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DE SI GN PHILOS OPHY “We design with head, heart and humour to inspire more joyful living.”

Our nutty design team see possibilities everywhere.

of colours, materials, patterns and shapes.

Their love for beauty and urge to make people

All whilst respecting the company’s philosophy

smile, cause their creative mindsets to gather ideas

of doing everything with head, heart and humour.

everywhere they go. This design approach is based on that surrounding From the fascination of the never depleting source of

yourself with beauty has the ability to inspire more

cultural and natural varieties, they compose new

joyful living and trigger the beauty within all of us.

universes each season, through combinations

Because life is simply too short for ugliness!

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Profile for A.U Maison

Au Maison Spring Summer 2019  

Au Maison Spring Summer 2019  

Profile for au-maison