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Our Aim Our aim is to help our clients achieve and really enjoy Economies of Scale, by allowing them to create a lean, agile and efficient fleet managed completely by SwiftFleet .

About - SwiftFleet SwiftFleet not only automates and simplify your fleet’s management function or offer a flexibility of access but it facilitates a tighter control over your own operations through its capability to detect and report minutest of deviations and fallacies. This online Fleet, Maintenance, Delivery, Freight, Inventory, Tyre and overall Assets management software is applicable for any player of the supply chain segment irrespective of their nature and size of operations. Be it 3PLs, 4PLs, Courier Cargo Movers, Express Carriers, Sundry Parcel Operators, Bulk Cargo Carriers, Bitumen Transporters, Transport Contractors, Freight Forwarders etc., having a fleet of Owned, Hired OR Attached vehicles, regardless, SwiftFleet suits one and all.

With a fully managed fleet, Capacity Planning and Utilization of your trucks and trailers can be performed better and faster saving more time and money with increasing levels of your operations as SwiftFleet helps reduce downtime of your Cargo-Carriers.

It allows company managers to keep a watch over their vehicles, drivers and trips at all times and can be a major factor for the success of any firm that utilizes any quantity of vehicles Gain an immediate ROI by identifying and managing your over or under utilized vehicles

Reduce unnecessary inventory

Improve overall workflow

Receive alerts about next scheduled maintenance of your vehicles, the Permit/s and Insurance renewal dates etc. (servicing cycle of major components configurable through software)

Get report on virtually any aspect of your fleet operation

Track income and expense on a particular vehicle or the entire fleet

SwiftFleet not only assures quick ROI and measurable savings on day to day operations but further guarantees maximization of rate of returns and Customer Satisfaction – most important of all. Our aim is to help our clients achieve and really enjoy Economies of Scale, by allowing them to create a lean, agile and efficient fleet managed completely by SwiftFleet An entrepreneur’s academic qualification doesn’t matter but their toughness and resilience to strive for the best do. Every great product has story blended with it and so does “SwiftFleet”.

Fleet Management System If we will continue doing business the way our ancestors use to do, we will end up achieving the same landmark they had already footprinted .To succeed and stand apart in 21st century one not only needs to work hard and think out of the box but must also be aware of IT advancement around the world as no business in today’s world is possible without computer’s assistance be it a simple general store or large Fleet base owner. Fleet management system may be new word for east and south East Asia but a well know term for western countries. No matter if it is East or west, to be successful as a fleet owner, implementation of Fleet management solution in your business is as essential as fuel in a vehicle. What actually a Fleet management system is? Fleet management system is an IT solution made especially for managing large fleet base, with the help of just a few qualified human resources and simple clicks and tabs, your fleet management proves just cup of tea for you, Now what all you need to do is to just relax your backbone and look for new business opportunities and clients.

Availability of reliable human resource is very essential as well as critical part of every business, and transportation business is not an exception Every now and then a fleet owner faces a lot of problems such as fuel theft, tire theft, essentials theft and the list goes on. But once you have implemented Fleet Management system, no need to worry about human error most of the processes are automated with only a few inputs by operator. Lets take an example, if you have installed a GPS tracking device, the moment your fleet started, the GPS device will start tracking and reporting all the details including no. of kms travelled, current position etc etc. This will help you in fuel management, tyre maintenance, preventive maintenance, exhaustive reports and much more. Periodic reports is key to success of every business and fleet management solution makes this task simple for fleet owners by giving relevant reports which not only helps them in cost reduction but also gives high ROI and ultimately benefits business processes. For fleet owners fleet management system is very essential but what is need of hour is to look for the right service provider, if this is accomplished your half work is done.

Features Vehicle Management ●

Vehicle Accident & Replacement Tracking

Dynamic Vehicle Availability Status checking

Leased vehicle management (manage EMI )

Real time tracking of the location of the vehicles

Track income and expense on a particular vehicle or the entire fleet

Booking ●

Details of Vehicle & Delivered Product under the booking.

Incentive/ penalty computing.

Automatic ledger updating as and when debit/credit entries are done.

Generate POD Challan.

Auto-generated Trip Card.

Details of required/remaining fuel in Vehicle and current accounting status of the vehicle/driver. Route/Vehicle/Additional expenses under the booking.

Repair & Maintenance ●

Vehicle Spare parts Replacement Tracking

Comprehensive tracking of Maintenance work on vehicles

Vehicle Utilization (Hours of Service from Total Availability)

Track comprehensive warranty expiration dates by time/meter

Receive alerts about next scheduled maintenance of your vehicles.

Users ●

Multiple Create/Remove Users under the Company.

Authority/Accessibility to Users.

Authority to Generate Notifications/SMS/E-mail.

Inventory Management ●

Inventory Tracking

Stock Movement across Warehouses

Inventory Item Status w/Barcode Scan Support

Purchase Order Price Cap and Preferred Vendors

List of available spare parts with manufacturing detail, complete part name and number

Tyre Inventory Management ●

Customized Exhaustive reports of tyres

Track all casings through the re-treading process

Functionality that helps you capture data for each tyre

Comparative analysis based on Brand-Relative positioning of tyres etc.

Forecasting Mileage of the tyre based upon its current Non Skid Depth.

Services - SwiftFleet Fleet Management Consultancy While doing business we often forget analyzing key factors which may play great role in devising cost optimizing strategies, several issues such as Vehicle’s cost per km performance, Tyre cost/km analysis, Route performance, fleet optimization, spares parts inventory management etc.We provide expert services in these areas and thereby try to patch up loop holes, hence improvement in overall performance of the fleet. We do an extensive study of your existing business policies, the complete flow of documents, detect the short coming and design a completely fool proof system. The man behind SwiftFleet have been in logistics business for more than 12 years and those who have been served by SwiftFleet are known for their flawless processes, we have learnt from them, how actually the business is being done and what could be the possible solutions to the problem they face. During the planning, establishment and management of information system, our business consultants would be part of whole life cycle. We also enable establishment and integration of tracking solutions on vehicles and remote assets with the existing systems.

Business Process Outsourcing By understanding the lack of availability of qualified human resource in logistic Industry, We introduced the BPO Services for Working in SwiftFleet. This will help you avoid overhead of managing people to have data collected, validated and processed. Thus allowing you to dedicate more time in your core competencies areas and find new business opportunities. As we know your business and understand the challenges and devise solutions. We are able to offer you, not only the technology but also the services for managing the operations efficiently.

How do we do it? Data that would be collected on daily basis or as the case may demand from the client would be input into Swiftfleet. Depending on the volume of data, the entry may either Cont...

be done on site, on line or may be collected and input into the system periodically. Validity of data is ensured while data is being feed into the system. Periodic verification of inputted data would be done by client as per one’s convenience. Upon verification, necessary processing to the input data would be done and exhaustive reports would be generated as demanded by client.

Software As a Service: Making it affordable This is a boon for small fleet owner. Earlier fleet management system was considered to be affordable only by large fleet owner but SwiftFleet made it possible for medium and small one as well. You can use the application in monthly subscription basis. And the charges will be based on the pay per use. Start using from day one with no installation fee, server fee etc.

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