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Letter from the editor As Graphic Designer and Content Coordinator for AuctionsPlus I am in the privileged postion to get to talk to and hear many of our assessors and vendors stories. The team and I have pieced together, the second edition of 'Sale Day' magazine as a way to share stories from the industry and recognise the amazing community we are a part of. I would like so say a big thank you to everybody who has contributed to this magzine. It has been a huge effort by all involved. If you have any thoughts or feedback you would like to share, please send them through to Regards, Harriette Spork Social Media Advertise in our Magazine Terms & Conditions Opinions expressed and statements made in Sale Day Magazine (here on referred to as SDM) are those of the contributors and advertisers and do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. SDM contains general information only and does not purport to be a substitute for farming advice. SDM, on behalf of itself and the authors, asserts copyright on all material appearing and none shall be reproduced, wholly or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. The publisher reserves all rights in respect of all material received and accepted for publication. SDM reserves the right to edit or abridge all letters or other material accepted for publication.

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Outside the box Family Ties p. 24-27 Fake Meat p. 28-29 One Bucket p. 30-31

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Pictured: Angus Street with wife Elly, son Sullivan and daughter Sibella

LETTER FROM THE CEO Many of you would already know me, having been a part of the AuctionsPlus team since early 2017 as National Sales and Marketing Manager. It is a privilege to be part of an organisation delivering high quality services and innovative solutions to the farm sector. I now find myself with some large shoes to fill as the successor to Anna Speer as CEO of AuctionsPlus. It’s an enormous job but one that I cannot wait to sink my teeth into. I wanted to take a few lines to extend my thanks to the AuctionsPlus Board for their support. I would also like thank our agents, assessors and all our other customers who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last year. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead. What I love the most about AuctionsPlus is the sense of family we have in the business. The team are passionate about reshaping the Australian livestock sector and constantly looking at ways to improve. Above all else they are committed to providing all our clients with the best service possible. This is something that I look forward to continuing to nurture and grow. I am originally from a livestock property near Murrurundi, in NSW’s Upper Hunter Valley. I grew up with a close connection to agriculture’s early farm computer age in the 1980’s and 1990’s as my father owned a computer solutions business, which at the core was aimed at conviniving farmered that eamils were the new fax. My career has included time at Meat and Livestock Australia and Horticulture Innovation Australia. Of course, I now live in Sydney, with my wife Elly and two children, Sullivan and Sibella. I am excited to work with our wonderful team that supports the trusted livestock marketplace, drives value in our customers’ businesses and continuously evolves our technology solutions. I welcome your feedback and look forward to working closely with many of you in the future. Regards, Angus Street CEO

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

PHOTOS FROM THE BOX “We take photos’s as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone forever” The last three months have seen the team travel across the country for stud sales, assessor schools and conferences. We believe that it is the people who make AuctionsPlus great. From supporting our staff members to getting out on the road and meeting all of our assessors and producers. We love every opportunity to show our support and meet new people. Keep the pictures coming!


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

AuctionsPlus Achieve At Agmentation By Hannah Kermode

Members of the AuctionsPlus team recently participated in Agmentation – a technology hackathon designed to target and deliver innovative solutions to problems faced by Australian Agricultural producers.

At ‘Maryland’ David Worsley finds measuring productivity to be a challenge, especially in a time-effective and simple manner. David, who is heavily involved in programs around the control of wild dogs, finds that whilst bating and trapping are effective, lengthy procedures around checking traps and monitoring cameras are impacting on the ability of farmers to work efficently. David hoped that Agmentation would deliver an automated bulletproof solution to allow for better wild dog control.

Eight members of the AuctionsPlus staff joined over 60 others at the University of New England’s Smart Farm on the 27th-28th of July. The UNE Smart Region Incubator (SRI) event attracted a diverse group of people – including Agtech founders, agricultural producers, researchers, students, innovators, private and public stakeholders, who joined forces to pitch solutions to improve agricultural practices and profitability measures.

Matthew Monk is the manager of ‘Sundown Pastoral Company,’ where they rely heavily on a computer-based system which facilitates performance recording and invoicing. Their issues largely sit with transparency, which is a barrier to further adoption of technology to increase efficiency, trust and transparency back to their customers.

The aim of the day was to work with producers including: Scott and Laura Simpson, ‘Glennon Valley’ who find that the beef industry lacks connectivity. If improved traceability across different sectors of the industry could be enforced, there is an opportunity to differentiate their end product and improve the price they receive. They want a better flow of information that will allow them to make more informed decisions around animal selection practices.

Together, teams pitched a wide range of solutions to these agricultural problems. A crowd favourite and the winner of judge’s commendation was iMoo – an integrated platform for both livestock owners and managers which provides insightful, useful data and performance indicators. IMoo app was pitched by AuctionsPlus Market Operator, Emily Rabone and her team.

