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Beautifully crafted with incredible attention to form and colour. The end product looks effortlessly made, only because it is anything but. Every step of the production requires skill and experience. It is all in the detail.

We’re suckers for beauty, ‘cause life’s too short for ugliness. - Camilla Christensen, CEO

Thank you for looking at me. Take your time. Place me in your memory. 2

WHITE MARBLE 978-532-548-596 SideTables-Art Deco Fans-White Marble, D40 H44,5 + D45,5 H50,5


GREEN MARBLE 978-532-548-072 SideTables-Art Deco Fans-Green Marble, D40 H44,5 + D45,5 H50,5


TRAVERTINE 978-532-548-447 SideTables-Art Deco Fans-Travertine, D40 H44,5 + D45,5 H50,5


945-473-479-018 Nesting Table s/2, Creme/Rosegold, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-099 Nesting Table s/2, Mustard/Rosegold, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-247 Nesting Table s/2, Dusty Blue/Midnight, 50xø50/42xø40 cm


945-334-479-559 Nesting Table s/2, Tan/Light Rose, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-192 Nesting Table s/2, Lavender/Dusty Viol, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-196 Nesting Table s/2, Dusty Mint/Mint, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-358 Nesting Table s/2, Moss Green/Lavender, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-364 Nesting Table s/2, Verte/Mustard, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-530 Nesting Table s/2, Ginger Red/Rose/Gold, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-473-479-529 Nesting Table s/2, Petrol/Verte/Gold, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-609-938-621 Nesting Table s/2, Deep Forest/Elm, 50xø50/42xø40 cm

945-450-254-004 Nesting Table s/2, Light Grey/Grey, 37xø40/42xø57 cm



945-381-390-001 Nesting Table, Bandy-Black, 50xø43 cm

945-392-337-001 Nesting Table, Tracy-Black, 68xø43 cm

945-381-390-483 Nesting Table, Bandy-Terracotta, 50xø43 cm

945-451-340-401 Nesting Table, Hemlock-Light Sage, 50xø40 cm

Sleek modern style. Elegant yet playful. Made of gold tone metal with a high gloss lacquer surface.



976-438-801-186-K Tray s/3, White/Mint/Gold, 20x20/25x25/30x30 cm

976-604-801-020-K Tray s/3, Latte, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-357-K Tray s/3, Mustard/Verte/Flower, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-645-K Tray s/3, Elm/Gold/Jungle, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-356-K Tray s/3, Verte/Mesh/Flower, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-702-K Tray s/3, Eggplant/Gold/Lavender, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-703-K Tray s/3, B. Ginger/Pampas/B.Rose, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm

976-604-801-704-K2 Tray s/3, L Grey/Foggy Forest/Toff, 20x9/20x13/31x23 cm



976-123-801-655-K2 Tray s/3, Grey/St.Blue/Mid.Blue, ø10xø18xø30 cm

976-123-801-699-K Tray s/3, Purple/Terracotta/Plum, ø10xø18xø30 cm

976-286-801-514-K Tray s/2, Gold/White, ø18/ø30 cm

976-649-801-698-K2 Tray s/2, Mirror/Flower, ø18xø30 cm

976-714-801-026 Tray s/2, Silver, ø20/ø30 cm

976-714-801-164 Tray s/2, Silver/Black, ø20/ø30 cm

Our tray sets combine the richness of history with decorative prints. Designed in house with head, heart & humour by our creative designers. 11


976-130-801-657-K Tray s/2, Gold/Cayenne, 23x23/ø18 cm

976-995-801-012-K Tray s/2, Bloom It, 3xø10/2x30x12 cm

976-905-801-030-K Tray s/2, Ash Grey, 2x31x17/4,5x14x7 cm

976-370-801-444-K Tray s/3, Mustard/Verte, 5x9/ø9/10x23 cm

976-906-801-159-K Tray s/2, Black Multi, 4xø12/4xø15,5 cm

976-370-801-556-K Tray s/3, Mustard/Flower, 5x9/ø9/10x23 cm



976-281-801-187-K Tray s/2, White/White Flower, 2,5x20x17/2,5x40x20 cm

976-398-801-367-K Tray s/2, Flower/Mesh gold, 1x13x20/2,5x20x40 cm

976-478-801-499-K Tray s/2, Mint/Silver/Gold, 2,5xø18/2,5x40x20 cm

976-650-801-001-K3 Tray s/2, Black, 30x16/40x20 cm

976-650-801-400-K3 Tray s/2, Midnight Blue/Grey, 30x16/40x20 cm

976-650-801-706-K Tray s/2, Mirror/Terracotta, 30x16/40x20 cm

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Thank you for looking at me. Take your time. Place me in your memory.


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