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JAN. 2018 • ISSUE NO. 1

NTC NEWS live, shop, dine and play #nexttochicago

A Note from the Editor Happy New Year and welcome to the launch of NTC News! This idea has been evolving in my head for the last five years and is finally a cohesive vision of local information ready to be delivered to your inbox monthly. NTC News is designed to provide something for everyone, if you think it is missing something, let me know! I am proud to launch NTC News at my new brokerage, Jacknow Realty. Keep an eye on us in the coming months, there are lots of exciting updates in the works! I would like to thank every local business who contributed to this month's newsletter, I so enjoy working with all of you and you make my job amazing! Special shout out to the women at Home Ec., Natalie and Kim for all of the beautiful interior photos. Don't miss their tips for updating your home. From all of us at Jacknow Realty, enjoy, and cheers to a new year!! Aubrey Jacknow





get fit #nexttochicago AN EXCLUSIVE GUIDE AND DEALS TO MY FAVORITE LOCAL FITNESS STUDIOS January is a time for new. While that means something different for everyone, the fitness industry is always booming come January 1st! These local studios feature amazing classes, instructors and most importantly, the owners create an atmosphere that is welcoming and fun, something you don't always find at a large gym. In no particular order, here are four can't miss studios and deals, with a bonus class for your kids!

Constance Contursi Barker, owner 811 South Blvd, Oak Park What makes your studio special? Hit It!® Fitness is special because we offer a variety of formats all under one roof. Our classes are progressive and always changing which in turn makes them super effective. We are also truly a community who welcomes new-comers in and treats them like family. Our "family" celebrates each others victories and is always there in times of need…also, what other studio owner texts and calls you personally when you fall off the wagon? What is one of your favorite client success stories? Michelle Cole is my fave! Michelle was very on again, off again. She'd lose ton of weight, and put it back on and repeat until we sat down and came up with a game-plan. Michelle has made this a lifestyle and that has truly changed her body and her life.

Ali Hines, owner 1040 Lake Street, Oak Park What makes your studio special? Our Community!  Our workouts are awesome and speak for themselves, but our community is truly unique and special.  I’ve never been around such a supportive and inspirational group of women who truly lift one another up on a daily basis.   What is one of your favorite client success stories?  My favorite success story is when I hear a client say that we've changed their lifestyle. Attending class is only the first step to achieving the life you want; applying what you learn in class to the rest of your life outside of class is where you find success. During class we not only challenge your physical limits, but we also challenge your mental limits. It's all about making a mind-body connection, accepting who you are, and embracing what you have! What current membership specials do you have?   You get a FREE week, you get a FREE week, and YOU get a FREE week! All new clients receive their first week free, and then one month unlimited for $99. Just head over to our Online Store to sign up.

What is something about your studio that people may not know from looking at your website? Although our class formats are featured on our website, most people still have no idea that we offer such a variety of classes.  The Barre Code truly is a one-stop shop where clients can get a wellrounded fitness regimen, without having to join multiple studios.  Once clients discover our What current membership specials do you have? workouts, they don’t leave!  The variety keeps them We have a trial for new-members and are running a challenged both physically and mentally, and they free month for any new memberships in Jan! Plus if love the results they get! you refer someone new to our studio, you get a free month! Want to try The Barre Code? Use promo code JACKNOWREALTY and get $10 off your New Client What is something about your studio that people One Month Unlimited! may not know from looking at your website? We really care about you. The owner sits down with every new client so that beget to know who you are, what your needs and preferences are and what you can expect from us. We also have childcare! Want to try Hit It! Fitness? Mention JACKNOW REALTY and receive 5 classes for $55!

cont. get fit #nexttochicago Jackie Benson, owner 7511 Lake Street, River Forest What makes your studio special? CycleBar delivers concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout. From our Spotify playlists to our complimentary water bottles, you will enjoy every aspect of your ride with us! What is one of your favorite client success stories? We like to think that anyone who walks in the door is a client success story. If our clients are coming back to ride that means that our CycleStar Instructors have given them what they were looking for. What current membership specials do you have? All new riders get their first ride for free and their first unlimited month for $99. What is something about your studio that people may not know from looking at your website? At CycleBar, we take care of everything, so all you have to do is show up, clip in, and ride. We provide shoes for FREE—along with a complimentary water bottle and snacks. Got your own shoes? Our bikes are compatible with SPD and LOOK shoes. Along with lockers that have coded keypads for easy access and safe storage for all of your belongings, The biggest thing people probably don't know is the theater is dark and we ride as one regardless of age or fitness level Want to try CycleBar? ANY rider who has riden at least once before will ride for free when they bring in a new rider; bring in as many new riders as your want all of January. IN STUDIO ONLY, must mention JACKNOW REALTY to snag this awesome deal!