From ‘Balala Station’, Richard Daugherty’s issues with measuring productivity lie around effective data collection and whether this collection actually improves management practices. Richard hopes that in the future there will be a way to identify his best performing ewes. He also hopes his animals can be used to identify areas and paddocks that are underperforming.


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

Team 8, led by our very own Harriette Spork, pitched a dual software and hardware-based solution that targets improvement in on farm communication. It was highly popular among the judges as it was an adaption of existing technology and could be easily implemented by producers such as Matthew Monk. Similar pitches to improve efficiency around the monitoring and control of wild dogs were proposed by 2 different teams. However, people’s choice was taken out by a team consisting of two AuctionsPlus members, Roy Mogoko and Jing Liu, who brought their software expertise to the table in their pitch. The winning team for the day, which included our new advertising guru Josh Bailey and CEO Angus Street, pitched the LDE – Livestock Data Exchange, a platform that ties into existing agricultural management software

such as Stockbook. It delivers data on livestock throughout their lifetime from farm to feedlots, processors and onto customers. Also in attendance were AuctionPlus' two Hannah’s, Hannah Bird and Hannah Kermode, whose team proposed a similar platform, enabling greater collaboration across sectors of the beef industry. These solutions were both targeted towards the problems faced by Scott and Laura Simpson. The beauty of the Agmentation event is that the UNE Smart Region Incubator will support the winning team, should the idea further develop into a commercial reality – so watch this space! We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network across such a talented group and test our abilities to think outside the box!

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

Pictured below: Sam Becker at his family property


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

YOUNG GUN Sam Becker By Anna Holcombe

Sam Becker is a cattle producer hailing from Banana, QLD. From a young age Sam was passionate about the Ag industry and he has always been heavily involved in his family farming operations. In 2014, Sam was awarded the Cattle Council of Australia NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion, which motivated him to become more involved in initiatives beyond the farm gate, including a heavy involvement on the AgForce Cattle Board. Sam will offer 70 bulls for sale at the 2018 Jarrah Cattle Company Bull Sale on Monday the 17th of September. The sale will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus. Sam has been nominated as the first AuctionsPlus Young Gun for his work ethic, passion and determination for evolving the Ag industry and embracing new technology. Anna Holcombe sat down to find out more about Sam’s journey. We hope you enjoy his story. Current Company & Role: I am part of our family operation, Jarrah Cattle Company. We have a bull breeding herd, commercial breeding operation and also background dry cattle. I am accountable for the cattle operation, where my responsibilities include the day to day running, buying and selling of cattle and also the marketing side of the bull operation.

Since returning we have grown the cattle operation by cutting out grain farming and have significantly grown the bull breeding operation which is a particular passion of mine. Our breeding operation has a Hereford base and we continue to sell purebred Herefords. We have created two breeds from this base, the Redford and the Jarrah Reds. The Redfords are pure red in colour, are a minimum 25% Hereford with the remaining percentage Red Brahman. The Jarrah Reds, which we market as ‘the clean coated flatbacks’ are a blend of our Redford Genetics and Santa Gertrudis. They are then stabilised, resulting in the Jarrah Reds being 47% British and remaining percentage Brahman.

Tell us about what yourself in a few sentences? I have been home working in the family operation for 10 years now. Before returning home I attended High School at Churchie in Brisbane as a boarder and after a gap year working at home, I did one year at the University in Brisbane. After a year of study, I decided another family member was required to help run our properties with our parents. My parents welcomed the opportunity for me to return and weren’t afraid to allow me to take on many responsibilities. Since returning we have grown the

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years time I hope that I continue to have the opportunities that I have today. I would like to continue to grow our cattle operation. In particular the bull breeding operation and increasing the number of bulls that we sell annually. Further to this, the breeds we have


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

created in the Redfords and Jarrah Reds, I would like to have full EBV’s and utilise genomics on these cattle to ensure they don’t just have good constitution and phenotype, but also have the data behind them. You’re having your first bull sale in September, what motivated you to move to an auction? Why did you decide on a helmsman auction? We are excited to have our 2018 Jarrah Genetic Bull Sale via a Helmsman auction. The Helmsman system provides all buyers the opportunity to purchase their first choice of bulls in a low stress environment. Previously we had bulls penned with a set price, available for purchase on a firstcome - first - served basis. Although this was a relaxed environment, some buyers were missing out on their first choices without having the opportunity to attempt to purchase the bull. The Helmsman system ensures fairness to all. 14

