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!Audacious Academy Year 2

Our Story

While the first year of the !Audacious Academy provides a fantastic foundation for life, a second year at the !Audacious Academy will sharpen you and develop your skills in a more specialised area of ministry.

HAYLEY CHARLTON “The !Audacious Academy has completely turned my world around; it has been 2 years of being constantly challenged and encouraged to run hard for God and live life to its fullest potential. If you want to be inspired to live a life beyond what you currently thought possible, then Academy is for you!”

You will not only have the opportunity to work alongside an experienced practitioner but also, to develop your skills, you will be given responsibility for key projects within your ministry area. As well as your 2 days practical experience you will also have 1 coaching day each week consisting of :-

Directors Hour An hour session from Glyn Barrett, challenging your thinking and lifestyle.

Leadership coaching sessions Key small group sessions from !Audacious approved leaders. These sessions are designed to be interactive rather than lecture style so that you can ask the burning questions and really get into the life of the coach.

JENNIFER CARRILLO “People who know their God will do mighty exploits.” “During the Audacious Academy, I became stretched and challenged beyond what I thought I could ever handle. Yet I came out with this verse not as head knowledge, but as heart knowledge. I’ve learned to do life with God and I now believe I’ll leave a mark on this world.”

Project Following your coaching sessions, you and the rest of your coaching group will devise social action projects to outwork in the base locality. This will give you a heart for your community, develop your creativity and team skills and envision you with ideas for your locality.

Practical ministry Additional to your practical placement and the coaching day, you will have the opportunity to serve in key national conferences and host church events. You will also be mission leaders on the mission trip to Poland, taking responsibility for areas of the programme and in leading Year 1 students.