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Course Outline


Throughout the course of the year, as an !Audacious Academy student you can expect to be trained in a wide variety of subjects through a mixture of coaching, lectures, one-on-one discipleship and practical application of your chosen ministry stream in either your home church or the host church.

As well as lectures, students undertake practical coaching from practitioners and may choose one of the following

Monday to Wednesday you will travel to !Audacious City Church, Manchester for lectures and coaching. On Thursday to Sunday you will outwork that which you learn in a practical setting.

Lectures include •

The Directors Hour

!Audacious Leadership

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

How to Read the Bible

Church History

The Power of Servanthood

Spiritual Gifts

The Pastoral Dimension

Basic Theology

Preaching & Leading

Intimacy with God


Faith Dynamics


Youth Leadership Schools Work Worship and song writing University Students Children’s Ministry Music lessons are available at an additional charge.

Accreditation The !Audacious Academy lectures are accredited by the Open College Network levels 2 & 3 (equivalant to A-level standard) and students receive accredited certificates on completion of the course.