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lounging moose \ This felt moose will sit cheerfully on your bookshelf or mantel, bringing you joy all winter. 10" x 23"t 560-10125 $32 praying angel \ This carefully crafted driftwood angel will bring a light, airy feel to your home. Let her light up your study, or give her as a gift. 9" x 7" x 13"t 455-10614 $29 set of three wine bottle sweaters \ Don't give your host a naked bottle of wine this holiday season. These felt sweaters will be the talk of the party, and they'll look smart on any bottle! Includes one of each color. 11" x 5"t 560-10126 $24 that page

set of four caged rock deer \ Whether you’re decorating your lodge for summer or your mantel for Christmas, these recycled river rock deer are an adorable choice! 6" x 7"t 100-10300 $65 2

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deer wine topper \ Don’t give a bottle of wine without one! Such a unique way to make an ordinary bottle of wine a much better gift! 10”t 500-10701 $15 scrap metal mounted deer \ We put a modern spin on an old favorite! These metal deer will look great in the den, and they'll make a great gift for any hunting enthusiast. Choose from rustic, junk yard, and raw. 20” x 16.5" x 25"t $139 rustic (left) 500-10741 junk yard (middle) 500-10740 raw (right) 500-10743 set of two round wire baskets \ These great big wire baskets with natural patina add an elegant touch while still providing a durable and practical storage option. largest is 20"d x 19.5"t 500-10736 $119 set of three caged rock angels \ These recycled cherubic little angels are so unique and rustic! They’ll look great on your mantel or bookshelf. largest is approx. 12”t 100-10316 $45

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angel blowing a horn \ As beautiful as she is unique, this expressive wooden angel will make a bold statement in your home this holiday season. 24" x 11" x 35"t 540-10119 $129 rustic christmas tree \ A great way to display all your holiday cards and photos, this rustic tree will light up your home. 15" x 38"t 630-10112 $79 leggy santa wine topper \ Wine toppers make the gift of wine incredibly special, and this cute santa with long, floppy legs is no exception! 18”t 560-10114 $16 moose bottle hugger \ This adorable moose will be an instant hit at any holiday party this season! A wine lover himself, he’ll wrap his arms and legs around the neck of any bottle. 12”t 560-10115 $16 santa wine toppers \ These charming santas with long, wispy beards or tall, curly hats will be an instant hit at any holiday party this season! 11”t $39 set of four wispy beard santas 560-10108 set of four curly hat santas 560-10109


set of three holiday finger puppets \ These three felt friends will provide endless entertainment this holiday season! 5"t 560-10124 $15 hanging bells \ With an aged finish and rustic rope hanger, these beautiful hanging bells will add a rustic balance to your holiday décor. 26”t 590-10705 $29 mercury bird candle holder \ These little glass treasures will light up your world! Dainty and sweet, they’ve got a beautiful mercury finish. 5.5” x 3”t 555-10108 $10 wooden standing/hanging angel \ This precious wooden angel will add cheer as well as cuteness to any décor! 17” x 22”t 540-10102 $65 praying angels \ This wooden angel is heavenly. Perfect by itself or in a pair. facing right 16” x 42”t 540-10104 $79 facing left 16” x 42”t 540-10110 $79 set of three snowmen with stick arms \ Use this little family of felt snowmen to brighten any space in your home! largest is 6" x 9"t 560-10127 $32 5

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wooden sleeping santa door hanging \ ‘Twas the night after Christmas, and Santa was resting after a job well done... Let this door hanger bring peace and quiet to your home this holiday season. 16”d 540-10114 $35 three shy snowmen \ Handcrafted of fluff, felt, and little twig arms, this trio is a sure pleaser for any passerby. largest is 14”t 560-10102 $39


christmas luminaries \ These ceramic luminaries are perfect for lighting up your walkway every night this winter. Each color comes in a set of six. 4” x 9”t red 390-10613 $96 green 390-10614 $96 white 390-10615 $96 set of three felt santas with curly hats \ These guys are so cute! Quirky yet sensible, they are ready to bring some holiday cheer to your home. largest is 17”t 560-10113 $39

santa with christmas tree \ This wooden santa sculpture's timeless design and gentle expression will look at home in any décor. 21” x 36”t 540-10117 $149

rustic golden iron bells with rope \ Hang some festive bells all around your home this holiday season. tree bell 7” x 12”t 640-10105 $32 jingle bell 5” 640-10108 $14

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santa bird house \ Let Santa’s ho-ho-hos be a home for your favorite winter birds or welcome guests on the front stoop! 15” x 4” x 22”t 540-10103 $59

set of three plaid felt santas \ These cozy plaid santas add a quirky, cute feeling to any Christmas décor. largest is 24”t 560-10111 $59

holiday wine huggers \ An adorable way to display your holiday wine! 4"d x 5"t $14 each santa 560-10130 moose 560-10129 snowman 560-10128




Decorative only. Not a toy.

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set of three mercury bottles \ Beautiful mercury glass bottles topped with metal crosses will be the perfect addition to your holiday décor! largest is 4.5"d x 11.5”t 640-10123 $79 set of three lawn ornaments \ Bright, hand painted metal ornaments will bring holiday cheer to any yard. One of each size. Simply stake into the ground. largest is 39”t 500-10609 $99

tall wooden santa birdhouse \ Create a festive look in your yard this holiday season with a santa birdhouse. 10” x 41”t 540-10116 $89 set of three fuzzy santa hangers \ Soft felt loopy hats and white wispy beards make up these too-cute Santas. Adorned with tiny bells and wooden noses. largest is 20”t 560-10101 $45

winter yarn duo \ Decked in green and ready for winter, these two yarn and felt characters are guaranteed a return smile. largest is 19”t 560-10103 $39

striped hugging wooden angels \ These adorable angels remind us of the reason for the season. Let them add warmth to your home this year. 13” x 16”t 540-10113 $49

