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Ashland, Ohio USA Admissions Guide for International Students • English as a Second Language — 7 • Undergraduate Degrees — 8 • Master of Business Administration — 10 • Master of Education — 11

Average Yearly Temperatures for Ashland Average High Low Winter December 4˚C -4˚C January 0˚C -8˚C February 2˚C -8˚C Spring March April May

8˚C -2˚C 14˚C 3˚C 20˚C 9˚C

Summer June July August

25˚C 14˚C 27˚C 16˚C 27˚C 16˚C

Fall September 23˚C 12˚C October 18˚C 6˚C November 9˚C 0˚C


We offer a unique educational experience that combines the challenge of strong, applied academic programs with a faculty and staff who build nurturing relationships with their students.

The City of Ashland

“Ashland is a quiet and nice city to study in, and the courses in my M.Ed. program are interesting.” —Silvy Sari, M.Ed. (Indonesia)

values the individual

• is where people are friendly and welcoming to international students. • is a place where you can experience a traditional conservative culture. • is rated as one of the safest cities in Ohio of a similar size. • is about an hour’s drive from Ohio’s largest cities of Cleveland and Columbus, and a day’s drive from Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada, Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. • is in the state Ohio, home to both industrial cities and large corporations, and rolling hills, farmland, beautiful natural areas and parks.

Climate: • Four distinct seasons — summer, fall, winter and spring. • Outdoor activities are tuned to a particular season, from canoeing, golfing and fishing in the warm weather to skiing, ice skating and indoor sports in the cold weather.

Fast Facts:

•A  shland campus — 2,450 undergraduate students, 3,800 graduate students •A  ccredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS) • Princeton Review recognition as “Best in the Midwest” •U  .S.News & World Report ranking as a Top Tier School in the Midwest

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s


Academics Dauch College of Business • Incorporates undergraduate and graduate courses in a state-of-the-art building with a trading room, product development lab and entrepreneurship center • Distinctive programs provide the opportunities to meet with business executives and industry leaders, get published or attend a conference with a professor Schar College of Education • Has a mission to create a new type of educator: one who understands the nature of learning, social equity, cultural diversity; who values collaboration and teamwork and who embraces the challenges in the profession • The education program is rated one of the best in the state of Ohio The College of Arts and Sciences • Provides general education to undergraduate students which allows for the opportunity to acquire specific skills and to explore all aspects of education • All students seeking a bachelor’s degree will take classes in this College as part of the Core Requirements at Ashland University

Fast Facts:

•F  ounded in 1878 as a private, liberal arts and professional institution • More than 70 undergraduate majors • Graduate Programs in - Master of Business Administration - Master of Education - Master of American History and Government*


The Graduate School • Oversees the administration of our graduate degrees • International student applications are processed through the International Student Services Office, then presented for recommendation to the Graduate School Faculty • All classes are taught by professors, most holding professional or doctoral degrees and/or extensive experience in their areas; no student assistants are used to teach any classes • Our faculty are dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and mentoring, encouraging creative thought, advancing knowledge in their fields and providing professional service to the University and community so that students can realize their full potential Accreditation • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools • Professional accreditation has been earned in the areas of business, education, music, social work, chemistry, hospitality management and athletic training

-M  aster of Fine Art* - Doctorate of Education* - Theological Studies’ at Ashland Theological Seminary* *Please contact us for more information on these programs as they are not included in this publication

“Ashland University has helped me grow beyond my expectations. I’m faced with challenges that I love to overcome.” —Purnima Fernando, MBA (Sri Lanka)

i am known

I have personal access to my professors.

Activities Sports • NCAA Division II • Men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, indoor track, outdoor track, soccer, swimming and wrestling • Women’s basketball, cross country, golf, indoor track, outdoor track, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and volleyball • Scholarships are available based on athletic ability • Intramural programs offer more than 25 sports in which everyone can participate • New athletic complex hosts many exciting games Extracurricular • The Center for Religious Life promotes religious activities and fellowship on campus. The student body is composed of a number of students from diverse Christian denominations. Many of the world’s religions are represented among our international students, and a prayer room is available for Muslim students. There is also a sizable number of students on campus who claim no religious affiliation. The University community encourages dialogue among the various religious groups. • The International Programs division seeks to infuse the campus with all things international by recruiting international

students, sending American students to travel and study abroad and ensuring that the curriculum and faculty incorporate international perspectives into the classroom. Especially for international students: • The International Club provides opportunities for social, cultural and educational enrichment to both international and American students. Club activities include the celebration of cultural festivals and holidays, social and recreational activities, trips to interesting places in Ohio and the annual recognition of International Week. • Students in our Speaker’s Bureau volunteer to make presentations about their country in local elementary, junior and senior high schools. Local service and church organizations invite students to speak at their meetings and provide students the opportunity to be ambassadors for their country. • In the World Café program, international students make presentations on their country or culture. Scheduled once a month, faculty, staff, students and community members are invited to attend the program. • Students can learn more about American culture by participating in the Friendship Family program. These families invite international students into their homes for visits, dinners and family events throughout the school year.

