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ENSAN Accomodation

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Socials structures Performed in Lille, ( National superior School of Architecture and Landscape) this workshop was dedicated to an association of unfavorized families : "Childrens of the parc". Located on a parc near their school, the area our school had to work on was their playground. This is why we worked by groups of 10 students on play spaces and structures for them. With a limited stock of wood, our 7 groups of students worked on structures which could offer original and fun places to play on. In our site, we wanted to offer three structures to suggest a nice diversity of ways to play, among climbing, exploring, walking, reading and chilling. This work was really intersting from a social point of view but also for the architectural and structural work. It was my first work at a real scale and it was as complex as interesting to make our structure being resistant an safe. in our group, we were responsible for the highest structure, wich turned out to be a real challenge to create in 2 weeks. It was one of my best experience of team working, in the way that it was really different to build a 4m High strucuture and to speak and debate on an invented project. The photomontage right under the text shows how we expcted the structure to be used and i was really pleased to see, weeks afterwards, children playing and having fun on our structure.


Spatials sculptures

this artwork was about creating different sculptures aimed to evoke new volumes, dynamism and perspectives. My art process was to create a referencial sculpture (the first left one) based on traditionnal architectural forms like archs and poles. Interpreting and modifying the language of this reference, i created my personnal spatial structure also influenced by the work of katarzyna kobro, an artist who fascinated me when i saw her in pompidou museum in Paris. Playing with straight lines and one or two curves created for me a strong framework. Working on the tension between straight plans and curves plans brought me to think about the dynamism, and the global interpretation of these sculptures. Fixing the scale with people create an architectural dimension, between irrationnal public space, theatral scene and skateboard spots. Defining a colorimetrical chart and an infinite horizon links all the work on a dream dimension, open to interpretation. This project was really important for me, as my first complete art work, from the idea to the global design. It also had a strong impact on my architectural vision about tensions and rythm of curves an straight lines, things that interest me and brought me to read and learn about other artists who also made similar workpieces.

Personnal reference


Co-location in nantes framing and overflowing This project, based in Nantes, was about designing a house for a colocation. The 80 of us had a 10x10 parcell each and all the parcells were joined together. I decided to make a collocation between two persons having different life styles : Two students and one old couple.

regular blocks and a garden

Open a block to create a view

north elevation

Create an acess with a slope

a garden overflowing

south elevation

ground floor :

second floor :

third floor :

old couple

student first floor

students second floor

block plan

Site & Location

Co-location two teenagers

Old couple

During this project, i was reading and studying the masterpiece of Claude Parent : "Vivre a l'oblique." It made me ask myself questions about the benefits and the interests of slanted walls. the parcell, located in an urban parc was surrounded by a forest. This is why i wanted to focus on the site amenities for this project. The design process, being landscape-oriented, consists of an extrusion on regular blocks in order to captivate an original, intimate and private view of the forest. South oriented, i wanted to make a common access to the private space created by the extrusion. Slanting the principal wall was intentionnal; it made a sunnier space and a new way to assimilate an original sloped garden. It sums an access to the student accomodation, the access to the forest view and a sunny relaxation place. Mixing architecture and a lanscape approach of the site brought me to design a powerful living space, axed on the exterior circulation and the relation that it creates with the different urban and vegetal views. Thinking about urbanity, we made a large urban place, unifiying the floor of our projects by different green spaces. Being stuck between two other projects gave another power about the created view, as a respiration and an insiration for the public space.

I also wanted to achieve all my graphic pieces without any informatic help (exept the front view)


Material and context accroche The project site, the "Fleuriot de l'angle square" , being located in front of the "center" tramway station in Lille, challenges it's position within the urban space. As a matter of fact, this place suffers from a lack of attractivity in spite of it being right in the center of Nantes, reliant on internal problems, on it's organization, it's content as well as external factors. Badly integrated with existing transportation, and challenged by more advantageous areas, the square as it is today is, at the scale of the neighbourhood, isolated. Working on such a project, with the urban density and it's problematic had been my first real architecture project, in term of site analysis and urban implantation. It also had been a great experience as the first real informatic render, with photo realists collage and render views. This project also finished by an intensive week, in wich one we had to make a detail of our building at the 1:2 scale. Particularly interesting, it learnt to us the constructives details, at a scale that is often forgotten. we choose to make the top inclinated jonction between vertical facade and the slanted top roof wall. Working with real materials, at such a scale was a new challenge, combning rigor, adaptation and mind working.

