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From the desk of Head of the Institution Dear friends I am happy to note that the paper format of SIPHAR is being liked by readers and we are receiving a number of mails of appreciations, for which we are grateful to all. The in house magazine or paper plays an important role in developing relation between the house owner and clients/friends and others. I am not talking about others, but I try to incorporate different subjects in SIPHAR, so that the reader may concentrate upon the his/her likings. The SIPHAR team every time remains in search of interesting articles, stories , and best of the bests find place in every monthly edition. Being head of the house, SIPHAR team has shouldered upon me the responsibilities of writing this column. In this context I want to make it clear that I am not a good writer, but with the inspiration of my colleagues, I try to share my views with you. Actually I wonder for the professional writers , who use to write different columns, and that too with wonderful words. Through this column, I salute all the writers/poets . From August, the season of festivals has started and will continue till December. We are lucky to be from such a nation, where all festivals, irrespective of caste, are celebrated jointly, Whether it is Ganesh Chaturthi, or Id, every Indian take active participation in these festivals and greet each other. Please feel free in giving your suggestions for strengthening SIPHAR. Truly yours Atul Malikram (For Private Circulation Only)

Hazare leaves jail to start hunger strike Anna Hazare, the Indian anti-corruption campaigner, left jail in Delhi on Friday, 19th August to stage a public hunger strike in the centre of the capital city. Mr Hazare was detained on Tuesday for refusing to comply with restrictions limiting the duration of his fast to promote new anti-graft legislation. More ON THIS STORY Hazare agrees deal for anti-graft protest Singh defends police over Hazare arrest Comment Manmohan's challenge on graft Anti-graft protest escalates in India Singh focuses on graft in annual address The government's efforts to curb his protest have triggered a wave of criticism from the political opposition and civil society leaders that it seeks unfairly to silence dissent in the world's largest democracy. Although officially released the same day that he was arrested, Mr Hazare had refused to leave Delhi's Tihar jail demanding to negotiate new terms for his protest and proceed with his fast. On leaving the jail at midday on Friday in a downpour of monsoon rain, the veteran social activist exhorted his supporters to back a “second revolution� against

2 endemic corruption. Public fears about widespread graft in the fastgrowing economy have been amplified over the past year by high-profile scandals surrounding the telecoms sector and the handling of contracts related to the Commonwealth Games. “After 64 years of independence, we still haven't achieved complete freedom,” Mr Hazare told his supporters. “The fight is far from over, it has just begun.”

India's war dead and in sight of the In an address to parliament on country's parliament, before Wednesday, Manmohan Singh, the prime minister, warned that Mr heading to the Ramlila Ground. Hazare's movement was a threat to Mr Hazare has captured the mood of many young people in India, who democracy. He called Mr Hazare's arefrustrated by widespread promotion of tougher action as “totally misconceived” and feared that they may have “grave consequences”.

Mr Hazare has won concessions from local police to stage his public fast for 15 days in the Ramlila corruption and the Congress partyGround, an open space in the l e d g o v e r n m e n t ' s a p p a re n t middle of New Delhi used for large unwillingness to address it. protests and festivals. Despite having previously involved Kiran Bedi, a former senior police Mr Hazare in negotiations on antiofficer and aide to Mr Hazare, said c o r r u p t i o n l e g i s l a t i o n , t h e the social activist and his supporters government has increasingly taken would march first to Rajghat, a a tougher line against the activist, memorial park where Mahatma with senior ministers clearly losing Gandhi, India's liberation leader, patience with what they consider was cremated. They would then o u t s i d e r s m e d d l i n g i n journey to India Gate, a memorial to parliamentary affairs

MK Sharma

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Mr Singh has suggested that a foreign hand is seeking to destabilise India and derail it from its high economic growth with civil unrest. Some Congress leaders interpreted the premier's comments as referring to the US after the state department issued statements supporting the freedoms of expression and assembly. The US has denied that it has any wish to interfere with India's democratic values.


Editorial Team Editor

Many others have criticised Mr Hazare's use of the hunger strike They say this was an appropriate weapon against a colonial power, but not an elected government.

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Hazare leaves jail to start hunger strike A short Story and Happy Birthday DIDI Ganesh Chaturthi and Onem Navaratri Celebrations Pitra Paksha 2011 Future Generali launches Bima Advantage Lin Opinion National Conference 2011 GM India Launches Chevrolet Beat Diesel Dolly Bindra ko gussa kyon aatha hai? Mr. Salil Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dish TV India to be quoted Elite Football League of India Launched (GIMA) Awards announced Starts Monday, Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m on Sahara One Television Seher & Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani on BIG MAGIC Emraan Hashmi is the original stud: claims Superstud Ashmit Patel SAB TV launches romantic Comedy Chintu Chinki zoOm explodes on facebook; Self Assessment Program and Happy Birthday

Jahaan Chaah, Wahan Raah Abhimanyu is a young boy of 17 year's age. He belongs to a middle class family. He resides with his father, mother, one elder brother and one elder sister. His father is doing a job in a private company, and runs his family, with hardship. His income is not sufficient enough to meet requirements of his family, as such, his family generally faces financial crisis, particularly in the last week of the month. Since he does no want to pour responsibilities on shoulders of his sons, hence he uses to bear the situation and believes that God will bring rescue to his family. Devesh, the elder son and Mamta, the only daughter are studying in colleges, w h i l e Abhimanyu studies in 12th standard. Abhimanyu has great affection for his father, and he looks at him, daily, when he returns late night from his duties. Every day he feels that his father is doing strenuous work and he needs help from other family members. Since Abhimanyu is determined to help his family, as such he approaches his mother and asks as to whether he can start a part time job, like hawker, so that he may assist his father, financially. His mother at the first sight refused to accede to his request, but looking at the intention of her younger son, she allowed him to do the job, but simulteneousely advised him that his study should not suffer on account of the job. Abhimanyu accepted her advice and started hawker ship.Now he is earning Rs.3000/- per month. Incidently during his part time job tenure, he comes in contact of a cardiologist, Dr. Sheetal Jain, who is in search of a receptionist for his clinic. Abhimanyu requests him to give this job to his elder brother Devesh, and Dr.Jain agrees . Devesh takes permission from his parents, and he is also doing part time job, and earning Rs.4000/- per month. Now Shyamlal Verma is quite happy, as he is not facing any problem in running his family, and her wife has started saving for marriage of her daughter also. Really, if there is will, every one can search ways to face the situations.

