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Generating one stream of income from home is a major hurdle to most opportunity seekers. Learning to earn multiple streams of income seems almost impossible! The fact is that it is possible to build multiple streams of income around your network marketing business and have an income during start-up. Multiple Streams of Income Getting your primary business established does require that you focus on certain daily actions. However, if you are building your business on the internet, it is also possible to build multiple streams of income at the same time. Since your MLM business limits your earnings until you get to a certain position, it often causes a cash-flow problem. Did you know you can introduce a new process into your business to help generate streams of income from your primary business as well as other sources? One way to do this is to introduce affiliate marketing to your business. This would help generate cash flow immediately. Affiliate marketing is not new in online marketing but is new to network marketers just learning to establish themselves on the internet. Produce Your Own Reports Write a report on how to make money using network marketing or another area of building wealth. If you find writing challenging you can get somebody else to write the report for you. There are many resources available such as Rentacoder and Elance. These sites have many authors who will write a brief report for a set charge for you. This report can then be used to generate leads for you. Publish the report on your site so that prospects can download it free of charge. They then become part of your business funnel when they subscribe to your list. Structure your report in a way that engages readers and makes them wish to learn more about what you are offering. You can then provide them with more information. As you are building these relationships with your prospects, you can give them access to other resources that promote your affiliate products. You should research your products carefully so that you recommend only the best quality products. This will build their trust in you as a resource. Your goal is to establish yourself as a figure of authority to your prospects. You do this by teaching

them ways to create multiple income streams for their business. The trick is to create multiple streams of income and stop thinking about just a single source of income.

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==== ==== legetimate online buisiness ==== ====

Multiple Streams Of Income: The Bare Facts  

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