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s


Facilities and Services Recreation and Sports Sciences Center • Large swimming pool, diving well, fitness center, indoor track, golf simulator, courts and climbing wall •Outdoor tennis courts and fields for soccer, baseball, football and volleyball Hawkins-Conard Student Center • Open 24 hours a day • Eagles’ Nest dining, Career Development Center and Health Center Convocation Hall “CONVO” • Has won numerous awards from the National Association of College and University Food Services as some of the best university food in the nation • Restaurant-style buffet food court with daily specials, pizza, pasta, deli, salad bar and more • Special food requests honored for vegetarian meals, halal meats or concerns about allergies Residence Halls • Eight halls including apartment-style rooms for senior students • Housing is available throughout the year, including summer and vacation times • Graduate students or those over the age of 22 may live off campus

• Orientations cover academic concerns, immigration laws and University services • Airport pick-up provided for newly-arriving students Security • 24-hour Safety Services Office enforces the policies of the University and maintains a peaceful and secure environment • Ashland University and the surrounding community have very low crime statistics, making it an excellent place to live and study • Recent FBI study showed that Ashland has the fewest violent crimes of any city its size in the state of Ohio and one of the lowest in the U.S.A. Student Health Center • High-quality medical services are offered by doctors and nurses • International students are required to purchase the University Accident and Sickness insurance, which provides basic protection and includes medical evacuation and repatriation benefits Career Development Center • Available to undergraduates, graduate students and alumni • Helps you to determine career goals, write a resume or participate in mock job interviews • Arranges for job fairs and houses an extensive resource section

International Student Services • Provides assistance in adapting to a new culture and the University


a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s

“I chose Ashland University because of the major in Athletic Training.” —Hiroko Matsuura, Athletic Training (Japan)

i am connected

I have opportunities to get involved.

Why Ashland University? Here are some reasons! • • • • • • •

Award-winning food service Education department ranked best in the State of Ohio Small, safe town with very low crime rate Professor/student ratio of 16/1 International Student Services and ESL Professors, not student assistants, teach all classes Located within driving distance of some of the world’s greatest cities, including Chicago, Toronto and Washington D.C. • Learn and live in a traditional, conservative American cultural setting



a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s

“Ashland University has become like my second home. Studying ESL made my English skills stronger” —Ziad Shannak, MBA (Jordan)

i am confident ESL (English as a

Second Language) The ACCESS Program • Prepares you to use English to study at American colleges or universities • Classes help you meet the English language proficiency requirement of Ashland University • Structured activities with Americans develop listening and speaking skills • More than 2,000 students have studied in ACCESS since the program began in 1974 • A member of both UCIEP and AAIEP Six Terms per Year • Begin in January, March, May, July, August or October • Each term is seven weeks long • Classes meet Monday through Friday for four hours a day (20 hours per week) Four Levels of Instruction • Most students require two terms (one semester) to complete each level • The language laboratory includes digitized listening stations, computers and interactive video stations • Take ESL and one or two academic classes at the same time in the ACCESS Transition Program

Learn to think with reason, act with skill and live with values.

Campus Life • Residence halls are available year round • Students may request American roommates (fall and winter semesters only) • Single students under the age of 22 must live on campus • Graduate students are placed in temporary housing on arrival and may choose to live on campus or off campus • Graduate students who choose to live off campus are given help in finding apartments Special Events • Attend professional sport events, like a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game or a Crew soccer game in Columbus • Visit museums and amusement parks, ride roller coasters, attend cultural events, shop, canoe, hike, ice skate or ski • Join campus clubs and go to dances, movies, plays, lectures, concerts and sports contests • Play soccer or basketball at the recreational center and sign up for fitness classes • Find friends and have fun by joining the International Club

Fast Facts: • • • •

Seven-week terms, six terms per year Conditional admission into academic programs Use of all University facilities Member of UCIEP and AAIEP

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w . a s h l a n d . e d u /a c c e s s




in America through serious study of the principles of American liberty and selfgovernment. Scholarships are available (

