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Fully in line with our business motto “Dynamic Function� - we have pleasure in presenting a series of news / innovations that completely lives up to the motto, and also contributes heavily to the environmental savings!

Dynamic News X-line Connecto. The X-line Connecto System is the heart and hub of the modern conference and meeting room. Everything fits securely and is protected while easily accessible.

Dynamic Function

The system is flexible and future-proof. You can ensure that you are prepared for all future changes - today! In addition to all the sockets and cables, you may want to have it is also prepared and adapted for control systems that add new useful features. Select features, length, width and design based on how you want to work in the room!

The future-proof connection system that solves all the technical coordination. Fits all tables and needs!


An attractive, functional and representative meeting room at all times! A new UNIQUE feature system that you can easily tailor to your needs. You May have all You can possibly want for an effective meeting accessible, including the control system. All can be pre-installed by us and connected to a floor box. Modular structure with aluminum profiles we cut ourselves as desired, means the shortest possible lead time and unsurpassed flexibility. The Dynamic function process starts with You asking yourself how you want to work in the room and what presentation tools you wish to have available. Answer the questions below and you are well on your way of creating a connection system for the equipment of you choise. 1. Where should I connect my PC? 2. How many PC’s should I have the possibility to connect? 3. Will there be a permanent desktop computer in the room? 4. What additional features I would like to have access to? 5. Do you want to future-proof your setup with spare room for unexpected sockets? 6. Is there any need for muliple boxes in the table for easy accessibility? Upper section with a lid in any length. (The framework that is placed in from above conceals the cut in the table top).

2x230V UK 65757 (142mm)

2x230V Shuko 65756 (110mm)

Sockets Snap-in sockets (see examples above) that fits directly into the system is, among others, available in the following styles: A 65750 A 65751 A 65752 A 65753 A 65755 A 65756 A 65757 A 65758 A 65759 A 65760 A 65761

HDMI VGA/3,5 mm Stereo (PC-audio) VIDEO: Composite 3xRCA, S-video and 2x RCA audio. 2xLAN/RJ45 USB 2x230V (Schuko/Sweden) 2x230V (UK) Blind cap XLR DVI Optional, specify type ……….

NOTE! 230V sockets comes prepared with 2.5m cord and contact for Connection to floor box. Under current regulations, you need otherwise - if you connect directly to the mains voltage - fix the table permanently to the floor.

Control systems The control systems in the Micro product range (Micro 1, 2 & 3) snaps directly into the connection system too. Request separate information.

Base unit of any length with, in this case, one cable storage section.

Wiring/Installation kits Ready made cabling in various lengths for easy installation.

Optional In some cases you may want to have fixed connecting cables in the box so they are always in place. The solution is a divisible aluminum lid, which snaps into the box. Includes a storage bag for keeping the connecting cable hidden and tangle-free.

2pcs. LAN-cables in Cable lid 65740 (or 65741)

A 65762    VGA with 3,5mm audio (male/male) 2,0m A 65763    VGA with 3,5mm audio (male/male) 5,0m A 65764    HDMI (female/male) 1,0m A 65765    HDMI (female/male) 2,0m A 65766 HDMI (female/male) 3,0m A 65767    HDMI (female/male) 5,5m A 65768    RCA Stereo (male/male) 2,0m A 65769    RCA Stereo (male/male) 5,0m A 65770    RCA Composite (male/male) 2,0m A 65771    RCA Composite (male/male) 5,0m A 65772    S-video (male/male) 2,0m A 65773    S-video (male/male) 5,0m A 65774    DisplayPort - HDMI (male/male) 1,0m A 65775    DisplayPort - HDMI (male/male) 2,0m A 65776    USB Series A - Series B (male/male) 2,0m A 65777    USB Series A - Series B (male/male) 5,0m A 65778    LAN (male/male) 2,0m A 65779    LAN (male/male) 5,0m


ntrol system Micro 1 60111 (110mm)

Control system Micro 2 60112 (110mm)

Control system Micro 3 60108 (142mm)

