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Personal Miracles, and Angelic Interventions. Peter Brave-Heart 18/01/13

No.1The Miracle of the Instant Healing of an injured dog Many years ago, when I was a young man, I was walking down the street in a small town in Norway, when I witnessed a horrible accident. A truck came careening too fast around a corner. A big police dog, was casually crossing the road, when it was suddenly and without warning, hit head on by the truck, which came to a screeching halt. The driver got out to examine the dog, who was on the ground, writhing around in agony, twitching and howling in pain. I was across the other side of the street, at a bit of a distance, but close enough to clearly observe the accident. I immediately jutted my arm in front of me pointing at the dog, and I commanded God by His Word in the name of Jesus, to instantly heal the dog, and to have mercy upon him. I also asked the Lord to take away all the pain. WOW! I was so happy to see God instantly answer my prayer, as all of a sudden, the dog stopped howling, moved his head from side to side as though very surprised, as he raised himself onto his legs, and just got up and ran away! ZOOM. I was so happy to see how much God loves animals. I sure knew it was a miracle that day!



No.2 ANGELIC INTERVENTION one CHRISTMAS back in the 1970,s One dark and very cold night back in 1977, whilst I was living in Denmark, during mid-winter, a very odd encounter with an Angel occurred. I was 23 back then, and I had been doing a lot of laundry for a sister, who could not get out due to her having small children to take care of; so two of us decided to do the laundry for her. However it turned out to be a much bigger challenge than we had imagined. Getting the laundry done at the laundry mat was OK. However it was getting late and the two of us had to take the laundry on a bus. Outside there was 3 feet of snow on the ground and the temperature was 12 minus. Well the bus let us off at the end of our road, which was still a couple of kilometres to our house. Well my friend and I, both being missionaries in Odense, Denmark at the time. We descended the bus, and realized the hopelessness of our late and freezing predicament, we bowed our heads and desperately prayed, that Jesus would do an outstanding miracle, and cause some angel to come by and pick us up with our huge bundle of laundry, at this crazy hour of the night. I mean who in their right mind, stops to give a lift to two young guys carrying a whole bunch of laundry 2 o’clock in the morning? Well the both of us, being missionaries, in Odense, Denmark ,at the time, were used to exercising our faith and asking God to do miracles. This was because we were often on the road &living by faith, witnessing daily. We just had to depend on miracles, for God’s 2

daily supply. He never failed to supply all of our daily needs, no not once! WOW! What happened next was truly incredible! As the scripture states “It shall come to pass that before they ASK I will ANSWER” I had no longer finished praying, when a car came around the corner and immediately stopped dead in the street. The first thing we both noticed, was that the car was very unusual, as it had a sort of glow around the entire car of about one cm. Secondly the guy driving was not as you would expect someone to be 2 o’clock in the morning. The driver had the most angelic smile, almost from ear to ear. The other person with me told the driver where we were heading, and he responded with an even bigger grin “I Know! Hop in!” Immediately I sensed that he was indeed an angel. We were both sitting in the back seats, and as the car started to move, my partner whispered to me, Do you think the driver is an angel? I said “Why not ask him?” to which he replied, “No, No, of course he IS an angel. It is the only thing that makes sense. Another important thing I would like to mention is that sitting in the back seat behind the angel, we could both feel these very strong vibrations of Joy, and Peace and Love. Well it only took only about 5 minutes until the driver stopped the car right opposite the drive-way to our communal home. He got out of the car and took our two bundles of laundry out quite quickly, putting them by the side of the road. I got out last and as I went to turn around and both thank the driver and say good-bye, I was just about to take hold of the car door to close it when WOW..the car had completely vanished into thin air. Both of us say this happen and we 3

were so amazed and happy for God’s amazing miracles that it took us weeks to stop talking about it. I have never taken the time to write this story done until now, and it makes me very happy remembering it.

No.3 The Miracle of INVISIBILITY Just before CHRISTMAS 1977, when I was in my early twenties, I was living in Denmark as a missionary. I frequently went on the road with another person for up to a week or more at a time. We would also take time to provision or procure help from others for our missionary work, and for the workers. As it was Christmas, we had decided to surprise the other missionaries, by provisioning gifts for them for Christmas. We were visiting many small towns/villages. We found the shop keepers friendly, and more than willing to help with the different things we were trying to provision. So much so, that we had quite a few large packages of presents for fellow missionaries. We put these packages in storage for the day, inside a shopping mall. We liked to witness to people outdoors, by giving out tracts, and Christian literature to those coming back to their cars. We would also try to pray with people, to get them saved. At that time we also sold some of our literature. Being Christmas, most people were in a very good mood, and unlike today when there are a million charities at Christmas, asking for donations, back in 1977 it was not like that. For this reason, it was much easier to obtain financial help for different projects back then. Later in the afternoon as it was getting dark, I began to feel as though “something was not quite right”. As a missionary we were used to praying about everything, and asking God to protect us daily. 4