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

You are heavily involved in the beef industry, particularly through AgForce, how did you get involved in this? I was always particularly keen to be involved with industry in what I refer to as ‘beyond farm gate’. When I saw the Cattle Council of Australia – NAB Rising Champion Initiative advertised I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. Here I was fortunate enough to not only represent Queensland, I was also named Rising Champion of that year. Since then I joined the AgForce Cattle Board as the Youth Director for 2015/16 and for 2017/18 I was elected as a Director on the AgForce Cattle Board. You were the 2014 Cattle Council of Australia NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion, what did you learn from this experience? From the CCA NAB Rising Champions I learnt that there is a due process that needs to be followed to make change. It was humbling to see so many producers involved in their State Farming Organisations and the Cattle Council, who give their time to try to better the industry. That motivatied me to get more involved. As a result I applied and was selected to be the Youth Director on the AgForce cattle board, which has allowed me to contribute. I encourage as many young people as possible to get involved with their State Farming Organisation. It is a great way to not only expand your network, but also to start learning about the systems and policy required to enact change. Nothing happens


“our two main problems are cost of production and ensuring that we produce what consumers are requiring” overnight. In order to ensure this industry continues to boom for us in the future, we need to be learning the systems from those leading at present. What are the biggest issues currently facing producers? Short term there are the obvious problems of drought. However longterm, I believe our two main problems are cost of production and ensuring that we produce what consumers need or want and to not let the activists tarnish our fantastic product. Why do you feel it is important to get young people involved in our industry? The Ag Industry has so many opportunities that people aren’t even aware of! Not only are there great opportunities for hands on roles, the technology space is one are that will significantly boom in the next 10 years. Previously, people wouldn’t have put Tech and the Ag Industry together but that’s just one field that has huge potential.

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


One of AuctionsPlus top assessors, Greg Seiler is a veteran of the industry who believes in hard work and dedication, from mentoring to assisting his clients in any way he can. Greg is committed to his role as Managing Partner at Landmark Welsh Hughes, Bourke, and ensuring the agency delivers the best service to all their clients. Having grown up in north-west New South Wales, Greg was always determined to become an agent. Before becoming an agent, he attended Ag College in Emerald to obtain a degree in Agribusiness and went on to work as a jackaroo and then to a cotton farm. He considers the experiences he had as a young man invaluable in shaping him as it taught

him the value of hard work. Greg has now been an agent at Landmark Bourke for more than 20 years. He puts his and the agencies success down to being committed to delivering their clients a rounded approach for results. More than just a livestock agency focusing on an individual sale, Greg says Landmark Bourke incorporates all aspects of a country business and works with their clients to look at the bigger picture and achieve the best outcomes. Recognising the importance of embracing technology and utilising marketing channels, in 1999, in his first year as an agent, he became a Level 1 Assessor on AuctionsPlus, 16

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

an accreditation he has strived to keep. This year alone, Greg has listed 13,915 sheep on the box. One of Greg’s biggest concerns about the industry is that agents focus is shifting away from negotiating for the best results for clients and becoming about earning a quick win. Whilst he agrees earning money is important, he also believes that it is critical to ensure all the necessary compliance tools are used so sales are carried out ethically, with the focus being the best result for clients. Greg’s vision for the future is to continue to be a mentor for everyone coming into the agency life. His willingness to teach and dedication to his clients makes him a valuable member of our team.

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

AUCTIONSPLUS FY18 TOP 100 ASSESSORS The AuctionsPlus Top100 Award recognises assessors who go above and beyond for every livestock assessment. The awards pay tribute to our National Top100 assessors, cattle or sheep, for their outstanding contribution to the network and their customers. Assessors have been selected through an updated criteria that looks at quality, progression and engagement. To earn a Top100 spot assessors were required to exceed the following standards: • Accuracy - Delivering consistent and quality assessments • Highly Rated - Receiving consistently high ratings from buyer feedback • Activity - Multiple vendors and list in the top 25% for usage in their region • Responsiveness – Working to achieve win-win solutions for all users in timely manner • Leadership - Demonstrating strong leadership around industry challenges • Innovation - Regularly contributing to the evolution of the AuctionsPlus platform • Network - Supporting and growing our future generation assessors


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

TOP 100 Michael Anderson Miles Archdale Tessa Archer Shad Bailey Sam Bartlett Lach Bassingthwaighte Gavin Beard Scott Bell Simon Bell Peter Bird Dale Boyd Mitchell Braithwaite Ashley Braun Tom Brodie Francis Buffier Jack Burgess Peter Bush Phillip Butt Chris Callow Bruce Cameron Rod Carpenter Baden Chaffey James Cleeland Darren Connick David Corcoran James Croker Alex Croker Mick Curtis Alexander Curtis Phil Davis Sam Ditchfield Will Dixon Daniel Doecke Kelvin Donnan Greg Downing Ash Driscoll Tim Drum Neal Elliott Peter Elmes Daniel Fischer Paton Fitzsimons Robert Galton Brendan Gaynor Philip Gledhill Jake Grace Robert Handbury Troy Hartman Brady Hicks Sam Hill Russell Hiscox Ben Hooper Dean Hubbard

