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Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. 2019 Review Performance Report



Golden Supporters Lodge of the Liberal Arts Philip Galloway Margaret Leman (dec.) & Derek Neutze The Wallace Foundation

Special Supporters Alison Buchanan & Eric Johnston

General Supporters Rosemarie & Alex Biland Anna Brooker Bleau Bustenera Kerin Buttimore Nigel Chadwick Mark Close Gillian & Harold Coop Glenys & Michael Daniell Marcia Dwyer Ruth Ell Bruce Fergusson Judith & Alistair Freeman Richard Galloway

Diana Gash Julie Goodyer Dora Green Judith Gust Diane & Mark Hall Bob Kinnear Acer Lin Louise & AndrĂŠ Molon-Noblot Janis & Peter Metcalfe Mike & Sara Sullivan Tony Sullivan Pip Townend Elisabeth Wilson

And 13 anonymous General Supporters

ROLL OF HONOUR Recently we received a bequest from the estate of Beverley Simmons, for which we were most grateful. We appreciate those who have generously left bequests to AYO in the past: 2019 2013 2005 1999 1995 1988 1987

Beverley Alison Simmons Janetta McStay Moya Rea Norman W (Chip) Stevens Alicia Griffin Patricia Emma Sara Cole Alwyn Olive Hutchinson


THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS We thank the organisations below for their generous support which enables us to continue our work.


Founded in 1948, the Auckland Youth Orchestra (AYO) is the premier regional youth orchestra in New Zealand and was the first youth orchestra established in the Southern Hemisphere, designed to bridge the gap between school orchestras and adult professional groups. AYO inspires young people to excel through their love of musical performance and provides them with a wide range of cultural experiences, thus shaping our leaders of tomorrow. AYO makes an important contribution to the cultural life of Auckland and NZ. AYO performs up to 12 concerts a year throughout the upper North Island region and has attracted full houses at their concerts in many locations. This endeavour requires large operating costs and the AYO relies heavily on the generosity of our Sponsors, Subscribers, and Supporters. All grants and donations are helpful and greatly appreciated.



Governance Dame Catherine Tizard ONZ GCMG GCVO DBE QSO DStJ, Patron Michael McLellan, FTCL LRSM, President Alastair Clement, Vice-President

Executive Committee Alexander Cowdell Anne-Marie Forsyth Mary Lin Helen Lewis

Chairman Secretary Manager Treasurer

Antun Poljanich Rachael Brand Bryan Lin Lachlan Grant

Music Director Communications Assistant Manager Player Representative

Administration Alison Dunlop and Louise Roe Librarians

Honorary Members Alastair Clement Michael McLellan Anne Draffin Cameron Stuart

Lynn Pettit Barrie Ross Lois Westwood

Subscribing Members Philippa Black Rachael Brand Alexander Cowdell Ian Cunningham Warren Drake Anne-Marie Forsyth Mary Greig-Clayton Judith Gust Bob Kinnear

Helen Lewis Acer Lin Mary Lin Elizabeth Morris Stephanie Morris T. McD. Morton Grant Reay Diana Richardson Kevin & Jan Sutton


AYO PLAYERS in 2019 Violin I ‡ Jim Wu #Zosia Herlihy-O’Brien Kauri May Michael Luo Mana Waiariki Bryan Lin Chelsea Hong Angeline Xiao Reagan Luo Amber Edwards Walter Xu Lynn Han Jasper Yang Darren Breeze Michael Luo Ericia Chang Leonardo Zhuyan Violin II #Joseph Chen Kenny Li Gemma Nash Erin Lorenzo Santiago Romano Sadie Stroud Annalise Wong Martin Qiang Emily Kamimura Bethany Yates Kelly Siew Niki Ng Sungju An John Yang Isabella Healy Pui Hei Athena Shiu Sebastian Romano Viola # Jessie Anderson Jasper Anika Ong Lin Isaiah Kaiawe Rachel An Elise Ji Tal Amoore John Donaldson Jennifer Chen Nicholas Newman Irene Kim