3 Happy Birthday DIDI

28th September 1929 was a historical day for the entire world as nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar was born this day at Indore. she is completing 82 years but she expresses that she has to learn a lot in music. Lata Ji, has charmed her fans with over 50,000 songs and has sung as a playback singer in films, has no regrets that she never got married. Over the last 56 years of her singing career, Lata thought of retiring several times, but it was the affection of her fans that never let her call it a day. Lata, whose voice quality retains the freshness and innocence of a 16-year-old girl, says that in a way it has been good that she did not get married. “Had I got married, I may have got divorced in a year or two. It has all been all for the good,” she says. Lata wants to now give more attention to singing classical-based songs. She is not very happy with the kind of lyrics that are being written these days and recalls the days of yore when there was emotion in the songs. Everybody very careful that obscenity should not get into the songs even by inference. It was after India’s losses in the India-China war in 1962 that a young Lata had sung the song, “Ai Mere Watan Ke Logon, Zara Aankh Me Bhar Lo Pani”. The song, writeen by Kavi Pradeep, moved the then Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nahru, to tears and he confessed “Beti toone mujhe rula diya.” She has lent her voice to heroines from Madhubala to Madhuri Dixit to Kajol. Her song “Tere Bin Nahin Jeena” in the latest venture “Kachhe Dhage” is the last film in which the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has given the music. It is said that Nusrat insisted that he would score the music for the film only if Lata was the playback singer. Yes, several female playback singers who could not, perhaps, match Lata’s range and talent, have alleged that during her long career at the top, Lata did not let other talented singers come up. It is not known how much truth there is in such allegations, but it is beyond dispute that Lata is a legend in her lifetime and undeniably the best singer India has produced. Her contribution to making music popular throughout India and the world is incalculable and she has reigned supreme all through the last six decades. Courtesy: Manisha Khanna & Ajay Chaturvedi


Ganesh Chaturthi Onam Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most important Hindu festival in India. It is the day on which Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati was born. The day thus marks the auspicious birth of one of the most important Hindu God. This day is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi in many parts of the country. It is celebrated on of fourth day of the waxing moon period in the month of Bhaadrapada according to the Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this day falls between 20 August and 15 September. The festival is celebrated with immense enthusiasm in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for ten days. If you want to explore the origin and history of this festival, you can refer to the article given here.

Origin According to the legend, the festival marks the auspicious day of the birth of Lord Ganesha. The story goes as follows- Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of resolution, was away from Kailash due to some work. As Parvati was alone at home, she felt the necessity of some one to guard the door to her house while she took bath. When she did not get any one, she conceived of the idea of creating a son who could guard her. She then created Ganesha out of her sandalwood paste and breathed life into the idol. She then asked him to stand on the gate and do not let any body enter until she came out. Unfortunately, Shiva returned home in the meantime. As, Ganesha did recognize him, he stopped Shiva from entering as per his mother's advice. This badly enraged Lord Shiva, who cut off Ganesha's head by his trident. When Parvati saw beheaded Ganesha, took on the form of the Goddess Kali and threatened to destruct all the three worlds. The earth, the heaven, the nether world, all was shaken and every body ran to Shiva for solution. In order to appease Lord Parvati and save the world from destruction, Lord Shiva sent out his followers to find a child whose mother is facing another direction in negligence, cut off his head and bring it quickly. The first such child that came in the eyes of the Shiva followers was an elephant, so they brought the head of this elephant and Shiva placed it on the trunk of Parvati's son and gave life into him. Parvati was the overwhelmed with happiness and embraced her son. They named her Ganesha i.e the Lord of all Ganas (followers).

Onam is the state festival o f K e ra l a a n d i t i s celebrated with extreme enthusiasm and zeal throughout the state irrespective of caste, creed and community. It is celebrated in order to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali who is said to visit the place at the time of Onam. The festival is marked with wonderful celebrations including intricate rituals, grand feast, songs, dance, games and fairs. It is also known as the harvest festival of the state and is celebrated in the beginning of the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham) called ‘Chingam’. This month falls in AugustSeptember according to the Gregorian calendar and in Bhadrapada or Bhadon according to the Indian (Hindu) Calendar.

When Is Onam Celebrated Onam is celebrated over ten days; it comes to an end with the grand celebrations on the tenth day called ‘Thiruvonam’. Onam celebrations start from the day of Atham and culminate on Thiruvonam. At some places the celebrations even extend to twelve days called as ‘Chatayam’. However, Atham and


Navaratri Celebrations The nine days and nights of Navratri are dedicated to Mother Goddess. The celebrations of the festival include fasts, strictly vegetarian diet, japa (chanting mantras in honor of the Goddess Shakti) and recitation of religious hymns, prayer, meditation and sacred texts related to Goddess Durga. Navratri is celebrated twice a year - once in the month of Chaitra (April-May) and again in the month of Ashwin (September-October). On both the occasions, nine

Thiru Onam are the most important days for Onam celebrations. The days for these celebrations are decided according to the position of stars. The

festival is supposed to start from the appearance of the lunar asterism (a cluster of stars smaller than a constellation) Atham (Hastha), that appears ten days before asterism Thiruvonam. Thiruvonam actually corresponds to the Shravan day in the month of August or September and that is why it is also known as Sravanotsavam. At this time, the sun is also located in the Zodiac sign of Leo which in return happens to be located in the sun’s house as well. different forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. In the September-October celebrations, the main ritual consists of placing images of the Goddess in homes and temples. On the tenth day, the idol is immersed in water. Numerous other celebrations are also associated with Navratri festival. Let us know more about the celebrations of Navratri. Bengal During Navratri, Bengalis in India worship huge idols of the Goddess, perform devotional songs and dances and finally take out grand processions on the tenth day, when the idols are immersed in water. The last four days of the festival are most important for them. People worship pre-pubescent young girls, known as 'kanyas', as the embodiments of Goddess Durga. 'Ayudha Puja' is performed on the ninth day, where one worships the tools, implements of their livelihood and places it on the altar of the Goddess for her blessings of success and prosperity. Even children place their study books and writing tools on the altar and the families spend whole day in contemplation of the Goddess. On the tenth day of Dussehra, devotees perform 'Saraswati Puja' for blessings of knowledge and mental peace. During Navratri, thousands of devotees visit Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkota, West Bengal.