So I prayed and asked what I should do, as I had a fore-boding and very uneasy feeling . I received the answer in prayer instantaneously, that there was “trouble brewing for us”. It is like the scripture says, “and all who live Godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution. I knew instantly that for some yet unknown reason we must get out off that place FAST. I said to my younger partner, “the Lord just told me, that we must get out of here ASAP.” I don’t know why, but we must! So John went off to pick up all of the provisioned goods. Without hesitating we simply just jumped on the very next bus, coming around the corner, even though we did not know its destination. We literally jumped on the bus “trusting God”. Well we had hardly started moving in the bus, when two police cars pulled up just where we had been standing. I prayed and asked Jesus, if we should get off at the next village but, his Spirit told us to get off at the 3rd village. So when we arrived at the 3rd village, lo and behold the bus station was right next to the train station. I told my John, “We must get rid of these presents, ASAP” Amazingly, and I think miraculously, there was a train in the station leaving directly for our home town. I asked the parcel service at the station, if it was possible for him to get all of our “Christmas presents” onto the train, which he told me was leaving in a few minutes. Well I honestly don’t know how he moved so quickly, but he repackaged everything and got it on the train just in time. We heard the whistle as the train left the station for our home town. Now we finally found out why we had been given the above instructions to 1) get out of the small town that we had been in for 5

the day witnessing and 2) why we had to get the “Christmas presents” on their way, and out of our hands, ASAP! We had no sooner come out of the train station, when we were approached by two police officers, who asked us if we had lots of packages? We having just sent them could honestly say, “No we don’t have any packages”. I asked one of the police officers, what had happened? He said, “Oh, a couple of guys answering to your description robbed a town back there and stole lots of items.” Obviously someone back at the first village did not like our Christian message, and decided to lie to the police, telling them that we had stolen the very things that had actually been freely donated to the work. We did have a brazen and bold faith that God could provide anything, as he says, “Ask and Ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you”. We also knew that He spoke to us clearly. I guess what happened next was a bit fool-hardy on our part. We should have concentrated on moving on! We decided that we were very hungry, and we needed to provision a dinner for ourselves. We believed in the scriptural injunction, “If we have sown unto you spiritual things is it any great thing if we reap your carnal things” “Also the Just shall live by faith” “They that preach the Gospel, shall live of the Gospel” God never failed to supply for us, as long as we were given out his tracts and winning souls to Jesus. After the police drove off in their little car, we set out to find a place to eat. After trying a few places, we found a friendly pub owner, who was willing to give us dinner. A fine dinner it was indeed. The pub restaurant was practically empty. Then the phone rang. The pub 6

owner was very sweet, as we had just witnessed to him. So he comes over to our table, and tells us that it was the police on the phone, and it sounded as though they were probably looking for us. It amazed us that he actually warned us, which showed that he did not believe the accusation against us. We then realized that in a village this small, that it would be very difficult to just jump on a bus and get out of there in a hurry. So we took a side street out of the restaurant and discretely came back to the bus stand. Unfortunately, our bus was not going to leave for another 20 minutes, and worst of all, our bus was both completely empty of people, and completely lit up. We would be a sitting duck if we got on that bus. We did not want to stick around, and have to explain that we were totally innocent, as it could have been very difficult, and time consuming. So we prayed that Jesus would “blind the eyes” of the police, when they drove by the bus, as I just knew they would. I told my John, “Well, since we have asked God to protect us as we are completely innocent, then lets act like He is going to do a miracle, and not be afraid.” Sure enough, a few minutes later, the same police officers with whom we had talked earlier drove slowly by the bus. I was standing up and putting our backpacks up on the rack. I distinctly remember, the police looking right through the bus, and not even noticing us. Their car was so close to the bus that I could actually notice that the police appeared to be “looking right through us”. We were so thrilled at this obvious amazing miracle of INVISIBILITY. The police then drove off, and soon our bus left taking us all the way back home. That was a very exciting time of CHRISTMAS witnessing and abundant miracles of both supply and protection 7

I am still convinced that “With God, Nothing is Impossible” We just have to “Put God on the spot” and “Expect an immediate miraculous answer”. Another type of miracle that has happened to both myself and my wife has been the following:

No 4. PROTECTION from FALLING Once, we used to live in a big high-rise apartment building in Chile, South America, when we had two small children. We were going down the wide stone stairs of the building, when our daughter who was in the push-chair and about one year old, whom we thought was tied in securely, suddenly tumbled out, forwards and started to fall headlong down the very hard marble stairs. Our first re-action was to instantly call Jesus to help us. Immediately, it was as though she fell in slow motion, and did a slow summersault and landed in the up right position sitting on the bottom step. We were simply totally amazed at God’s miraculous intervention . It was wonderful how he protected our little toddler from all harm. Praise His Name.

