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Shopping for Clothes Lannie Trainor Visit us online for seasonal clothing at: Lannie, or call us toll-free at 1-800-555-7800 OUTERWER





Men´s boxers












Men’s and Women’s pajamas

women´s nightgowns




running pants 4

Running shoes

C Photo story Read and listen to a conversation between a clerk and a customer about a Sweater the customer wants to buy.

Shopper: Excuse me. How much is that V-neck?

Shopper: Could I get it in a larger size?

Clerk: This red one? It’s $ 55.

Clerk: Here you go. This one’s a medium. Would you like to try it on?

Shopper: That’s not too bad. And it’s really nice


Shopper: No, thanks. I’ll just take it. It’s a present for my sister. Would you be nice enough to gift wrap it for me? Clerk: of course!

Think and explain Complete each statement. The explain you answer. 1. The shopper wants to know the….. of the swater. a price b size How do you know? She says, “How much is that V-neck?” 2. She asks the clerk for………………… a another color b another size How do you know? The shopper says, “Could I get in a larger size” 3. The clerk brings the shopper a…….. a different size b different color How do you know? The clerk says, “ This one is a medium”


4. The sweater is…………. a for the shopper b for a different person How do you know? The shopper says, “It’s a present for my sister”

E Focus on language

Complete each statement with a question from the Photo Story.

1. The shopper says, “This one’s a medium” to get the clerk’s attention. 2. The shopper says, “That’s not too bad” to say that the price of the sweater is Ok. 3. The clerk says, “Here you go” when she gives the shopper the second sweater.


Grammar practice First, underline the direct object in each sentence. Then complete Each conversation, replacing the direct object noun or noun phrase with an object pronoun. 1. A: Did you buy the green sweatpants? B: Yes, I bought them. 2. A: Don’t you love these cool windbreakers? B: Yes, I really love them. 3. A: Should I buy this crewneck over here? B: No, don’t buy it. 4. A: Did you see the blue polo shirts? B: Yes, I saw them on that rack. 5. A: Does your daughter want this cardigan? B: Yes, she wants it. 6. A: Who did she give the old jacket to? B: She gave it to me.

B Grammar practice Unscramble the words and phrases to write statements. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I/ it/ for her/ am buying I am buying it for her. They/ them/ for us/ are getting they are getting them for us. Please/ it/ to me/ give please give to me. For my son-in-law/ I/ them/ need I my them for son in. It/ he/ is/ finding/ for me he is finding it for my. 6


Shop and pay for clothes

A Look at the Vocabulary on page 88, and look back at the clothing catalogue on page 88. Choose three items of clothing you’d like to buy for yourself or as gifts.

B Pair work Change the Conversation Model to buy one of the things you chose. Use the correct object pronouns. Then change roles. A: I’ll take them, please. B: Ok. How would you like to play for them? A: Excuse me? B: Cash or charge? A: Cash, please. And could you gift wrap for me? B: Ok time.


Ask for a different size or color



Clothing comes in “pairs”

Read and listen. Then again and repeat.

(a pair of) Gloves

(a pair of) pantyhose

(a pair of) tights

(a pair of) panties


(a pair of) Pajamas

(a pair of) Pants



(a pair of) shorts

(a pair of) boxers

(a pair of) briefs

(a pair of) socks

Comparative adjectives

Grammar practice Write the opposite of each comparative adjective. 1 smaller larger 2 taller short

3 lighter heavier 4 tighter looser

5 more expensive less expensive 6 less popular more

B Complete each conversation with comparative adjectives.

Use than if necessary.

1. A: I just love these pajamas, but I wish they were warmer B: What about these? Blue is a really flattering color for you, and the’re much more expensive. 2. A: Don’t take that nightgown to Hawaii! It’s hoter it is here. Take something ligher. B: Good idea. 3. A: What do you think of these red gloves? B: Beautiful. They’re less prettier the black ones. And they’re cheaper, too. 4. A: Excuse me. Do these pants come in a longer length? B: I’m sure they do. Let me see if can find you something better.


Complete the travel article with the comparative form of each adjetive. Use than when necessary.


When you travel, think carefully about the clothes you pack. As far as color is concerned, clarker colors are usually More practical. For cooler destinations, a blazer can be more convenient than a windbreaker or cardigan because you can wear it in more conservative Settings such as offices and more formaler restaurants. For travel to hotter areas of the world, lighter clothes are more confortable than Ones.


