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Traveling Beyond  Isolation  to  Communication     As  life  progressed,  I  began  to  notice  that  I  was  having   difficulty  hearing.  I  began  to  withdraw  by  skipping   lunch  with  coworkers  because  I  couldn’t  understand   or  follow  the  conversation  anymore.  When  I  would   chime  in  they  would  look  at  me  like  I  was  crazy   because  what  I  would  say  didn’t  make  sense.  Being   unable  to  follow  conversations  was  hard,  so  I  just   decided  to  skip  those  situations  all  together  and   avoided  confronting  my  hearing  loss.     Gwen  with  her  granddaughter  in  Venice,  Italy  2012   I  knew  it  was  time  to  get  a  hearing  aid  when  I  was   backing  out  of  my  driveway  and  hit  another  car.  The   driver  was  honking  ferociously  the  whole  time  yet  I  didn’t  hear  it!  I  was  fortunate  that   nobody  was  injured.  I  called  Audibel  immediately  for  a  free  hearing  test.     Since  2006  I  have  been  wearing  Audibel  hearing   “Being  unable  to  follow   aids  and  can’t  imagine  living  my  life  way  I  was  –   conversations  was  hard  so  I  just   in  isolation!    Sammy  and  his  staff  have  always   decided  to  skip  those  situations   been  so  caring  and  helpful  and  I  am  glad  I  didn’t   all  together  and  avoided   wait  any  longer  than  I  did  to  come  see  them!    I   confronting  my  hearing  loss.”   enjoy  going  places,  having  lunch  with  friends   and  traveling  the  world.  My  experiences   wouldn’t  be  near  as  enjoyable  without  my  hearing  aids!  Many  thanks  to  Sammy  and  his   team!!       -­‐  Gwen  Kirkpatrick,  patient  at  Shreveport  Hearing,  Shreveport,  LA    

Traveling Beyond Isolation to Communication  

Hearing aid patient story about learning to accept her hearing loss and how it set her free.

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