Significance of Onam Day Onam is celebrated in order to honor King Mahabali, one of the most respected kings of the state. The entire festival is celebrated in order to welcome his spirit to the place as he is supposed to visit the state during this period. It is believed that that it was on the this day in the month of Chingam when Lord Vishnu took in avatar of Vaamana, came to the state of King Mahabali and sent him to nether world. It is said that since that day the festival of Onam is celebrated in order to memorize his wonderful reign of peace and prosperity in the kingdom. In order to welcome their respected ruler, people lay flower mats (Pookalam) in the front courtyard, arrange grand feast (Onasadya), dance, play, and celebrate. All this is done to make the King feel that his people are still happy and prosperous. It is believed that Onam celebrations started during the Sangam period as some evidences of the celebrations related to the Kulasekhara Perumals (800 AD) have been found. It is said that during that time Onam was celebrated for a month. Onam 2011: 09 September.


Pitra Paksha 2011

Sameer Dharmadhikari’s greys come out with Rajshri’s Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli.

In respect to the ancestors, it is very important to follow Pitra Paksha and perform their Shradh work. As per the Hindu scriptures, ancestors should be pleased before God. Sameer who has Significance of Pitra Paksha previously w Pleasing of ancestors before God is more beneficial. Pitra Karya is more significant o r ke d w i t h than Dev Karya. Vayu Purana, Matsya Purana, Guru Purana, Vishnu Purana and Rajshri in their show "Main Teri other scriptures like Manu Smriti etc. contains the description of Shradh. From Purnima to mid of Amavasya, that is for 16 days, Shradh is is performed to P a r c h h a i n provide peace to the soul of our ancestors. Doing this work in a systematic way for Hoon" will be 16 days regularly, frees you from your ancestors' debt. In the Pitra Paksha Shradha, seen portraying Brahmins are offered food. After the meal, they are given donation and alms as per the character of Raj Singhaniya an individuals capacity. This helps in the maintenance of good health, peace, in their latest show Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli . “Good happiness and enrichment. When to Perform Pitrapaksha Tarpan things always come together. Pitra Pakasha, that is, the Shradh Paksha, starts from Bhadrapad Shukla Purnima to That is somewhat the case with Ashwin Krishna Amavasya. According to this, every year 16 days are mainly Rajshri and me. It’s always a dedicated to ancestors. Walking to ancestors on the path of salvation, frees a pleasure to work with them as person from his loans (Pitra Rin). In the year 2011, Shardh will be performed on the they are one of the best in the following dates. industry. Also they are very sure Shradh Dates 2011 of when to introduce a character. And when they approached me Shradh Date Day for Raj’s character it was apt Purnima 12 September Monday timing.” Sameer tells us that Pratipad 13 September Tuesday Raj’s character is that of a Second 14 September Wednesday protective brother, who can get anything under the sun, if his Third 15 September Thursday sister demands for it. He adds, Fourth 16 September Friday “Raj also has some steak of grey. Fifth 17 September Saturday I haven’t done a grey character Sixth 18 September Sunday before on T.V. Thus making it a hard hitting and a solid role.” Seventh 19 September Monday There is a noticeable change in Eighth 20 September Tuesday his look to support the character, Ninth 21 September Wednesday we ask him if he specially worked Tenth 22 September Thursday on it, Sameer says, “I lately wore my hair short, and when I was Ekadashi 23 September Friday approached for the role, the look Dwadashi 24 September Saturday i was carrying fitted the Trayodashi 25 September Sunday character and was approved by Chaturdashi 26 September Monday the creative team immediately.” Soniya Singh plays the role of his Amawasya 27 September Tuesday sister Koyal. The brother sister Sarva Pitra 27 September Tuesday duo entered the show to save The religious works done during Shradh Paksha Bhadrapad Shukla Purnima to Swarna Bhawan but with ulterior Ashwini Krishna Amavasya, gives salvation to the ancestors. It is also believed that motives. It would be interesting the food reaches to our forefathers through Brahmans and birds. The person who's to watch how Karan and Abha date of death is not confirmed, his Shradh is performed on Sarva pitra Amavasya. save their family this time.

7 A real Public Relation Company is that which understands need of an Organization PR 24x7 Network Ltd. is here to help you Indore: Everyone knows that Public Relation is the managing of proactive communication of an organization to create and maintain a positive image. Public Relation involves popularizing success and many other activities. Therefore in today's time a PR Company has become essential part of every organization. A PR Company is successful, only if it understands need of an organization and materializes campaigns for branding of Company & products. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. a leading communication company of north India has understood the meaning and purpose of PR. It provides various PR services through: Relationship Management Online PR Releases in Urdu News paper Press Conference Press Releases Issue Management Besides PR services, PR 24x7 Network Ltd. also provides monitoring services to its valuable clients. Why monitoring? Because an entrepreneur does not find sufficient time to go through the news published in a news paper or appearing online, as such, we monitor news of clients & competitors & provide to clients for perusal and analysis. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company spread over 31 Cities & 11 States. Its Network comprises of the following cities and states: Madhya Pradesh- Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ujjain Chhattisgarh- Raipur, Bilaspur Jharkhand- Ranchi Uttar Pradesh- Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Jhansi Rajasthan- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur Uttaranchal- Dehradoon Orissa- Bhubaneswar Gujarat- Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Ahmedabad Bihar- Patna Punjab- Chandigarh, Ludhiana Maharashtra- Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune PR 24x7 Network Ltd is proud to have valued customers of different sectors including, Lanxess, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra First choice, General Motors, Sahara One, Bindass, SAB TV, Bing Magic, Birla Sun life Insurance and many more. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. believes in utmost satisfaction of customers, that is why the number of customers are increasing, month to month, and the entire team of company takes the task as challenge and discharges the assignment, effectively.