Rewrite each sentence. Change the direct and indirect object nouns and noun phrases to object pronouns. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Please show the loafers to my husband. They sent the jeans to their grandchildren. How is she paying Robert for the clothes? When are we buying the gift for Marie?

Please show them to him. They sent them to them. How is she paying him for them. When are we buyingit for her.




























Lima-Nazca Lima-Nazca

Daily Daily

14:00 17:30

20:00 23:30

Non-Stop Non-Stop

Terminal-Nazca Terminal-Nazca


Depart (BEIJING)


Travel Time





Od 09h 44m





Od 22h 07m





Od 11h 28m





Od11h 28m





Od 11h 28m






Aircraft Type

2P 036





2P 038





2P 040





2P 046





2P 048






Use the schedules to find the answers to the questions.

1. It is now 10:00 A.M. When is the next bus to Nazca? It is leaving the 13:30. 2. And when is the next non-stop bus to Nazca? 10

It is leaving the 14:00 3. How much time does it take o get from Beijing to Shanghai on train 1461? It take to get 22h 07m. 4. Which train is faster, train 1461 or train D31? The train faster is the D31. 5. What time does flight 2P 046 depart for Manila? When does it arrive? It is does 1h 10m. It is arrive at 11:50

c photo story

Read and listen to a conversation between two people trying.

Marcos: Excuse me. Do you speak English? Roger: Actually I’m French. But, yes. Marcos: Thank goodness! I´m looking for Terminal 2 Roger: No problem. That’s where U’m going. Just follow me.

Roger: So where are you flying today? Marcos: Manila. Then I´m connecting to a flight home. Roger: Well, that’s a coincidence. I´m on my way to Manila, too. Flight 56? Marcos: Yes. But we should hurry. It’s boarding in fifteen minutes.


Roger: And where is home? Marcos: Brazil. Sao Paulo. Roger: No kidding! I´m going to go to Sao Paulo next week! Marcos: Really’ what a small word!

Focus on language: Find an underlined phrase or sentence in the Photo Story that has the sane meaning as: 1. I´m traveling to Im on my well to. 2. 2. Let´s walk faster, we should hurry. 11

3. 3. I´m changing to, connecting to a flight home.


Think and explain: Circle T (true), F (false), or NI ( no confirmations). Then explain each answer. T T T T T T



1 2 3 4 5 6

Fling 56 leaves from Terminal 2. Roger live in France. Roger and Marcos are both flying to Manila Marcos is staying in Manila Roger is staying in Manila. The two men catch the flight.



A one-way ticket


a round-trip tick

Japan RAIL




















The local

Air China flight 009 Nueva York-Los ángeles- Taipei 12

the express

Air China Fligth 808 New York-taipei

A direct flight


a non-stop flight

Complete the conversation with words and phrases from the vocabulary. 1. A: Would you like a window or an aisle? B: an aisle seat I like to walk around. 2. A: is flight 3 a no stop flight? B: No. It’s a direct flight. It makes a stop, but you don´t have to change planes. 3. A: do you want a round-trip. Ticket to. Rome?

B: actually, I need a one-way ticket I´m not coming back! 4. A: I´m sorry. It’s too late to make the express B: Well, I´ll take the local. I´m not in a hurry.


Grammar practice: Complete each statement or question with should or could and the base form. 1. He could The express. The local arrives too late. 2. They said could have two aisle seats or an aisle and a window. 3. You should get a round-trip ticket. That way you won´t have to wait in line twice. 4. Which train could take? We absolutely have to be there on time. 5. Could buy a ticket at the station or on the train. It doesn´t matter.


Pair work: Two coworkers are at Penn Station, and they work in Oak Plains. It´s 7:20 a.m. They have to arrive in Oak Plains for word at 9:00. Use the schedule to discuss all the possible choices. Use could and should. Explain your choices. 13

“They could take the 7:30 express” “No. That train doesn´t stop in Oak Plains.



Read to someone buying tickets.

A: Can I still make the 5:12 bus to Montreal? B: I´m sorry. It left five minutes ago. A: Too bad. What should I do? B: Well, you could take the 5:30. A: Ok. One ticket, please. B: One-way or round-trip?

