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“This program is ideal for any hockey executive looking to enhance their knowledge and education in a dedicated hockey specific program. I’ve learned a lot and made some great connections. Earning my master’s degree from AU and BHI is something no one can take away from me. Doing the work is often demanding but if I ask my players to be good students while competing in the WHL, there’s no reason I can’t do it too.”

Colin Priestner Certified Hockey Professional Candidate Student, MBA in Hockey Management General Manager, Saskatoon Blades

On the cover “This will be a badge of honour for people working in the industry, to say ‘I have my Certified Hockey Professional designation.’ If I’ve got to pick between two people, I’m going to take the person who has this designation.”

Brian Burke Co-founder, Business of Hockey Institute

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Business of Hockey Institute

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Elevating the Business of Hockey

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Certified Hockey Professional Designation

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Learning Environment


BHI Board of Directors

“The MBA/CHP program has helped me tremendously in my current role with the Edmonton Oilers. The hockey-related courses the program offers provide a high level of information and hockey management skills that are valuable to anybody looking to grow within this extremely competitive industry. I look forward to bringing my unique knowledge to the business side of the Edmonton Oilers and helping elevate the club with enhanced and innovative strategies off the ice.”

FOUNDERS Brian Burke, LLB Ritch Winter, LLB

President, Wintersports Ltd.

The Business of Hockey Institute (BHI) is a non-profit think tank dedicated to improving the business models of professional and amateur hockey organizations. BHI’s Board of Directors is comprised of highly accomplished hockey minds who share years of experience in all facets of the business and have identified the need for hockey-focused education. BHI has developed a business of hockey curriculum in consultation with hockey industry leaders and its academic partner, Athabasca University. This curriculum is specifically designed to provide current and aspiring managers in the industry with a skillset that allows them to excel in hockey-related roles and to address the unique challenges that exist within the business of hockey. BHI offers students a learning experience like no other in the world. The Certified Hockey Professional designation is the first-ever accreditation in hockey management, offering students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of hockey business, while engaging and connecting with top hockey insiders and executives. This includes access to BHI board members, as well as attendance at select hockey events such as the NHL Entry Draft.

Patrick Garland, MBA, CHP Program Director, Hockey Engagement, Edmonton Oilers

CHAIR Herb Pinder, LLB, MBA President, The Goal Group

DIRECTORS Jim Bagshaw Retired Vice-President of Advertising, Sponsorship and Marketing, Calgary Flames

Craig Button Hockey Analyst, TSN

Neil Fassina, PhD, CPHR, ICD.D President, Athabasca University

Craig MacTavish, MBA Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, Edmonton Oilers

Nevin Markwart, MBA, CFA Retired NHL Hockey Player & Entrepreneur

Michael K. Mauws, PhD, ICD.D Executive Director, Business of Hockey Institute

Norm O’Reilly, PhD, MBA, CPA Assistant Dean of Executive Programs & Professor, College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph

Brad Robins President, The Robins Partnership

Ron Robison, BSPE Commissioner, Western Hockey League

Scott Smith, BEd Chief Operating Officer, Hockey Canada

“Pat’s upward trajectory in our organization has been greatly improved with his MBA and CHP designation. This will definitely open doors inside and outside Oilers Entertainment Group for Pat. The education, in combination with his already vast practical experience, makes him an attractive candidate for a variety of jobs.”

Fred Steer, CA Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Montreal Canadiens

Brian Yaworski, QC, ICD.D Partner, DLA Piper

Craig MacTavish, MBA Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, Edmonton Oilers businessofhockeyinstitute.com


“With sports organizations looking more and more to universities and other industries for executive hires, BHI’s CHP program becomes increasingly important. The CHP will be an essential asset for any young hockey executive interested in becoming one of hockey’s leaders of the future. The business of hockey is becoming too competitive to expect high-level performance without proper education. The training and tools a CHP student acquires provides the type of competitive edge our industry needs. Hockey executives are taking note!”

Ritch Winter Co-founder, Business of Hockey Institute President, Wintersports Ltd.

Elevating the Business of Hockey The global entertainment industry is fast-paced, lucrative, and competitive. Hockey is no different as it competes in a complex and challenging global market for fan attention, loyalty, and participation. There is more at stake than just maximizing game day revenue. Teams, leagues, and governing bodies need talented managers and executives with broad strategic and operational capabilities. They need intelligent and capable people who can shape opportunities and develop strategic advantages. The idea of an elite educational program focusing on the business of hockey was first conceived by NHL player agent, Ritch Winter, and experienced NHL executive, Brian Burke. Together, they worked with leading agents, top management minds, hockey executives, and Athabasca University to make the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) designation and curriculum - the first of its kind in the world - a reality.

The CHP curriculum is an online program, comprising six hockey- specific courses developed to elevate the business side of the game. The hockey-specific courses identify issues and challenges in the business of hockey, and provide opportunities for critically thinking graduates to exploit as the game continues to globalize and change rapidly. It’s not enough to be an exciting game with talented athletes. In today’s sports world, business execution in sales, marketing, operations, and finance are as critical to team success as recruiting the best players, and BHI’s tailored curriculum provides those business execution skills to hockey’s future leaders.