Degree Programs • Associate Degree: two-year degree in general studies • Non-Degree for students who want to study for one year or less without pursuing a degree; students may choose classes in their area of interest • Second Degree is for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; length of study is determined by major and transfer credit, if any • Transfer students are welcome; upon receipt of your application, transfer credit hours are determined and an estimate made of how long it will take you to complete your studies

Scholarships • All undergraduate students are considered for scholarships based on academic merit • Additional applications are not needed • SAT or ACT not required • Scholarships are awarded for one academic year (two semesters) • Ashland University will determine the equivalent grade point average

Academics • Undergraduate students work with the Advising Office and a faculty advisor in order to guide their academic progress • The Honors Program offers academicallytalented undergraduate students crossdisciplinary experiences, participation in an intellectual community devoted to discussion and dialogue and special projects and courses that challenge the mind • The Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs is dedicated to renewing civic education

Requirements • 2.5/4.0 Grade Point Average (CGPA). Our office will do a credential evaluation of your documents to determine their equivalency to the American system and the CGPA. • Freshmen: TOEFL iBT of 65, or PBT of 500, or IELTS of 6.0, or successful completion of our ESL program • High school transcripts • Proof of financial support

Entrance Dates Ashland University operates on the semester system, and students may begin in the fall (late August) or spring (early January).

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s

“I’m enjoying my classes and the friends I am making.” —Deling Huang, ESL (China)

i am enriched

Be mentored and help mentor others.

List of Majors

Accounting Actuarial Science Athletic Training Biochemistry Biology Biotechnology Broadcast Communication Business Administration Business Management Chemistry Child and Family Studies Commercial Art Computer Art and Graphics Programming Computer Science Creative Writing Criminal Justice

Dietetics Economics English Entrepreneurship Management Environmental Science Exercise Science Fashion Merchandising Finance Fine Art Foods and Nutrition Forensic Chemistry French Geology History Hospitality Management International Business International Political Studies

Journalism Information Systems Marketing Mathematics Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Religion Social Work Spanish Speech Communication Sport Communication Sport Management Supply Chain Management Theatre Toxicology

Pre-professional programs* Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Medical Technology Pre-Medicine Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Seminary Pre-Veterinary Medicine *Students in these programs select a major from the list above.

Ashland University has the top rated education program in the state of Ohio. Education: • Art • Biology • Chemistry • Early Childhood • Earth Science

•Family and Consumer Sciences - Vocational Education (grades 4-12) • French

• • • • •

Integrated Language Arts Integrated Mathematics Integrated Science Integrated Social Studies Intervention Specialist

• • • • •

Life Science Middle Grades (4-9) Music Physical Education Spanish


i am strengthened MBA (Master of

Business Administration)

Most American students in the MBA program are working professionals. You will have the unique opportunity to see the American corporate, business and entrepreneurial world in action. The MBA program is designed to help students develop their ability to lead people and manage resources and to achieve organizational effectiveness by developing key managerial competencies. It directs students toward a more fruitful way of integrating their individual efforts with those of their colleagues by employing a team-based, integrated cross-disciplinary approach to understanding organizational management. This is important because Ashland University believes competence and relationships are at the core of successful managerial practice. Program The MBA program is 36 hours in length and is usually completed in 18-24 months. Additional time may be required for ESL, foundation or specialization classes. Phase 1: Foundations All or some of these classes may be assigned to the student depending on academic background: • Business Organization • Accounting • Economics • Marketing • Finance • Statistics • Graduate Writing • All international students will be required to pursue part-time, on- or off-campus employment (Professors encourage this because of the experience it brings to the classroom discussions)


I have a network I can count on.

Phase II: Core Courses Mandatory classes in: • Organizational Design and Development and Change Management • Managerial Accounting • Financial Management • Marketing Management • Operations Management Phase III: Electives & Specializations • Specializations are available in finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, global business, project management or supply chain management • Specific areas of interest can also be pursued through electives and special topics courses Phase IV: Capstone The final course in the MBA program, a capstone in Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis Requirements • 2.75/4.0 Grade Point Average (CGPA). Our office will do a credential evaluation of your documents to determine their equivalency to the American system and the CGPA. • TOEFL iBT of 79, or PBT of 550, or IELTS of 6.5, or successful completion of our ESL program • Two years of work experience • Four-year Bachelor’s degree (Students with a three-year Bachelor of Commerce degree from a recognized institution in India may be considered with first or second Division passes) • The GMAT is not required • Proof of financial support • Resume (CV) Additional Accreditation The Master of Business Administration program is approved by the Ohio Board of Regents and accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

