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WILL THERE BE AN EVENT ON 21/12/12 as predicted by many religions, and by the Occult?

(Prophecies received on August 2012 by Peter Brave-Heart) (This prophecy was given in response to the class by By Isaías Rojo Called “Some other Pieces to this big Puzzle” written August 2012) “My loves, do not think that just because no EVENT happened at the Olympics in London this August, that this means that the coast is clear. That is the wrong conclusion. The powers that be have many options open to them and this

year you shall indeed see a drastic CHANGE to this world as you know it. It will never be the same again. I am not saying that the world is going to end in 2012 or on December 21 2012, but what I am saying is “THEY” have the option to make an Event happen

at any time, and it is indeed true that they have been planning their One World Government for a very long time. Look how they have prepared the nations with countless theories and stories of “the End of the World” coming in 2012 and in particular 21 12 2012. It is true that they have shown their “Hidden” Agenda through films and video games and computer games, and many other ways. Remember that I have told you before that Satan himself can

choose the exact moment that he wants to appear upon the world scene as its saviour. He will wait until there is enough confusion and trouble that the whole world will be begging for a saviour to pull them all out of the mess into which they have descended, and most will be willing to pay any price to have Peace and Order fully restored. So first of all Satan, his minions and representatives upon earth “Set the Stage, as “THEY STAGE THE WHOLE THING”. In fact most of the PROTOCOLS are well on the way to being fulfilled”, and then at the most appropriate moment, they will pull the plug on the world’s financial system, which will indeed bring total CHAOS. Their motto is “Let us do Evil, that good may come” & “Out of Chaos” we will bring our New World Order. It is also true , that they have these diabolical HAARP weather altering machines which are fine-tuned to be fully fired up on a certain day, according to their dastardly and diabolical plans. They have certainly tested these machines many times during recent years. So you wanted to know if, THEY will use this opportunity of the 21/12/2012 to pull the rug out from under the whole world and to bring on Chaos. This is certainly a possibility, as they do have the means. Satan however always leaves out the “God Factor”, meaning that I have the upper hand, and although

Satan is given the choice when he shall arrive on the scene, he cannot do it without My permission. I tell you in truth that the world has indeed become so decadent, evil, perverse, horribly violent and destructive, that YES it is mostly likely to happen according to the schedule that has been set-up for centuries. (2 Thes 2.7-8: For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall

consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.) This is why I have said in My Word, that the children of darkness are in their generation WISER than the Children of Light. On the other side of the argument, My Word also says Amos 3.7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing except He reveal His secrets unto His servants the prophets.” Let Me make it very clear: David Brandt Berg, Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly have put out such extensive Word on the end-time, and now you are seeing the fruits of their labours of Love. Now all things that they have spoken of in the past, are about to be fulfilled, including many of the Mo letters of 40 years ago, with the coming CHAOS , Great Confusion, War,& subsequent Rise of the Anti-Christ. Then the last 7 year covenant will be confirmed by the A.C. followed by the breaking of the covenant by the AC in the midst of the last 7 years. Afterwards followed by 3 and a half years of Tribulation, and My triumphant Return. I mention all of this again, because you My children of TFI need to be very

ALERT and READY, and used to being in TUNE with Me daily, in getting your heavenly instructions, so that when indeed “These things begin to come to pass”, you will not be shocked and overwhelmed, but you will have learned to totally put your complete TRUST in Me. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand ,but it shall not come nigh thee (Ps 91.70 If you are faithfully reading and studying My Word daily,

and praying and doing your best to make a habit of daily TUNING in to Heaven, then you will not be caught off-guard or napping when the trouble comes, and I will indeed show each one of you how to prepare for these future Events. I will also show you where it would SAFER for you

when the mud hits the fan, and Chaos emerges. This I say unto all.

