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Linen collection Our linen collection includes four linen types: Linen basic, linen washed, linen coated and linen soft.

Linen Basic

Linen Washed

Linen Coated

Linen Soft

By the metre 145 width: 900-145-300-(colour)

The finished washed products might vary in sizes.

By the metre 150 width: 900-150-300-(colour)-2

By the metre 145 width: 900-145-600-(colour)

Cushions: 45x45: 801-008-300-(colour) 45x60: 801-011-300-(colour) 70x70: 801-017-300-(colour) Available in all colours.

Cushions: 45x45: 801-008-300-(colour)-WA 45x60: 801-011-300-(colour)-WA 70x70: 801-017-300-(colour)-WA Available in all colours.

Cosmetics bag: 21x11: 830-099-300-(colour)-2 Cosmetics bag w/piping: 25x15: 830-067-300-(colour)-2-3 Available in all colours.

Bed linen: Available in all European sizes 805-(size)-600-(colour)-WA

Curtains: 145x220: 826-055-300-(colour) 145x250: 826-065-300-(colour) 145x300: 826-066-300-(colour) Only in colour: 000, 012, 019, 020, 092, 274, 564

Bedspread: 240x260: 804-032-300-(colour)-WA 270x260: 804-384-300-(colour)-WA Only in colour: 000, 012, 020, 092, 238, 510

Sponge bag: 29x25: 831-098-300-(colour)-2 Sponge bag w/piping: 31x28: 831-068-300-(colour)-2-3 Available in all colours.

Cushion cover: 60x60: 811-014-600-(colour)-WA 80x80: 811-561-600-(colour)-WA

Box cushion: 40x40x6: 806-054-300-(colour) Available in all colours. Our linen and linen soft collection is produced in our own sewing mill in Denmark. Product care: Follow each linen product’s specified washing instructions. Notice, it is recommended to wash your coated linen at max 30 ºC and iron on reverse, at a low-heat setting – preferably with a tea towel between the linen and the iron. Do not tumble dry.

Linen tableware Our linen collection is produced in our own sewing mill in Denmark. Tablecloth

Tablecloth washed

Dinner for two

Linen Basic Tablecloth: 142x142: 850-039-300-(colour) 142x180: 850-060-300-(colour) 142x220: 850-061-300-(colour) 142x270: 850-062-300-(colour) 142x320: 850-063-300-(colour) 142x400: 850-064-300-(colour) Available in colour: 000, 004, 008, 012, 019, 020, 032, 038, 087, 092, 102, 109, 115, 131, 141, 152, 238, 274, 275, 316, 503, 510, 549, 564, 686

Dinner for two: 45x140: 851-074-300-(colour) 45x220: 851-075-300-(colour)



Coffee cosy

Tea cosy

Linen Coated

Linen Washed

Placemat: 35x46: 852-069-300-(colour)-2 Available in all colours

Tablecloth: 142x142: 850-039-300-(colour)-WA 142x180: 850-060-300-(colour)-WA 142x220: 850-061-300-(colour)-WA 142x270: 850-062-300-(colour)-WA 142x320: 850-063-300-(colour)-WA 142x400: 850-064-300-(colour)-WA

Napkin: 42x42: 853-118-300-(colour) Tea cosy: 24x33: 854-019-300-(colour)

Available in colour: 000, 004, 008, 012, 019, 020, 032, 038, 087, 092, 102, 109, 115, 121, 131, 141, 152, 238, 274, 316, 503, 510, 530, 549, 564, 686

Coffee cosy: 19x28: 855-041-300-(colour) Available in all colours

Coated linen bags Available in all linen colours, for colour number see linen chart on the opposite page 136

830-099-300-(colour)-2 21x11

830-067-300-(colour)-2-3 w/piping 25x15

831-098-300-(colour)-2 29x25

831-068-300-(colour)-2-3 w/piping 31x28

Linen collection


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