M.Ed. (Master of Education) The objectives of the M.Ed. program are to provide: • A common core of studies focusing on the foundations of education • Professional studies emphasizing the integration and application of functional knowledge • A field practicum or other alternate option designed to deepen students’ understanding of problem-solving and decision-making techniques The program offers: • Classes that are taught by full-time faculty or adjunct faculty with extensive practical experience • Access to one of the leading teacher-preparation programs in Ohio • Many classes that are enhanced through the use of online technology • Does not lead to a license to teach in the state of Ohio Program The M.Ed. program is 35-43 semester hours in length, and is usually completed in 18-24 months. Additional time is required for ESL classes. Foundation Classes: “Introduction to Teaching: Exploring Teaching as a Career” is required for all students who have not had experience in the U.S. classroom. “Graduating Writing for International Students” is assigned as needed. Core Classes: All students must take “Contemporary Issues,” “Qualitative Research,” “Educational Statistics, Principles & Procedures in Curriculum Development” and the “APA Seminar.” Field Practicum: All students enrolled in M.Ed. programs (other than sports sciences) are required to complete an internship or field practicum within a school or other educational setting.

Majors: M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction with areas of concentration in: • Classroom Instruction • Classroom Instruction: Advanced Content Teaching • Intervention Specialist - Mild/Moderate • Intervention Specialist - Moderate/Intensive • Literacy • Talent Development Education • Teacher Leader • Technology Facilitator M.Ed. Educational Administration M.Ed. Adapted Physical Education PreK-12 M.Ed. Sport Education M.Ed. Sport Sciences with areas of concentration in: • Applied Exercise Science • Sport Management Requirements • 2.75/4.0 Grade Point Average (CGPA). Our office will do a credential evaluation of your documents to determine their equivalency to the American system and the CGPA. • TOEFL iBT of 79, or PBT of 550, or IELTS of 6.5, or successful completion of our ESL program • Two years of work experience • Four-year Bachelor’s degree • The GRE is not required • Proof of financial support • Resume (CV) and Personal Statement Accreditation The Dwight Schar College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Entrance Dates

Ashland University operates on the semester system, and MBA and M.Ed. students may begin in the fall (late August) or spring (early January).

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s


i am ready

I have all the tools to succeed.

From Application to Arrival APPLY

using the form included with this viewbook, or online at One application is used for all programs.


the required documents listed on this page by the deadline.


within 10 days of receiving your completed application.


include the I-20, visa, housing and arrival information.


i f you did not do so with your application. Information is in your acceptance package, and proof of payment is required at your visa interview.


a t the U.S. consulate. (Canadian students present documents when first entering the United States at the border or airport.)


This will allow us to register you for classes and make a housing reservation.

Have Your Health Form

completed by a physician, and bring it with you.


i f you would like airport pick-up please use the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (CLE).


so that we will know when and how you are planning to arrive. Airport pickup is provided during the arrival days listed in your acceptance package.


 ill be available upon arrival, you will move directly into your dorm room. w Graduate students will be placed in temporary housing and given information on available rentals.


a ssistance is provided during your first visit to the International Student Services office. You must pay tuition at this time.


i s all week with different sessions to open a bank account, off-campus housing information, and immigration. Activities and shopping for necessities are also included.


 ut we are still available to help with ongoing orientations, encouragement, b and academic and immigration advising.


Fall Semester: June 1 August ESL Term: June 1 October ESL Term: September 1 Spring Semester: October 1 January ESL Term: October 1 March ESL Term: January 1 May ESL Term: February 1 July ESL Term: April 1


Mailing Address:

International Student Services ASHLAND UNIVERSITY 401 College Avenue Ashland, OH 44805 email:

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u /i s s

Application Checklist

(complete details on the application form or online) 3 Completed Application 3 Financial Certification form 3 Evidence of Financial Support 3 Non-refundable application fee of $50 3 Optional SEVIS fee of $200 3 Copy of Passport, if available 3 Educational Credentials: originals or certified copies, in English and the original language 3 Evidence of English Proficiency if you do not plan to study ESL 3 Optional Test Scores, SAT, ACT, GMAT or GRE 3 A recent copy of your resume (MBA or M.Ed. only)

For more information, contact: International Student Services 401 College Avenue Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA 419.289.5068 toll free 1.800.882.1548 fax 419.289.5629 Apply online at

401 College Avenue | Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA | 1.419.289.5068 |

Ashland University International Admissions Guide  

This is Ashland University International Admissions Guide

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