8 Future Generali launches Bima Advantage Unique unit-linked endowment plan with enhanced insurance cover feature that offers protection + wealth creation Future Generali India Life Insurance Company, the Insurance joint venture between Future Group of India and Generali Group of Italy, has launched Future Generali Bima Advantage, a unit-linked endowment plan that not only helps build wealth, but also offers protection, with an option to double your insurance cover from the very inception. The policy holder can opt for Enhanced Insurance Cover to enhance the life cover under the policy, at inception and in the event of demise of the life assured, the Enhanced Insurance Cover sum assured is paid in addition to basic plan sum assured, to the nominee. On maturity of the policy, fund value as on date will be paid to the life assured. The policy holder can choose to receive the maturity benefit under settlement option through periodical payments after the maturity date for up to 5 years. On death of the life assured during the settlement period, the fund value will become payable. Future Generali Bima Advantage has term options of 10 to 30 years and is available for customers in the age group of 7 to 65 years. The basic premiums, net of applicable charges, are invested in unit funds of the customer's choice. This plan provides for a choice of investment funds, thereby, adding flexibility in directing the investments to any or all of the 6 unit linked funds of the company. 12 free fund switches per year means investors also enjoy flexibility to manage their investment actively. Future Generali Bima Advantage also allows four free partial withdrawals in a policy year, facilitating easy access to invested funds, whenever required. Minimum basic sum assured for policy holders between 7 to 45 years, is half the policy term or 10 times the annualised basic premium, whichever is higher. For policy holders aged 45 years & above, the minimum sum assured is 0.25 times the policy term or 7 times the annualized basic premium, whichever is higher. Deepak Sood, MD & CEO, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company said, “Life Insurance Policies are primarily taken to protect the family from the financial insecurity that is inevitable in the event of an untimely demise of a bread winner in the family. With the Enhanced Cover Feature, one can substantially increase life cover and financial security for loved ones. The plan offers a wide choice of investment funds to suit varying risk appetites and keeping in mind the current volatility of markets. In summary - Future Generali's Bima Advantage is a well designed, uncomplicated ULIP that has been designed to deliver unmatched flexibility to manage investments, allow easy accessibility to funds and ensure complete transparency of charges all in a customer-friendly package that will help policy holders meet their medium to long term financial goals.� Future Generali is currently active through 191 offices with over 56,000 licensed advisors. Besides this large network of agents and offices, Future Generali also offers its Total Insurance solutions across Future Group malls.

LANXESS helps build the city of future More and more people in India are now moving to tow n s a n d c i t i e s f ro m villages, says the recently published census data. The growth rate of population for India in the last decade was 17.64%. The growth rate of population in rural and urban areas was 12.18% and 31.80% respectively, which means the rate of grow th of population in urban areas is higher than the national average and this has been the highest amongst the last few decades. Urbanization leads to modernization and improvement in the quality and nature of lifestyles as compared to that of a rural area. Increased urbanization implies that there is a huge need for improved infrastructure, ample housing options, greater availability of public transport and better medical facilities among other things. For all these aspects to function efficiently, high performance and sustainable materials are needed. These materials in turn are composed of interesting chemical compositions. In effect, there is a little bit of chemistry in our everyday lives that makes this possible. At LANXESS, through years of rigorous research and

9 development, the company boasts of an array of products that in different ways play a role in our day-today lives and make urban living more comfortable, healthier and safer. For example, let's take the case of modern detergents and dishwashing liquids, which offer superior cleaning while not being harmful to the environment. Detergents and dishwashing liquids contain dispersing and complexing agents, whose job is to soften water or otherwise enable better use of available water. In the past these additives were not biodegradable and persisted in the environment for a long time, sometimes leaching into groundwater, and causing environmental problems. LANXESS has developed innovative biodegradable water softeners and other additives, part of its Baypure product line, which are meant to be used in washing machines and dishwashers. Baypure envelops the calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in water, which can cause chalky limescale deposits, and keeps them suspended, preventing limescale deposits. It even softens existing

scale. Baypure boasts of excellent green credentials because it is biodegradable and much safer for the environment. Some LANXESS products contribute in improving the quality of water in various ways. For example, the Lewatit brand's ion exchange resins remove heavy metals and lime from water. Another future-oriented solution for water treatment is membrane filter technology, in which a kind of selective partition allows certain substances to pass through while blocking other unwanted kinds. This allows us to filter nitrates, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria out of the water. One of the most dangerous contaminants of drinking water is arsenic. With the iron oxide adsorber Bayoxide E 33 and the hybrid adsorber Lewatit FO 36, LANXESS offers highly developed systems for transforming contaminated water into safe drinking water. And last but not least, the rubbers developed by LANXESS help to reduce water loss during transportation. They serve to seal water pipes safely and thus ensure that this precious resource will reach more and more people.

Lin Opinion National Conference 2011 Lin Opinion Public Relation , according to it's tradition, organized Lin Opinion Public Relation Conference at Goa this year, between 22nd-24th July, 2011.The conference was a grand success and almost all leading communication companies of our country, actively participated in it. Our company also participated in the conference, and Atul Malikram , head of our company shared his views with communication protagonists.

Atul had long discussions with several dignities, including Executive Director and President of Linopinion Public Relation, and every one appreciated progress of our company.

10 GM India Launches Chevrolet Beat Diesel India's Most Fuel Efficient Car Sports 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Engine General Motors India today launched Chevrolet Beat Diesel, India's most fuel efficient car at a ceremony presided over by GM India Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Aftersales, Sumit Sawhney. The all-new Beat Diesel which is the most fuel efficient car in its segment sports the 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH engine developed specifically for India by the GM Technical Centre in Bangalore in collaboration with GM Power-train Europe. “Offering India's most fuel efficient vehicle with diesel engine developed for Indian consumers in our most popular model is a momentous achievement for GM India,” said Mr. Sawhney during today's launch. “We are confident that with its best-in-segment design, performance, unparalleled fuel efficiency and safety, Beat

Diesel will set a new industry market. benchmark and be a winner with As an added benefit, the engine is local car buyers.” the quietest powerplant in its The Beat Diesel's three-cylinder segment and provides outstanding DOHC engine features state-of-the- performance in stop-and-go traffic art Common Rail Fuel Injection conditions. It also incorporates an te c h n o l o g y fo r o u t sta n d i n g advanced technology maintenance emission performance and fuel free timing chain drive system and economy. It is India's most fuel added anti-corrosion protection. efficient car in its segment. Its The engine oil only needs to be electrically controlled throttle body changed every 15,000 km or 1.5 further reduces carbon emissions. years, for lower maintenance costs. The engine's Fixed Geometry Tu r b o c h a r g e r w i t h v a c u u m operated wastegate ensures efficient operation. Combined with Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB), it provides added torque when overtaking. Despite its high efficiency, the engine's power per litre (62.5 PS/L) and torque per litre (160.3 Nm/L) are best in class in India's diesel mini-hatchback

The Beat Diesel's SMARTECH engine is complemented by a High Torque Transmission that offers smooth, effortless gear changes. Its hydraulic clutch requires extremely low pedal effort. The Smart Engine and Clutch Protection Mode minimises clutch wear while ensuring optimum fuel efficiency. Pro - Vario As s ist Feath erlite


Dolly Bindra ko gussa kyon aatha hai? She's loud, she's gregarious and always on an attention seeking spree. We are talking about the one and only Dolly Bindra, who made headlines with her bold& brash attitude and her temper tantrums in the last season of BIGG Boss. Since then there is no looking back for Bindra! With her loud & nerve-rattling laughter, her hideous walk, she makes her way in to every social event, party or public appearance in her now famous ways, only to seek attention. Loud in her appearance (she wears the most obnoxious looking outfits) & her attitude she does not leave any stone unturned to leave some ugly memories of her presence. In fact at the recently held BIG Television Awards she was called on stage to give away a section of

awards. Dolly came up on stage with the otherwise peppy Urvashi Dholakia (who just kept mum) as she took over stage all to herself. What started off as a light-hearted banter between the anchors Manish Paul & Sudesh Lahari and Dolly, ended up in an ugly manner…Dolly just took over the stage and did not even give the award winners an opportunity to say a few words. In so many words she was asked to step down, even host Lahiri telling her: ”yeh jagran nahin hai…”meaning we are not here to sit all through the night! But the screaming & ranting Dolly continued in her now famous obnoxious behavior. Tune into BIG Television Awards on 21st August at 7pm only on Star Plus to catch Dolly Bindra seeking attention….