Holly Blakeley & MIssy D'Alise, owners 208 S. Marion, Oak Park What makes your studio special? TDM Oak Park strives to be a part of your life; "Aligning Soul & Spine. Head & Heart."  We take the time to get to know every person that walks through our door to practice The Dailey Method. We have created our studio to be an extension of your home; from our


showers to our kids lounge, we have thought of everything. You will sometimes even see Megatron, owner Holly's friendly pooch lounging around the studio! People have been known to hang out well after class is over with their TDM family. During our classes, you will work every muscle group in your body using small,  low impact movements,  which is fantastic for every body type and age.   Every class is choreographed by our highly trained Dailey Method Teachers and  you will get a personal trainer experience without the price.   This is a practice which fits into your lifestyle and makes every minute count. From our heart pumping Dailey Cycle sessions to our slow and steady Daily Gentle, there is truly a perfect workout for everyone. What is one of your favorite client success stories?   There is not one story but hundreds! We are results driven, we want you to see and feel the results.   The results our students achieve are physical and mental and typically spill over into other aspects of our students lives. Success looks different for everyone and we are proud to be able to help our students find their own personal success. What current membership specials do you have?   We offer a 2 week introductory offer to anyone who wants to try all our classes, unlimited barre and cycle, for only $49.00.   After the two weeks, we sit down with the individual and help them create a customized membership that will enable each student to achieve their personal fitness goals.   What is something about your studio that people may not know from looking at your website?   We are truly a boutique studio because we work with individuals to decide how they can best use their time and dollars to reach their goals. We are in the process of creating a whole new experience for our students, so if you haven't been in a while, you need to stop back in and see these amazing changes for yourself Want to try The Dailey Method? Purchase our $49.00 2 week unlimited trail from now until January 5th and we will add 5 kids room care credits when you mention JACKNOW REALTY.

cont. get fit #nexttochicago Erin Bracco & Meg Reckley, owners

1 curriculum of your school and can be implemented during school hours or as an after school program. We offer private yoga sessions for either individual children or families. Additionally, we provide regular family yoga classes in conjunction with large or small apartment complexes and condo associations as an amenity to the building. We can be quite creative in when and where we do yoga. All requests are welcome!

What makes your studio special? The fact that we don't have a studio actually makes us quite special! Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is a mobile Want to try Buddha Belly Kids Yoga? Book a yoga birthday party and receive 10% off when you yoga company dedicated to nurturing kids' innate mention Aubrey Jacknow Homes! desire for movement and play. We do not have a brick & mortar, which allows us the freedom and flexibility to develop programming for a variety of venues. Our lack of studio space means we can bring yoga to you! The most unique thing about Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is that we are educators; it's kids first, then yoga. Our classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate and created with an educator's touch. Most importantly, we provide a safe space for children to express themselves and have FUN! What is one of your favorite client success stories? There are too many to choose just one! From seeing the progression of our private clients with special needs to watching our regulars come back each summer for camp to parents asking where we got our singing bowl because their child is mesmerized to seeing the joy of yoga on an 18 months old face to just being called "Ms. Yoga" when we walk into a preschool. We are so blessed to be in this line of "work" and have serious job love because of it. Our very first testimonial from four years ago will probably always be the most meaningful though: “My daughter got a yoga mat for her birthday. She was up very early this morning. Thank you for positively influencing my sweet little girl. She really does love it. And what a powerful tool for a six year old to have. Confidence in her body and self." Follow us on social media for daily posts showing how much our clients are benefiting from yoga! What current membership specials do you have? Because we are mobile, our pricing packages vary depending on our partnerships. At some locations, we offer a sibling discount and lower prices for repeat customers. We usually run discounted pricing for our summer camps, as well. You can even sign up via Pearachute! What is something about your studio that people may not know from looking at your website? Want to bring yoga to your school DURING the day?! We do just that! Our Yoga in Schools Enrichment Program can be tailored to match the

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Some things we are looking forward to in January! Post your favorite local events in the comments at