No 5 Protection from accidents On other occasions, we were in danger of being hit by a car from behind in Brazil, and we felt like someone just instantly moved us out of “harm’s way” in a way that one cannot explain. No 6 One time my wife was about to fall down an embankment, when he felt as if an invisible hand pushed her back onto the sidewalk. 8

No 7 The miracle of our 3 year-old daughter Claire, whilst in Brazil There have been many times when God has done outright miracles of healing for our family. One of the most outstanding was around 1990, five days before my wife and I and our 7 children were due to leave Brazil for the UK. My oldest son who was around 10 years old fell off a chair right onto the head of our 3 year-old daughter, who ended up in a very serious coma, with brain haemoraging. The doctors and surgeons told us that they only gave her a 50% chance of surviving. My wife and I were at her bedside night and day for several days. Meanwhile we asked everyone whom we knew in Brazil to pray for our little daughter. After 3 days, she came out of the coma, and started to recover miraculously. We were so happy and over the moon, knowing that we had almost lost her. Her name in CLAIRE, and she lives with her husband in Italy today and has a very cute 3 year old daughter called Evelyn.

No 8 Guardian Angelsand strange encounters. In recent years I personally, have upon occasion seen messengers from heaven, and on each occasion it was an instant recognition. It is indeed possible that I have seen one of my guardian Angels, one of whom I believe is a very beautiful blond woman. She tends to show up, as some sort of warning or to encourage me. On one occasion she was driving a car, and came to the intersection where we live, whilst we were driving by on the main road. Now both myself and my teen son noticed her, as she came up to the inter-section. WHY 9

such a special moment? Because she was looking directly at us with a heavenly smile. These days most people don’t really smile at each other. Certainly beautiful woman do not smile at us men, if they have never met us before. She acted as though she had known us for a very long time. My son also mentioned it, and said it was something very unusual. On another occasion, I was not very happy, and was a bit “out of it”, thinking about some seemingly difficult problem, which was obviously dragging me down. This time I was in another town, as I came up to a T junction, a blond woman in a car stopped in the main road to let me drive out from the minor road onto the major as I turned right. This woman also had a heavenly smile. As soon as she looked at me, I suddenly felt very happy and stopped worrying about my problem. There was no reason for her to stop, smile and be helpful, but she did. Later I got to thinking about it, and wow! I thought “That was the same woman that I have seen before”. Some time later, I was in Starrbucks coffee shop with one of my daughters, and yes you’ve guessed it, the same woman walked by, and suddenly turned to look directly at us, gave us a big smile and continued walking on. If that was not enough in March 2012, I was about to pick up my 18 year old son at the train station at yet another location. As I pulled up, fairly close by, I was surprised to see my son talking with a very pretty teenager. She looked at me with a very sweet smile. I could feel her friendly spirit from across the street. I knew she was someone really special. I asked my son when he came to car what he thought of her. He acted kind of surprised, the way that she had been so nice and friendly. After discussing the incident, which we


again could not explain about her beautiful demeanour, we decided that she must have been angelic. When it happened the 4th time, I began thinking that maybe it was some sort of warning to us. My son is diabetic, and well, I am now 60 years old. I remember saying to my son, “I hope one of us is not going to be very sick or something?” My logic for this, was that if the Lord knew in advance that one of us would get sick, then sending an angel, would act as a future encouragement. It proved to be true! Two weeks after that last encounter, I found myself suddenly in hospital, having lost a lot of blood, and having severe anaemia, which I had never suspected. I was given 4 blood transfusions. I could have died if I hadn’t have gone to the hospital when I did. I had no idea how sick I was. Thankfully, today, I am no longer anaemic. Jesus did a big miracle. I know that seeing the “smiling angels” was both a warning, and to encourage me, though I did not know what was about to happen. I was in hospital for a total of 5 days.

No. 9 Names of my Spirit Helpers (Personally speaking I am aware that I also have various spirit helpers including a Viking from Scandinavia, which does not surprise me as I got saved whilst in Norway in 1973, and did a lot of witnessing whilst there. Another one is called Anton, who is French. He told me that he used to be a musketeer for the king at the court in France, back in the good old days of chivalry, around 1750. His job is to help me to be positive, flamboyant, and on the attack; and another called Akatinoso, who was a Japanese Samurai warrior. He helps me to pray desperately and to get stirred up about important matters. (See Hebrews 12.1). 11

What I have just written about are just a few TRUE LIFE STORIES. I would love to hear from others about the many miracles the Lord has done for them during their life as a missionary. I will write more TRUE LIFE STORIES like these above in the future. If you have any stories such as these which could encourage the Faith of others please send your stories either to Chalsey Koriane at who is compiling them for an illustrated book for children and older children, where applicable. I also will write miraculous testimonies directed more for young adults. You can contact me with any adult testimonies which you consider to be miraculous, and I will try to compile a book of them for adults, at