B Rhythm and intonation

Listen again and repeat. The practice the Conversation Model

with a parther. NOW YOU CAN Discuss schedules and buy tickets A Pair work: Use the train departure board. Imagine it is now 7:15. Change the Conversation Model, based on where you want to go. Then change roles.

A: Can I still make the D31 train to Beigin? B: No, I´m sorry. It left ten minutes ago. A: To bad, What should I do? B: Well, you could take the Z21 A: Ok. One ticket, please. B: One-way or round-trip?





Be going to. To express the future: Review

I ‘m going to She’s is going to We’ are going to

Base form. rent a car in New York. eat at the airport. take a taxi into town.

Are they going to need a taxi? ( Yes, they are). / No, they are not) Is Beth going to make a reservation? (Yes, she is. / No, she is not) When are you going to arrive? (At noon) Who are they going to meet? (The travel agent) Where is he going to wait? ( in the lobby) Who is going to take me to the airport? (Tom is) Remember: The present continuous is also often used to express future plans. I am renting a car in New York next week

A. Grammar practice. Complete each statement or question with be going to and the base form of the verb.

1. 2. 3. 4.

They are going to buy tickets for the express. When is she going to leave for the airport? Are you going to ask for an aisle seat? Who is going to take him to the train station?

B. Complete the e-mail. Circle the correct verb forms. Here is my travel information: I (leaving / am leaving) Mexico City at 4:45 P.m. on Atlas Airlines flight 6702. The Fight (is arriving / arriving) in Chicago at 9:50 p.m. Mara’s flight (going to get in / is getting in) ten minutes later, so we (are meeting / meeting) at the 15

baggage claim. That’s too late for you to pick me up, so I (am going to take / take) a limo from O’Hare. Mara (goes to / is going to) come along and (spend / spending) the night with us. Her flight to Tokyo (not leaving / is not leaving) until the next day.

VOCABULARY. Travel services

A rental car

A Taxi

A hotel reservation



UNIT 9 PREVIEW 2. Choose the correct response. Write the letter on the line. F 1. “Oh, no! The bus is leaving in four minutes”.

a. Thank goodness.

A 2. “Good news. Our flight is on time.”

b. No, I´m connecting to Quito.


c. What a coincidence!

3. “I´m looking for Gate C4”.

D 4. “Is this your final destination?”

d. Yes. Let´s look for track 6.


e. It´s down this hall, on the right.

5. “I´m on my way to Barcelona, too.”

C 6. “We´re catching the 8:27 train, right?”


f. We should hurry!


3. Answer the questions in complete sentences. 1. Which is faster- the local or the express? The faster the express. 2. Which is more scenic- an aisle seat or a non-stop flight? The most pictures is the hallway. 3. Which is more convenient- a direct flight or a non- stop flight? Direct flight is the most convenient. 4. Which is less expensive-a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket? The ticket is the least expensive.

4. Complete each sentence or question.

Use could or should and base form of the verb.

1. Want my advice? You should take the express. You should take the local, but it takes thirty minutes longer. 2. You could take! You should take the 7:30! 3. Could buy round-trip tickets. They are cheaper than two one-way tickets, and she won´t have to wait in another ticket line. 18

4. We could take an aisle seat in the rear of the plane or a window seat in the front. Want do you think? Which seats we could take? 5. The flight is delayed. We could be Late for the meeting. We should call The office? 6. No, they could not get a direct flight. They have to change planes in Anchorage.

5. Put the conversation in order. Write the number on the line. 7 Let´s see. The local leaves from track 23, lower level. 1 Can I help you? 4 Oh, no! What should we do? 6 That´s not too bad. What´s the track number? 2 Yes. Can we still make the 10:05 express to Antwerp? 3 I´m sorry. You missed it. 8 Thanks very much. 5 Well, you could take a local train. There´s one at 11:05.

6. Look at the schedules. Which train should the people take? Write your advice on the line.

I live in White Plains. I need a train that will arrive in New York City around ):00 A.M Could I take the 8:22 express?

1. Yes, you could take the 8:22.


I live in White Plains. I´m meeting my boss at Grand Central Station at 8:45 AM, and I can´t be late. Which train should I take?

2. you could take the 8:30

I live in Scarsdale. I need to shop for a new laptop in New York City. Most computer stores open at 10:00 AM. What time should I be at the Scarsdale train station.