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cheerful choo choo \ This carved wooden holiday train comes in three pieces that connect to bring merriment to your mantel or even your table! 48" x 6" x 14"t 540-10118 $99

trumpet with bow \ This decorative wooden wall or door hanging will bring a joyful sound to your home. 20” x 12”t 540-10109 $29

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giant iron bells \ Ring in the new year with these uniquely shaped iron bells. Perfect for making a statement throughout the holidays, but also a beautiful addition to any décor year round. tall 12”d x 24”t 640-10109 $125 short 10”d x 18”t 640-10110 $115 mega sized hurricane \ Joining our family of mini and regular sized hurricanes is this lovely oversized version. Remove rustic metal insert to display your favorite fillers of any season. (Candles sold on page 36.) 12.5”d x 12.5”t 300-10550 $89 rustic iron bells with rope hangers \ These bells will not only look great this winter, but they’ll also enhance the character of your country cottage or beach house all summer. (Dimensions include rope hangers.) large 6”d x 20”t 640-10106 $32 small 6”d x 15”t 640-10107 $29


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driftwood nativity set \ So simple, yet so expressive, this artistic driftwood nativity set will give your Christmas a homespun feel. Each piece is unique. 6� x 14" x 9"t 455-10613 $45 woodland centerpieces \ Whimsical and earthy, these candle holders made from twigs and pinecones bring a woodsy touch to any table. Glass t-lite holders are included. small 10.5"d x 4"t 585-10101 $35 large 14"d x 3"t 585-10102 $40

set of three mercury glass vases \ These dainty vases will fit anywhere! Use them to add an antique touch to your next dinner party, or let them reflect some light on your window sill. largest is 6�t 640-10116 $59 set of two recycled glass candle holders \ This set of candle holders is so delicate and classy, great for dinner parties! Size and design will always vary. (3" x 4" battery candles sold on page 36.) largest is 8.5"t 320-10493 $29

angel door knocker \ Let this cherubic cast iron door knocker with antique buttermilk finish greet all who visit your home with cheer and style! 4.5" x 8"t 503-10104 $22 rustic tin candle wings \ Stick these wings in any pillar candle to create a heavenly glow, or use them to design a sculptural piece. You get two pair of wings for just $9! (Check out our battery candles, sold on page 36.) 500-10724 $9 11

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green deer planters \ Non-traditional is often a good thing! These bright, cheerful deer are the perfect year round color. Deck them up for the holidays with poinsettias and ornaments, or nestle them in your ivy along the front porch. Handcrafted of scrap timber and twigs. Heads rotate. small 20”t 580-10591 $25 medium 30”t 580-10592 $39 large 37”t 580-10593 $49 set of three fat santas \ These quirky santas are hand-crafted from the softest felt. They are delicately created with fine detail, and they're sure to be a conversation starter. largest is 10” x 18”t 560-10116 $79 six winter skates \ Perfect for the front door or mantel no matter what your climate. Choose one and insert its letter on end of code when ordering, or get the whole set! 15” x 18”t singles 500-10642 $22 each set of six 500-10642S $119 this page

candy stripe joy \ This fun wooden wall or door hanger looks good enough to eat! Give one as a gift, and spread some holiday joy. 23” x 20”t 540-10108 $36 folk art holiday block puzzle \ This handmade wooden puzzle is perfect for kids and adults alike. Twenty organic shaped blocks are painted with four different holiday scenes. The other two sides are solid colors. This rustic puzzle has an amazing antique feel. Each will be one of a kind. Quite the original gift! Made in the Philippines. 11” x 9” x 2”t 490-10534 $79 set of three colorful holiday trees \ Great indoors or out, these painted metal trees will brighten your holiday season. Also great as magnetic memo boards to display greeting cards! largest is 36”t 500-10610 $139


rockin' reindeer \ A rustic take on a holiday icon, this rocking iron reindeer is a unique way to add some extra joy to your home. 17" x 14"t 635-10109 $59


driftwood church birdhouse \ This church birdhouse will bring a beachy feel to your garden or patio! 9" x 6" x 11"t 455-10615 $29 cast iron wine bottle door stop \ Wine lovers will adore this rustic, cast iron door stop. It makes the perfect gift for your favorite wine connoisseur! 16”t 395-10636 $35

stocking card holder \ Hang up all the lovely cards and photos you get from friends and family this holiday season with a cheerful, stocking shaped wire card holder. 15" x 25"t 650-10137 $29 heart card holder \ This wire holder has twenty-four hearts to hold all your dearest photos, cards, postcards, or notes. 20” x 28”t 650-10100 $46

cast iron peace sign trivet \ Go retro every time you serve a hot dish with this happening trivet! 8.5”d 395-10623 $16

driftwood cross \ This beautiful, hand crafted cross makes the perfect gift, or hang one to add a beachy touch to your house! 12” x 20”t 455-10609 $35

seated angelic girl \ This cast iron angel has a face that will melt your heart. Give her as a gift to someone who’s in need of a guardian angel. 8”t 395-10629 $29

cross bookends \ These rustic ceramic bookends make a great gift for a girl or guy! Or get a set for yourself and use them in your office or family room. each piece is 5.5" x 4" x 8"t 502-10103 $39


hanging recycled glass suncatchers \ A tint of blue-green reflects the history in this glass. Hand crafted in the Philippines. Beautiful gifts year round. String not included. all approx. 4"-6� $19 each


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angel 465-10105 cross 465-10104 santa gnome 490-10109 peace sign 490-10112

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fish 490-10101 bird 490-10105 owl 490-10103 heart 490-10110 starfish 490-10104 star 490-10102 alligator 490-10108 sea horse 490-10111

glass cylinders with red inserts \ The great thing about our glass cylinders is that you can change them over and over again to fit your style or the current season just by filling the bottoms up with almost anything you want! These come with beautiful rustic distressed red inserts. giant 12.5" x 12.5"t 300-10567 $89 medium 7" x 11"t 300-10570 $75 small 6" x 8"t 300-10573 $42 order 866.981.0647




