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DANGER AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES, LONDON 2012? Friday 20th July 2012 (by Peter Brave-Heart.) Hi everyone, I just got back from a 2 day road trip to the north of Scotland, and am quite tired but in light of all of the following, I wanted to get this to you all ASAP. So, PTL for His Grace. This time, my aim was to get out 1000 Earthshaker posters, and PTL, He helped me to manage to do it. Several days ago, my wife and I, took quite some time and deliberation, to get prophecies about the London Olympics 2012, as David in Iceland had sent us two very powerful and very convincing U-tube videos please go to ( ) about an “Event” like 9/11 Twin Towers happening both at the new Olympic stadium and on the underground trains in London We are especially very concerned about all of this, as we have 4 adult children living in London, and our eldest son is to do Security at the Olympics. Both of our prophecies seemed to indicate that something very bad would indeed happen at the Olympics As there seems to be lot of evidence about this possible occurrence, we have asked the Lord to open the eyes of those who live in London, to the possible dangers, and to make sure that they are nowhere near the Olympic stadium or on the underground trains, on the Inauguration day of the Olympics.(27-28 July) and during the entire Olympics. Whilst on the road today I met a very interesting young man, who when he saw the Earth-shaker poster, exclaimed how he believed that something terrible is going to happen at the Olympic games. Curious, I asked him why he thought that, and he told me that his best friend’s dad is a very senior military officer in the top of British Intelligence, and that he told them that there is a 100% certainty of a major “event” happening at the Olympic Games. On pressing him for details, I asked him how can the British Intelligence or MI5 or MI6 be so certain about all of this. He then told me, that all the info they have, and signs point to a very major Incident in London during the Olympics. He looked at the Earth-shaker poster where it shows an atomic bomb going off, and said well they might not use an atomic bomb, as it would be very difficult for the terrorists to smuggle one in.(Ha! That’s what he thinks) He was very nervous about it all, as his family all live in London. This morning before going out witnessing, we asked the Lord to speak about witnessing and instead He said the following: “Even if Noah, Abraham

and Moses were present here pleading with me to stop the onslaught of Evil, and violence upon this world, or to delay

the tidal –wave of War and Destruction and total Chaos, I cannot forever, hold back the tide, as those things which have indeed been prophesied, must be fulfilled even as, I have faithfully spoken unto My prophets.” This prophecy again would seem to indicate that TIME has run out for this world. I got back home recently, and received the following e-mail from Juan in England:**************************** Comments by Juan upon receiving the “Venus 3 prophecies” which you can now see at ( , and the attached “whistle-blower” article. Hi Peter, I just wanted to thank you for sending me this letter. To be honest, at first it really took me by surprise and I was sceptical about it, (an article by a London TV program producer about serious danger at the Olympic games called “Whistle-blower”). However, soon after I did some research into London 2012 and there just seem to be too many signs pointing towards something major. Nothing might happen, but I think it's more likely that something will. Seems to all be true. Recently, I haven't really been thinking about all this, but lately I just can't shake the feeling that something is going to happen very soon. Just thought I would share how I felt. I received a prophecy 2 days ago the same day I wrote you. Here it is. Much Love, Juan Q: Dear Jesus, what do you want me to do with this new information I have found? Is it true? If so, should I do things differently or should I warn others, or not? Should I take any physical steps at this time?

(Jesus): 2012 will indeed mark the end of the world as you know it and the beginning of a new age. The symbols are there, the plan is laid out, and it’s more likely than not that these attacks at London will go ahead. Nevertheless, decision along those lines is being made even now, and free will is still a factor. However, this is something that they have planned, and it’s almost certain that they will carry it

out. Even if they decide to not do it now, keep your eyes open the rest of the year, for they are keen to not delay and the chaos that they wish to bring about will take place, one way or another. They wish to bring about WW3 and it’s obvious that the tension is only rising. So it’s good that you are aware. For one, it will cause you to walk in sobriety instead of oblivion and it will keep your heart close to me and my Word. Also, you will be able to help others through this., Share this information with others when appropriate. Not dogmatically, but in a spirit of humility and conviction. I know you’ve been trying to go about things as usual and even try to convince yourself that the end will be much delayed, but you aren’t blind or stupid. Your eyes don’t lie to you, and you can see a tide of darkness rising in fast as well as signs that you can’t deny. So watch and pray. And make the focus of your Word times now to brush up on your end time scriptures, for it will become ripe and ready to witness about these things. Whether or not these bombs happen at London, things will happen soon. The stars are set and the plan is in action. They will not delay. It will come as suddenly as the flood and as a thief in the night. And it will be so deceptive that only the most perceptive will interpret the signs. So stay awake. Continue to go about the work that I have shown you with all your heart, yet stay vigilant. This way I will help you to keep the right perspective. During the past 24 hours both my wife and I have gotten long prophecies, which I have not included here, as they need to be typed-up. They all seem to indicate “Big Trouble” at the Olympics. PLEASE BE ALERT if in London during the Olympic period. Lots of Love,

