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Foreword Do you have an idea about what your future will be like? The logical step of any undergraduate would be to have a career related to what you have studied, but have any of you thought of breaking the cycle? If you have, Audacity is an event to encourage you to take that bold step. Audacity is the first and only Singapore-wide career event that brings together undergraduates from all across the island to share about their hopes and dreams. With close to 15 years of experience in organizing world-class events, our team aims to position Audacity as an annual event that will become the key highlight for undergraduates. At Audacity, we understand the status quo and mundane process of job hunting. While most will associate working life with lost of happiness and freedom, we believe otherwise. It is important to find happiness with what you do and to do that, you have to identify your passion and fuel it with your abilities. However, the search for this “dream� is not an easy feat. It requires one to be curious, to have the drive and finally the guts to take that step. At this event, we hope to motivate you through the experiences of our speakers and provide you with the inspiration and guidance as you walk a different path and break the typical graduate cycle.

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Event Highlights 9.00am

Registration for Audacity 2013

9.30 am

Opening Address: The Hopes and Fears

11.00 am

Having My Cake and Eating It Too

12.00 pm

Lunch Reception

1.00 pm

Panel 1: The Ex’s - Is the Grass Always Greener?

2.00 pm

Panel 2: Young, Foolish & Different

3.30 pm

Closing Keynote: The Little Detour

4.30 pm

Teabreak Reception


End of Audacity 2013

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Event Highlights 3

The Hopes and Fears Tong Yee

Co-Founder & Director of The Thought Collective

Tong Yee started out as a public school teacher, teaching General Paper at Nanyang Junior College. After setting up a successful community outreach program to provide tuition for repeat students in Singapore, he thereafter cofounded School of Thought to continue to promote educational innovation and civic learning in both the private and public sector. School of Thought has since evolved to become The Thought Collective, a growing group of social enterprises that focus on building social and emotional capital in Singapore. Besides School of Thought, The Thought Collective consists of Think Tank Publishing, a publishing arm that specializes in information design and curation; Thinkscape, a learning experience company that specializes in building cultural and institutional narratives; Food for Thought, a socially conscious restaurant business; and Common Ground, a social innovation consultancy that seeks to design sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing problems. Tong Yee currently serves as one of the 3 directors of The Thought Collective and aims to optimise the organisation’s strong cross sector networks to design a new way forward, allowing Singaporeans to think, live and serve as a community.

Lavinia Tan

Radio DJ, The Art of Lush, Lush 99.5

From working at a pet store (that sold everything but pets), to filling out a prescription of Viagra as a pharmaceutical assistant, to working for a photography magazine, and later as an assistant at a photography studio, Lavinia’s work experience has put her in contact with amazing and inspiring individuals and provided her with situations that have truly broadened her mind. After a degree in Business Management at SMU where she majored in Marketing & Law, Lavinia went off the beaten path, taking on incredible journeys which many could not have believed.

4 Opening Keynote Speaker

The Ex’s - Is the Grass Always Greener? Arrif Ziaudeen Founder & CEO of Chope

Arrif is Founder and CEO of online restaurant reservation company Founded in April 2011, the company grew and raised a $1.1M Series A round led by Boston-headquartered Innosight Ventures in August. Chope has seated over 1 million diners on it’s reservation systems in its first year, and works with blue chip partners like DBS, TimeOut Singapore, MasterCard and the World Gourmet Summit. Listen to why he ditched his job at Bain & Company to venture onto a road less travelled.

Olivia Tan

Medical Student Duke-NUS

Olivia started her career at McKinsey & Co. before being headhunted to Axiom Asia Private Capital, one of the largest independent Private Equity fund-of-funds in Asia, where she became the youngest and only female equity partner. Wanting to serve society in a tangible and a more easily quantifiable way, at the age 31 with little background in sciences, Olivia decided to give it all up to return back to school to become a medical doctor. Her advice for young people: “It takes a lot of luck, but not just luck. If you want to follow your passion, you must be good at what you do.”