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set of three recycled marble crosses \ Our crosses are made from Italian marble reclaimed from the Adriatic Sea. Scraps that are deposited into the sea by a marble factory are tossed and tumbled for years until they finally find their way back to the beaches. We are recycling these gems and creating crosses from the natural shapes that have been polished by Mother Nature. Shapes and sizes will always vary. largest is approx. 12"t 700-10103 $89 twig peace sign \ This twig peace sign gives you an earthy, groovy way to decorate. Hand crafted in the Philippines. (Metal numbers sold on page 34.) 17”d 490-10602 $19 set of three caged rock crosses \ These beautiful, rustic crosses will look great anywhere and make a great gift. tallest is 21”t 100-10318 $59 peace sign pitcher \ Make a statement with your lemonade or ice water when you pour it from this beautiful, hand blown recycled glass pitcher with peace sign detail. 5"d x 9”t 320-10482 $59

cast iron angel \ This little darling will melt your heart and brighten your day. Keep her on your mantel, or find your own special place for her. 9”t 395-10621 $24 this page

woven wire heart box \ These heart shaped boxes will look great holding your jewelry or even piled up in a big basket. 6” x 7”t 650-10104 $12 set of six recycled cross glasses \ Perfect for so many endeavors! Heavy recycled glass is hand blown into these beautiful, rustic glasses that also make great votive holders and vases. 3” x 7.5”t 320-10501 $69 recycled newspaper cross \ These cute hanging crosses are made from discarded magazines, creating the best kind of ornament… one that really warms the heart. 4” x 6”t 490-10100 $10

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wire mannequin lamps \ These beautiful mannequin shaped wire lamps have a vintage feel to them, especially with our new Edison 40 watt light bulbs! Choose from either a standing table lamp or hanging pendant lamp. Bulb not included. 18" x 10" x 29"t $199 each table lamp 650-10133 pendant lamp 650-10132 possibilities pendant lamp \ Industrial yet elegant, this flexible wire lamp can be transformed into many shapes, and it is sure to be a conversation starter! Bulb not included. 8"d x 17"t 650-10135 $75

flared base pendant lamp \ This dainty wire pendant lamp will open and close like a flower. Line up a few of them above your kitchen bar, or use one in your reading nook. Bulb not included. 12"d x 11.5"t (open) 650-10134 $59 edison light bulb \ It used to be so hard to find vintage style light bulbs, but not anymore! Our 40 watt Edison bulbs are so beautiful and perfect for all of our great new lamps. 5"t 506-10101 $19

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recycled bicycle parts candelabras \ We took old bike parts and created beautiful, recycled candelabras out of them! They make a great rustic gift for "green" friends or even for bicycle enthusiasts. $59 each three candlestick handlebar 18" x 11" x 8"t 640-10119 four candlestick handlebar with brakes 18" x 10.5" x 9"t 640-10121 six candlestick pedal sprocket 23" x 7" x 8.5"t 640-10120 coats rack \ This bold wall piece takes a rustic yet modern approach to organizing your entryway. 30" x 14"t 500-10739 $49

lost socks hanger \ Now there's a chic system for reuniting lost socks! Next time you find a random sock in the dryer, clip it on this rustic metal hanger until you find its mate. 30" x 10.5"t 500-10742 $59 recycled bicycle chain alphabet \ These letters on stands are created from old, seemingly useless bike chains. Pick and choose letters to spell anything you want! approx 5"d x 9"t 640-10122 $20 each (add letter to item number when ordering)

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set of five felt gourds \ Freshen up your fall table with these cuddly veggies! Great for a centerpiece or scattered around the house. largest is 5" x 8"t 560-10107 $49 pumpkin parts \ These clever pumpkin parts will add so much flair to your pumpkins this year! Just poke them into any pumpkin. (Pumpkin not included.) camo parts 500-10744 $39 turkey parts 500-10571 $29

wooden turkey \ Add a festive feel to your Thanksgiving holiday this autumn with this painted wooden turkey! 18" x 11" x 24"t 540-10125 $119

welcome to camp \ Great for summer camp or even the hunt camp, this twig sign stakes into the ground to show the way. 33" x 39�t 490-10603 $49

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turkey basket \ Let this rustic metal turkey basket overflow with delicious breads on Thanksgiving day, or use him as a festive Autumn gourd centerpiece! 8" x 30" x 16"t 500-10501 $79

who dat? \ Saint's fans, this twig sign stakes into the ground to show the world what team you're on! 30" x 35�t 490-10604 $45

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giraffe paper towel holder \ Who says that functional pieces can’t be cute? This little guy is made of rustic cast iron, and will look great in your bathroom or your kitchen. 5” x 18.5”t 395-10622 $32

cast iron owl lantern \ This cast iron critter has a beautiful antique buttermilk finish, and he'll light up your patio when you add a t-lite. 4.5"d x 7.5"t 503-10101 $25

scrap metal black lab \ Black lab lovers, this sculptural metal piece will greet you lovingly without fail every time you pass by him! 27.5" x 4" x 18.5"t 500-10737 $75 chipmunk door stop \ This adorable little cast iron critter will greet you every time you pass through the doorway! Acorn not included. 6.5” x 3.5”t 395-10639 $17

wooden owl clock \ This funky wooden owl will steal the show in your office or in the kitchen! AA battery not included. 10” x 14”t 555-10109 $36 funky felt owl \ This little critter is too cute! Set him on your desk so he can keep you company while you work, or give him to a friend to brighten their day. 4” x 5.5”t 560-10105 $12 organic iron wall art \ Heavy iron is hand forged into this graceful curving wall piece that can go nautical, modern, or fit into a lodge! 36” x 18”t 500-10594 $86


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1. set of four small round serving bowls 4"d x 1.5"t 495-10104 $15

4. organic shape tray 10" x 14" x 1.5"t 495-10108 $29

2. four compartment tray 10.5" x 7.5" x 2"t 495-10109 $26

5. set of four square serving bowls 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"t 495-10105 $26

3. set of four small rectangle platters 8.5" x 4" x 1"t 495-10107 $19 26


acacia wood \ Acacia wood is so gorgeous and organic, and we now have a whole collection of fantastic acacia pieces to use at your next garden party or everyday get together!

