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Training Programme 2011 To complement our training programme Audiences NI offers a range of membership benefits to help arts organisations develop and enhance their audience development activities: •

Research and Analysis: Online surveys, questionnaire formulation, data analysis.

Market Intelligence: Mosaic analysis, audience profiling, audience mapping.

Marketing and Audience Development Consultancy: Strategy planning, target setting, bespoke data work.

E marketing: Free bespoke e-marketing packages available, training, internal arts sector e-newsletter, Classical Arts NI e-newsletter.

Audience Development projects: Test Drive the Arts, Classical Arts NI, Growing Together, Black Book. Free training and development downloads including reports and presentations.

Membership starts from only £50 per year.

To discuss membership and/or our many valuable services please contact:

Audiences NI 20 Mount Charles Belfast BT7 1NZ t. +44 (0) 28 9043 6480 f. +44 (0) 28 9023 1429 @.

2011 Training Programme

AT A GLANCE Up and coming events

Welcome... Training programme January - June 2011 Welcome to Audiences NI’s January to June training programme. At this time of change for the sector, Audiences NI have devised an extended training programme, aimed at meeting the needs of our members and the wider arts sector. Audiences NI are committed to delivering quality and relevant training and would ask that our members communicate their training needs and wants directly to us. Audiences NI will endeavour to invest in training events tailored to meet your requirements. Please email your training request to by April 30th 2011 for consideration within our next training events schedule starting in September 2011. Audiences NI also have a library of online resources ranging from past training presentations to market research reports, which are free to access at any time by visiting As a team we are committed to meeting the individual needs of our members. Please call Audience Development Manager Christine Adams on 028 9043 6484 to discuss how Audiences NI can help your organisation fulfil its objectives. Please note all training must be booked in advance by emailing: except when stated.






Jan 13

AMA Event: Creative Copywriting


Free to Audiences NI members members / Non AMA members £193 + VAT AMA members £133 + VAT

Jan 20

BiteSize Event: Twitter for Beginners


Free to Audiences NI members, Non members £45 + VAT

Feb 2

Joint Event: Belfast Knowing your Audience for Dance

£5 on the door

Feb 17

Audiences NI Event: Belfast Market Research Fundamentals

Free to Audiences NI members Non members £90 + VAT

Mar 15

Audiences NI Conference: WHAT NEXT ?


Free to Audiences NI members, Non members £195 + VAT

April 6

Audiences NI Event: Using Low Cost New Media Tools


Free to Band 1, 2 & 3 members, Band 4 & Associate £75, Non members £175 + VAT

April 7

Audiences NI Event: Using Low Cost New Media Tools


Free to Band 1, 2 & 3 members, Band 4 & Associate £75, Non members £175 + VAT

May 10

AMA Event: Marketing Magic


Free to Audience NI members, Non AMA members £193 + VAT AMA members £133 + VAT

May 25

BiteSize Event: Introduction to e-marketing


Free toAudience NI members Free toArts Council NI ASOP clients.

JunZ 15

Audiences NI Event: Website Best Practice and Analysis


Free toAudience NI members, Non members £90 + VAT


AMA Event: A Way with Words - Creative Copywriting With:

Jo Taylor, Head of Marketing and Communications Wales Millennium Centre

Date: Thursday 13 January Time: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Venue: NICVA, Belfast Cost:

Free to Audiences NI members including Band 4 and Associates Non AMA members £193 + VAT, AMA members £133 + VAT

What is it about? Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your copywriting, get your creative juices flowing and learn techniques for injecting life into your copy? The session is designed to help delegates develop their creative approach and improve the effectiveness of their copywriting. Delegates will explore how to make their story the most convincing using a natural, compelling style. The session will also show how to manage a degree of consistency across a range of different media. Who is it for? The event is for anyone involved in writing any form of copy for their organisation from press releases to season brochures. What will I gain? The morning session will focus on how to write creative and persuasive copy. The afternoon session will focus on how to devise and implement style guidelines. Jo will show you: •

Techniques for writing copy that sells.

How to develop a toolkit of dos and don’ts.

Using your organisation’s brand to develop an individual voice.

Tackling producer and curator-generated copy.


Bite Size Event: Twitter for Beginners With:

Sara Gunn,

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Thursday 20 January 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm Theatre at The Mill, Newtownabbey Free to Audiences NI members, non-members £45 + VAT

Marketing Officer, Audiences NI

With over 50 million Tweets sent each day, Twitter has become a popular way to communicate with audiences, and to provide a platform of open two way dialogue between organisations and their audience. This session will provide practical examples of successful Twitter campaigns and clarify some of the associated terms such as hashtags, follow Fridays and retweets. The session will also cover how to integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts through Tweetdeck. A sample Social Media Policy document will be provided for organisations to tailor to meet their individual needs.

Knowing Your Audience For Dance: In association with Dance Resource Base With:

Steven Hadley, CEO, Audiences NI

Date: Wednesday 2 February Time: 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm Venue: Baby Grand, Grand Opera House, Belfast Cost: £5 at the door Booking: Please confirm your attendance with Dance Resource Base T: 028 9023 1515 or E:


The session will use real data drawn from a Mosaic analysis of the audience for dance in Northern Ireland. It will look at: how the audience for dance in Northern Ireland is developing, how it differs from the general arts audience and how the information can be used to grow audiences for dance in NI. The session will conclude with a panel discussion.