Joseph J Dresser & Co Landmark Boultons Walcha Hart Rural Agencies Colin Say & Co. Elders Quilpie Bassingthwaighte Livestock Mkting Landmark Townsend Scone Landmark Goondiwindi Richardson & Sinclair Eastern Rural Ray White Rodwells & Co Euroa Landmark Geraldton Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen Brodie Agencies Pty Ltd Buffier Livestock Marketing Grant Daniel & Long Blackall Landmark Coonamble Butt Livestock & Property Pty Ltd Callow Livestock Elders Roseworthy Elders Springsure Landmark Townsend Scone Corcoran Parker Mansfield Mccarron Cullinane Delta Agribusiness Young Landmark Wagga Wagga H Francis & Co Pty Ltd Rodwells & Co Euroa Elders Hay Elders Mudgee Sj Livestock Marketing Monaro Livestock & Property Pt Spence Dix & Co Landmark Ararat Elders Kingscote Rodwells & Co Stawell Riverina Livestock Agents P/L Landmark Cunnamulla Allied Beef Landmark Wangaratta Ray White Rural Blackall Galton & Co Pty Ltd Riverina Livestock Agents P/L Elders Holbrook Forbes Livestock Agency Co P/L Thomas, De Garis & Clarkson Landmark Hay Kerr & Co Livestock Thomas, De Garis & Clarkson Clemson Hiscox & Co Pty Ltd Clearvision Imaging Elders Midland

Bob Jakins Warren Johnston Ben Johnston Mick Jones Russell Jorgensen Matthew Joseph Chris Korff Mathew Larkings Harry Larnach Angus Laurie Tom Madden Nick Maddison Ken Maslen Nathan McConnell Geoff McDougall Ashley McGilchrist Shaun McHugh Tim McKean Simon McKittrick Kenneth Miall Liam Murphy Ashley Naclerio Simon Newton Thomas Oakes Alex Paterson Samantha Platts Peter Prosser Nathan Purvis Ben Redfern Guy Robertson Peter Rollason Cameron Rosser Tim Salter Cody Scott Greg Seiler Sam Sewell Ben Sharpe Brett Shea Stuart Sheldrake Jarrod Slattery Darren Smith Scott Taylor Colin Thexton James Tierney Danny Tink Matt Tinkler Anthony Triggs Stephen Vohland David Welsh Stuart Were Luke Whan Danny Wilkie Andrew Wilkie

Elders Goondiwindi Roberts Ltd Launceston Ray White Rural Tenterfield Richardson & Sinclair Grant Daniel & Long Meandarra Landmark Goulburn Ray White Korff & Co Landmark Boultons Walcha Ray White Emms Mooney P/L Landmark Armidale Tb White & Sons Pty Ltd Landmark Warrnambool First National Gloucester Elders Tamworth Landmark Hay Landmark Wilson Russ Carter Lindsay & Weber Elders Wagga Wagga Logical Livestock Marketing Landmark Wagga Wagga Kevin Miller Whitty Lennon Co Stockplace Marketing Landmark Boultons Walcha Cl Squires & Co Grant Daniel & Long Goondiwindi Landmark Bombala Prosser Hutton Pty Ltd Colin Say & Co. Ray White Emms Mooney Molong Thomas Degaris Clarkson Elders Pakenham Delta Agribusiness Young Elders Longreach Topx Goondiwindi Landmark Bourke Ray White Rural Guyra/Armidale Ray White Rural Tenterfield Elders Albury Maccallum Inglis Landmark Wagga Wagga Landmark Goondiwindi Elders Winton I.R.A. Pemberton Riverina Livestock Agents P/L Peter Milling & Company Elders Albury Elders Goondiwindi Ray White Rural Richmond Landmark Benalla Elders Kingscote Pitman Deakin Objective Livestock Marketing Objective Livestock Marketing

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

AuctionsPlus Super Assessors

We are excited to launch our Super Assessor Program. We would like to recognise five of our accredited livestock assessors for their outstanding service. These assessors provide exemplary service to their clients, buyers and their agency peers. They are highly motivated to grow and evolve the AuctionsPlus platform and share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of assessors. Introducing our 2018 Super Assessors...