USB 65755 (84mm)

VGA/,5mm Stereo 65751 (84mm)

VIDEO 65752 (84mm)

HDMI 65750 (84mm)

Boxes, frames and lids A 65710 A 65715 D 65718

Box without cable storage compartment. Frame without lid for A 65710. Al/Al. Frame without lid for A 65710. Optional powder coating according to the RAL color system

A 65720 Box with one cable storage compartment. A 65721 Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/Al. A 65722 Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/White. A 65723 Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/Beech. A 65724 Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/Birch. A 65725   Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/Oak. D 65726   Frame with lid for A 65720. Al/Stained Beech. D 65728   Frame with lid for A 65720. Optional powder coating according to the RAL color system

A 65730 Box with two cable storage compartments. A 65731    Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/Al. A 65732    Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/White. A 65733    Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/Beech. A 65734   Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/Birch. A 65735    Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/Oak. D 65736    Frame with lid for A 65730. Al/Stained Beech. D 65738    Frame with lid for A 65730. Optional powder coating according to the RAL color system 

Other Accessories A 65740    Divisible aluminium lid and Cable Storage Bag. A 65741    Additional Divisible aluminium lid. D 95691    Velcro cable collector (for easy and flexible installation under the table)

The length and number of modules you desire

The modules of your choice

Single cable storage

Upper section - The aluminum frame is anodized, or optionally powder coated.

Upper section - Aluminum frame and lid elective from the list above.

Bristled (close the box but remain connected).

Dual cable storages

Already have a hole in the table? Good! See next page.

(a) 170 (b) 150 (c) 130

(a) 195 (b) 175

(a) 219 (b) 199

(c) 155

(c) 179


(d) 140

Section views of, from right to left, the box in the three variants. The total dimensions including mounting flanges on the underside of the table (a). The overall dimension of the frame lying on top of the table surface (b) and the nominal measurement of the hole in the table (c). The height of the base unit under the table (d) is always 140mm. The length of the hole in the table top is nominally the same as the base units active length. * ) The upper section and base unit adapts to the table top thickness. If the top is between 15 and 30mm thick you simply press the upper section in place in the base unit by means of the grooves in the profile geometries.

The size of it.

The hole in the table top.

The length is optional and the length to be specified is the active length which can be equipped. If you want to order an upper section that fits the box, all you have to do is specify it to the same length.

If you are going to use our upper sections the dimensions are to be read in the sketches above. The framework covers the inner edge of the hole sawn in the table so it does not matter if the hole is a few millimeters larger. If you still are the least uncertain, we send detalied instructions to you, or the table manufacturer.

The sum of the widths of selected sockets and control systems (see centre spread) + spare length with blind caps + 25mm for the tip-on opening device if you use our lids = the length to be specified in the order. Does it seem complicated? Call and tell us what sockets you want and we will sort it out!

If you have a table top with an existing hole/lid, you need only to select a base unit whose measurements (c) exceeds the hole in your table top. When you want to design your own lids to of one of our boxes, there is a few things you should be aware of. In the sketch below with the classic “dog bone” you can see a few things you should consider.

We manufacture the connection system in any length and charge per started half meter. 500

Lock Lid

Kabeluppsläpp Cable outlet


Hål som Lid Gripshandtag

Bordsskiva Table top


Yta där locket Surface wherevilar themot lidlådans rests kant on the base unit’s flanges Yta därwhere lådan skruvats fastunit på undersidan av bordsskivan Surface the base is attached to table top

AudicomPendax UK 57 Suttons Park Avenue Reading Berkshire UK RG6 1AZ +44(0) 118 966 8383

AudicomPendax UK 57 Suttons Park Avenue Reading Berkshire UK RG6 1AZ Tel +44(0) 118 966 8383

AudicomPendax AB - Sweden Visit: Flygfältsgatan 34 Box 2014, S-128 21 Stockholm- Skarpnäck +46(8) 555 369 00

AudicomPendax X-line Connecto System  

The future-proof connection system that solves all the technical coordination. Fits all tables and needs!

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