Cello #Gabrielle Wu #Marcus Ho Phoebe Pierard Masha Pavlenko Damon Herlihy-O’Brien Michka Kangsathien Nathan Chen Claire Xu Wendy Ni Ben Lin

French Horn # Henry Close #Evan Metcalfe Jade Zhang Max Glazier Sean Tang Luke Lin

Double Bass # Thomas Hall # Alicia Kidd Hana Agatsuma John Moon

Trombone # Daniel Nihotte Amy Laithwaite Alexander Botha Tavite Tonga Mark Bingham

Flute #Jacob Webster Anna Kexin Zhang Micah Sullivan Linda Lin

Tuba # Lachlan Grant

Oboe # Akari Ouchi Matilda Hur Cor Anglais Jesse Niu

Clarinet # Kiara Kong Gautam Pathumanithy Clara Lui Matthew Donnelly Bassoon # Monica Dunn #Ricky Shi Sarah Li Contra Bassoon Charlotte Naden

Trumpet # Jake Krishnamurti Sang Hyun Kim James Brady

Timpani # Michael Cai Donovan Kelso Percussion # Naomi Kelly James Tang Michael Cai Donovan Kelso Michael Luo Harp Harrison Chau Piano Alexander Botha

Legend ‡ Concertmaster # Principal


Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Performance Report For the Year Ended 31 October 2019



Non-Financial Information: Entity Information


Statement of Service Performance


Financial Information: Accountant's Review Report


Statement of Financial Performance


Statement of Financial Position


Statement of Cash Flows


Statement of Accounting Policies


Notes to the Performance Report



Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Entity Information "Who are we?", "Why do we exist?"

For the Year Ended 31 October 2019 Legal Name of Entity: Other Name of Entity: Type of Entity and Legal Basis: Registration Numbers:

Auckland Youth Orchestra Incorporated AYO Incorporated Society and Registered Charity Incorporation Number: 221562 Charity Number: CC45382

Entity’s Mission The purpose of AYO is to maintain a symphony orchestra comprised of talented young musicians; to support and foster the orchestral education and training of its members; to promote and foster music in the community; to encourage and support the composition and performance of music; to collaborate with and support any institution, society or other body whose objects are similar to the objects of the Society; to act in the interests of its members and the Orchestra for the benefit of the community in the Auckland region. Entity’s Structure The Society is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the Music Director, elected Members of the Society and elected Player Representatives. The Executive Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the Society's governance and operations. An Artistic Sub-Committee (including the Music Director) sets the works to be performed each year. The Society's investments are managed by the Finance Sub-Committee (including the Treasurer). The Orchestra Manager is responsible for preparing the calendar of concerts, tours and rehearsals, booking venues and managing players. Main Sources of the Entity's Cash and Resources The Society relies on a range of sources of income to enable successful operation, the main ones being revenues from concerts, donations from Supporters, grants, investment income and subscription income from players. Main Methods Used by the Entity to Raise Funds Concert revenues are received in the form of donations and ticket sales. Our Supporters programme offers reserved seating to Supporters in the Town Hall in appreciation of their donations. Players pay a modest annual subscription of $150 as a contribution towards the running costs. Entity's Reliance on Volunteers and Donated Goods or Services The Society is run on a voluntary basis. The Music Director, Orchestra Manager and Assistant Orchestra Manager are offered small annual honoraria and all other work by the Executive Committee is voluntary. Running the orchestra absorbs many hundreds of hours for each programme and the voluntary roles include marketing and publicity, treasury/finance/accounts, supporter liaison, music procurement/library. In addition, volunteers run an annual Soloist Competition for players and manage the hiring and maintenance of instruments. Additional Information The Auckland Youth Orchestra (AYO) is the premier youth orchestral institution in New Zealand. Since its inception in 1948, more than 2,600 young musicians have benefitted from expert training in orchestral playing. AYO is usually comprised of around 75 musicians, aged 14-26 years old. The orchestra performs up to 12 concerts annually to a total audience of approximately 5,000 people. Involvement in the Orchestra enables young people to gain performance and life experience, learn new musical skills and build music industry relationships. Physical Address: Postal Address: Email/Website: Social Media:

C/- 28 Freya Place, Torbay, Auckland 0630 PO Box 99830, Newmarket, Auckland 1149 ayo@ayo.org.nz www.ayo.org.nz

Telephone: (09) 473-1171

facebook.com/AYOrchestra twitter.com/AYOrchestra instagram.com/aucklandyouthorchestra


Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Statement of Service Performance "What did we do?", When did we do it?"