Bob Jakins

Elders, Goondiwindi

Warren Johnston Roberts Ltd, Launceston

Bob is the Northern Zone AuctionsPlus Manager, a role he has fulfilled passionately since 2011. After growing up on a property between Bourke and Cunnamulla and working on sheep and cattle stations, Bob commenced his agency career in 1987. His role encompasses training and mentoring all Elders assessors across QLD, top end NT and most of NSW. Bob is experienced in assessing all types of stock. He has built up a highly trusted reputation among buyers from our national audience, who know that Bob does the job right. Bob’s mantra is “don’t over-assess them, tell it as it is”. An important part of fulfilling this goal is to ensure vendors are aware of the importance of providing accurate information. He prides himself on his objective and consistent manner of assessing, including providing high quality photographs and videos. “I really try to do a very good job on photos and videos. Buyers place much more emphasis on the video rather than the photos.” He is looking forward to the applications of DEXA beyond the initial goal of clearer pricing at slaughter. “It may alert producers that they need to focus more on quality genetics when purchasing bulls rather than price alone as this should enhance their OTH results long term.”

Warren grew up on a family beef cattle operation in northern NSW. He has worked within agency for 29 years, starting in southern QLD and has been with Roberts Ltd for 25 years. Warren is the Senior Northern Livestock Agent & State AuctionsPlus Coordinator for Roberts, additionally he is the current president of ALPA. Warren feels the AuctionsPlus platform opens up obstacles associated with living on an island and exposes their livestock to the mainland. He prides himself on delivering livestock to specification, whether it be over the hooks on AuctionsPlus or private treaty, and feels follow-up post delivery assists to manage relationships and better understand purchaser requirements. As well as commercial livestock, Warren values the exposure aspect for stud stock and uses new technology when interfacing stud sales. “We have recently been involved with the AuctionsPlus Bid Spotter program and have found it to be a very easy and professional tool to use with up to date information that can be readily relayed to the buying community.”


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

Ben Redfern

Ray White Emms Mooney, Molong

James Tierney

Riverina Livestock Agents, Wagga Wagga

David Welsh

Landmark, Benalla

Ben grew up in Forbes on a family property. He has been in agency since 2004, starting his career with Landmark in West Wyalong. Ben joined Ray White Emms Mooney in 2011 and is now a partner in the business, located in Molong. Ben was the recipient of the ALPA Mike Nixon award in 2013 for excellence in marketing. Ben feels that the best way to achieve results is to understand market trends and prices across various regions and setting prices accordingly. When assessing, he asks tough questions of his clients and gets the details correct. “This helps stop problems, I will walk away from jobs that will damage my own or AuctionsPlus’ reputation.” Ben is one of the assessors AuctionsPlus calls upon when conducting training for new assessors to impart on-the-ground knowledge, he feels it also adds to his own knowledge base. “Attending schools and seeing and talking to others always helps, it makes you refocus, and getting tips off everyone makes your ‘1%’ things better.”

James grew up on the family farm in the western district of Victoria. He began working in agency in 2001 with Elders. In 2011, along with a business partner, he created Riverina Livestock Agents, based in Wagga. As well as weekly sales in Australia’s largest sheep and lamb selling centre, James recognises AuctionsPlus as a major force in the market, and feels it important to offer his clients all selling options. In a drought-prone environment, he values planning and getting the job done properly. “We advise our clients to think ahead, and don’t get hung up on having to sell something right now. Think of the long-game, integrity is the most important thing. James enjoys being seen as a leader in our industry and is always willing to grow and develop those newer to the game. As well as training activities with RMA and ALPA, James shares his knowledge at AuctionsPlus assessor courses. His views on proactive problem-solving and objective language are particularly valuable.“A problem fixed early is an easy one to deal with, and leaving a problem until later will turn it into a monster. Also, be aware that many different people who can buy your stock, as they may think differently to the way I think.”

David grew up Violet Town on a sheep and cattle property. He commenced working at Landmark Benalla 23 years ago and has been an AuctionsPlus Assessor for 12 years. David has been the Landmark AuctionsPlus Coordinator for Victoria for 10 years. 13 years ago, David developed the online-only ‘North-East Victoria Lamb Backgrounding and Finishing sale’, conducted annually in December. He attributes its success to a dedicated group of clients and regular buyers. “The success and growth of the sale is built around clients breeding lambs and tailoring their production to target this sale.” David works with AuctionsPlus to mentor upcoming assessors at training courses and on the ground within the Landmark network. His attitude to communication and engagement form wonderful advice for new assessors. “Have an open line of communication that creates good opportunities for all parties in your transactions. Listen to constructive buyer feedback to improve your performance and bring new ideas to your business.”