The Time is very short, and the fulfilment of ALL THINGS is at HAND (The following was received earlier in August 2012) Keep up the fight to warn others of the things to come. Be accessible. AS in the near future, many will see that My Family have spoken the very truth, whereas

their own society and institutions and even churches have failed them, in not preparing them for the last 7 years. Unfortunately it is indeed TRUE that

MOST of the churches will not make it into the future, but when presented with a DIFFICULT CHOICE such as the Mark of the Beast, they will do what they have always been doing, and that is to CHOOSE the easy way or the WRONG way, or, whatever will help them to most easily put food on the table, and enable them to take care of their families, as they do not have the FAITH, that I can MIRACULOUSLY supply for My children, even in the most trying and excruciatingly difficult times. (One of a leaders of a well-known American church recently stated, when one of us tried to explain that Jesus would not be coming back before the Tribulation. “God cannot expect Christian people to suffer and see their children suffer as in the case if they were FORCED to receive the MARK. Any decent person would do what is necessary to preserve their own family, including receiving the Mark if it would enable them to eat and buy and sell. This is why I do not believe this POST TRIB doctrine, as God should not allow his people to be put to the TEST in this manner.”) (This reminds me of the book of Job where Satan after practically having totally destroyed Job’s family and livelihood, stated “Skin,for skin, and what will a man not do for his own flesh”(Job 2.4)) “The truth is that all real Christians should start living by FAITH, and

not by SIGHT, as very soon people will not be able to RELY on the physical world and many of its delusions that have been built around you.” “There will be those few who will listen, and in fact many will not agree with worshipping the Image of the Beast. Initially however many of the churches

congregations, will actually flock to Satan’s man the Anti-christ, as the Devil has been preparing them to this very end for centuries, with all of the False doctrines of SELF-WORKS , like unto CAIN, and as the noose tightens, the most part of the churches will choose the easy way, the logical way, as Satan tries to foister his NEW DELUSION that his Man in the

form of the A.C has come from a distant Galaxy, with vastely superior intellect to man, and that he is here to save mankind from total annihilation, just at some very crucial, and critical moment on the world scene. Most human beings are by nature COMFORT lovers, and most do not like to be forcibly put into a very uncomfortable or even dangerous position, and unless they have a strong FAITH in Me, then they will fall for Satan’s latest Strong Delusion. As I have said in My Word “Because they will not receive the simplicity of the Truth, then I will send them VERY STRONG DELUSION. (2 Th 2.10-12) In the future those who do not want to follow the AC government will finally have to learn to LIVE by FAITH and to learn to fully TRUST Me for

everything. They will have to learn to do what [ My disciples] have been willing to do time, and time again, and that is to FORSAKE ALL. To learn to put me first and not this world, money or the accumulation of possessions, as most churches do today with their doctrine of THE ABUNDANT LIFE. How can they teach their people to look for the Abundant Life, when the world is full of those who have not even enough to eat? First take care of the

Lost, the dying, the hungry, the maimed, and try to also get them saved for eternity, then build thine own house. The churches have gotten the cart before the horse, and generally put SELF before ME and OTHERS. If the churches had been Obedient to Me, then the Devil would not have the power to run rampant in these Last Days. All that is necessary for Evil to prevail, is that good men DO NOTHING. To stop evil one must BUCK THE TIDE, and often do unpopular things. Christians are supposed to be Warriors for Me, who are willing to Stand up for the TRUTH, and not run away in COWARDICE. I will protect My children through all of the Coming adversity. Those who are already spiritually prepared for these things will not be caught off-guard, but those who have not prepared

themselves and are not alert like Gideon’s band of men, will be in TOTAL SHOCK and DISBELIEF of the THINGS that are about to befall this Planet. Most simply do not want to know as it makes them feel uncomfortable, and they do not want Me or anyone else to interfere with their plans and itinery. Originally when I created man it was not so, but Adam and

Eve had a very close and intimate relationship with Me, where I daily instructed them how to go about their day, and how they could be happiest each day. Now unfortunately most people do not listen to Me on a daily basis, and they are too busy to take the time to Listen. Thus the End-time events are now unfolding!.

21.12.12 by Peter Braveheart  
21.12.12 by Peter Braveheart  

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