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Year 2

Volume 5

Aug 2011

An Inhouse Monthly Magazine from the house of PR 24x7 Network Ltd.

Chairman's Note

Success doesn’t come to you? you go to it.. Dear friends, Greetings Being head of an institution, one has to play different roles. Some time furious, some time generous, but in any case, one has to keep care of all colleagues irrespective of performance done by an individual. My friends know very well that how I have come at this stage. Through my earlier communications, I have tried to share my life storey with my friends with mere intention to give a message to youngsters that they should never be ashamed of doing any sort of work. "Work is worshiped" tale has not been framed to show case few words only. It is an invitation to those, who instead of doing any work, prefer to sit, ideally. As I have struggled hard to understand PR & relative work, I also look at my colleagues to bestow their energy & talent to go deep in their work so that at one point of time they can say, that yes, we had selected a right plat form to brighten our career. One thing more. If a person is interested to convert his passion into profession, then he/she should concentrate upon, passion only. The new comers, who wish to join me, are questioned by me about their passion. If they are having passion in PR, Monitoring & Publicity, then only I think to select candidates for my company. As such, I sincerely advice the new generation to be involved in their work, so that their dreams could be fulfilled. Truly yours Atul Malikram

Problems Reveal


Problems are servants. They help you grow and lead to better things, both within your organization and in your life. To resist them is to avoid growth and progress. Embrace and get the best from the challenges in front of you. And understand that the only people with no problems are dead. An unhappy customer yelling at you might seem like a problem. But to a person thinking like a leader, that scenario is also an opportunity to improve the organization's processes to ensure that doesn't happen again. So the problem has actually helped to improve the company. An interpersonal conflict at work can seem like a problem. But if you think like a leader and use the circumstance to build understanding, promote communication and enrich the relationship, the problem has actually made you better. It has been fodder for your growth and served you nicely. An illness or a divorce or the loss of a loved one might seem like a problem. Sure it's painful (been there, done that). But I've been shaped by my saddest experiences. They've brought me depth, compassion and wisdom. They've made me the man that I am. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Problems reveal genius. World-class organizations have a culture that sees problems as opportunities for improvement. A mistake is only a mistake if you make it twice. And world-class human beings use their stumbling blocks as stepping stones. They use their failures to bring them closer to success. They don't see problems. They see possibilities. And that's what makes them great.


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Love Your Irritations The things that drive you crazy are actually giant opportunities. The people who press your buttons are actually your greatest teachers. The things that make you angry are actually your greatest gifts. Bless them. The people or circumstances that take you out of your power have extraordinary value: They reveal your limiting beliefs, fears and false assumptions. How much would you pay someone who promised they could pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from your greatest life? How much would it be worth to get intimate information on why you are not exactly at the place where you've always dreamed of being? Here's the powerful idea: The things that irritate and annoy and anger you are entry points into your evolution and elevation as a human being. They are signposts for what you need to work on and the fears you need to face. They are gifts of growth. You can blame the people who trigger you and make it all about them. Or you can do the courageous thing and look deeply into yourself to discover the reason for your negative reaction. The fears you don't own become your prison bars. And as you begin to shed light on your personal weaknesses and take responsibility for them, you actually begin the process of shedding them. You become stronger. More powerful. More of who you were meant to be. So the next time a co-worker sets you off or the next time your teenager gets you going, walk over to them, give them a hug and thank them for the gift they just gave you. Because they did.

Success Via Simplicity Love what the co-founder of Google recently said: "success will come from simplicity." I invite you to really go deep into his words. They are enormously powerful. Success via simplicity - great insight. Most people in business and within their personal lives move towards complexity. More To Dos. More projects. More products. More meetings. More possessions. More goals. The best - I suggest to you move in the opposite direction. They try and make their business models leaner and more focused. They do fewer but smarter things. They get wildly focused and wonderfully lean. And they most definitely run from trying to be all things to all people. Because real genius lives in simplicity. courtesy:

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3 Why When Leaders Think It's American All About Them Management Two prominent men are on publicity said things from the pulpit that have tours this week. Both are individuals shocked many Americans. Some of Rules of great accomplishment, one in law these comments have found their the other in religion. However, both way onto the Internet and are being the World suffer from a sense of self- used liberally, both in and out of After a decade of painstaking research, we have concluded that American firms are on average the best managed in the world. This is not what we—a group of European researchers—expected to find. But while Americans are bad at football (or soccer, as it's known as locally), they are the Brazilians of Management. Over the past decade, a team from Harvard Business School, London School of Economics, McKinsey & Company, and Stanford has systematically surveyed global management. We have developed a tool to measure management practices across operational management, monitoring, targets, and people management. We scored each dimension on a range of practices to generate an overall management score, surveying over 10,000 firms in 20 countries. This has allowed us to create the first global database of management practices. Here are some of our findings. Well managed firms thrash their poorly managed competitors First, not surprisingly, we find that organizations with better