3. You could take the 8:59

I´m in White Plains. I want to go to Bronxville. Could I take an express train or should I take a local.

5. You could take a local


LESSON 2 7. What are your plans for today? Check the things you´re going to do. And your own activities. Call a friend

check my e-mail


clean my house

go shopping


take the bus


9. What are they going to do? Write the letter on the line. D 1. She´s going to make a reservation.


A 2. He´s going to arrive at 8:45

3. She´s going to take a limo.

B 4. He´s not going to take a taxi.

11 Complete the conversation. Use words from the box. Limousine






A: What time are we late in Copenhagen? B: Pretty going. around 10:30 P.M A: What about a hotel? B: I’m going to make a reservation online. A: Great. And are we rental to need a taxi to the hotel? B: There’s a limousine from the airport, or we could get a arriving car. A: They’re expensive. We should save our money. B: Let me check.




UNIT 10 Preview 2. Match the financial terms with their definitions. Write the letter on the line.

C 1. an ATM

a. money from another Country

F 2. cash

b. the value of one currency compared to another

A 3. Foreign currency

c. a machine that you use to get money from your bank account

E 4. a currency exchange d. extra charges B 5. an exchange rate

e. money in the form of bills or coins (not checks, credit cards, etc.)

D 6. a fee

f. buying or selling money from another country

3. Answer the questions. Use your own words.

1. “What shop in your city has really nice stuff?” YOU

Shopping center is the best.

2. “Are things in this shop usually affordable or more than you want to spend?” YOU

Always is more than I want to spend.

3. “Is it OK to bargain for a lower price in this shop?” YOU

Can not negotiate prices.

4. “In your city, where is it OK to bargain?” YOU

Not acceptable.

5. “Are you good at bargaining?” YOU

Not as good.


Now write questions with Which. Use the superlative form of the adjectives from the box. For some items, it may be possible to write more than one question.



portable easy use



diffiult to use

1. A: Which camera is the most expensive? B: The Vision 2.0 2. A: Light of this mu zoo well? B: The Honshu X24. 3. A: Where you have your laptop? B: the Diego Mini 3000. 4. A: That heavy is that man? B: The Prego 5. 5. A: Be easy to study English? B: The Honshu B100.

5. Read each person´s statement. For each shopper, recommend a digital camera from the buying guide in Exercise 4. Give a reason for your advice.

“I need a new camera. The one I have now is too heavy. I really want a camera that I can carry in my jacket pocket.


1. YOU Diego Camera Mini 3000 is appropriate.

“I’m looking for a digital camera for my mother. She isn’t good with electronics so it must be very easy to use. What do you recommend?”

2. YOU the camera that her mother would like to Houdhu is the X24.

“I’d like to have a look at your least expensive digital camera. I can’t spend more that $150. Do you have anything in my price range?

2. YOU the cheapest is the X23 Hoshu.

6. Choose the correct response. Subraye the letter.

1. “This camera ins´t in my price range.”

3. “I can´t spend more than $200”

a. How much can you spend?

a. Have a look at our best model.

b. Would you like to take it?

b. How would you like to pay for it?

c. Can I have a look?

c. Let me show you something in your price range. 24

2. “Why is this smart phone the best?”

3. “Can I have a look?”

a. It´s the heaviest.

a. Certainly.

b. It´s the fastest.

b. Really?

c. It´s the most difficult to use.

c. Excuse me.

7 Complete the conversation.

Write the letter on the line.

A: Can help you?

a. Actually, that´s a little out of my price range


c b. Cash, please. 1 A: OK. Which one are you interested in c. Yes, please. I´m looking for an MP3 player for my son B:

f 2

d. Is it difficult to use?

A: The Muze HD. It´s the most popular.

e. OK. I´ll take the XTunes.


f. I don´t know. What do you recommend?