For the Year Ended 31 October 2019

Description of the Entity’s Outcomes AYO in 2019 comprised a total of 89 talented young musicians from around the wider Auckland region who had successfully auditioned to be a part of this experience; throughout the year they were offered training in the skills of orchestral playing and the opportunity to build friendships with other like-minded young people. Training & Development Major symphonic works which offered challenge and development opportunity to the players were programmed and prepared under the expert guidance of the Conductor and professional musicians who tutored the sections. Most of the tutors were members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra; building connections with such people helped the players in their personal musical development and in learning more about a potential career as a professional musician. Concerts The orchestra presented three concert programmes in 2019, each of which included a performance in the Auckland Town Hall to enthusiastic, capacity audiences. Works performed in 2019 were: Composer Programme 1: Li Huanzi Chen & He Schumann

Chinese Spring Festival Overture Butterfly Lovers Concerto Gloria Tian Symphony No.1 (Spring)

Programme 2: Strauss Mouquet Prokofiev

Horn Concerto No.1 La Flute de Pan Symphony No. 7

Programme 3: Kihoon Sung Rachmaninov Strauss

Niflheim Piano Concerto No.2 Don Juan



Henry Close Jacob Webster

Kent Isomura

Promoting Music in the Community For several years, AYO's Auckland Town Hall concerts have been offered free to the community. The cost of attending a symphony concert can be a deterrent for many, and so a free concert allows them to participate in enjoying the arts. Our full houses typically represent a wide range in both age and cultural background. Tours AYO continued its strong history of presenting concerts in cities and towns outside of Auckland in 2019, with concerts being well-received in Whitianga, Katikati, Whangarei, Warkworth, Helensville, Howick, Orewa (x2) and Cambridge. Weekend tours offer the players the benefits of learning to be adaptable in performing in a variety of venues and of building social relationships with one another. Costs of touring are significant and the players pay for their own hostel accommodation and food; AYO covers the transportation expenses of hiring of two coaches and a truck. Soloist Competition This annual in-house competition offers AYO players an opportunity to compete for donated monetary prizes and the winner gains the additional sought-after prize of performing with the orchestra the following year. The winner and two runner-ups of the 2018 competition all had opportunities to perform as soloists with AYO in 2019. The 2019 competition had sixteen entries and, as usual, it was adjudicated by the Conductor and two other professional musicians.


Young Soloists All three programmes this year contained a concerto work for solo instrument with orchestra. With the exception of the pianist, Kent Isomura, all the soloists were AYO players. Such solo performances are rare and valuable opportunities for musicians and their impressive performances provided inspiration for the orchestra and audiences alike. Collaboration With Other Institutions The orchestra's relationship with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO) was continued this year. The APO consulted with AYO regarding repertoire to be included in their annual "Big Play In" for young musicians and many AYO players were involved in that event. In addition to AYO's own concert programmes, the orchestra was engaged to accompany the combined forces of the Auckland Chinese Philharmonic Choir and the Sichuan Conservatory of Music Professors' Choir in a performance of the Yellow River Cantata in the Auckland Town Hall.

Description and Quantification of the Entity's Outputs

Number of players involved during the year Number of rehearsal and tutoring hours provided to players Number of NZ concerts performed (additional 6 in Europe in 2018) NZ Concerts (included above) outside the Auckland region Total audience numbers over all NZ concerts in the year Total audience numbers over all concerts in the Europe Tour

2019 89 113 12 8 5,900 -

2018 80 130 10 6 3,100 2,100


INDEPENDENT ASSURANCE PRACTITIONER'S REVIEW REPORT AUCKLAND YOUTH ORCHESTRA INCORPORATED We have reviewed the accompanying financial statements of the Auckland Youth Orchestra Incorporated, which comprise the statement of financial position as at October 31, 2019, and the statement of financial performance, and statement of cashflows for the year then ended, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.