6. three compartment tray 15" x 5" x 1.5"t 495-10103 $19

9. set of four oval bowls 3" x 8" x 1.5"t 495-10101 $26

7. spoon and fork set 12" long 495-10110 $15

10. pair of pasta mixers 6.5" x 4"t 495-10111 $15

8. set of four oval olive dishes 10.5" x 2" x 1.5"t 495-10102 $26

11. set of four square platters 8" x 8" x 1"t 495-10106 $45 order 866.981.0647



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see no, hear no, speak no evil owls \ The famous saying has never been cuter! This set of three ceramic owls is too fun to pass up! 6”t 545-10101 $36 owl pitcher \ Add some flair to your get-togethers with this chic, hand blown recycled glass pitcher with a quirky owl on the front. Made in Colombia. 5"d X 8”t 320-10487 $59

night owl bedside water carafe \ Our best selling water carafe is now even cuter! It comes with its own drinking glass that doubles as a lid. Hand blown from recycled glass by Colombian artisans. Dishwasher safe. Made in Colombia. 4" x 4" x 9”t 320-10486 $49

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cast iron horse door stop \ This heavy majestic horse will keep your door in place, and the elegant handle makes it easy to move him around your home. 20”t 395-10522 $42 black twig sunburst \ Light up any wall with this sun shaped twig sculpture! Hand crafted in the Philippines. 29”d 490-10601 $55 29

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set of six stemless wine glasses \ These oversized stemless wine glasses are made from heavy, hand blown recycled glass, and they're also great for tea and cocktails or even as a vase or votive holder. Made in Colombia. Dishwasher safe. Holds about 18 oz! 4”d x 4.5”t $99 clear rim 320-10402 amber rim 320-10403 two piece owl parts \ So freakin’ cute! Turn almost anything into a precious little owl with these adorable cast iron owl parts. Your fruits and veggies will never be the same! 3”t 395-10638 $16


set of six recycled wine glasses \ This rustic stemware will hold 8 oz, and they are made by hand from heavy, recycled Colombian glass with occasional bubbles. Their rims and stems are a luscious amber color. Dishwasher safe. average is 8.5”t 320-10400 $99 seven bud vases \ You’ll feel like a chemist as you arrange flowers in this one! Iron rope-style stand holds seven delicate bud vases in a line. Hand crafted in Honduras. 14” x 8”t 200-10243 $49

pendant lamps with glass shades \ Recycled glass was used in the reproduction of these vintage lights. Each pendant light comes with a brushed nickel plated ceiling cap and a six foot double cord with plug that can be removed for professional hard wiring. Vintage is in… and it never looked so good! (Edison bulbs sold on page 20.) top middle 8”d x 10.5”t 650-10130 $79 bottom left 6”d x 18”t 650-10102 $79 bottom right 7”d x 10”t 650-10101 $79 that page

bird coat rack \ This rustic coat rack is adorned with hand-cut scrap metal leaves and birds sitting on an iron branch. 30” long 100-10115 $49

paris flea market pillow \ This natural colored pillow with a vintagey print is so beautiful that you’ll wish you were actually there. Polyfill. 24” x 15”t 555-10110 $28 set of two cast iron butterflies \ These vintage inspired butterflies with an antique buttermilk finish will make the perfect addition to any décor! Both are made to hang on the wall, but they also look great sitting on a table or hearth. large 8" x 8.5"t, small 6" x 5"t 503-10103 $35 recycled teak bench \ Old pieces of teak are re-purposed into this stunning bench. As this is crafted from recycled wood, color patterns will vary. (Decanters no longer available.) 56” x 22” x 37”t 615-10100 $795 ($50)

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hide-a-key turtle \ If you’re tired of hiding your spare house key under a nasty rock for the dog sitter, try our cute, best selling cast iron turtle with stowing top. 4” long 390-10510 $16 ceramic head stool \ This unique piece can be used as a stool, a side table, a plant stand, and so much more! 11”d x 17”t $149 sage 530-10731 white 530-10732 red (online) 530-10734 green (online) 530-10735 blue (online) 530-10736 shoe and boot dolly \ These utilitarian metal trays with iron casters are a stylish way to catch all your wet boots or dirty shoes right in your entryway! 31” x 9" x 8.5"t $139 rustic 500-10734 raw 500-10735



eiffel tower doorstop or bookend \ Heavy cast iron, ideal for multiple endeavors, this doorstop will make a great bookend as well. Own a little piece of Paris! 10.5”t 395-10602 $29 cast iron laughing boys \ It has been said that laughter is food for the soul, and the faces of these four little boys bring that saying to life. 8” x 8”t 395-10620 $49 cast iron pouncing cat \ This curious little kitty is ready to pounce! Made of heavy cast iron, he makes the perfect, rustic addition to the edge of any shelf or table. 11” x 4”t 395-10637 $26


metal numbers \ If you liked our metal letters, you’ll love our new metal numbers! They come in two beautiful finishes: rust or zinc. Average 6”t $15 each rust finish 650-1011 zinc finish 650-1012 add number to end of item number when ordering individual metal letters \ You asked for them, you got them. Choose any letter a-z. Some letters do not stand freely on their own, but all can be maneuvered to do so and also will hang. average 11”t 500-10622 $20 each add letter to end of item number when ordering antique cart \ Ideal in a garden setting or in a rustic cabin, this gorgeous piece is made by hand, so size and style will vary with each one. approx. 34” x 72” x 28”t 350-10501 $650 ($50) elegant glass hurricanes \ These hammered glass cylinders with iron candle holders are crafted in Colombia. Fill the bottoms with pinecones, coffee beans, potpourri, or even jelly beans! small 6" x 8”t 300-10496 $45 medium 6" x 10”t 300-10495 $47 large 6" x 12”t 300-10494 $49 set of three 300-10497 $129 pocket wine decanter \ With a pocket for ice, this tilted decanter will keep your white wine looking and tasting great all season. Made in Colombia. 9.5" x 10"t 320-10496 $75



AWE ORDERING AND PAYMENT online: | phone: 866.981.0647 | inquiries: AWE accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. No personal checks.