2 - Foss Swim School Grand Opening 5 - Trailside Museum Adult Snowshoe Hike 7p 6 - SING! Movie on Ice @ Ridgeland Commons 7:30p 7 - Winter Warmer Playdates @ Academia 11a 14 - Clothing swap @ Sugar Beet Co-op 1p 17 - Lively and SKL Craft beer run 6:30p 22 - Story time @ The Twisted Cookie 10:30a 25 - Tequlia Tasting @ Cheney Mansion 6:30p 26 - OPRF Chamber Bite Night 2018 5:30p - 9:30p 27 - Winter Fest @ Austin Gardens 11a - 1p Wednesdays - 1/2 price burgers @ The Junction

5 easy ways to update your home in 2018 TIPS AND TRICKS FROM LOCAL STYLING AND STAGING EXPERTS NATALIE & KIM FROM HOME EC. 01. Paint - A fresh coat of paint goes a looooong way! Don't be afraid of adding some color (it's just paint!).  And don't forget about the 5th wall....your ceiling!  Painting a ceiling is an easy way to introduce a new trend into your home. 02. Wallpaper - Wallpaper is trending!  With so many fantastic options out there (whether you are into floral, geometrics or just want to add some texture), wallpaper is a cheap and easy way to instantly add color and pattern into your space.



3 03. Plants - House plants instantly add warmth and freshness into your home. You don't even need a green thumb to care for succulents...   Snake plants are also very low-maintenance but can add that pop of green that your room craves! 04. Pillows - It's amazing what a few new pillows can do to an old couch...  Play with different patterns and textures to liven up a neutral couch for a low-cost but highly effective way to add some fresh design trends.  Think fuzzy faux fur!  Boho kilim!  Mix it up!

"don't forget about the 5th wall" 05. Wall art - Updating or just rearranging wall art is a highly effective way to add interest to your walls. Wall art doesn't have to be just "art". Unconventional art such as wall baskets add in another texture and are visually interesting as well as totally on trend! Want more from Home Ec.? Follow them on Instagram @home_ec_op and at




4 market update January is starting off strong at Jacknow Realty with a few offers already submitted and accepted in the New Year! We have some new listings to keep an eye out for later in the month too. For the upcoming several months it is just going to be a tough run for buyers.I don't like to try and sound too technical, and my feeling is there is just a shortage of inventory. I do not see a large supply coming to market any time soon. It will be a grind for buyers to be out there staying on top of incoming product. I would look to the past and see if you can find old listings that never sold. Or perhaps there is a two flat you can convert into a single family home. Both options take a lot of time and some extra cash and patience, but every so often it can pan out and there is gold. Hopefully you are using a full time Realtor in your search! If you would like specific data relating to your home, town or neighborhood, please contact one of the experts at Jacknow Realty. Patrick Jacknow (708)705-3375 Aubrey Jacknow (312)523-7811 Jerry Jacknow (708)366-8989


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6 ask the experts 7 Patrick Jacknow is a veteran real estate broker with 13 years of experience #nexttochicago. He owns and manages 3 investment properties of his own and has helped countless local clients find their perfect investment property. Patrick is an expert in the local real estate market for investment properties, mixed-use, commercial, property management and single family home sales. When he isn't at Jacknow Realty, you can find him around town with his wife and 3 daughters. Q. REAL ESTATE INVESTING; IS IT FOR ME? A. I feel there are several important beginning factors to consider when looking into investment real estate.


First off, how much do you have saved for a down payment? An investment property will require 20% down minimum. This is in the case of a true investment. What is a true investment property? That would be a second property not your home or primary residence. There is also the scenario where a buyer wants to purchase an investment property to live in, and in those i

instances the down payment requirements are as low as 3.5%. Whether it is 3.5% or 20%, the next question tobaskyourself is, what return will my down payment produce on the property? You don't want to be going into your pocket for any expenses at all. The building should be paying for everything. Principal, interets, taxes, insurance, utilities, management, vacancies, all of theae should be accounted for by the monthly income. So, we will take the gross annual income from the building, less all the expenses, and you should be left with a figure. Take that figure and divide it into the down payment. That X% would be your cash return, or your cash on cash return. That is how I look at all of my purchases. What is the cash on cash return to me. For myself, the monthly return to replace my real estate broker income is the goal of investing. To acquire enough property to totally replace any need for my sales income. Of course any income from a career is then whipped cream at that point. Thank you for asking, and I look forward to speaking in the future. If I can help anyone on this topic, please feel free to call or write me at (708)705-3375 or

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NTC News - Jan 2018 - Issue No. 1  

live, shop, dine and play #nexttochicago with Aubrey Jacknow Homes.

NTC News - Jan 2018 - Issue No. 1  

live, shop, dine and play #nexttochicago with Aubrey Jacknow Homes.