Electronic Power Steering (EPS) with human comfort technology provides power steering assistance while parking and driving at low speeds. The Beat Diesel's Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension is calibrated for comfort without compromising handling. The Intelligent Launch Support System (ILSS) provides effortless launch on gradients. Enhanced low-rolling resistance silica tyres improve fuel efficiency without compromising road grip and high-speed cornering than ordinary tires. Like the Beat with a standard petrol engine, the Beat Diesel has a comfortable, stylish interior. Its advanced in-dash integrated ice-blue lit music system with full-size USB allows audio streaming and has several enhanced sound quality setting options. Beat Diesel's 65 per cent high-strength steel body cage ensures a high level of occupant safety. Sixty per cent of the body is made of galvanised steel for extra corrosion protection. Aimed at meeting the highest quality and performance standards, the diesel version of the Beat has been extensively tested at proving grounds with harsh terrains and climatic conditions for intensive durability, quality and performance. The three-year / 100,000-km engine and vehicle warranty offered with the most fuel efficient Beat Diesel is the most comprehensive in the mini-diesel segment. “India is a key market for General Motors and our Chevrolet brand. We are focused on leveraging our unmatched resources to create value for our local customers in all areas, including price, fuel efficiency, performance, safety, styling and reliability. We are confident that the allnew Beat Diesel will prove to be a game changer for its segment” added Mr. Sawhney.


Mr. Salil Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dish TV India to be quoted What are the key initiatives The break through pack, loaded undertaken by Dish TV for the state with maximum entertainment for of M.P. the complete family includes 186+ channels and services priced at just We believe that our subscribers in the state should have access to the Rs. 176/-. 'Family Pack' is available maximum entertainment specially to all Dish TV subscribers, with an the regional content while sitting at optimal mix of entertainment home. We are the only player in the a c ro s s ge n re s . Fo r a l l n ew DTH industry to offer 24 Ghanta connections, Dish TV has also announced a special pricing of Rs. Chhattisgarh on our platform. 1399/- which includes 2 months of What are the key initiatives the 'Family Pack' coupled with UTV undertaken by Dish TV in past few and India Cricket Pack. months? What's next for Dishtv Dish TV, the pioneers and market leaders in the Indian DTH space, has Being the country's favoured DTH always believed in offering the best operator, we always look to stay of entertainment to its 11-million ahead of the curve by offering subscribers across the country. In product, technology and service o u r e n d e a v o u r t o p r o v i d e based innovations. Dish TV opened wholesome entertainment for the the High Definition chapter in the entire family,, We have recently country with the launch of a announced a special'Family Pack' to bouquet of 30 channels and offer a complete digital experience services earlier this year and today to our viewers at cable TV prices. with a landmark 40 channels and services has kickstarted the HD

revolution. The focus today is High Definition growth across the country as India sets to become the world's largest DTH market. What difference will it make for someone who has a regular TV and not an HDTV? HDTV stands for high-definition television. HDTV images are more than twice as detailed as standard analog TV, delivering rich, realistic images, as well as multichannel, movie-theater-quality surround sound. HDTVs can display both regular and HDTV images, but they need HD sources to look their best. An HDTV program, has a resolution that tops out at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, more than six times as sharp in bestcase scenarios. On the whole a true viewing experience.

Lord Karan Bilimoria meets Hon. Chief Minister of Bihar Shri. Nitish Kumar Molson Coors Cobra is investing $35 million in its India operations Molson Coors Cobra (India) Pvt. Ltd. announced today that its Chairman, Lord Karan Bilimoria met with the Hon. Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar to formally introduce the recently announced joint venture b e t we e n M o l s o n C o o rs Brewing Company and Cobra India which will brew and market Cobra beer in South Asia. The Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar - Shri Sushil Kumar Modi, senior members of the state administration along with Molson Coors Cobra's senior management team from USA and India were also present on the occasion. On June 23 of this year, Molson Coors announced that it had purchased a controlling stake of Cobra India

from existing shareholders and now has operational control over the new Molson Coors Cobra India. Moreover, it is initially investing $35 million in its India operations, a majority of which will be u t i l i ze d fo r t h e f u t u re expansion plans of the brewery operations in Bihar. The joint venture is being chaired by Lord Karan Bilimoria, Cobra's founder and chairman of the Cobra Beer Partnership, the global JV with Molson Coors headquartered in the UK. Speaking on the occasion, Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman, Molson Coors Cobra (India) Pvt. Ltd, Cobra's founder and Chairman of the Cobra Beer Partnership, said “It was a pleasure meeting up with

the Hon. Chief Minister of Bihar Shri. Nitish Kumar and his team today. We are especially excited by the prospect of investing here and are looking forward to the new opportunities that this project will create in the state of Bihar. He further said, “The JV that was signed earlier marked a very significant milestone for us. We would like to extend our gratitude towards the government of Bihar for the consistent support offered to us on this project. Moreover we are confident that this JV will yield significant benefits to the local community in terms of increased economic activity and job creation, as well as help Bihar realize its growing potential as a key investment destination in the region.” It is expected that in the first year, this investment would contribute approximately Rs.50 crore in revenue to the state of Bihar. In addition it would create hundreds of jobs directly or indirectly. Bihar, whose economy has been rapidly growing over the past few years is emerging as one of the most business friendly states in the country with immense investment potential. While this is one of the first major Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), the state is increasingly being looked at with great interest by corporates and business houses. This is largely attributed to the positive initiatives by the Bihar government through a combination of supportive policies and creating an environment for business investment.