“The MBA and CHP has allowed me to bridge the gap between strategic business capabilities and its relation to the business of hockey. I am looking forward to applying the unique skills I have developed to propel my organization to new strategic and innovative heights.”

Taylor Reid, MBA Certified Hockey Professional Candidate Global Proposal Manager, PwC

Certified Hockey Professional Designation

Game Day Management & Marketing

The Business of Hockey

This course examines the opportunities and challenges associated with the successful production of live hockey games. The majority of franchise revenues derive from home games. With a defined number of home games, it is essential that game-day operations and long-term revenue potential be recognized and fully maximized.

This course explore the trends and forces that currently define and influence the business of hockey. It also explores the forces that determine success off the ice for hockey franchises, with particular focus on competitive advantages within the league and local markets.

Marketing Hockey Strategically

The Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) curriculum consists of six, graduate-level courses that focus on business-related aspects of hockey. These courses were developed with input from executives representing both professional and amateur hockey (NHL, AHL, WHL, Hockey Canada, Hockey USA) and all functional areas of the hockey business (e.g., marketing, finance, operations, strategy). Completion of the six CHP courses is required to obtain the CHP designation. Student may enroll in the CHP courses as part of the MBA in Hockey Management, or independently as a stand-alone program. The CHP designation has three inter-related objectives: 1. Identify and recognize the executives and managers whose efforts make it possible for others to play and watch the most exciting sport on the planet; 2. Equip talented executives and managers with a business skillset that can be immediately applied to elevate performance in hockey-related roles; and 3. Improve the economic outcomes of professional and amateur hockey. The CHP designation is conferred upon individuals who satisfy the following requirements: 1. Demonstrated understanding of business fundamentals through previous post secondary education in business and/or employment experience in the functional areas of management; 2. Completed the six, specialized hockey management courses within the CHP curriculum; and 3. Three years of management experience, with at least two of those years within a hockey-related organization. businessofhockeyinstitute.com

CHP courses:


Hockey Operations

Hockey franchises derive the bulk of their revenues, directly and indirectly, from ticketing sales and ingress spending – the fans. The focus of this course is on identifying, understanding, and targeting the fans, viewers, and spectators with the greatest potential to increase a franchise’s profitability and valuation.

Hockey operations represent the bulk of a franchise’s expenses and have the most significant long-term impact on revenues and team equity. As a result, hockey operations have the biggest impact on a franchise’s bottom line, both directly (salaries) and indirectly (competitive advantage). It is essential that every hockey executive has a firm understanding of hockey operations and trends affecting them.

Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey

Managing Franchises Strategically*

Students are introduced to integrated marketing communications (IMC) to facilitate the building, maintaining, and leveraging of their franchises’ brand equity. The goal of IMC is to ensure consistency in the communication of the brand across all media and platforms, including advertising, promotion, communications, public relations, social media, and sales.

Students learn how to formulate, implement, and evaluate business strategies for achieving hockey organizations’ medium and long-term objectives. Unlike the hockey operations course which focuses on making hockey teams more competitive on the ice, this course focuses on making hockey organizations more competitive in the marketplace.

* This course includes a five day, in-residence component, which will usually take place in Toronto.

The MBA in Hockey Management Students may also pursue the six CHP courses within Athabasca University’s MBA in Hockey Management program

Phase One Developing a global management perspective Phase one is comprised of six foundational courses (plus orientation) followed by a week-long comprehensive exam. The comprehensive exam is case-based, completed online, and requires students to integrate and apply all that they have learned up to this point. Foundational courses:

› Orientation (one week online) › Strategic Management › Human Resources Management › Financial and Managerial Accounting

› Marketing Management › Managerial Economics and Quantitative Analysis › Operations Management › Comprehensive Exam

Following the successful completion of phase one, students are awarded the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Management (PBDM).

Phase Two Honing in on the unique demands of hockey Four advanced core courses solidify students’ holistic, organizational view of the senior management function.

› Information Technology Strategy › Corporate Finance

› Strategy and Organizational Analysis › Ethics and Decision Making

Six Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the hockey business:

› The Business of Hockey › Marketing Hockey Strategically › Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey

› Game Day Management & Marketing › Hockey Operations › Managing Franchises Strategically (In-resident component)

Following the successful completion of phase two, students are awarded the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and are eligible to apply for the CHP designation.



“BHI’s MBA in Hockey Management was appealing to me as there was nothing comparable offered anywhere else. The blend of hockey-specific and MBA courses allowed for the most well-rounded content and comprehensive learnings. The online delivery method provided an inclusive and flexible environment for me to develop a strong theoretical base while simultaneously continuing to further my career within the hockey industry – putting theory into practice.”

Brett Barnes, MBA, CHP Associate, RWG Sport Management

“The MBA/CHP program has been of great assistance to me in my day to day work within the hockey industry. I interact with other students in the hockey world who bring different perspectives on the business side of the game. I am gaining a solid platform of knowledge on different roles and areas in the industry that I would not have gained elsewhere. The MBA/CHP program gives me a certain pedigree as I look to progress my career as a player agent.”

