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an alarm clock for shared spaces

If you live with a roommate, you know that sleep schedules can conflict, which causes some problems. You want to leave your light on, but your roommate is going to bed. He has to wake up at 8:30am for class, and you’re worried that his alarm is going to wake you up too. SolarTime looks to solve these frustrating problems. By using a sleep mask with an embedded array of LEDs, SolarTime can shut out lights whenever you choose, and can wake you up at your preference with a warm glow similar to the morning rays of the sun. Don’t worry, if the light isn’t enough, SolarTime vibrates against your face if you oversleep your set time.

Dock it to clock it. Let the sun do the waking. SolarTime is based on the idea that waking up from the rays of the sun is the most refreshing way to rise from a deep sleep. The bed of LEDs that lay on the inside of the mask start lighting up 30 minutes before the desired time. The lights gradually become brighter, and reach maximum brightness at the set time.

To shut off the alarm on SolarTime, just take the mask off and return it to the dock. Once the mask is on the dock and charging, an external display on the mask turns on, making SolarTime the perfect daytime desk clock.

Easy controls mean more sleep time. Set SolarTime by using the external display and the three simple controls on top of the dock when it is plugged in. When an alarm is set, the middle ring (now red) glows green to let you know that the alarm has been sucessfully set. Once a time is picked, simply remove the mask which is then ready to use.

Set time: 8:30 am

8:00 am

Sleep tight. 8:10 am

8:20 am

8:30 am

SolarTime is designed to optimize comfort and wearability. The inside of the mask is lined with a plush foam, complemented by an equally comfortable elastic band to enhance your sleep throughout the night. The dock binds the strap to minimize tangling and provides easy access to the power adapter port.


an alarm clock for a first job

Early mornings, new expectations, you name it. Transitioning from college into a job takes time and often results in stress. Waking up in the morning starts to become a hassle, and with a stressful morning, comes a stressful day. Stretch aims to nip these bad days before they start by encouraging a healthy and motivational morning ritual that gets you started on the right foot. Forget annoying beeps and cups of coffee. Stretch starts your day with the tunes of a harmonic flute. To turn the alarm off, the user must pull out a yoga mat, rolled up in the barrel, encourgaging routine of morning stretching. When you have the ability to invigorate yourself, why settle for anything else?

Controls what is shown on the fourth display window





Sets the alarm clock time (works with the scroll wheel on the side)

Stress-free controls. The last thing anybody wants to do in the morning is figure out how their alarm clock works. That’s why Stretch has an incredibly easy interaction, so that you can keep your peace.

Volume of alarm

3-step path to relax. To set an alarm, press the “SET” button on the control panel and pick your perfect wake up time using the selection wheel next to the display panels.

At the set time, Stretch plays a random selection of flute music from its large database, with a volume that gradually rises to transition you gently out of sleep.

To turn off the alarm, slide your yoga mat out and start your morning practices as the flute music slowly fades out.




softgood project for food

For a commuter, lunchtime brings around two realistic options. You can either purchase a meal, or bring leftovers from home. Purchasing your lunch daily can be inconvenient, expensive, and often unhealthy. The compost lunch bag strives to promote healthy eating through an attractive form and convenient size, so you are compelled to bring a home-made lunch with you. The bigger problem, however, occurs through waste. Collectively, commuters throw away large amounts of food in disposable containers that directly clutter up landfills. To solve this problem, the bag contains a compostable pocket for the convenient disposal of the im-not-that-hungry-today food waste. This pocket can be removed at the end of the day and put in a compost pile or buried in a garden, saving both your time and the environment. Materials used: Industrial felt Vinyl Canvas lining and strap Tightly woven burlap (compostable compartment)

Responsibility without compromise.

Convienient straps to minimize clutter.

The compost lunch bag makes sure that it performs well as a lunch bag. Through the use of highly insulating industrial felt, to quality magnetic fastners and utensil holders, the lunch bag ensures that your lunch experience is as enjoyable as possible.

The straps on the outside of the bag can be adjusted to hold your water bottle or your favorite drink. Not thirsty? Use the straps to hold a newspaper or magazine for some lunchtime reading material.




maple gardening tool The dibble is intended to be a functional tool that directs its own usage through its profile and form. The final product was made through four cuts out of a maple block, as well as the integration of fair curves throughout all surfaces that helped define the holding position and intended motion of usage.

Proccess. The final form and scale were both informed by numerous sketches and foam models that were meant to explore different grips and to refine the final form.


four intersecting poplar pieces

The stool is a study of the relationships between four pieces of poplar all cut from the same block of wood. Focus was particularly aimed at construction and the stool’s ability to support upwards of 200 pounds, without compromising usability and aesthetic. The final form succeeded in its technical parameters and intends to direct interaction through a balanced form.

The vessel aims to house an ivy plant by suggesting the plant’s characteristics in its form, while simultaneously framing the plant itself. The final vessel was made through thermoforming white styrene, combined with black wooden structures. Formal emphasis was placed on the structure of the ivy leaf, as well as the plant’s tendency to grow vertically.


a home for an ivy plant


Sketch to success. This project particularly emphasized sketching as the main form of ideation, as well as hand rendering techniques using pastel, marker and colored pencil.

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Akshay Udiavar's Portfolio  

Industrial Design

Akshay Udiavar's Portfolio  

Industrial Design