Executive Committee's Responsibility for the Financial Statements The Executive Committee is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with New Zealand equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards and for such internal control as the Executive Committee determines is necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Assurance Practitioner's Responsibility Our responsibility is to express a conclusion on the accompanying financial statements. We conducted our review in accordance with International Standard on Review Engagements (New Zealand) (ISRE (NZ)) 2400, Review of Historical Financial Statements Performed by an Assurance Practitioner who is Not the Auditor of the Entity. ISRE (NZ) 2400 requires us to conclude whether anything has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the financial statements, taken as a whole, are not prepared in all material respects in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. This Standard also requires us to comply with relevant ethical requirements. A review of financial statements in accordance with ISRE (NZ) 2400 is a limited assurance engagement. The assurance practitioner performs procedures, primarily consisting of making enquiries of management and others within the entity, as appropriate, and applying analytical procedures, and evaluates the evidence obtained. The procedures performed in a review are substantially less than those performed in an audit conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (New Zealand). Accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion on these financial statements. Other than in our capacity as assurance practitioner we have no relationship with, or interests in, Auckland Youth Orchestra Incorporated.

Basis for Qualified Conclusion As is usual with organisations of this nature, control over the revenues from door collections prior to being recorded is limited, and there are no practical review procedures to determine the effect of this limited control.

Qualified Conclusion Based on our review, except for the possible effects of the matter described in the Basis for Qualified Conclusion paragraph, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the accompanying financial statements do not present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Auckland Youth Orchestra Incorporated as at October 31, 2019, and its financial performance and cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with the New Zealand Equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards.

Kennerley & Co Chartered Accountants Limited Auckland 26 November 2019


Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Statement of Financial Performance For the Year Ended 31 October 2019

$ Note



Income Donations, Grants and Sponsorship Fees, Subscriptions and Donations from Members Revenue from Providing Goods & Services Interest, Dividends and Other Investment Revenue Other Revenue Europe Tour Levies from Playing Members

Expenditure Volunteer and Officer-Related costs Costs Related to Providing Goods or Services Grants and Donations Made - Stevens Award Other Expenses Europe Tour Expenses

Net Surplus for Year

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8

25,867 43,816 20,196 49,810 700 -

30,165 31,034 11,724 25,800 259,933



13,600 74,142 1,500 8,111 -

13,000 43,865 1,500 8,198 286,893






Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Statement of Financial Position As At 31 October 2019 $ Current Assets Cash & Deposits Debtors & Prepayments


Note 9


15,213 3,918

12,702 5,345 19,131

Non-Current Assets Investments: Shares and Bonds Term Deposits

Fixed Assets

Note 11

271,484 269,844

Note 12

Total Assets Less: Current Liabilities Sundry Creditors Amounts Received in Advance Unspent Grant

242,091 256,859 541,328






8,026 3,130 500

Accumulated Funds Opening Balance Surplus for Year Closing Balance


6,533 2,217 11,656




295,153 43,036

289,953 5,200 338,189


Insurance Reserve Foundation Fund

30,000 236,166

30,000 236,166




For and on behalf of the Society




Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended 31 October 2019 $



Cash Flows from Operating Activities Cash was received from: Donations, Grants & Sponsorship Fees, Subscriptions and Donations from Members Receipts from providing goods or services Interest, dividends and other investment receipts Net GST (Paid) / Received Europe Tour Levies Cash was applied to: Payments to suppliers and employees Donations, grants and competition prize money paid Europe Tour Expenses Net Cash Flows from Operating Activities

25,867 45,336 20,196 20,417 283 -

24,165 37,251 11,724 20,440 1,441 259,933

(83,526) (5,261) -

(55,315) (5,726) (286,893)