13 Elite Football League of India Launched America's top sport all set to grow into most lucrative league in India

America's top sport and one of the world's most powerful economic forces in professional sports American football is all set to change the sporting landscape in India with the launch of the Elite Football League of India (EFLI). The inaugural season of the EFLI will be played from November 2012 through to February 2013. The first season of EFLI will be held at a custom-fit stadium in Pune between eight teams from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, B h u b a n e s w a r, D e l h i , Hyderabad, Kolkata, Punjab and hosts Pune. Each team will play the other twice, which adds up to 56 games plus two play-o? games to decide the top teams. One of the country's leading sports broadcasters is on-board with the story with the intention of being the official broadcast partner and will air the games, including the Saturday and Sunday games as well as 13 Monday Night Football games. Speaking at the inauguration, Ms. Sunday Zeller, Founder, EFLI said, “The launch of EFLI in India is a momentous occasion for us and indeed for the game. American Football is an inherent part of the American way of life. With a history of over 100 years, the game has acquired cult status in US, which can be mapped alongside its history. India has been known to assimilate cultures like very few countries have done, and that, coupled with the immense pool of talent makes it an ideal choice for a concept like EFLI. We are certain that these factors will combine to make India a force to reckon with in this great game of American Football, apart from creating the most lucrative sports league in the country.” The EFLI will comprise of Indian players and coaching staff who will be ably supported by professionals from American teams. One of the purposes of EFLI is to promote football as a culture and to do that a lot of programmes will be conducted at schools and colleges across India to provide opportunities for deserving candidates at the grassroots level. In the subsequent seasons, similar programmes will be conducted in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The idea is to eventually attract talent from all these nations to be a part of EFLI which will add a lot of flavour to the league.

14 nd

Nominations for the 2 Chevrolet Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA) Awards announced The Global Indian Music Academy today announced the nd nominees for the 2 Chevrolet Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA) Awards. After the phenomenal success of the Awards last year, preparations are underway to hold this year's celebrations at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, late September. Supported by all constituents of the Music industry, GIMA is a pioneering effort by Wizcraft International Entertainment to recognize Indian music transcending genres in the country, whilst giving the music industry a unified platform to celebrate its talent.

category for her songs Ainvayi Ainvayi, Sheila Ki Jawani and Udi. Usha Uthup and Rekha Bhardwaj (Darling) and Mamta Sharma (Munni Badnaam) have also been nominated in this category. New to the film music scene, Mamta Sharma also garners three nominations including a Best Music Debut nomination along with the Bhadwai Village Mandal for Peepli Live and Director turned composer Sanjay Leela Bhansali, for Guzaarish, among others.

In the Film-Music genre, for Best Lyricist prominent names come to play garnering a nomination for Gulzar (Darling), Amitabh Among the major films that released Bhattacharya (Ainvayi Ainvayi), during the eligibility period of the Irshad Kamil (Pee Loon), Vishal Awards, leading the film-based Dadlani (Tujhe Bhula Diya), Faaiz nominations are Anjaana-Anjaani, Anwaar (Tere Mast Mast Do Nain) Band Baaja Baaraat, Dabangg, Once and duo Vishal-Shekhar (Aas Paas Khuda). Incidentally both Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Rajneeti and Tees Maar Khan. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani have six nominations The nightingale of India, Asha Bhosle has been nominated respectively for their work in film music this year for the hit for Best Semi-Classical Album for her album Naina Lagaike music albums for Anjaana Anjaani and Tees Maar Khan. which she released in collaboration with Ustaad Shujaat A new category addition to the Chevrolet GIMA Awards is Khan. Also nominated in the same category are Ustad Rashid the Best Pop-Rock Single. Nominations include Indian Idol 5 Khan, Hariharan and others. winner Sreeram, Raghav Sachar, Advaita and the band Agnee who garner two nominations for their songs, Hit songstress, Sunidhi Chauhan holds five nominations including those for the Best Playback Singer (Female) Aahatein and Jee Lay Abhi (featuring Anushka Manchanda).

Public Relation - Launching of MIIM Public Relation is a management function that involves monitoring and evaluating public attitudes and maintaining mutual relations and understanding between an organisation and its public. Public could include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media. It is the act of getting along with people we constantly come in touch with. PROs ensures internal cohesion in the company by maintaining a clear communications network between the management and employees. Its first objective is to improve channels of communication and to establish new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding. In terms of career opportunities, product publicity, corporate publicity, government, to publish corporate magazines for employees etc.

Public relations is broadly practiced for to have better relations with the publications like newsletter, bulletins,

A number of PR Institutions are in existence in our country, and each one has it's own syllabus for educating the students, but with a view to educate PR passionate, we are going to launch MIIM, a PR institute aiming to impart PR education, which will include a comprehensive PR course for a duration of 12 months. The person registering his/her name with us, will have full guarantee of placement. The work of preparation of syllabus and relative things, including search of a building is in progress, and we are confident to start our new venture, before end of current year.


16 Starts Monday, August 15, Every Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m on Sahara One Television. Riding high on the success of its two newly launched shows in June, the mythological series 'Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali' and fantasy costume drama 'Kahani Chandrakanta Ki', Sahara One is poised for another launch this August. Starting Monday, August 15 Sahara One will launch its new show 'NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD' to be aired at 9.30 p.m weekdays, Monday to Friday.

of people who after having lived in a joint family system have taken the initiative to break out and start a nuclear family. It is exciting to explore experiment and establish a

The beauty about Indian culture lies in its age-long prevailing tradition of the joint family system under which even extended members of a family, like one's parents, children, the children's spouses and their offspring, etc. live together. The elder-most, usually the male member is the head in the joint Indian family system who makes all important decisions and rules, whereas other family members abide by it dutifully with full respect. Today we have a generation

living set- up on one's own. The nuclear family gives immense freedom from traditions and ways of life that the old system is ridden with. Hence, whenever and wherever the parents and their married children cannot get along and when the children can afford to build a house to call their own, nuclear families began to form. However, when we compare both the systems, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Sahara One's new social drama

'NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD' deals with the nuances of living in a traditional joint family system versus the new nuclear family arrangement. 'NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD' is the story of two sisters Sonali and Nirali who share a great bonding and can go to any extent to make each other happy but when it comes to marriage, their dreams are poles apart. The elder sister Sonali wishes to get married in a joint family with lots of family members around whereas the younger Nirali feels nauseated at the thought of a joint family and wants to have a nuclear family living separately with her husband and kids. Soon after their wishes are fulfilled, as both the girls are married in the same family and get the groom of their choice. Sonali ties the knot with Deven and lives with her husband and his big family at their ancestral house in Rajpipala.