museum + terrasse

halls + shops


an isolated urban place

unification of the

elevation of a monolith

formal hanging to t

Internal floors disaligned with the facade

treatement of t

public floor

the existing facade

the roofing

implantation of the Building

creation of a rupture

Hanging to the public space 6

The p precis which chara build As a m sert a by the placed Howev the fa be sho new b a plac the di in min was a nizati comme conne tion o redefi mediar

Longitudinal section

In fac will o is intr housin cultur a wide vities.

project Accroche is supported by a se context analysis, at all scales, enabled us to identify clearly all acteristics of the place in order to a coherent implantation strategy. matter of fact, the goal was to ina building that seemed to be built e context and that have a logically d elements. ver, our analysis brought to evidence act that the intervention couldn't ortened only to the settling of a built entity. The square, soon to be ce, had to be linked to the rest of istrict not to isolate it. With that nd, a work on a global public space necessity. It consists in the homogeion of the urban ground, making the ercial space entirely pedestrian, by ecting it to our place. The implantaof the building and this intervention ines the square Fleuriot as an interry place within a pedestrian flow.

ct, the building program reinforce this of giving life back to the place: it roduced as a mixed program, between ng (going from T1 to T5), shops and ral spaces (a museum), thus offering e range of new and attractive acti.

Ground floor plan

first/ second floor plan

third, fourth floor plan

frontal elevation


Extreme situation In-Tensity

" Their utopic constructions will support unexpected and innovative actions, the available construction techniques or will borrow ideas to areas close to archit The aim of the project is to use our creative potential so as to cope with extreme situations. It can be either climatic, social or even political extreme situations. The idea developped is that "the worst disaster always show what we stop thinking about". Following that, dealing with extreme situation would be the best way never to forget what is important. This semester was based on reflexion, utopia, humanitarian vision and the idea of innovative performances. The project has to deal with the territorial scale as well as the scale of the community, the house, the object. It's pluridisciplinary in the way of working and in the scale of study. Leaving the question of style and architectural classic or historic language, they use mutation, assemblage, different languages to create a universe where extreme situations helps people to imagine new perspectives of living spaces. "obviously poetic".

A random kite in Berlin - Tempelhof

located in Berlin, in Tempelhof flughafen, our extreme extreme population of migrants in the old airport, as o largest urban parc of Berlin, located a few meters one Another stake here in berlin is the integration of the mi with the german population. This is why our program is abo large space between the two large roads in order to cr ,housing and sports park to solve our two main objective

With it's dimensions, this space is exposed to a regular allows germans to practice this intergenerational hobby Universal source of poetry, kites have become our first r or on the ground, these light bursts of colors are aimed as architectural structures.

Fed by other main references, our work from kites also w light structures and architectures such as in the works and Jacob Hashimoto in order to create a landscape comp ful kite sea as Louise Bourgeois could design.

Marck Ricketts : Flight

Jacob Hasmioto : SuperLiner

ey will use tecture "

condition was an opposed with the from another. igrant population out investing this reate a cultural es.

daily wind, which y : the kite. reference, flying to be reinvented

went on stacking of Marck Rickett posed by a color-

wave drawing : Louise Bourgeois



In-Tensity has been one of my favorite project, by it's poetic and sensitive approach, it teached us an extraordinary vision of architecture, more than spaces, the global reflection of this project is something that i didn't experienced since i began studying architecture. We had the entire freedom of doing whatever we wanted as soon as it was smart, poetic and promised to be something innovative and useful for humanity. This irrational vision of architecture was a dream respiration during our studies. Making lights superstructure in opposition to the largest building which was the Nazi airport makes sense and is a brutal position that is assumed by the program. Interpreting the language of kites and light structures like frei Otto made years before, made us design single superstructures that are combined with differents uses. Three superstructures about housing are spread on the site but are combined with schools, markets, library, museum, theater, cinema, sports structure, fun fair, hotpot garden.. Working first with collages, in order to position our programs, we then designed the structures and their dimensions in order to be as faithful as possible to our intentions. Each superstructure was designed as a sculptural space, and will be presented on the next few pages. More than a structural challenge, the way to represent the project was unusual an teached us a lot of new instruments in order to create our wanted ambiences.