3 A: What about the XTunes? It´s pretty good, and it´s more affordable. B:

e 4

A: No. And the sound is great. B:

a 5

A: And how would you like to pay for it? B:

b 6



7 . Complete the sentences. Use too or enough and the and the adjective. 1. I´m not going to read that book. It´s either too larger. 2. Sirena shouldn´t travel alone. She isn´t larger enough 25

3. I don´t want to buy anything in that shop. The people were too messy 4. Talia likes the red rug, but it´s demasiado tolerant for her living room. 5. I love this belt, but it isn´t suficientemente good. I need a bigger size. 6. Are your shoes too small? We´re going to do a lot of walking. 7. We wanted to bargain to bargain for a lower price, but it was too expensive

9. Complete the conversations. Use words from the box. Too










A: This too is gorgeous. I´d love to get it for my sister. B: It´s nice. And it´s small bowl to take in your suitcase. A: I´m going to ask about the price. I hope it´s not all expensive. A: I´m interested in this bowl. How deal do you want for it? C: That´s give than I want to spend. A: That´s have than I want to spend. C: I could go as enough as $50. A: I can more you $30 for it. C: You can it for $40. That´s a bargain. A: low I have is $35. C: OK. It´s a

LESSON 3 and 4

10. Choose the correct response. Write the letter on the line. 1. b “$650! I paid $429 for the same camcorder yesterday!”

a. It can´t hurt to ask.

2. e

b. What a total rip- off!

“How much did you pay for that vase? 26


a “Should I try to get a better price?”

c. Thanks. Keep the change.

4. c “I saved a lot of money on this DVD player. It was only $79” d. what a great deal! 5. d “Here you are, sir. The Atlas Hotel. That´s $8.50”.

e. Only $20. It was a real bargain.


A Complete the chart. Adjectives

Comparative form

Superlative form


More beautiful

The beautiful


More intelligent

The most intelligent


The big

The most big


More convenient

The most convenient


The busier

The most busiest


The fastier

The fastest

Safer Noisy

B Complete the conversations with the superlative form of the adjective in parentheses. 1. A: Which one of these three sweaters do you think is the prettiest (pretty)? B. The blue one. The other two are not attractive at all. 2. A: How do you like the book? 27

B: I don´t like it. It´s the most bad (bad) than the one we read last month. 3

A: Did you enjoy Australia B: Yes. I think it´s one of the most interestingiest (interesting) places in the world.

4. A: Who is the good (good) at baseball, you or you brother? B: Well, I´m a the fasties (fast) base runner, but my brother is a the powerfuleir (powerful) hitter. Actually, my dad is the gooies (good) player in the family. He was a star player in college. 5. A: Which one of the two laptops is the most popular (popular)? B: Well, the X102 is the cheapiest (cheap) model in the store. But I actually recommend the X200. It´s a little

C Answer the questions.

(expensive) that the X102, but much the most lightiest (light)

Use too or enough and the adjective in parentheses.

1. A: Why didn´t you buy the camcorder? B: (expensive) too expensive I need to save money this month. 2. A: Is the food too spicy? B: (spicy) enough spicy I´m going to ask for more hot sauce! 3. A: What’s wrong with these shoes? B: I can´t wear them too uncomfortable. (Uncomfortable) 4. A: Why don´t you like the apartment? B: (noisy) too noisy I´m looking for a quiet neighborhood. 5. A: Why don´t you take the train instead of flying? B: (fast) enough fast I have to get there as soon as possible. 6. A: Do you want to go to a jazz concert? B: Thanks for asking, but I´m not a jazz music fan enough boring. (boring)



A Rewrite each pair of sentences, using the words in parentheses. 1. This rug is a good deal. It´s a bit more than I want to spend. (However) This rug is a good deal. However, it´s a bit more than I want to spend. 2. The Trekker jacket is very warm. It´s the lightest one. (even though) The trekker jacket is very warm. Even though it´s the lightest one. 3. Our new coffeemaker is not the most expensive. It makes the best coffee. (However) Our new coffee maker is not the most expensive. However it makes the best coffee. 4. Half Moon Café has the best food in town. It´s very expensive. (On the other hand) Half Moon Café has the best food in town. On the other hand It´s very expensive. 5. This is last year´s model. The clerk won´t give me a lower price. (Even though) This is later year´s model. Even though the clerk won´t give me a lower price.



THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS HELPING THE ENGLISH EL ULTIMO DE LOS MOHICANOS AYUDANDO A LOS INGLESES. This story takes place among the forest and hills of the Hundson River valley. It is the third year of a bloody war between England and France. They fight for America. It is the summer of 1757. The Colonists and the Indians have to be on one side or the other. Soldiers travel acrros the wild country-side fighting for the forts beside a string of lakes. These lakes are like a road through this land of mountains and thick forests. The white men only want the Indians as guides and warriors. The Indian world is dying. Chingachgook the Chief and his son, Uncas, the last of the once great Mohican tribe, stand silentlye in the trees beside Hawkeye, the frontier scout. They watch a small group on the forest path look around in confusion. Hawkeye and his companions walk quietly up to the group. A Young major introduces himlsef, I am Duncan Heyward from Fort Edward. I am taking these ladies Cora and Alice, back to their father, General Munro, at Fort William Henry. The other gentleman is Preacher David Gamut. We must get there soon, because the Frech are on their way to attack the fort. You do not seem to be in a hurry. Says Hawkeye, after listening to the major’s long speech. Our guide, Magua, is lost, says the major. Indians do not Lose their way in the forest. Your guide, Magua, is a Huron, His tribe are on the side of the Frech. Chingachgook and Uncas try to capture Magua, but Magua is too quick for them and slip away into the trees. Let Him go, says Hawkeye, We will not find him now. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can take you to Fort William Henry, but it is a long journey and it is almost evening. If you can move quietlye, and will keep It a secret, I will take you to a safe place for the night.

FIGHTING THE HURONS. LUCHA CONTRA LOS HURONES. Hawkeye leads them to the river, where a canoe is hidden. They tie up the horses for the night, and take the canoe up the river until they come to a small island beside a waterfall. Behind this waterfall is a secret cave. When they are in the safety of the cave, a meal is prepared. Uncas serves the girls. The dark haired Cora is given even more care than her equally pretty sister. The fair haired Alice. It is unusual for an Indian hunter and hunter and warrior to serve food to women 31

After the meal. David Gamut Plays his flute and the girls sing softly. Later on, Hawkeye and the Mohicans keep watch while their companions sleep. In the middle of the night they hear frightening sounds – the screaming of their horses in the distance, And the howls Is of many wolves approaching. “They are not wolves!” cries Hawkeye, “We have been found. It is the Hurons! Pick up your guns. We must defend the island. Those rocks over there will give us some shelter.” In the light before dawn, the Hurons attack, firing from the river bank. A bullet hits David Gamut, and he is knocked unconscious. Hawkeye sees that five of the Hurons have swum down the river to the island, though one has fallen to his death over the waterfall. Two Hurons are shot by Hawkeye and Uncas, before the other two are up close fighting hand to hand. Hawkeye kills one, but Heyward is nearly thrown from the rocks before Uncas kill his opponent. Uncas and Heyward shake hands as a sign of friendship, before the whine of bullets drives them behind the rocks again. One of the Hurons has climbed into a high tree with a view of the whole island. Hawkeye pick up ‘ Killdeer’, his long hunting rifle, and fires. It is fine shot. The man in the tree holds on for a moment, and the falls to the ground. Finally, the defenders supply of bullets runs out. Uncas crawls down to the river to get more from the hidden canoe. The canoe has gone! Her returns to the others empty handed. “This is what we must do,” said Hawkeye, “The Mohicans and I will swim down the river and get help from General Munro. Duncan, you must stay here with the girls, while David recovers from his wound. Uncas does not want to leave Cora, but Cora says, “Uncas, you must go to my father. Hurry!” The Mohicans and Hawkeye go into the water and swim quietly away. Before long, the Hurons discover the cave and capture those inside. Magua is their leader ! He is angry that the others have escaped. ARRIVAL AT FORT WILLIAM HENRY

The Hurons leave the island and divide up. Most of them go to join the French forces, but Magua and five warriors go south with their prisoners. During a short rest on the long journey, Magua speaks to Cora, “I was once a Chief of the great Huron tribe, until I drank the poisoned ‘firewater’ of the White Man. “Your father told his soldiers to whip me, to cure me of a sickness they themselves gave me. See, I still have the scars on my back! Now I will have my revenge! You will be my wife. Then, your father’s dearest treasure will always be near my knife! If you come to my wigwam, your sister can go free.” 32