ORDER STATUS: If you ordered online, log in and check the status of your order To check on a phone order, call 866.981.0647 Mon.-Fri. 8-5 CST, or send an email to

TO CANCEL AN ORDER: Call 866.981.0647 with your request for an authorized cancellation. Customers requesting an approval for a cancellation after the order has been shipped may be subject to pay a restocking fee and shipping charges.

DAMAGED, INCORRECT, OR DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE: If your order is delivered damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete, please notify us within 3 days of the date of receipt. This will ensure complete replacement of the damaged, defective, incorrect or missing items at no additional cost to you, or you may choose to receive a full credit or refund of the total purchase price. All damaged, defective or incorrect items authorized for return must be packaged in their original shipping carton with the enclosed packing slip. A return authorization from us is required. Please see below for details on obtaining this authorization.

RETURNING UNWANTED MERCHANDISE: You may return any non-damaged, non-defective and unaltered merchandise along with the enclosed packing slip within 30 days from delivery date to receive a full credit/refund of the purchase price (we will not refund shipping charges). Return authorization from us is required along with a FedEx return label. Credit will not be given for returns made without authorization or past the 30 day limit.

RETURN AUTHORIZATION: Please email or call 1.866.981.0647 with your request for a return authorization. We will contact you either by email or phone with further information and instructions.

HANDCRAFTED QUALITY: We make every effort to ensure your order arrives in as-advertised condition. Most of our merchandise is handcrafted. Please note that differences in size, color, form and finish are expected and add to the individuality of each piece. Bubbles in the glass are normal, and iron pieces will weather if placed outside.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING POLICIES: AWE makes every effort to ship all orders within 48 business hours (Mon-Fri). While we endeavor to maintain inventory stock on all items, on occasion some pieces may be backordered. They will be shipped to you immediately upon receipt. Note that shipping times may vary during peak seasons. Orders are shipped primarily via FedEx Ground. Many items will be drop-shipped directly from our vendors. Orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will incur additional shipping charges above the listed shipping rate. Please call customer service at 1.866.981.0647 for more information. We do not ship to foreign countries or U.S. territories. We do not ship to PO boxes. Please provide a physical shipping address for your order. 7% sales tax will be charged for orders shipped to or billed to Mississippi. We do not ship to military bases. AWE reserves the right to change pricing due to typographical errors in either the printed catalogue or online at Prices in this catalogue are good through 12/31/2011. Candles are not included with any candle holders. Light bulbs are not included with lighting fixtures.

SHIPPING CHARGES: (order amount)


up to $15 $15.01-$30 $30.01-$75 $75.01-$100 $100.01-$200 Above $200

$5 $7 $9 $12 $15 10%

SHIPPING SURCHARGES: Because large items are bulky and heavy, they have a delivery and processing surcharge listed in parentheses ($00) after the price. This charge is in addition to the regular shipping charge.

At West End is very involved in giving back to the global community through the Doug and Susan’s Kids Foundation. To give or learn more, please visit, or scan the code to the right. 100% of all donations go to those in need, with no admin costs taken out and are fully tax deductible. Add a $5 donation to your order today and help a family in Haiti get back on their feet.


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hay field painting \ You’ll feel as though you’re running through a field of fresh air and color when you look at this beautiful hand painted canvas. 39”sq 590-10711 $249

reclaimed dining chairs \ Entertain all season on these gorgeous chairs made by Colombian artisans. Table no longer available. Chair backs are 42”t; steer hide leather seats are 15“ square. $275 each ($25) carved vines 330-10365 carved fleur de lis 330-10361 iron inset 330-10362 scalloped ladder back 330-10364

hanging glass bird feeders \ These gorgeous glass bird feeders can also be used as terrariums, and they'll hang inside or out! tear drop 7.5” x 9”t 490-10107 $49 round 7.5"d 490-10106 $49 battery candles \ Amazing as they sound! Great option for a lasting glow around the house. Made of real wax. “On/Off” switch on bottom. AAA batteries not included. 3” x 4” 590-10675 $11 4” x 5” 590-10674 $15 3” x 6” 505-10100 $15



briwax \ Keep your Colombian wooden chairs in great shape with our dark brown wax. It cleans, stains, and polishes your furniture. A blend of soft beeswax and waxy palm from South America. 16 oz tub 900-10904 $19 pool ball candle holder \ This will make the perfect gift for any billiard lover, or get one for the man cave in your house! 12” x 3”t 575-10102 $59

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ceramic mermaid bookends \ She is the newest addition to our popular mermaid collection, and she'll look graceful whether she's on your bookshelf or in your office! each piece 9" x 4" x 8"t 530-10764 $59 ceramic fish vases \ These ornate ceramic fish will add a charming element to your home! Use them to hold flowers at the beach house or on the back porch. $39 each standing 7" x 12"t 545-10107 splashing 11" x 9"t 545-10112 fish towels rack \ Our forged iron towel rack is washed in a beautiful, soft aqua color. Great for anywhere you need to hang a towel (or anything else, for that matter). From the lake house to the beach house to the pool house to the bathroom. 30” x 20”t 500-10684 $53

set of four bottle yard stakes \ Perfect for wildflowers or your favorite exotic stems from the local market. These rustic stakes look lovely lining a path or just outside your kitchen window. Great for entertaining! Hand crafted in the Philippines. 50”t 455-10580 $49 recycled bedside water carafe \ Chunky, thick glass forms a unique square bedside carafe, complete with a simple cup that stores as a lid on top. Ideal for those that get that late night thirst, but we won’t tell if you stock your favorite whiskey in it either! Hand blown from recycled glass by Colombian artisans. Dishwasher safe. 5"d x 8”t 320-10434 $44

