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‘Please allow me to introduce myself…’ …as the new General Secretary of Audax UK


took on the role in May as a board appointment, subject to ratification at the next AGM. Fortunately, I have been very well looked after by my two predecessors; Paul Stewart and John Sabine and I am very grateful for their assistance and, indeed, patience. Looking in from the outside, there are any numbers of opinions, to be found on internet forums and elsewhere, on what the board may or not be doing and what may or may not motivate the individual board members. I attended my first board meeting at the end of June to find that I had joined a group of extremely dedicated volunteers with an incredibly diverse knowledge base that they apply, with huge chunks of their own time, to doing what they feel is best for our association. Of course, this should come as no surprise; all of our activities rely on people giving up their time as organisers, helpers, validators and delegates etc. By necessity, a great deal of what has come out of official channels over the recent past has been associated with the switch to a limited company structure and updating it to help AUK deal with the demands that our continued development brings. There were and are good reasons for adopting such a structure, and modernising it, but I was pleased to find that the board operates just as much or more as a traditional management committee as it does as a corporate board. The actual time spent on company matters is almost insignificant as compared to the time spent on the practicalities of running a members’ association. We are now well into the peak of the Audax season and, judging by the reports presented at the latest board meeting, it looks like being another successful year for AUK. This year has seen more events at 300k or more than any previous non-PBP year. We have also seen an increase in events over 600k being organised


Arrivée Summer 2016 • No.133

by AUK organisers or ridden overseas by AUK riders. All of this bodes well for audax in the UK as we look forward to LEL 2017. In amongst all the positive news, we received the worst possible news in April with the death of Richard Ellis during the Dorset Coast 200, following his involvement in a road traffic accident. I am sure all of the members of AUK will join the board in expressing our heartfelt sympathy to Richard’s family and all those affected by this tragic incident.


Since the last secretary’s report the following appointments have been made: n Communications Director – Ged Lennox (subsequently elected at the AGM) n General Secretary – Graeme Provan n IT Manager – Richard Jennings Richard has hit the ground running, and his newly recruited team of member business analysts are poring over the management practices of directors and delegates to determine our future IT requirements. He is also working closely with the hard working members who maintain our current system, Francis Cooke and Terry Kay.


Following the motion passed at last year’s AGM, the next AGM will provisionally take place in Birmingham on the 11th February 2017. Further details will be announced in the next issue of Arrivee. It is hoped that, as promised at the last AGM, subsequent AGMs will continue to be held at that time of year when events are sparser. In previous years we have moved to a system of postal voting. This is effectively a proxy vote as required by the Companies Act 2006. Sections 324 and 325 of that Act read: 324 Rights to appoint proxies (1) A member of a company is entitled to appoint another person as his proxy to exercise all or any of his rights to attend and to speak and vote at a meeting of the company.

325 Notice of meeting to contain statement of rights (1) In every notice calling a meeting of a company there must appear, with reasonable prominence, a statement informing the member of— (a) his rights under section 324, …) These provisions are mandatory. Full details and confirmation of the date will appear in a future issue of Arrivée. The same arrangements as last year will apply in respect of those who wish to receive AGM materials by post. The annual report and accompanying papers and the proxy form will be emailed to all members for whom we hold an email address and will also be published via the AUK website. Printed materials will not automatically be sent out to other members. Members who would like to receive printed reports and proxy form must register for the service using the form opposite.


This year’s reunion will be held in Taunton on the weekend of 11-13 November. Audax Club Bristol have been working hard on hosting the event which will be the first reunion that does not feature an AGM. In addition to the usual social rides, dinner and presentation ceremony, it is likely that there will be a mixture of formal and informal sessions during the Saturday. The formal sessions will include an opportunity to debate and discuss any motions that have been received for the AGM. There should also be a strategy session with a number of board members in attendance. ACB are working on the informal part of the programme – more details of which opposite.

Graeme Provan, Secretary, Audax UK

Arrivée 133 - Summer 2016  

Arrivée is the free magazine of Audax United Kingdom, the long distance cyclists’ association, which represents the Randonneurs Mondiaux in...

Arrivée 133 - Summer 2016  

Arrivée is the free magazine of Audax United Kingdom, the long distance cyclists’ association, which represents the Randonneurs Mondiaux in...