It's time to face your worst date on 'Date Trap 2' only on UTV Bindass lives, a date sure to have both the participant and the viewer in splits. Watch the two contestants willingly contend to set up their friend's on their date from hell, for a cash prize, thus Get ready to have the time of your life by setting up your dear leading to a hilarious showdown! friend on their most disastrous date ever, on UTV Bindass' Tune-in to the season 2 premiere of Date Trap, which brand new season of Date Trap presented by Arise Mobiles! This season of Date trap 2, maintains its core concept with an has begun with some stomach crunching gags played addition of a new element to the format, now you can set on Mikhil and Nikhil. Watch all the fun and pranks your friend up for a date at any location you please, from the unfold and to know who won the cash prize on Date th weirdest, crowded to the strangest and many more. Where Trap 2, 19 August, Friday 7pm, only on UTV Bindass. else will you get a chance to see your friend puzzled, confused, upset or just in plain shock when they meet their date at places like, a dance bar or a swimming pool‌ but on Date Trap 2 anything is possible!

This Friday, watch Mikhil and Nikhil meet the unexpected date of their lives!

The season premiere of Date Trap 2 begins with Prachi and Mallika set their friends up on the most awful date of their

17 Seher & Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani on BIG MAGIC

First Female Werewolf on Indian Television!

A devotional show & first patriotic comedy for UP, MP, Bihar & Jharkhand Launching this Independence Day

Television is of the woman, by the woman, for the woman. Just put it plainly that women rule television. Presently, when women are ruling the roost in melo dramatic characters and playing the girl next door, Star One's Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani introduces Karuna Verma aka Dipanita Khurana as a female werewolf for the first time in the history of Indian Television.

India's premiere channel for the Hindi heartland, BIG MAGIC, from Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd., has struck its magical powers in the regional entertainment television space! India's f i r s t v a r i e t y entertainment channel for UP, MP, Bihar & Jharkhand, clocks close to one crore viewers every week. The overwhelming response the shows receive, week after week, has helped BIG MAGIC almost doubled the size of the audience from its nearest competition. After the tremendous success of Lo Kallo Baat, BIG MAGIC is now introducing two new shows with absolutely distinct genres… Seher, a devotional show that will brighten up your mornings & Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani will add on to the evening entertainment. Both shows are launching on August 15, Independence Day. Seher, is a devotional show that will connect the devotees to their ishta devta or the avatar of God they worship. Monday will be dedicated Lord Shiva, Tuesday to Hanuman Ji and so on… Friday will be dedicated to verses from Quran. Not only this - Seher will also give the viewers an experience of temple aartis, from the Hindi Heartland, while sitting at home. The Daily Astrology segment will give the viewers a glance to how their day will unfold. The show is sure to enhance the way people start their day and give them an opportunity to seek the God within. Seher will be telecast every morning at 7:00am. Prime time viewers will be treated to a new show, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, the first patriotic daily comedy show. The show is true to its name about a retired judge Bharat Bhushan who has witnessed India's freedom struggle. Bharat Bhushan is an idealist, but he is torn between balancing the conflicting pulls & pressures of his large family. The serial revolves around his family members who have “seedha naam” but always end up doing “teedha kaam” which leads to hilarious situations.

To get into the character of the werewolf, Karuna Verma is required to wear layers of make up for over long hours. She is even required to put on false nails like a wolf's claw and even change the colour of her eyes. Karuna states, “I am really happy to play the first female werewolf on Indian Television, it is a unique concept to be portrayed. When the director approached me with the role, I immediately grabbed it. I am very excited to play this character.” In the upcoming episodes, Dipanita Khurana will be seen attacking Hasina Raichand (Abhay Raichand's mother) in the forest and even snarling like a wolf. Will Abhay be able to save his mother? Will Hasina come out of it alive or does this mean Hasina's exit from the show? Find out all this and more in the upcoming episodes of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani!! Catch Karuna Ve r m a a ka Dipanita K h u ra n a o n Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, every Monday Friday at 8.30 pm only on STAR One

18 Each episode has a message to convey and herein lays the beauty of the serial. Veteran actor Sudhir Pandey plays the protagonist Bharat Bhushan, with Bhawana Balsawar, Upasana Singh, Tushar Dalvi, Dharmesh Vyas and others, making it a serial that will warm your hearts. Packed with drama, emotions, laughter and action, this heartwarming comedy is sure to make people laugh and cry at the same time. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani will telecast from Monday to Friday, at 6.30 pm and 8:30 pm. Speaking about these new programming initiatives Anand Chakravarthy, Executive Vice President BIG MAGIC said:” With its light hearted unique content, BIG MAGIC has won over the loyal viewers of UP, MP, & Bihar becoming the undisputed NO 1 channel in the heartland. We are leaders in prime time, weekend viewing and have increased our reach considerably. In our endeavor to expand the time band we are extremely delighted to announce the launch of the two new shows. These shows have been chosen by the channel for their unique story, and the ability to entertain and convey an important message to the audience. This is in keeping with our endeavor to offer audiences a unique and highly engaging entertainment mix.” The Channel derives huge synergies with RBNL's already well established radio brand 92.7 BIG FM, the leading radio network in this region, operating 11 Stations in the heartland. With a refreshing programming lineup, along with extensive marketing initiatives (BIG MAGIC offers effective platform for brands both national & regional); the channel is poised to go to greater heights. BIG MAGIC is being distributed across all cable operators across the states of UP, MP and Bihar and spread across the likes of DEN, Digicable, WWIL, Hathway, Darsh and Maurya amongst others, reaching approximately 10 million households in the heartland. BIG MAGIC is also being supported with a high decibel integration plan on 92.7 BIG FM, Outdoor, and Mall Activation, play-out seeding in malls, print and local cable. Tune in to the shows starting this Independence Day Every morning 7:00 am & evening 6:30pm Only on BIG MAGIC

Emraan Hashmi is the original stud: claims Superstud Ashmit Patel This week on UTV Bindass Superstud, the competition gets tougher for the studs and to give them a few tips Ashmit has invited the man who knows it all, the man known to charm the ladies and steal hearts, Emraan Hashmi. He visited the Stud farm and was delighted to meet his good friend aka Superstud, Ashmit Patel after a long time. Soon after they met, Ashmit introduced Emraan to the contestants, who were equally excited to interact with him. While introducing him Ashmit proclaimed “Emraan is the original stud and the boys should look up to him and definitively note down the tips given by him”. When asked about his views about this show and what he thinks of the opportunity given to the boys, Hashmi commented, “The concept of the show is very novel and it's the first time in India that such a show has been showcased. I think the contestants should just learn and follow so that they go ahead and inspire more people.” Well, we hope the contestants get some amazing tips from the Superstud of Bollywood!! Watch as Emraan Hashmi boosts the confidence and even puts to test the skills of the Superstuds contestants. Catch the battle on UTV Bindass Superstud on Sunday 14th August 2011, 7pm.