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sitting mermaid \ This timeless cast iron mermaid sits in a graceful pose with an antique patina finish. It's hard not to fall in love with this one. 14.5”t 395-10521 $42

glass drink dispenser with spigot \ This beautifully crafted, 3.5 gallon dispenser will serve your beverages in style. Lemonade, margaritas, sangria, punch, you name it! A diverse piece that can travel from tailgates to weddings. Made in Colombia. 11.5”d x 23.5”t 300-10501 $159

mermaid vase \ A beautiful twist of old and new make this mermaid a timeless piece to own. Glazed in a vibrant hue of the sea with a rustic antique finish, she’s the perfect vessel for those seasonal blooms. 11” x 12”t 530-10685 $65





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scrap metal “lake” arrow \ Point your guests in the right direction with this cool, rustic sign. 25” x 13”t 100-10304 $39 mossy bulldog \ This sturdy ceramic pup makes a great gift for any bulldog enthusiast, or put him in your own garden, study or den! 6.5" x 16" x 9”t 390-10621 $69 junk yard shorebird \ Scrap metal is hand cut and welded into this beautiful rustic bird. This piece is heavy and perfect for outdoors. Colors and patterns will always vary. 36”t 100-10160 $195

rock and iron dragonfly \ This graceful winged dragonfly is made of recycled iron and natural river rock. Hook included. 11” long 100-10193 $24 alligator wine topper \ Next time you bring wine to a party, top it with a friendly, painted metal alligator. 5"t 500-10745 $15 this page

vine fish \ This twist on fish art is hand crafted of scrap vine in the Philippines, making it a green fish! 36” x 25”t 460-10577 $55 welcome to the lake \ Natural vine is hand crafted into this friendly yard sign. A very popular “thank you” gift! Philippines. approx. 38”t 460-10524 $46

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set of three acacia cheese boards \ These acacia wood cheese boards in lovely organic shapes make it so easy to pass cheese and fruit around the party in style. Shapes will always vary. largest approx 8" x 15"t 496-10101 $49 turtle magnifying glass \ With a rustic metal body and a magnifying glass shell, this turtle is useful as well as decorative. Keep him on your desk as a paperweight until you need him, or show him off on your bookshelf. 4.5"d x 6"t 625-10121 $20 honey bee jar \ There are so many uses for this honeycomb patterned glass jar, and the little bee on the lid is too cute! 3"d x 5"t 625-10118 $19 cast iron pheasant \ This elegant cast iron bird with a lovely antique buttermilk finish will add drama and style to any space. 18" x 4" x 9"t 503-10102 $55 party capiz chandelier \ This gorgeous chandelier is a bright and festive new addition to our popular capiz collection! 11.5"d x 49"t 400-10513 $69 that page

fleur de lis bud vase bouquet \ Six dainty bud vases adorn this sturdy cast iron stand. A must have for any fleur de lis lover! 6" x 9”t 395-10643 $36 trunks & bikinis \ The perfect spot for your wet swimsuits after a trip to the pool, lake, river, or sea! Hand crafted of iron and washed in a rustic aqua hue. 34” x 10”t 500-10713 $55 starfish garland \ A bit of the beach for indoors! Hang, drape, or weave this rustic garland around your abode for a lovely reminder of the seaside. 90” long 400-10590 $29 two drawer sofa table \ Made from reclaimed teak, our furniture has antique patinas that will always be unique! 56” x 17” x 30”t 620-10106 $995 ($50)



Colors and sizes will always vary.


These big guys are hand made and hand painted and will always vary.


Sizes, colors, and design will always vary.

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giant cow paintings \ These cows will just keep growing on you! They're hand painted on deep canvases, and they're full of personality. 39”sq $295 each left cow 590-10691 right bull 590-10690 a & z bookends \ Show off your books from A to Z with these ceramic bookends. Great gift for a passionate reader or the guy who has it all. Rustic moss finish. 11” x 4” x 8”t 390-10611 $39

captain’s lantern \ As if plucked from the bottom of the sea, this metal lantern is a timeless piece that will look great inside or out. 7” x 10”t 595-10625 $29 each giant barracuda \ No fishing camp or coastal condo is complete without this six foot long beast of a fish! This three dimensional barracuda is crafted of scrap metal and comes with chain. (Use caution, could have sharp edges.) Finished on both sides. 18” x 71” long 100-10224 $198

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surf oil painting \ This painting of water crashing onto the rocks will take you to your favorite coastal getaway in your own living room. Hand painted. 31”sq 590-10692 $175 mercury glass candle holders \ Timeless mercury glass in two curvy shaped candle holders that can house either 4” x 5” pillar candles or taper candles. (Battery candles sold on page 36.) 14”t 625-10100 $44 18”t 625-10101 $54

teak console with iron doors \ This wonderful console could fit into so many different décors! Distressed, repurposed teak is fitted with three antique cast iron doors and a dividing shelf. Sizes, colors, and design will vary. approx. 54” x 17” x 40”t 620-10105 $1495 ($100)