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

FY18 TOP 40 THROUGHPUT Top Cattle Assessors

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Top Sheep Assessors

Bob Jakins James Tierney Peter Rollason Harry Larnach Colin Thexton Francis Buffier Sam Ditchfield Daniel Fischer Miles Archdale Darren Connick


1 Peter Rollason 2 Peter Prosser 3 Geoff McDougall 4 David Welsh 5 Greg Cobiac 6 Phillip Butt 7 Bryce Thomas 8 Richard Thomas 9 Tim Salter 10 David Corcoran


Ashley Naclerio Andrew Wilkie Stuart Sheldrake James Anthony Triggs Jack Burgess Grant Haddin Mitchell Braithwaite Ben Redfern Chris Callow Tim McKean Angus Laurie Bruce Cameron Simon Newton Thomas Oakes Rod Carpenter Tim Salter Gavin Beard Scott Taylor Danny Wilkie Steve Ridley Ben Sharpe Anthony Hyland Russell Jorgensen Philip Gledhill Alex Paterson Shad Bailey Nathan Purvis Ben Johnston Robert Galton Nathan McConnell


11 Russell Hiscox 12 Nick Williamson 13 Tim Schofield 14 Alexander Curtis 15 Jarrod Slattery 16 Danny Tink 17 Greg Downing 18 Ross Plasto 19 Shaun McHugh 20 Simon Bell 21 Stuart Were 22 Mick Curtis 23 Angus Laurie 24 Kelvin Donnan 25 Greg Seiler 26 Bradley Gleeson 27 Ed Lilburne 28 Peter Hargreaves 29 Ben Redfern 30 Peter Bush 31 Ben Hooper 32 Darren Connick 33 Matthew Collett 34 Ashley McGilchrist 35 Peter Head 36 Sam Sewell 37 Steve Ridley 38 Phill Davis 39 Daniel Doecke 40 Andrew Peadon



AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


On Monday the 6th of August, one of AuctionsPlus’ leading assessors, Dean Hubbard of Elders Midland, ran the first ever AuctionsPlus Forward Lamb Sale in Western Australia. Offering 9,260 store lambs, the Elders WA Forward Store Lamb Sale ran in conjunction with LambEx 2018, Dean kicked off the WA lamb season with a very successful sale. The sale drew a national audience with 36 buyers logging in from NSW, VIC and SA. At the conclusion of the sale, eleven of the sixteen lots sold with a further four lots selling in negotiation post sale, taking the clearance rate to 93%. Of the 15 lots sold, 4 will be trucked interstate to SA. The prices in the sale ranged from at 262c/kg and topped at 291c/kg. The huge success of this sale is due to Deans passion and foresight. Whilst the idea of selling forward is not a new one, it is not a common practice. “I chose this format to target feedlotters and backgrounders as it provides a very transparent way to auction lambs off,” says Dean. “I believe it is something the industry has been calling for, for a long time. Although we can’t take the price fluctuations out of it we can provide some certainty for supply through this method of selling.” Forward contract sales allow lot feeders, finishers and processors to secure supply and forward demand. Producers are able to minimize the risk of being exposed to the sometimes-volatile market by spreading stock across multiple selling options. As with commercial AuctionsPlus sales there is also the added benefit of reduced costs to the sellers as stock remain on their property, ensuring that they maintain the price maker attitude instead of being forced to be a price taker in other marketing formats. Due to the success of the first sale, Dean will be running a second WA Elders forward sale on Monday the 17th of September. To learn more about this form of sale get in touch with our National Sales Manager, Michael Cocoran at


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

Pictured: Ed Bradey & Bea Litchfie, 'Hazeldean' Monaro, NSW 24

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

FAMILY TIES By Ellen Simpson

Jim and Bea Litchfield are the father-daughter duo behind the renowned Monaro property, ‘Hazeldean’. Owned and operated by the Litchfield family since 1865, we talk to both Jim & Bea about generational change, working with family and making plans for the future. Jim “As Managing Director, I oversee the general running of the business, though with that said, I am still very hands on. We have always had a ‘lead from the front’ culture and believe there is merit in managers and owners getting their hands dirty. Every day at 7am I have a meeting with the Hazeldean Team before our day begins. I typically work outside but leave myself flexible enough to be able to divert to other more pressing matters if they arise. It is fantastic working with family. Knowing that there is a commitment to what you are doing equal to your own from everyone is very rewarding and heartening. It lifts you to a new level of productivity and is very powerful.

approaching it first through what each family member would like the business to be and look like in the future. Once that’s established, there is a clearer path to work from to satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. The way Hazeldean operates has changed a lot since Bea returned home and continues to change. We are utilising technology more than ever. We are increasingly embracing DNA technology and our herd and flock recording software is far superior than it used to be. Our approach to technology and change is proactive and we strive to keep on top of the game.”


It is great to have family working in a business, though there are advantages keeping business life and family life separate. Tolerance and patience are required when everyone is together 24/7. We all need to manage change - the needs and aspirations of family members can and do change over time, so communication is key.

