, due to IGNORANCE! Even non-Family Christians are now finally catching up to what we always taught, because things are so clearly obvious – “DUH!” And those of us who KNOW MUCH, “of the same shall MUCH be REQUIRED” (and Ez 3:17-19)


From Peter Braveheart: 4/09/2010 I always wondered about planet X, and if there was any truth to it. Difficult subject to prove one way or the other, as there are plenty of arguments for and against, on both sides of the equation.I guess we will just have to wait and see. The Death Star or Planet x OR Nibiru is actually a very minor detail in the book “Earthshaker”, as John Benjamin clearly states over and over, such statements as "if the

Death star is real" Or If not the Death Star, then some other astral body will cause the same sort of damage mentioned in the book of Revelations and Isaiah.” It is

important to see the very good and hard work that John Benjamin has sacrificed to help [the world] be much better informed. I worked together with John Benjamin helping to make the book into a poster, which most people really like a lot. The focus of the book is not that the world is ending in 2012. The opposite is the case, showing clearly that the last 7 years has to happen first. I personally go much by the “Endtime series 1-4 “ by Maria and Peter. The Lord clearly states in this series that as the time gets nearer, HE will reveal much more. The Lord can speak through anyone He chooses, anyone who is truly hungry and curious. I believe that Earthshaker tells it like it really is. If that is a conspiracy theory, then so be it. We cannot bury our heads in

the sand and hope the world situation will just go away. The world IS about to collapse and I believe there are many [Christians] who need to WAKE UP, and do their homework in a balanced fashion, asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment to find the TRUTH. As David so well put it in "Bye Bye Birdie", when I go you

guys are going to have to FORAGE for your own food, and feed others; why be satified with just some "old stale crumbs" when you can have the Lord's Living Waters for today"? ***************

From AndrĂŠs Nueva Vida I am thankful to John Lyall for having showed me with his last writing An Honest Look at Nibiru and 2012 Speculation the other real scientific side of the coin about the possible upcoming arrival of Nibiru or Planet X to our planet on 21-12-12 . This made me look up on the web for more serious researches about this issue, and I found out based on the following links,

that there is no tangible proof that can link or associate the latest findings (as of September 2012) of the only actual choice of a possible Planet X, named by the astronomers Tyche -a possible brown dwarf, with the mythical Nibiru, link that by the way, was brought by Zecharia Sitchin, – who according to my findings- seems to be a freemason illuminati: Zecharia Sitchin: Jordan Maxwell's Butt-Buddy (FREEMASON ... Illuminati News: Zachariah Sitchin is Wrong! Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of ...]

Which makes me suspect that this link between Nibiru and Planet X has been staged by the rich elite since 1976 with the purpose of gathering all the media and world expectations to 21-12-12, and thus makes me conclude that the story of Nibiru and 2012 is just that, a simple fairy tale, due to a lack of real and strong proofs. I also want to link this last conclusion of mine to some of my previous researches that incidentally I made on Planet X, at the end of John Benjamin’s article JB: My Latest Planet X Theory that also point to this same “veredict”: 1. The findings of the Bible hidden code (see show that the Lord sees

Planet X like the doorway,gate,opening, entrance, aperture, door, orifice through which the “tyrannous, Despot, tyrant, cruel” man of sin will appear on the world stage. 2. David Brandt berg, in “Close Encounters” (1978), stated that the Antichrist “ IS GOING TO STAGE SOME KIND OF PHONEY INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE.” What better phoney invasion that to make the world believe that “Planet Nibiru brought him down as our needed Saviour!” through a farce called “Planet X or Nibiru” ?

As put in David Brandt Berg’s words: “THE DEVIL IS GOING TO REALLY PUT ON SOME PHENOMENAL MANIFESTATIONS like that in the last days just to frighten people and scare them to death, "men's hearts failing them for fear", "distress of nations" and "signs in the sky" and so on. (Lk.21:11,25,26.) INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE, WHAT A WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO ARRIVE!--Just like the Second Coming of Christ!--To arrive like he was coming from outer space, like he was a superior being, a higher intelligence arriving from some other planet to solve the world's problems. What a way for him to come!-HE WILL BE LIKE A GOD TO THEM, but his whole thing is to try to put it in a plausible scientific form that people will believe. The Antichrist will be sort of a scientific God, if you want to put it that way. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE ANTICHRIST, THE DEVIL INCARNATE, IS GOING TO STAGE SOME KIND OF PHONEY INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE. Well, in a way, since that's the Devil and his demons, the fallen angels, they are from outer space. But he is going to use human beings by possession, and is somehow going to capture this young man, this human that he's going to use for the Antichrist.” Allow me at last to state very humbly, that unlike John Lyall and other dear brethren, I DO BELIEVE THAT ACTUALLY IN MORE THAN NINETY PERCENT OF THE CURRENT EVENTS THERE IS “a carefully orchestrated conspiracy AND that THERE ARE a handful of puppeteers who ARE INCREASINGLY controlling the course of the world, politics, finance, medicine, etc.” And that we don’t need to expect until someone of ours will mention which conspiracy theories are valid and which are not, in order to act accordingly, especially if everyday events reafirm the simple truth given by the Lord in Revelation 13:7- and power was given him [the Antichrist and his elite] over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Does Planet X Exist?  

By Peter Braveheart and others. Are conspiracy theories just that?

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