aggrandizement that afflicts people of influence. They are Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Scalia is promoting a new book and Wright is trying to salvage his public image. Let's take them one at a time. Scalia, as reported by Nina Totenberg of National Public Radio, has until recently eschewed the limelight. With the publication of his new book, he is breaking that tradition, appearing on 60 Minutes and doing other bookrelated events. That is his right. However, when asked by Totenberg about televising the hearings of the Supreme Court (they are available in audio only), Scalia said that he was against it and one reason is that "It's my voice. It's my face." Therefore he had a right to use each as he saw fit. As an officer of the highest court, he should know better, far better. As a private citizen, he can control his image; as a public official, doing the people's work, those rights do not apply. Wright is the retired pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and is the man who baptized and mentored Barack Obama. Wright believes that the church should be an instrument of social change. Under that banner, he has

context, by critics of the Obama campaign. In truth, these clips do not embody Wright's life work. He served six years in the military and he h a s b e e n ve r y active in the social justice movement. However, now that he is under scrutiny, he is says that those who criticize him are really criticizing the black church. In doing so, he distances himself from his controversial remarks by sheltering himself in his church. Both Scalia and Wright, although of different political persuasions, have conflated their private views with their public personas in ways that do a disservice to their constituencies. Scalia uses the rights of privacy to a rg u e fo r p r i va c y i n p u b l i c proceedings, hence no television. Wright defuses attacks on comments he has made by hiding behind the traditional lack of understanding between blacks and whites. When leaders get to the top, they are accountable for what they say and they do. Disguising personal personal views as public policy is disingenuous. It demonstrates a fundamental distrust in the very people they should be leading. What do you think? courtesy:

4 Why American Management management massively outperform their disorganized competitors. They make more money, grow faster, have far higher stock market values, and survive for longer. (For details see our previous HBR blog post.) Every country has some world-class firms But while there are many of these extremely badly managed, every country also hosts some excellent firms. Even bottom-ranking India has dozens of firms that use world-class management practices. A key takeaway is that individual companies are not trapped by the national environments in which they operate — there are top performers in all countries surveyed. Conversely, being in a world-class environment like the U.S. does not guarantee success. Even in America, more than 15% of firms are so badly managed that they are worse than the average Chinese or Indian firm. What is the secret sauce of management success? One of the biggest drivers of these differences is variation in people management. American firms are ruthless at rapidly rewarding and promoting good employees and retraining or firing bad employees. The reasons are threefold. 1. The U.S. has tougher levels of competition. Large and open U.S. markets generate the type of rapid management evolution that allows only the bestmanaged firms to survive. 2. Human capital is important. America traditionally gets far more of its population into college than other nations. 3. The U.S. has more flexible labor markets. It is much easier to hire and fire employees. Many developing-country firms, even while trying to implement new techniques like Lean Management, ignore the fact that labor is different from other "inputs." Many of the Chinese firms surveyed did not even employ managers who spoke the same language as the workers, relying on interpreters or basic sign-language for

Why Plan?

Personal planning and goal-setting are not sexy topics. But they are incredibly important and central to an extraordinary experience of life. I see it time and time again amongst those who are the best of the best: lots of time spent articulating a clear and detailed vision for what the key areas of their lives will look like and then a written plan with the vision broken down into sequenced goals so that the vision isn't so overwhelming and so the big picture is neatly chunked into manageable steps to drive daily action. One of the best effects of planning that I've discovered is what it does to my mind. Let me put it this way: few things focus the mind as well as setting plans on to paper and then sequencing them into goals. The very act of doing it heightens your awareness as to what's most important. And with better awareness, you will make better choices. And as you make better choices, you are certain to experience better results. So today, give yourself a gift: take out a nice, crisp white sheet of paper. Sharpen a pencil. And then start writing about the life you want to create. It's a lot easier than you may think. courtesy:

communication. As you can imagine, this does not lead to a feeling of mutual support between management and workers. But the U.S. should not be complacent. Other countries equal or better the U.S. in some of the other areas of management we examined, such as careful monitoring, lean production, and sensible targets. The manufacturing prowess of Germany, which has helped it weather the recent downturn so well, is built upon such advantages. Furthermore, although Chinese management practices are well below U.S. standards, they showed the fastest improvement since 2006 of any country we have looked at. courtesy:


