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==== ==== Your 2012 Express Dating Report ==== ====

We cannot get away from the fact that dating can be a scary experience especially, if you have not done it for a while. Most of this fear and nervousness is created in our minds. We worry if we are wearing the right clothes or if we have anything interesting to talk about. However, you have the power inside of you to turn, what could be a total disaster, into a fun and enjoyable experience. All you need to do is follow a few basic dating rules as follows: Tip 1: Where you have the date is very important. What you want to avoid are awkward situations. Therefore, think of an activity that you enjoy whether, its roller skating or mountain climbing it does not matter. The point of this is to take your focus away from being on a date and focus on having fun. If the date does not work out then at least you had a good time. Tip 2: Do not fall into trap of trying to impress your date by spending wads of cash. Unless they are a gold digger they will not be impressed. Also, you run the risk that you will have to keep spending your cash if the first date is a success. Eventually, they will find you out as a fraud and a broke one at that. Therefore, choose an activity or a place that is affordable and where you will not be tempted to over spend. Tip 3: This depends on who you are. If you are not use to dressing up and going out this could add extra pressure by putting you further out of your comfort zone. You have enough on your plate having to worry about whether you smell ok or if your date turns out to be an idiot. Therefore, choose a place or a situation where you do not have to dress up formally and you can wear the clothes that you feel comfortable in. Tip 4: If you have chosen an activity for your date that involves lots of activities with others you may find you do not have many opportunities to sit down, chat and actually get to know the person you are dating date. Therefore, be mindful to take time out after an activity to grab a cup of coffee and have a chat. Tip 5: When it is a first date there is the temptation to bring a long a friend or a family member for support. Having a friend or family member watching how you perform will only make an already tense situation even more nerve wracking. If you need support ask them to sit at the other end of the room.

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==== ==== Your 2012 Express Dating Report ==== ====

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