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CITY WILDS Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. summer 2017, Xueting Zhou,

As neighborhood populations in Birmingham are decreasing, the results is more abandoned land and buildings. Because there is significantly more vacant properties than can be realistically occupied, the question becomes how to best utilize the empty spaces. City wilds are a combination of novel ecosystems and design ecosystems. The city wilds occur when the city will prepare the land first, and then let the natural growth take over to benefit the city in ecology, economic, and social aspects. In another word, humans provide a condition and nature fills it in.

ACTIVE CONNECTION Lagrange, Georgia, U.S. Spring 2017, Xueting Zhou,

Enhancing resilience in physically vulnerable areas amongst socially vulnerable populations is most effective with participation from the local community. This design incorporates an approach that transforms numerous community problems into citizen driven methodologies for data collection and design decision making. The engagement process specifically works to enhance the condition of the neighborhood and the methods for collecting data on these problems through education, awareness, and feedback that support Active Connection in the Hiilside neighborhood.

WILDLIFE CULTIVATING Demopolis, Alabma, U.S. Fall 2017, Xueting Zhou,

Many of today’s city forest patches are spatially separated from their surrounding communities because the density of vegetation makes it difficult for people to get into the forests. Wildlife Cultivating incorporates activities for surrounding school to lead the engagement of community to cultivate wildlife, to finding, and fostering a stronger relationship between people and wildlife as well as wildlife preservation.

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The project is a riverside urban park in Columbus, GA with a detailed focus on community integration and topographic resolution. A series of materials explorations, along and diital modeling, program interpretation, and the mediation of local conditions will serve as design catalysts. The site is inprired by the physical and digital model exploration.

Columbus, Georgia, U.S. Fall 2016, Xueting Zhou,

Rhino models

Plaster models

CNC models

PLANT EPHEMERALITY Auburn, Alabama, U.S. Fall 2016, Xueting Zhou,

The project is a surgical landscape installation intended to reveal the dynamic, complex, rich potential that plants possess within the landscape. This installation depends on plants to register the persistent changes that occur as days turn into weeks, into months, into years, etc. Design a landscape proposal for the aevus project that uses plants to heighten the awareness of the tremendous change of the seasons

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Go outside to learn plants in the Southerneast.

Xueting Zhou,

Summer 2016,

Auburn, Alabama, U.S.


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