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set of four river rock flowers \ This quirky set of four different flowers is crafted from scrap metal and river rocks. No green thumb required! largest is 24”t 100-10267 $99 set of three recycled bird yard stakes \ This set of three quirky bird stakes with recycled bottle cap eyes and feathers are so cute! 38”t 100-10245 $59 sunflowers paintings trio \ These three canvases come together as a great sunflower scape. A cheery hand painted masterpiece for any home. each canvas is 20” x 24”t 590-10681 $195 birch forest painting \ One can’t help but be drawn into this dense, mysterious forest. Hand painted on deep canvas with colors too rich and thick to believe. 48” x 32”t 590-10684 $295 set of three beaded pillar stands \ This is a vibrant set of brilliant colorful glazes. Heavy ceramic with a vintage beaded texture. largest is 17”t 530-10673 $159


flying pig doorstop \ Everyone loves a flying pig! Heavy cast iron door stop adds flair to an ordinary task. Convenient handle for relocating task to task. 19”t 395-10520 $42 scrap metal dog \ This rustic golden retriever is the perfect pet. Stay! Good Boy. 30” x 18”t 100-10192 $89

cowboy boot vases \ Kick up your floral arrangements with these unique ceramic vases! They'll look great indoors or out, holding fresh flowers or your favorite dried arrangements! 11" x 5" x 14"t $59 each purple 545-10122 turquoise 545-10119 mustard 545-10121 red 545-10120

rooster vase \ Brighten up your kitchen when you use this red ceramic rooster to hold your wooden spoons or freshly picked flowers. 5.5" x 9" x 14"t 502-10105 $69 pop art texas \ You don’t have to live there to love this fun wall piece! Crafted of colorful scrap metal. Wonderful gift! 24”t 100-10226 $46 47

vintage red pail \ This aged wooden bucket is a striking red with forged iron handle. A practical vessel with a punch of color! All will vary in size and color. 16” x 6”t 350-10467 $69 giant metal paper clip on stand \ These oversized rustic paper clips are hand crafted from scrap metal. Great for holding files and mail. A modern twist on an old classic. 13”t 100-10270 $19 giant swirl cigar ashtray \ Generously sized to accommodate the largest cigar, this rustic black clay ashtray has a deep ridged interior for better stogie stability. Hand made in Honduras. 12”d 200-10271 $49


set of three see, hear, speak no evil monkeys \ These three little buddies will keep you straight while adorning your home! 5” x 4” x 6”t 545-10106 $49 folding fish table \ Great lakeside or poolside, this colorful wooden table folds flat for easy transporting to wherever you need it next. Makes a unique night stand as well. 21” x 19” x 20”t 360-10100 $69 antique rice bucket \ This ancient basket design has a softly tapered curve and an unobtrusive handle, and it will hold lots! Each is unique. approx. 12” x 12” x 10”t 350-10389 $59 set of four jockeys \ Carved to replicate an antique wooden jockey set from Mississippi. Originally used as pieces to a game at the county fair. 4” x 16” x 10”t 535-10626 $149 order 866.981.0647


glass dryer or coffee mug holder \ Hand forged iron makes up this sturdy and functional cup holder. It's ideal for showing off a collection, or use it to dry all those glasses you wash after dinner parties. (Stemless wine glasses sold on page 30.) 11.5”d x 18”t 500-10686 $53


wire mesh cubby \ Perfect for your entryway, this industrial cubby shelf also has hooks for sweaters and keys. (Numbers sold on page 34.) 6” x 29” x 11”t 575-10100 $79

pathway through the birch forest \ Take a stroll through the forest every time you look at this vibrant painting. 47” x 31”t 590-10698 $275

rock and iron caterpillar \ So cute! Hand crafted of river rock and scrap metal. He makes a unique and green gift for any occasion. 21” x 14”t 100-10212 $79

scrap iron whale sculpture \ Finished on both sides, this 4 foot whale is a unique centerpiece whether you live by the sea or not! Hand crafted. Finishes will vary. 48” x 18”t 100-10194 $195 huge curling wall sconce \ This rustic, elegant wall sconce features a single strip of metal curling top to bottom to hold the hand-blown glass hurricane. Holds a 3” pillar candle (not included). 10.5" x 8" x 32”t 200-10233 $79

steer hide bar stool \ Reclaimed 100 year old hardwood hand crafted by Colombian artisans. Solid, comfortable, unique. Choose from bar height or counter height. bar height 16”sq x 46½”t with a seat height of 32” 325-10354 $395 ($25) counter height 16”sq x 41”t with a seat height of 27” 325-10466 $395 ($25)

wild wire candelabra \ Create a canopy of light with this unique candle stand. Ten glass votive holders included. 22” x 27”t 200-10246 $98 leaf coat rack \ This tall iron rack will welcome you home every day with a little touch of nature. 72”t 500-10712 $99




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lighthouse hurricanes \ These earthy lighthouses will welcome friends and strangers alike, but you don’t have to live on a beach to appreciate the graphic black and white designs. Holds a 3” candle (not included). Made in Honduras. (Recycled rustic wine glasses sold on page 30.) short 17.5”t 200-10222 $43 medium 21”t 200-10224 $54 tall 27”t 200-10223 $75 set of three 200-10254 $159 circle wall art \ Great alone or in multiples. Hand crafted of solid iron. 23” x 36”t 500-10616 $75 set of six recycled wine glasses \ This rustic stemware will hold 8 oz, and they are made by hand from heavy, recycled Colombian glass with occasional bubbles. Their rims and stems are a luscious amber color. Dishwasher safe. average is 8.5”t 320-10400 $99

whimsical painted bubble ironwork \ This heavy iron piece is playful and rustic. Hang in multiples as shown or vertically in that narrow space you've been trying to fill for ages. (Finial no longer available.) 11.5” x 38.5” long 500-10691 $98 each "hello" pop art \ Welcome all with our best selling hello speech bubble sign. Artfully crafted from scrap metal. Each is unique. 21” wide 100-10197 $34 this page

forged iron bath rack \ Hand crafted of heavy iron and ideal in any bathroom or kitchen. 12” x 41”t 500-10618 $98 recycled wine chilling carafe \ This unique carafe is crafted from recycled glass by artisans in Colombia. Pour in your white wine, add ice into the side pocket, and serve! 16”t 320-10500 $59 tulips painting \ Nothing can brighten a room like this painting! Hand painted on thick canvas in rich hues. 16.5” x 39”t 590-10696 $125 find us on