Peter and Lily Brave-Heart,

Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics Posted By Thea – 2012/06/28Posted in: World in Turmoil End Time Info: It is not usual for our website to publish articles such as this one, however we felt that regardless of what the upcoming Olympic Games might hold, the information shared here is important and useful. We do not want to strike fear in anyone, but it is better to be forewarned and be prepared and not need it, than the other way around. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – 2. Timothy 1:7 Via

An undercover journalist going by the pseudonym ‘Lee Hazledean’ has blown the whistle on astounding revelations about how he infiltrated the G4S – the company responsible for security at the London Olympics – and discovered shocking plans for the evacuation of London, 200,000 ‘casket linings’ being on standby, along with botched security procedures that leave the Games wide open to attack. Hazledean’s interview with Tony Gosling, editor and host of BCFM’s Friday Drivetime, has gone viral on the web over the last few days.

Hazledean is an undercover journalist for a television program in London and has worked with news agencies on hard-hitting subjects, but when he approached the mainstream media with his bombshell story, they showed no interest. (See here: When Hazledean asked Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent Andy Davies if he would run the story, Davies said he wasn’t interested and days later Channel 4 ran a puff piece about G4S which portrayed the organization as competent and trustworthy. “I sent him an email, I called, he wasn’t interested and he said there’s a media blackout on this kind of story, that nobody would be interested in running it,” said Hazledean. In the interview, Hazledean divulges how he merely had to fill in an application form to get a job with G4S, the private company providing security for the Olympics, that he underwent no background check whatsoever, and that his personal references were not checked. Employees are given just two days of training to run airport-style security checkpoints which include body scanners, which Hazledean said “would be turned off completely” at peak times, meaning terrorists could just walk straight into the event with ammunition or explosives and have an excellent chance of remaining undetected. “In fact, I was asked to be a would-be terrorist on the final training day and I was given a knife, a gun and an IED, and on all three occasions throughout the day I got through the metal detector and I also got through the x-ray machine scanner,” said Hazledean, adding that terrorists could quite easily stage a “massacre” given the lax nature of the security. “They’re not training them properly…it’s quite open to a terrorist attack very easily and I don’t say that lightly,” said Hazledean, adding that he witnessed G4S members doing drug deals while training classes were taking place, while others were taking surveillance photos on their cellphones of supposedly secure areas. Hazledean said a lot of the security staff were poorly qualified and that many of them could barely speak English. Hazledean also revealed how the large contingent of soldiers being brought into London for the Olympic Games included “a lot of UN troops being posted in and around London,” including American and German troops. The whistleblower also revealed how unauthorized personnel were being handed G4S uniforms and that uniforms had been stolen.

Hazledean’s most chilling revelation was how he learned about preparations to evacuate London and how, “The security guards used for the Olympics will be at the forefront of getting the public out of London.” “They seem quite serious about it, they’ve spent a lot of time on this,” said Hazledean, noting how G4S spent two hours talking about the evacuation of London in comparison to just half an hour talking about security screening procedures for the Olympics itself. The whistleblower also noted how the 100,000 plus troops that would be stationed in London during the Olympics would be enough to carry out such a large scale evacuation. Another chilling facet Hazledean learned was that 200,000 casket linings (temporary coffins) were being shipped in to London that can hold four bodies each. The whistleblower expressed his amazement at why security guards working on mundane screening procedures would need to be told such information. The whistleblower also revealed how he was told Predator drones would be circling London in readiness for terrorist attacks, and that G4S employees were shown a video of a drone killing a group of people in Afghanistan. Hazledean noted how G4S leaders saw the public as “the scum of the earth” and also told their employees that the police had no authority over them. He also related how one of the leaders told him that an event after the Olympics would be a “defining moment” for London but when pressed, refused to divulge what she meant. Hazledean is not the first to blow the whistle on G4S. Earlier this month, data input clerk Sarah Hubble revealed that she was fired by G4S after complaining that G4S was cutting corners in their security preparations for the Olympics and that she herself had not been vetted. Speaking with Infowars, Hazledean said that he had been making contingency plans for if his life was put in danger or if he became a target for the authorities in any other way after blowing the whistle on the scandal. Asked about a meme circulating the web that conspiracy theories about a false flag attack occurring at the London Olympics are being deliberately allowed to proliferate in order to make ‘truthers’ look paranoid after nothing happens, Hazledean stressed that merely getting the story out was necessary as it could derail any planned attack.

Danger at The Olimpic Games  

“Even if Noah, Abraham and Moses were present here pleading with me to stop the onslaught of Evil, and violence upon this world, or to delay...

Danger at The Olimpic Games  

“Even if Noah, Abraham and Moses were present here pleading with me to stop the onslaught of Evil, and violence upon this world, or to delay...