700 -


Cash flows from Investing and Financing Activities Cash was received from: Receipt on Sale of Instrument Case Receipt on maturity of investment Cash was applied to: Payments to acquire equipment Net transfer of funds from Cash to Term Deposits Interest on Term Deposits Reinvested

(8,517) (3,000) (9,984)

(5,216) (9,475)



Net Increase in Cash Opening Cash Closing Cash

2,511 12,702 15,213

(671) 13,373 12,702

This is represented by: Cash and Deposits



Net Cash Flows from Investing and Financing Activities


Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Statement of Accounting Policies For the Year Ended 31 October 2019 Auckland Youth Orchestra (Inc.) has elected to apply PBE SFR-A (NFP) Public Benefit Entity Simple Format Reporting - Accrual (Not-For-Profit) on the basis that it does not have public accountability and has total annual expenses of equal to or less than $2,000,000. General Accounting Policies The general accounting principles recognised by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand have been adopted in the preparation of these financial statements and include the following: 1. The measurement basis is historical cost unless otherwise stated; 2. The Orchestra will continue in operation as a going concern for the foreseeable future; 3. Revenues earned and expenses incurred are matched in accordance with the principles of accrual accounting. Specific Accounting Policies The following specific accounting principles which materially affect the measurement of financial performance and position have been applied: Grants Grants received are considered a liability until spent. Only the portion of grants expended is shown as Income, with the unexpended balance shown as a liability. Depreciation Depreciation has been calculated using the diminishing value method for all assets. Instruments and General Equipment are depreciated at 10%DV and the Music Library is depreciated at 25%DV. Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets are recorded at cost less accumulated depreciation.

Goods and Services Tax These financial accounts are prepared exclusive of GST. Income Tax Auckland Youth Orchestra (Inc.) is wholly exempt from New Zealand income tax having fully complied with all statutory conditions for these exemptions. Investments Investments in shares and bonds are recorded at fair value with value changes recognised in profit or loss. They are originally recorded at cost and are subsequently revalued to the closing market price each balance date with the change in value being recognised in the Statement of Financial Performance. Premiums on bonds purchased are matched against interest received in the year of purchase. Interest received on investments is recorded on a cash basis or when compounded. Legacies Major legacies received are invested and the resulting net annual income received is applied to operating expenses. Changes in Accounting Policies The accounting policies have been applied on a basis consistent with those used in the prior year.


Auckland Youth Orchestra Inc. Notes to the Performance Report For the Year Ended 31 October 2019 Note 1 Donations, Grants and Sponsorship Grants for Regular Operations Wallace Foundation Creative Communities NZ Waitemata Local Board Albert-Eden Local Board Grants for New Instruments Dragon Community Trust - bass trombone Total Grants Donations from the public



6,250 6,000 4,000 3,500 19,750

6,000 6,000



19,750 6,117 25,867

8,000 22,165 30,165

8,000 6,500 5,000 2,000 1,000 3,825 26,325 700 12,330 4,461 43,816

8,000 6,500 900 3,355 18,755 710 11,569 31,034

17,256 2,890 50 20,196

7,989 3,555 180 11,724

20,417 29,393 49,810

20,440 5,360 25,800

In previous years the regular support received from Wallace Foundation has been classified as a "Donation from Supporters". This year it was received via the Wallace Foundation's revised grant process and the comparative figures have been reclassified accordingly. 2




Fees, Subscriptions and Donations from Members & Supporters Lodge of the Liberal Arts P Galloway Margaret Leman Bequest - Estate of Beverley Simmons Special Supporters General Supporters Donations from Supporters Subscriptions and Donations from Public Members Subscriptions & Fees from Playing Members Local Tour Levies from Playing Members

Revenue from Providing Goods & Services Concert Ticket Sales to the Public Instrument Hire Music Hire

Investment Income Interest and Dividends Received Net Change in Fair Value of Listed Investments (Note 11)

Other Revenue Gain on Disposal of Instrument Case



Note 6





2019 Volunteer and Officer-Related costs Conductor's Honorarium & Expenses Manager's Honorarium & Expenses Assistant Manager's Honorarium & Expenses Officers' Expenses