Dave Cowan Certified Hockey Professional Candidate Student, MBA in Hockey Management Manager of Player Development, O2K Worldwide Management Group

Athabasca University

An evolution in advanced learning The Business of Hockey Institute’s academic partner, Athabasca University (AU), launched the world’s first fully interactive online MBA program, and since then, has continued to build a legacy of online excellence in graduate management education. Today, AU continues to be one of the largest providers of online education worldwide. AU is a public university, fully accredited by the Government of Alberta, and reporting to the provincial government through the Ministry of Advanced Education. In addition, AU is accredited in the United States through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), one of six regional organizations in the U.S. that accredits universities, and is a member of: to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business › Association (AACSB) › Association of Commonwealth Universities › Canadian Association for Graduate Studies › Canadian Virtual University

› International Council for Open and Distance Education › International Education Council › MBA Roundtable › Universities Canada

Online Learning Environment

In our online learning environment, students with diverse hockey backgrounds share their unique ideas, insights, and skills on a daily basis. BHI facilitates high-level interaction between students, as peer-to-peer learning is a key part of this program.

Visiting Students Students not pursuing the CHP designation may register in up to three of BHI’s specialized hockey courses on an individual basis. Single course registration is open to individuals with specific interests within the hockey business as well as those whose current circumstances preclude them from pursuing the full CHP designation. Students registering in single courses are considered visiting students. Should students wish to enroll in the full CHP education program after completing a single course(s), they may be eligible provided they meet all criteria.

To apply as a visiting student, individuals must submit:

› a completed application form, including the $200 application fee; › a current resume; › post-secondary transcripts; and › upon request, a brief essay/cover letter stating why the applicant wishes to complete one or more of the CHP courses. businessofhockeyinstitute.com



You control when and where

Asynchronous learning means you are never required to be online at a certain date and time. We have students and academics across Canada and around the world engaged in learning and teaching 24 hours a day.

You are expected to contribute 20 to 25 hours to your studies over five to six days per week, but when and where is completely up to you. Early mornings, over your lunch - whatever works for you, works for us.



Whether you are in Vancouver or New York, at home, at the arena, or mid-flight, you can engage with others and never worry about missing a lecture. Our robust learning environment allows you to work online or offline, so you can draft your work remotely and upload once you can connect to the internet again.

Too much flexibility can be as challenging as not enough. BHI’s courses have set start and end dates; work plans with assignment deadlines; and clear requirements for group work.

“Our program was designed by leading industry executives as a specialized hockey program from the ground up. It equips graduates with a skillset that allows them to elevate their performance in hockey-related roles and implement innovative business strategies to improve the economic outcomes of the sport.”

Manav Deol, JD, MBA Managing Director, Business of Hockey Institute

Admissions CHP admissions To be accepted into the Certified Hockey Professional (CHP) education program, you must have an understanding of the core concepts in each of the functional areas of management, which may be demonstrated through one, or a combination, of the following:

› › ›

you have an undergraduate degree in business or management from an accredited institution; or you have successfully completed business courses in each of the functional areas of management at an accredited institution; and/or you have 10 years of management experience in business.

MBA in Hockey Management admissions

Accelerated MBA admissions

To be accepted into the MBA in Hockey Management, you must follow one of the following pathways:

To be accepted into the accelerated MBA route, you must have the following:

› ›

you have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university plus at least THREE years of managerial experience;* or you have an accepted professional designation and at least FIVE years of managerial experience; or you have at least EIGHT years of progressively responsible managerial experience.

An undergraduate degree in business, completed within the past 10 years, with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, and at least THREE years of managerial experience.

Application package

Tuition and Fees

Your application package must include the following:

For a full fee schedule, please visit: business.athabascau.ca/mba/online-mba-hockey/ hockey-mba-tuition-fees/

1. Your detailed resume 2. University transcripts and/or proof of professional designation, if applicable 3. Three references attesting to your management experience and readiness for graduate studies 4. A brief essay outlining your expectations from the program 5. A completed online application form 6. A $200 non-refundable AU application fee

*Managerial experience must demonstrate progressive responsibility in managing people, projects, or budgets, or any combination of these.

Tuition includes all textbooks and learning environment software. Travel costs associated with in-residence sessions are not included, nor are Graduate Student Association (GSA) fees of $13 per credit. Students have a maximum of five years to complete the MBA in Hockey Management program. Athabasca University reserves the right to adjust fees at any time without notice.

7. An $800 non-refundable BHI application fee For detailed application package instructions, please visit: business.athabascau.ca/mba/online-mba-hockey/hockey-mba-admission-requirements/ businessofhockeyinstitute.com


Business of Hockey Institute 201, 13220 St. Albert Trail Edmonton, AB T5L 4W1

1-866-514-6182 (toll-free in North America) info@businessofhockeyinstitute.com businessofhockeyinstitute.com



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