“I will never marry you!” cries Cora, scornfully. In a fit of anger, Magua takes his tomahawk and throws it. It buries itself, with a sound like splitting bone, in a tree above Alice’s head. Duncan jumps up to protect the sister, but a Huron warrior throws him to the ground and pulls out a long knife of fine British to the ground and pulls out a long knife of fine British steel. The knife rises and then stops still as rifle fires. The warrior falls lifeless across the young major. Hawkeye and the Mohicans have come to the rescue. Their rifles fire and the rest of the Hurons fall. While Hawkeye frees the prisoners, Magua rises from his pretence of death, and moves off silently into the undergrowth and is soon far away. “Magua is a cunning man, growls Hawkeye.” The small group sets off again on their journey to Fort William Henry. Hungry and tired, they arrive to find the fort surrounded by French cannons fire into the fort without a rest. “There is no way we can get in,” sighs Alice. The Mohicans sniff the air, and they smile in relief. From the lake a thick fog is drifting towards the fort. “soon, no one will be able to see more than a few paces, “says chingachgook, we have a chance. In the dense fog, the friends go carefully through the attacking forces, the sounds of fighting come first from one side, and the from the other. At last they stand below the wall of the fort. Suddenly right above their heads, the voice of General Munro rises above the noise of battle. Alice raises her own voice, “Father! Let us in!” Hawkeye wonders whether they will find safety in the fort, or if they will find safety in the fort, or if they have ‘jumped out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

AT THE HURON VILLAGE A few miles along this path they see a strange sight. Duncan Heyward thinks it is an Indian village. A strange Indian approaches them. Hawkeye laughs. “This is not an Indian villaje. It is a beaver colony! And this “Indian” is David Gamut! His singing of hymns, and preaching has made the Hurons think that he is mad! No Indian will harm a madman. He can go where he likes! David, where are Cora and Alice?” “They are live,” says David. He is very surprised to see his friends, “Alice is a prisoner at a Huron village only two miles from here. Cora is with the Deleware tribe nearby.” Hawkeye gives David his flute, and says, “Go to Alice. Tell her that help is coming.” “I must go too!” says Duncan Heyward, “I will pretend to be a French doctor travelling to help the Indians. It will be easier to save Alice if there are two of us!” It is getting dark as the two men enter the Huron village. They go to he biggest wigwam in the centre of the village. Inside are many Indians. They are suspicious of Duncan until he speaks to them in French. 33

They Chief says, “You must help my daughter. She is very sick. You must use your strong medicine to make her better.” Just then, there is a great noise outside. A war party has returned with a prisoner. The leader of the warriors is Magua. “Here is Uncas, a Chief of the Mohicans! Tomorrow we will put him over a small fire. He will die slowly. I, Magua, have spoken!” The warrior walks out of the wigman. TRICKING THE HURONS Later on, the Chief leads Heyward to a cave in the hillside. Heyward notices that a bear is following them. He has heard tha Indians often keep tame bears, and is not too frightened. The girl is lying on a bed of furs inside the cave. David Gamut is there playing softly on his flute. “If I am to help, I must be alone with the girl,” says Heyward, and sends the others away. The bear has entered the cave unnoticed. It growls, and Heyward jumps in surprise. His surprise turns to confusion when the growl becomes a human laugh. Hawkeye is inside the bearskin. “I took it from a Huron medicine man. Only the bear would be happy in there. The smell! Duncan rushes off to see her. Alice is tied to a chair. Duncan unties the ropes and takes her in his arms. Alice takes a sudden breath. Heyward turns to see Magua standing in the entrance of the cave! Before Magua can move, a bear claw appears on each of his shoulders, and tied with he ropes that had held Alice. The three friends leave Magua and return to he daughter of the Indian Chief. She is dying, and nothing can be done to save her. Duncan makes Alice put on the poor girl’s clothes.. Then he picks Alice up and carries her out of the cave, with the strange “bear” following behind. “Where are you taking my daughter?” says the Chief. “There evil spirit of her sickness is shut inside the cave,” replies Heyward, “I am taking your daughter to the forest to find herbs. No one may enter the cave before the sum shines again in the sky.” Hawkeye tells Duncan to take Alice to the Delaware village, “The Delawares are related to the Mohicans. They will help you. I must try to save Uncas.” Hawkeye dice Duncan tomar Alice a la aldea de Delaware, "Los delawares se relacionan con los mohicanos. Ellos le ayudarán. Debo tratar de salvar a Uncas”. The bear enters the Huron village and finds a heavily guarded wigwan. Inside there is a terrible noise.


The “bear” tells everyone except David Gamut to leave the wigwam. The Indians think that the bear is a powerful Spirit to be respected and obeyed. The warriors go out.