set of three ceramic bottles \ Each of these bottles show off a beautiful, organic glaze, and they come in a set of three lovely colors. largest is 13”t 530-10733 $110 multi-hole vase \ Colombian artisans craft this unique vase with six holes. You’ll love arranging flowers in it all year long. 7”d x 14.5”t 300-10477 $49



antique water bucket \ These beautiful antique water buckets are all original and one of a kind, with the color varying from very light to very dark wood. Dozens of uses for this little piece of history. 11” x 16”t 350-10430 $69 set of six recycled champagne flutes \ Toast any event in style! Swirled flutes are hand blown from recycled glass in Colombia. Sizes will vary. Dishwasher safe. 320-10368 $99

tall sunflower painting \ This expressive sunflower emits joy and energy to all who pass by him. Show him off at the end of a hallway or in another surprising location. Painted by hand. 19.5” x 59”t 590-10705 $150 bottle tree \ Our iron bottle tree has multiple iron stems to hold all kinds of bottles or fruits and veggies for the birds. Iron stem has horizontal foot to help step stake into the ground. Gently bend down spokes upon arrival. one tree 72"t 500-10512 $34 two trees 72"t 500-10617 $58

authentic italian wine vessels "damigianas" \ These large green vessels, known as demijohns in English and damigiana in Italian, have been used to hold wine for centuries. Ours are collected from the ancient wine regions of Italy exclusively for us, and each bottle is between 50 and 90 years old. The damigiana is truly unique in shape and size. These extraordinary works of art are coveted by designers for display on coffee tables, dining tables, consoles and hutches. They look stunning with a single stem of fresh cut dogwood or any other blooming tree limb. Each damigiana is a treasure to own and a piece of Italian history to pass on for generations. All bottles will vary in size. (Clear damigianas available online.) small green approx. 12"d x 15"t 700-10102 $79 medium green approx. 14"d x 20"t 700-10101 $129 huge green approx. 20"d x 28"t 700-10100 $195 small clear approx. 12"d x 15"t 700-10105 $79

flower shaped candle or plant holder \ This cute, rustic flower is shaped by hand from scrap metal. Perfect for any little plant or candle in your garden. 4” pot not included. 13” x 15.5”t 100-10317 $36 iron pinwheel \ This large hand crafted pinwheel might be just what you’ve been needing for that certain empty space in your home. A little beachy, a little industrial, and all beautiful. (Ceramic vases no longer available.) 40”d 500-10690 $149 acorn rain gauge stake \ Capture the rain with this cute glass beaker that hangs inside a rustic cast iron stake! 5” x 32”t 395-10645 $29 find us on


set of three tall bird stakes \ Joining our recycled rock and iron critter family, these quirky birds add charm to any yard, garden, or potted plant. tallest is 32�t 100-10244 $59



sexy garden gnome \ How cute is he? Every garden, patio, or rooftop deck needs one of these adorable gnomes. 15.5�t 390-10461 $49

set of three flower yard stakes \ Crafted of scrap metal, these adorable yard stakes are great for everyone, green thumb or not! 42”t 100-10188 $69 hanging bottle tree \ The folklore of the bottle tree is quite interesting, but whether you believe it will lure and trap evil spirits or not, it is still a beautiful way to recycle your favorite colorful bottles (not included). 30”t 500-10694 $39 vine monkey \ This life size, playful creature is hand woven from excess vine in the Philippines. Hang him on a branch in the back yard or a doorway around the house. 30”t 490-10567 $69 thirteen bell wind chime \ This decorative wind chime will sing softly hanging from your porch or out in your yard. 21”t 640-10114 $19 metal garden armadillo \ This handsome garden armadillo is hand crafted from scrap metal. 38” x 8” x 14”t 100-10147 $109 order anytime you like 866.981.0647


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recycled kite \ For the young and young at heart, this hand crafted kite is made of recycled bottle caps and metal. 16” x 43”t 100-10227 $59 recycled caged rock weenie dog \ Repurposed of scrap metal and river rocks, we can’t get enough of this guy! Too, too cute. A must for the weenie dog lover in your life. 12” x 9”t 100-10312 $49



recycled recycling bags \ Discarded newspapers from around the world are collected in the Philippines and made into these reusable recycling bins. Laminated and durable for easy wipe down. aluminum 12”sq x 17”t 475-10110 $30 plastic 12”sq x 17”t 475-10104 $30 glass 12”sq x 17”t 475-10105 $30 paper 12”sq x 17”t 475-10103 $30 set of four (one of each) 475-10111 $109

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ceramic labrador statue \ This lovable pup has a beautiful mossy finish. 8” x 6” x 16”t 390-10612 $59 twig umbrella stand \ Use this white washed twig umbrella stand in your entryway to brighten up any stormy day. 12"d x 25"t 580-10594 $59 cast iron hand \ Ideal for evening cigars on the back porch or pocket change on the bureau. Much better than a tacky tie for those hard to shop for men in your life! 9” x 4” x 2”t 390-10511 $39

oversized lizard décor \ Our rustic iron lizard has mounting holes in the feet so that he can be used as a door handle, drawer pull, door stop, or wall décor. He makes a great table or garden accent, too. 3” x 14” long 310-10343 $42 teak barrel table with nesting chairs \ Hand crafted of reclaimed teak. Each chair fits perfectly into its cubby and is fitted with a forged iron handle on the back. Great space saving breakfast table or a cool game table for poker night! As this is recycled wood, color patterns will vary. 46”d x 31”t 615-10101 $1895 ($100)

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set of six mercury glass ornaments \ These mercury glass ornaments have a beautifully antiqued finish, and their jewel tones will brighten up your Christmas tree all winter. Each style comes in a set of six colors. tear drops (top left) 4”d x 5”t 630-10115 $79 finials (top right) 3”d x 4.5”t 630-10114 $59 balls (bottom) 3”d 630-10113 $59

At West End - Holiday 2011  
At West End - Holiday 2011  

We've got so many AWEsome new home décor items in our Holiday 2011 issue of At West End!