“I am the Stud Stock Manager, encompassing both the Merino and Angus Studs and I oversee the day to day management of stock and performance recording. I thrive in the collaborative environment and flat hierarchal structure of Hazeldean, where we all contribute and roll up our sleeves.

There is no space for a dictatorial approach in succession planning anymore. It is paramount that conversations are open where all parties can express what they would like to see happen and how it should happen. It helps by

There really is no such thing as a typical day, as it is the seasonality of the business. We are gearing up for calving at the moment which is a very intensive time. Stock are checked twice a day for performance recording purposes. Every day is different and diverse.


AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

Working with family is great as we all have the same level of care and we understand each other innately. We have to be careful to share what we’re thinking as most of the challenges we face stem from communication and assumptions. If something isn’t voiced or lacks thorough explanation, it’s assumed we understand, which can at times cause problems. Dad is a fantastic teacher and I learn an incredible amount through observing him. He has been responsible for so long and hasn’t needed to communicate in that time so it’s up to us both to be clear and take responsibility for effective communication. Conversations and decisions around Succession Planning were made easier by my life-long love of home. It’s so important to have open conversation channels and the more you understand, the more open you are. It’s a very individual issue and not a one size fits all. Self reflection is important as it allows you to find out where you need to fit moving forward.

"Dad’s capacity to give me free rein has been amazing. He really has given me freedom and the opportunity to learn.” When I came home in 2015, my first job was to ensure every animal on Hazeldean was fitted with an electronic tag and was recorded on our computer database. Everything is recorded crush-side or race-side and the double entry of data has been removed, increasing efficiency. We are progressive, focussing on being early adopters of technology and looking towards the future. I’ve worked with Dad since I was a little girl and with familiarity comes a relaxed and effective working partnership. We are good mates who enjoy their work and can have a laugh. Dad’s capacity to give me free rein has been amazing. He really has given me freedom and the opportunity to learn.” 26

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine

AuctionsPlus Sale Day Magazine


'Fake meat' has been available in a number of forms for many years. Whilst posing no immediate threat to the agricultural industry, with 40% of Australians trying to reduce their meat intake and more than 11% of Australians opting to not eat meat at all, it is becoming an area that could challenge the traditional livestock marketplace and the red meat supply chain. Fake meat is currently divided into two categories ‘mock meat’ and ‘experimental meat.’ Both these meats are said to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally produced meats.

Mock Meats are plant-based meat substituents generally made from soy-based products such as tofu, tempeh or gluten. The biggest challenge in creating a convincing ‘mock meat’ is the texture. Soy protein is globular while actual meat protein is fibrous, so food manufacturers have to alter the soy's molecular structure. To do this, they expose the soy protein to heat or acid then run the mixture though a food extruder that reshapes it. Other alternatives such as gluten are used to improve the ‘chewiness; however, this can also leave the ‘mock meat’ starchier. Whilst


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these products are already readily available in supermarkets, with more varieties appearing, work still needs to be done to improve flavour and texture. ‘Experimental meats,’ are grown from stem cells in laboratories. As these meats are still made using animal cells, they differ from the vegetarian friendly ‘mock meats.’ The approach of growing tiny samples of real animal cells in a nutrient bath in a diseasefree environment, is described as “clean meat”. There are currently up to 10 companies in Silicon Valley already developing Experimental meats. They have philanthropists, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Virgin founder Richard Branson, funding the development. According to Associate Professor Jason

White from the University of Melbourne “The process is very simple in this laboratory environment, but the challenge for lab meat companies is to scale it up to commercial levels, to provide feed for people.” At present according to Mr Wite, to produce one kilogram of laboratory meat it costs $6,000 US. Another problem still facing the producers of Experimental meats is their ability to produce a variety. At this stage, only replica ‘minced meats’ have been created. The production of a laboratory steak is still a way off. Although the introduction of alternative meat products is yet to shake the livestock sector, the agricultural industry has the unique opportunity to promote the real values of red meat. It is the superior product. We need to make sure our customers know this. It's up to us individually.