19 SAB TV launches romantic Comedy Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story featuring Rajesh Kumar & Divyanka Tripathi A simple yet relatable light hearted romantic comedy titled Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story is the latest offering from SAB TV, India's leading family comedy entertainment channel. With a fresh concept & interesting pairing of Rajesh Kumar & Divyanka Tripathi as lead pair the show will premiere every Mon-Fri at 8:00 pm on SAB TV. The show is based in Bhopal and has a small town feel to it. The story of Chintu & Chinki revolves around their innocent love for each other. Chintu is a simple, innocent, guy next door who's loved in and around his neighborhood. On the other hand Chinki is a beautiful, lovely and a shy girl with charming nature and a kind heart. The story progresses when a chance meeting leads to a journey for their search of true love. Both the protagonists come from families with two different perspectives. Chintu's grandfather is against love marriage and other hand Chinki's grandmother believes in love. What follows is a roller coaster ride of Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story. Speaking on the launch, Mr. NP Singh, COO, MSM said that, “SAB TV is known to be a light hearted family entertainment channel and through our new show we are accomplishing our brand vision by providing our audience with all flavours of light hearted entertainment with a mix of comedy & romance.”

show will help us to connect with families across India especially in smaller towns The pairing of Rajesh & Divyanka was earlier appreciated by the viewers and hope we recreate the same magic through our new light hearted romantic comedy.” Divyanka Tripathi who hails from Bhopal said that, “It's a great opportunity for me as an actor to be part of a show based in Bhopal. I am getting a chance to revisit my past in my own city through the new show on SAB TV. Also, Chinki as a character is an innocent, sweet girl who has strong value system and I can relate to her in so many ways.” Speaking on the launch Rajesh Kumar said that, “It's my third show with SAB TV and I am extremely excited as I have worked very hard to get into the look and had to lose almost 20 kgs to play this character.” The show is produced by JD Majethia & Aatish Kapadia from Hats off Productions & co produced by Rajesh Kumar, Ashish Khurana & Rajat Vyas from 3 cheers production. Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story will bring in a lot of funny and interesting moments that would make the viewers smile and laugh during this beautiful journey of theirs. Come meet Chintu ,Chinki & their families on SAB TV.

Meet endearing couple Chintu & Chinki on Chintu Commenting on the same, Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story every Mon-Fri at 8 pm Executive VP & Business Head SAB TV said that, “The on SAB TV

SRK again embraces Television! Bollywood is swirling with fresh news that King Khan is returning to Television with not one but two shows to be made for the upcoming channel - UTV Stars, jo hai The official channel of Bollywood! We are not surprised at all. After all, Ronnie Screwvala's UTV is the home of Bollywood itself and we all know that King Khan is the Badshah of Bollywood !

But before you jump out of your seats & rush to the phone, let us explain! SRK's very own Red Chillies Idiot Box Production house has taken on the mantle of producing the two driver shows on the upcoming channel. Rumor has it that these two crackling shows will have the who's who of Tinsel town gracing the screen Let’s wait and watch what is on the cards!


zoOm explodes on facebook; Crosses 1million fans, rated the

“Datta is going to be Poise!” says Shabbir Ahluwalia

4th most explosive page globally zoOm has always taken pride in knowing the pulse of the Indian youth when it comes to Bollywood and now it has been vindicated/validated by a million fans on facebook who have made zoOm the destination of choice for Bollywood rates zoOm as the 4th most explosive page on facebook across the globe, while the interactions (comments and likes) rate per post for zoOm is highest in the country. zoOm gets 2 crore+ impressions and 2.7lacs+ comments and likes every

week!(Source: 1 million fans on facebook combined with 43 crore+ views on Youtube and channel presence in 19 countries takes zoOm beyond all the geographical barriers giving it a global reach to become the world's no.1 Bollywood destination Speaking on this feat, Avinash Kaul, CEO, zoOm said, “We at zoOm realize the immense potential of social media in the business of youth entertainment. Hence, we have consciously taken steps to dominate the medium. We are delighted to have crossed the 1 million fan base on facebook and are further encouraged to continue interacting with our fans and viewers through social media.” zoOm has also been no.1 in terms of ratings staying ahead of the competition with 35 GRPs. (Source: TAM, Market: HSM 1million, TG: SEC 15-24 AB, All Days, 24 hours, from 19 June to 16 July 2011)

Shabbir Ahluwalia, who is seen portraying the character of Datta in Playtime Creation’s Laagi Tujhse Lagan has bought his touch to the character of Datta. Shabbir says, “I got a brief that Datta was someone who reacted on impulse and then thought about his action. The Datta that the audiences will see now will be different. Because of what all has happened to him and his family, he has mellowed down and will think before reacting.” Unlike popular notion, Shabbir is not the aggressive kinds in real life. He says, “I like being by myself and with close set of friends. I indulge in outdoor activities whenever I have the time.” This gadget freak does keep his Ipad and music system handy. In the mean while relationships get complex in Patil Wadi. With Digu adding the third dimension in Datta – Naku love story by staying back in Patil Wadi because of Datta’s insistence, Aai Sahib gauges the pain Digu is going through and the loneliness he is feeling. Swati Chitnis who portrays Aai Sahib’s character says, “Aai Sahib is a mother to all three, Datta, Nakusha and Digu. She has a softer corner for Datta but she does not want to be bias to any of her children. Hence it is on her to solve the complexity her three children are facing. Aai Sahib suggests that they send Digu away from Patil Wadi which will be better for all three of them." Will Digu be able to leave? Or will he leave to come back?

Watch Laagi Tujhse Lagan only on Colors at 8:30pm.


Self Assessment Program

We have started the self assessment program of staff and associates. All are required to present them selves through PPT's. Now the staff is well versed with the concept and anxious for next program.

Happy Birthday

Kratika Singh (HO Indore) 06 September

Vinod Raj Chouhan (HO Indore) 20 September

Celebration of Independence day with students As per tradition, PR 24x7 Network Ltd. this year also celebrated the Independence day with boys & girls of Study convent School, Nipania Road, Indore. Stationery and sweets wore distributed among the students.

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