Audiences NI Event: Market Research Fundamentals With:

Chris Palmer, Research Officer, Audiences NI

Date: Thursday 17 February 25% 75% Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Venue: Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast



Free to Audiences NI members, non-members £90 + VAT

Carrying out effective market research will give you invaluable insights into your customers’ behaviour and opinions, tailored to meet the precise needs of your organisation. Asking unnecessary questions, however, wastes your valuable time and money, and reduces response rates. A well-planned piece of research, with clear objectives and outcomes will ensure your investment isn’t wasted on information you don’t need to gather. This session is for organisations who are keen to find out more about 35% their audiences using effective market research. It will help you set your 65% own research objectives, write a research brief and design appropriate research questions. It will also provide an overview of primary data sources and secondary research techniques for you to use, and how Audiences NI can support your market research.


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25% 75 5%


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60% 40 0%



WHAT NEXT? Audiences NI Conference 2011 Date: Tuesday 15 March Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm Venue: The CUBE at The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast Cost:

Free to Audiences NI members including Band 4 and Associate Non members £195 + VAT

This year’s conference investigates innovative ideas and practice in developing and engaging audiences and exploring future opportunities for audience development from cultural tourism, social media and branding. We will hear from a leading specialist in audience development on the future of audience development for 21st century arts organisations. Ground breaking adventures in the world of online media will be shared by an innovative social technologist. What Next? will investigate how brands are evolving in the online marketplace, and explore the new possibilities for cultural tourism in Northern Ireland. A separate breakaway session for visual arts organisations will be facilitated as part of this year’s conference. The day provides an opportunity to network, explore new ideas and best practice and discover WHAT’S NEXT for your organisation and your audience.


Audiences NI Event: Using Low Cost New Media Tools


Marcus Romer, Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre


Wednesday 6 April


10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Venue: Information Services Belfast, Gloucester Street Date:

Thursday 7 April


10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Venue: Cookstown Enterprise Centre Cost:

Free to Band 1,2 & 3 members, Band 4 and Associate £75. Non members £175 + VAT

This practical session will investigate new and emerging web platforms. It will explore how, as arts practitioners, we can utilise these to increase engagement with our organisations, both internally and externally. The session will work on creating new social media platforms and demystifying Twitter, Ning, Posterous, Tumblr as well as Facebook and Flickr. The training will show that social media is a tool for everyone in the organisation to use, and not only the domain of the marketing team. *Please note that places for both these dates are limited to 10 people and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.









Slash Dot





AMA Event: Marketing Magic 50 ideas to reach more people without spending a fortune With:

Heather Maitland, Arts Marketing Consultant

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Tuesday 10 May 9.30am – 4.30pm Baby Grand, Grand Opera House, Belfast Free to Audiences NI members including Band 4 and Associate. Non AMA members £193 +VAT, AMA members £133 + VAT.

What is it about? In the arts sector, we often have a constant flow of marketing and audience development campaigns to plan and deliver. This can leave us stuck in a routine of the same tools, similar tactics, constant targets and greater pressure on our budgets. While we are all familiar with the concept of delivering campaigns on tight budgets and timescales, it is often difficult to dedicate the time to think creatively about ideas to improve our campaigns, to attract more visitors, to create a talking point, or to help us reach our target market. Who is it for? This event is for anyone involved in planning or implementing marketing and audience development campaigns. What will I gain? 50 tried-and-tested marketing and audience development ideas to implement on a tight budget and limited time. Tools and techniques to introduce to your colleagues to improve your creative problem solving. An insight into how to decide which great idea is right for you, which will make the biggest impact and which you might be able to implement tomorrow.


Bite Size Event: Introduction to e-marketing With:

Sara Gunn, Marketing Officer, Audiences NI

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Wednesday 25 May 1.30pm – 4.00pm Spectrum Centre, Belfast Free to all Audiences NI members and Arts Council Northern Ireland ASOP clients

E-marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful tools any organisation can use to reach its audience. This session will focus on what e-marketing is, how to capture audience data and how to use it effectively. You can also find out more about how Audiences NI can set you up with your own FREE OF CHARGE MyEmma e-marketing account, to distribute e-cards and newsletters, as well as track the response.

Audiences NI Event: Website Best Practice and Analysis With:

Gareth Dunlop, Managing Director, iON

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Wednesday 15 June 9.30am – 1.30pm Island Arts Centre, Lisburn Free to Audiences NI members, non-members £90 + VAT

This session will focus on analysis, reviewing google analytics and applying scientific principles to design and website decisions. Covering: web site design best practice, how to think like a customer, how to prioritise content and how to define online success. The session will show you how to think about maximising online success through a number of principles including planning customer journeys, integrating social media and measuring the right things. If you can’t measure it, you can't manage it.


Get in touch If you have any queries about any aspect of this training programme please email: or telephone: 028 9043 6480.

Audiences NI, 20 Mount Charles, Belfast BT7 1NZ

Accessibility Audiences NI makes every effort to ensure that our events are accessible to all. If you book for one of our sessions and have accessibility needs, we would encourage you to let us know at the time of booking, so that we can discuss how your requirements may be met in conďŹ dence.


Audiences NI Training Jan - June 2011  

Audiences NI Training Jan-June 2011

Audiences NI Training Jan - June 2011  

Audiences NI Training Jan-June 2011