Festapel Fun Fair




Stunt Markt Market



hothouse plants


OttoNom H ousing


Lz. Natur48 greenhouse


housing space

Rokaku Scene Concert membrane structure top structure aerial walk separations greenhouse triple scene


An outdoor aerial walk contemplating the kite sea

one of the ground places animated by tensiles follies



Social housing In and out A work with Emma grolleau




Renewable energy Tournesol

Passionated by renewable energies, with a friend of mine, we created as a personnal project, the "Tournesol". Inspired by sunflowers and solar oven, we decided to design an innovating concept for cooking and warming stuff. We found the morpholgy of the parabol very interesting by it focusing central point. Helped by some professors , we did some math in order to follow the sun path at each moment and each time of the year. By analysing the parabole, we defined the total productivity of our system in order to be able to use it as efficiency as possible. It was a fun and self made project to work on, it opened my mind to global awarness of environemental issues and more precisely with solar energy. This is a philosophy that i want to translate into my architectural design process. Actually, the professor who helped us is using our project to teach personal investment to students and invite them to develop their own projects.


Professionnal Longboard activity : Growing while being interested by urban spaces and architecture brought me to use and practice skateboard from my oldest age. More than a single wood deck, skateboarding teached me a lot about urban spaces and it's related problematics. Being passionate by this sport, and by training with rigor, sensitivity and creativity propulsed me to a professional activity of longboarding. These boards, longer than a normal skateboard, give me the opportunity to make some freestyles choregraphies. Longboard dancing is often described as the urban ice skating. But, as it is a younger sport, all the strict rules present in ice skating are not established, so, wether it be in training or in competition, a total freedom and appropriation of spaces is allowed. The fondamental work with spaces and body when i elaborate choregraphies is linked to architectural sensations and experimentations. Working space with new dimension like rapidity, fluidity, tricks spots, had brought me a new vision of spaces and urban spaces that enrich me in most of my architectural projects. What is used to differentiate all the riders is mainly the universe created. I have naturally created mine, between all my hobbies, center of interests and sources of inspiration. Mixing breakdances moves, classical dances, somes top rocks foot works and skateboarding tricks. My diverse approaches of longboard dance aspire me to modificate standards of this sport and not to fix it by rules or basic ways to learn it. As a Professional rider, i represent different brands so that they can buy me all the stuff and travels i need to practice in the best way. In return, i produce photos, videos to promote their brand. Again, i mix differents styles and approaches to make photos and videos the most consonant to my universe. More than the responsabilities and the experience through sponsoring, these other way to express myself brought me to learn and to understand videos and photographic bases.


Professionnal Longboard activity :


( This collectively individual sport transcribes itself in collective training sessions with friends or during national and worldwide competitions.

discovering my universe

Judged on different criteria such as fluidity, speed, style, technique and originality, riders have to prepare different choregraphies and tricks to be the most unique and stylish as possible. the competition having multiple runs, it lasts all the afternoon so to finish in the evening with the finals, consisting of 10 riders having each 2min30 to express.

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Concentration, cold-blood and regularity are keys to success. Being judged and expressing oneself before hundreds of people calls for great self-confidence and regularity. Thinking of the space, adaptivity, creativity and hard working, all those qualities that i developped while making choregraphies add up to create my lifestyle. Always self educated, one of the main adjective for defining my style is also sensitivity. Not about emotions, but a sensibility about mixing, being attentive and critical about arts and things created. Longboard also expresses itself in different videos uploaded on youtube and one of my project, in collaboration with Nantes city, is to praise the city with 6 short videos of 1 minute each, being in different spots at different time of the day. It links longboarding with urban discovering and mainly architecuture with famous places in Nantes. Working on it and on different other video like atmosphere and textures video about skateboarding, i am offering a regular content on my youtube channel in order to offer people different ways to see my passion and different co-related subjects about me and longboarding. Representing differents brands, using social medias is fondamental and is one more way to express myself and to reflect my universe. Uploading photos and videos on my instagram profile give me a regular and rigorous social media activity.

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(podium, 4th place)


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Portfolio - Aubry Ramillon  

Related works from 2016 to 2018

Portfolio - Aubry Ramillon  

Related works from 2016 to 2018