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Few people know the value of a photograph like wedding photographer, Edwina Robertson. After almost five years of capturing weddings, Edwina is now adding her next biggest passion to her portfolio – advocating for rural Australia. Last year, Edwina embarked on ‘Wander of the West’, a 100-day trip through outback Australia where she exchanged her photographic skills for food, accommodation and diesel. Edwina didn’t spend a single dollar on her trip and relied on the generosity of people in the bush to sustain her trip. In turn, she was able to share their stories through photographs. This year, Edwina has once more decided to use her photography skills to create awareness

of the drought which is gripping much of Eastern Australia, partnering with the ‘One Bucket’ campaign. Edwina is aiming to share personal stories of families, businesses and communities in the bush with people in the city, to generate awareness and increase support. Through the #onebucket campaign, Edwina is challenging people living in cities to use just one bucket of water for a day; to bathe, cook & clean. The idea is to get people thinking about how much water they use on a daily basis and how, if suddenly there was no water available to them, daily activities become much harder. These hardships mirror those being faced by farmers across Australia, 30

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in addition to the burden of providing for livestock and keeping crops alive. Edwina feels compelled to educate people, particularly those living in urban areas, on the drought and the affect it is having on farmers and regional communities. Throughout the coming months she has organised a number of trips across regional NSW where she will be photographing and sharing the stories of farmers. According to Edwina, the gap between people in urban and regional areas is widening because of generational change. Unlike generations before them, for the first time, people living in big cities no longer have aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents living in more remote areas, so there is no opportunity for them to connect with their ‘country cousins.’ Edwina is hoping to provide the connection and share stories of drought with people in

the city and bring a morale boost to rural communities and raise much needed financial assistance. “Images are not exclusive and they allow people to see and engage in things they would otherwise not see or have access to. I have found that social media tools are a great way to show the effects of the drought. In my experience I truly believe after talking to many people in Brisbane city, people do care and they are genuinely concerned," she said. "But they can't care and they can't be concerned until they know what's happening.” In support of the #onebucket campaign and Edwina’s work, AuctionsPlus will also be sharing stories of those affected by drought. If you would like to share your story or that of your community, please get in touch with our Communications Manager, Harriette Spork, at


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We love the oportunity to get out to attend sales and industry events. If you have an upcoming event that you think we should be attedning please email

29August -30

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Meet the Team Alexa Hearn Commerical Market Opporator

Do you have an agricultural background? No. Born and raised in Sydney. My only connection to the agriculture family was my grandfather who was a wool auctioneer for Dalgety based on Kelly street in Sydney. My love for agriculture started during a family camping trip when I was about 11 to Bollards Lagoon, a station just west of Cameron’s Corner. I got to watch some Brahman bullocks getting loaded and all I wanted was to help out, but the truck driver strongly suggested that I just sit back and watch. From there I studied Ag all through High School and about 2 years out of school I decided to go to TAFE and get my Cert 3 in Agriculture. I really applied myself and made sure I took every opportunity that came my way, from helping at lamb marking to crutching to being part of a show team. I was nominated for the Norman Lethbridge award through Angus Australia and came runner up. I then got offered a job from one of the judges on the panel to work on a lamb and beef property outside of Goulburn. What drew you to the AuctionsPlus business? Whilst working at Goulburn, during lamb marking I slipped a disc in my back. I was then forced to come home and find a new

job. AuctionsPlus interested me because it was a company in the agricultural industry, office and Sydney based. This allowed me to stay connected to the industry and also allowed me to get the treatment I needed for my back.

stops me from doing any physically demanding jobs. I would love to go do a stint up north but I don’t think I would physically be able to do it.

If you could invite anyone to dinner (dead or alive) who What motivates you? would you invite and what Learning. I wasn’t born with an would you cook them? agricultural history, so the more I would have a dinner party with I can learn (and there is so much Kim Brennan (one of the BEST to learn) the better I can be as a Australian Olympic rowers), Market Operator. Angelina Jolie, Jane Goodall, What is the biggest myth about Casey Holmes, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Stephen working in your role? Hawking, Barack Obama, JK You do not need to be from the Rowling, Abraham Lincoln and land to be a Market Operator, Winston Churchhill. although it does help, it is not essential. I would cook a sweet potato and What has been your biggest carrot soup with baked stuffed career obstacle? mushrooms with a nice rocket, I always thought that my biggest pear, feta and pine nut salad obstacle was the fact that I and for dessert Roasted banana wasn’t from the land, but now, I cheesecake. would say it is my back. My back


2018 Property Listing Prices The property listing page allows agencies to list for 6 or 12 weeks/per property. Each listing can include the following information: • Property type • Selling method • Summary for basic tagline • Address • 3 feature lines of property information • Agent logo, name and contact • Photos • Link back to agency website By listing on AuctionsPlus we will drive leads back to your branch website helping you grow your brand, secure more sales and build a list of genuine leads.

INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS 6 weeks 12 weeks

$581.10 $929.50

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Sale Day - Inside AuctionsPlus  

Sale Day is produced by AuctionsPlus as a way to share stories from across the Australian Agriculture industry and recognise the amazing com...

Sale Day - Inside AuctionsPlus  

Sale Day is produced by AuctionsPlus as a way to share stories from across the Australian Agriculture industry and recognise the amazing com...