“Quickly, David, put on Uncas’s clothes! We will tie you to the pole. If Uncas and I can escape, the Hurons will not harm the “mad” preacher. Quickly!” Hawkeye the bear leads Uncas the “preacher” out of the wigwam, and tells the warriors not to enter before sunrise. The pair reach their friends at the Delaware village safely, but they are seen by Huron scouts. The Hurons are very angry when they find that they have been tricked. Magua holds a council of war, and then goes alone to the Delaware village. The Delawares are on the side of the French. Magua is sure that he can get his prisoners back.

DEFEATING THE HURONS DERROTAR LOS HURONES Give me back my prisoners!” says Magua. He is facing Tanemund the Delaware Chief. Tanemund turns ton Uncas. Uncas steps forward, and says, “You have some duty to the French, Tanemund, and to the Hurons. I know this. But to me, you have a stronger duty. I am Uncas, a Chief of the Mohicans, people of the turtle! He pulls off his shirt. On his chest is a beautiful tattoo of a turtle. A tattoo carried only by High Chiefs of the Turtle tribes. The Delawares gasp. Uncas continues, “You too are people of the Turtle. Our tribes are brothers. I am the last of the Mohicans. You must help me! Tanemund thinks for a while, and the turns to Magua and speaks, “You brought Cora Munro here for safe keeping, and so you may take her back if you want to. The others came to us as free people. You must leave them in peace. And I tell you this, Huron, when the sun rises above the trees, the Delawares will come after you!” Magua smiles an evil smile and drags Cora Munro away. They disappear into the thick forest beyond the village. When the sun is above the trees, Hawkeye takes Heyward, Gamut, and goes to the beaver colony to get Chingachgook and Munro. Then they go to look for Magua. Uncas leads the main war party to attack the Huron village. There is a hard fight. Slowly the Hurons are beaten down and defeated. When they see that the fight is lost, Magua and another warrior take Cora Munro and escape into some caves in the mountain which rises up out of the forest. Hawkeye and his friends chase them through the caves and out into the open air. 35

Finally, Cora stops at the edge of a great crack in the mountainside. She says, “You must kill me now, or set me free! I will go no further!” Hawkeye and the Mohicans have nearly reached her. Magua draws his knife, “You must choose now, daughter of Munro, the wigwam of Magua …. Or his knife! Uncas runs as fast as he can, up the rocky slope towards his enemy. Cora stares at Magua in silence. He lifts his arm, but he cannot strike. While Magua stands like a statue, Cora is killed by the knife of Magua’s companion. Uncas reaches them and jumps on the killer. Magua stabs Uncas, in the back. Uncas tries to get up, but Magua plunges his knife three times into the chest of the Mohican warrior. Uncas, the last of his tribe, is dead. Magua gives a great shout and jumps across the crack in the mountainside. His jump is short, but he holds on to a bush growing out over the terrible drop. He climbs up to the very edge, while insulting his opponents on the other side. Hawkeye holds his body still, and finally takes careful aim. ‘Killdeer’ speacks. Magua´s face looks unafrain, even as his body falls down to the rocks far below. Hawkeye sostiene su cuerpo inmóvil, y finalmente toma puntería. "Killdeer 'speacks. Magua cara se ve unafrain, aun cuando su cuerpo cae en las rocas muy por debajo. FAREWELL TO THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS The sun is rising. The Delawares stand in a great circle about the bodies of Cora and Uncas which are lying among flowers and treasures The girls of the tribe sing a song which says that the two are now together in the Happy Hunting Ground. Munro asks Hawkeye to tell his friends, the Delawares, that he hopes that they might all meet again one day. The body of Cora is covered with earth, while David Gamut plays a sad hymn on his flute. Soon, only Chingachgook, Hawkeye and the Delawares are left. Chingachgook says, quietly, “My son was good. My son was brave. Do not be sorry. He lived a good life. Now all the people of my tribe have gone, and I am alone”. “No, you are not alone,” says Hawkeye, “You are my blood-brother, Chingachgook. I will hunt with you. We will never forget Uncas.” He held his friend’s hand across the body of the Chief’s son. Tanemund lifts his head and says, “My life has been too long. When I was young, I saw the sons of our tribes happy and strong, and yet, before my end has come, I have lived to see the last warrior of the Mohicans.”


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