Qiuyan Tian

Co-Founder & Director of

Qiuyan joined the financial industry at a time when being a consultant or banker was the popular choice after graduation. She started her career at US Bank, Goldman Sachs, in the Investment Management Division, and after 3.5 years, had amassed valuable work experience and built a strong network of business contacts. But it somehow wasn’t enough… in 2010 she took a leap of faith and started with her brother and best friend. Learn why she leave the safety of a high-paying job for the uncertainty of a start-up.

Speakers 5

Young, Foolish & Different Jeremy Nguee

Chef & Business Director of Preparazzi

Jeremy is crazy about food, but more importantly he’s mad about living life to the fullest, doing a good piece of work and helping others do the same. His love affair with food has seen him play cook show instructor, temporary hawker and now creative caterer to ministers, ambassadors, celebrities, C-suites, and busy mothers with hungry children. This passion and love for food inspired him to provide a service and solution to help Singaporeans eat better at all occasions. He took the bold step of parking his 5-year career as a Tax Consultant aside, and started the bespoke forward-thinking, creative catering outfit and food preparation service, Preparazzi, in August 2011.

Huiwen Tow Regional Sr Planner at Ogilvy & Mather Huiwen works as a planner in Ogilvy. She spends her time thinking about random ideas to make the world a happier/more fun/ more awesome place. She also plays in VOX, a rock string quartet, which makes her a happier person because she gets to wear more eyeliner, have big poofy hair and play the cello in ways her teacher would have disapproved.

Wee Tze Yi Director of Mosaic Dance Tze Yi graduated during the worst of the sub-prime crisis in 2008. He had his heart set on Trading as a career, but trading desk jobs were impossible to find during the recession. Having already been trading FX on his own since 2005, he decided to give it a try on his own. He has been trading FX full-time since then and has had some success. Towards the end of 2010, he decided to turn his passion for dance into a business, thus setting up Mosaic Dance. Tze Yi has walked a very different path from a regular graduate, currently trading FX, managing a dance/fitness studio, and travelling abroad regularly to teach and perform dance.

6 Speakers

The Little Detour Adrian Pang

Actor & Artistic Director PANGDEMONiUM! PRODUCTIONS

Having gone through the whole Singapore education system and dutifully served his nation running around the Mandai swampland with a backpack and rifle Adrian eventually was able to catch his breath when he was sent to the UK to pursue a law degree. The full truth was that his ‘A’ level results were abysmal and the National University of Singapore would not accept his sorry butt, but we shall not dwell on that. The reason for his poor academic performance was the lure of the theatre, but more of that later. At Keele University, which was situated in the middle of sheep country, Adrian made a determined effort to justify his parents’ sacrifice and expense, and motivated himself to keep his grades consistently decent. But his innate rebellious streak kept drawing him back to the theatre. He found that he was able to juggle his studies with treading the boards in some pretty awful amateur stage productions. It kept him sane and it kept the sheep safe. But he knew that theatre was, at best, a distraction, and that ultimately he would have to stay on “the path”. In his final year at University, however, he had a major panic attack: the thought of pursuing law as a career terrified him. After much soul searching, he came to the obvious conclusion that the one thing that he could ever see himself doing as a living was to be an actor. He had never entertained the idea of being a professional actor. He had actually also never entertained the idea of being a lawyer, even thought he was studying law at university. The fact was, he had never ever had any serious kind of “ambition”, in the conventional sense of the word. All he knew was that the idea of following a career he had absolutely no affinity for, was akin to slow death. And the one thing that he truly felt passionate about was acting. He knew, sink or swim, he would not be able to live with himself if he did at least give it a shot, and take a little detour. Adrian and his wife Tracie are Artistic Directors of PANGDEMONiUM! PRODUCTIONS ( Their next production on April 2013 is Rabbit Hole. So partly motivated by guilt, partly by his persistent rebellious streak, and mostly by his unshakeable passion for his work, he ploughs on, eternally grateful that he has grabbed the opportunity to do what he loves for a living. His “little detour” along this path has given him the greatest adventure he could hope for.

Closing Keynote Speaker 7

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