Costs Related to Providing Goods or Services Cost of NZ Concerts Cost of Soloist Competition Storage Rehearsal Venue Hire Tutoring Music Hire Other

Other Expenses Accountant's Review Fee Depreciation Instrument Repairs

Debtors & Prepayments GST Receivable Sundry Receivables Prepayment Deposits to Suppliers


7,000 5,000 400 1,200 13,600

7,000 5,000 1,000 13,000

44,303 7,283 5,745 3,140 3,158 5,563 4,950 74,142

24,041 3,029 5,539 3,210 2,632 1,906 3,508 43,865

1,300 6,037 774 8,111

1,300 6,142 756 8,198

3,062 349 507 3,918

3,345 2,000 5,345

Concerts Proceeds Costs Net Cost of Concerts Players' Levies Players' Costs Net Players' Costs Net Cost of 2019 Concert Programmes Additional Concert Costs re 2018 Net Income from Chinese Concert Net Costs of Concerts Concerts were presented at:

Total 15,373 (39,611) (24,238)

Prog. 1 4,554 (13,847) (9,293)

Prog. 2 5,358 (12,170) (6,812)

Prog. 3 5,461 (13,594) (8,133)

4,461 (4,376) 85

1,957 (1,782) 175

2,504 (2,594) (90)


(24,153) (161) 7,844 (16,470)




Town Hall Whitianga Katikati Orewa

Town Hall Whangarei Warkworth Helensville

Town Hall Howick Cambridge Orewa 11

Note 11

Investments designated as Fair Value Through Profit or Loss 2019 $ Investments - Shares SmartFONZ Kiwi Property Group Australian Foundation Investment Co. Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust

Investments - Bonds Vector Ltd (5.7% Bonds)


Movements in Year Change in Fair Value


Purchased/ (Sold)


83,516 70,755 32,430 24,621

12,561 12,237 2,346 1,322

70,955 58,518 30,084 23,299












Fixed Assets Total

Instruments 10%DV

Music 25%DV


General Equipment 10%DV

This Year Opening Carrying Amount Additions/Disposals Current Year Depreciation Charge Closing Carrying Amount

53,072 8,517 (6,037) 55,552

40,752 8,517 (4,644) 44,625

1,105 (271) 834

(1,122) 10,093

Last Year Opening Carrying Amount Additions/Disposals Current Year Depreciation Charge Closing Carrying Amount

59,214 (6,142) 53,072

45,280 (4,528) 40,752

1,473 (368) 1,105

12,461 (1,246) 11,215


During the year a new Edwards bass trombone was purchased.


Note 13 Accrued Interest In accordance with our accounting policy for investments, interest has been recorded on a cash basis or when it has been compounded. Total interest earned but not accrued at 31 October 2018 amounted to $2,030 (Last Year: $2,025).


Commitments There are no commitments as at balance date (Last Year: The orchestra was committed to purchasing an Edwards bass trombone costing $8,513, for which it had already paid a $2,000 deposit using a grant of the same amount received from Dragon Community Trust in 2018).


Contingent Liabilities There are no contingent liabilities at year end (Last Year: Nil).


Related Party Transactions Description of Related Party Relationship

Description of the Transaction

Anne-Marie Forsyth, Secretary, Coaches for NZ weekend tours owns New Zealand Easybook Tours were booked through Easybook (2006) Ltd. Tours. Air tickets for the Europe Tour were booked through Easybook Tours.

Antun Poljanich and Mary Lin, Music Director and Manager, jointly own Educonnect Ltd.

Overland Europe Tour costs were booked through Educonnect.

Value of Amount Outstanding Transactions This Year Last Year This Year Last Year $8,013












All services provided by Educonnect and Easybook were charged at less than market rates. Executive Committee


Members of the governing group have used their professional skills to provide services at no charge to the charity.



Events After the Balance Date There were no events that occurred after the balance date having a material impact on the Performance Report (Last Year: Nil).


Profile for Auckland Youth Orchestra

AYO 2019 Review  


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