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- By David Flynn

Introduction: by Peter Brave-Heart 03/01/13 From David’s Flynn’s Book “TEMPLE AT THE CENTRE OF TIME” Chapter 19 AMERICA You can obtain a complete copy of the book at TOM HORN’S website:- Many Bible Scholars believe that the GREAT WHORE of Revelations chapter 17-18 is the Catholic church, but David Flynn makes a very good argument that in fact it is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which I also thinkfits the interpretation much better. He USES the PRISCIA SAPIENTIA (Ancient Mathematics from before the FLOOD in his calculations), as was the pursuit of the great Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of Gravity. For those who like Maths and Numerology and Bible prophecy and fulfilment, this chapter is a real treat! ENJOY!

AMERICA By David Flynn  
AMERICA By David Flynn