From Success Be Your Best You to Significance

In the era of inspirational leadership, competitive advantage is being derived not only from pragmatic values such as quality, but also from humanistic, social, and environmental values such as integrity, transparency, sustainability, and trust. In my previous column, I explained how inspiration has emerged as the most important leadership habit (, 8/5/08). In this column, I want to show how the source of 21st-century leadership—and the inspiration that fuels it—has shifted from success to significance, as viewed through the prism of "should." One of the most powerful applications of "should" recorded in business exists in a 1942 document authored by Robert Wood Johnson, the son of the founder of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). General Johnson, as he was called after his World War II service, wrote a one-page document that came to be known as the Johnson & Johnson "Credo." The document codifies the company's socially responsible approach to conducting business. It states that the company's first responsibility is to the people who use its products and services; the second responsibility is to its employees; the third is to the community and environment; and the fourth is to the stockholders. In concluding the Credo, General Johnson emphasized his belief that if the first three responsibilities are met, the subject of the fourth—the shareholders—should be well served. MORE "SHOULD," LESS "COULD" To thrive today, individuals and organizations need to operate more in the language of "should" and less in the language of "could." Asking "What can we do?" encourages decisions and actions that are guided by rules. But there is little in rules that inspire. Rules are to be complied with, and they tend to breed a culture in which people find ways to live with the rules or to circumvent them. Asking "What should we do?" is entirely different. This question encourages decisions and actions that are consistent with individual and organizational values. Should transcends rules and inspires individuals to do more than merely comply. Yet, should inspires us to

Warren Buffet once observed: "there will never be a better you than you." Brilliant insight. From a brilliant guy.

There will never be a better me, than me. And there will never be a better you than you. Some might try to copy the way you think, speak and do. But - no matter how hard they try, they will only be a second best you. Because you are unique. Only one of you alive today. Amongst the billions of us. Makes you stop and think, doesn't it. Makes you realize you are pretty special. And that there really isn't any competition. And so today, what will you do with you as you march out into a world that needs people playing boldly with their lives more than ever before? Will you exert more of your hidden potential? Will you liberate more of your natural creativity? Will you uncover more of your authenticity? And will you be more of the you that you are meant to be? Just wondering. Because today's the day. courtesy:

comply with the rules because doing so is consistent with our values. In this way, should does double-duty: The mindset inspires us to do more than merely follow the rules while preventing us from doing any less than complying with the rules. Why? Because to betray the rules is to betray our own values. A should mindset qualifies as a competitive advantage in the 21st century for two reasons. First, organizations and individuals are judged as much by the process of how they behave as by the result their behaviors deliver. This is the case thanks to hypertransparency: People can see deeper into the inner workings of companies and organizations. And because they can see deeper, they care about the materials, ingredients, and the process through which products and services are created. Second, business craves creativity and innovation, and should thinking frees us from the constraints of rules-based thought by unleashing new pathways of exploration and possibility. courtesy:

6 Indore: Autism is a severely incapacitating lifelong developmental disorder that typically occurs in the first three years of life. It causes impairment of disturbance in three main areas, social skills, communication (verbal as well as non-verbal) skills and in their repetitive and restricted behaviors. According to various surveys conducted by USA, every one out of 500 Indian children is autism affected child. USA organizes 2nd April as “World Autism Awareness Day” and entire April month is declared as Autism Month. We must have seen a few children in the society, who apparently seem to be normal, but their following activities isolate them from others, as they: 1. Prefer to live all alone. 2. Do not want to talk to others. 3. Do not look at objects when another person points at them. 4. Avoid eye contact. 5. Appear to be unaware when other people talk to them but respond to other sounds. 6. Have trouble expressing their needs using typical words or motions. 7. Laugh cry or show distress for no apparent reasons. Being Responsible, a social group has perused the grieves of autistics & their parents & initiated steps to help them through organizations of national & international levels, working on this severe disorder. We appeal to all general public to provide information of autism affected boys or girls so that assistance could be provided to them, to the possible extent. Generally a human being thinks of himself only but God has created all to take care of others also. If we look at our surroundings only, we find number of persons who have nothing to eat, or they or their family members are affected by some chronicle diseases or disorders. Some of the diseases or disorders are having remedial measures, but for some, treatments have not been invented so for, and unfortunately no proper treatment has been invented by medical science for autism. Therefore we can only imagine as to how an autistic and his/her family members are facing the world. Being Responsible, a social group has understood the grief of autistics & their parents and decided to help them in association with national & international organizations, working on this disorder. Mr. Atul Malikram, President, Being Responsible said “Actually we were unaware of the gravity of Autism, but when we came in contact with a few autistic and their family members, we could ascertain the facts”. “An autistic needs assistance, treatment and above all sympathy from all. I therefore appeal all to come with us to help the autism affected so that they can also live better life” Mr. Atul added. For more details on Autism, please log on website or dial 9755020247.

An autistic has full rights to live happily as others

7 A real Public Relation Company is that which understands need of an Organization PR 24x7 Network Ltd. is here to help you Indore: Everyone knows that Public Relation is the managing of proactive communication of an organization to create and maintain a positive image. Public Relation involves popularizing success and many other activities. Therefore in today's time a PR Company has become essential part of every organization. A PR Company is successful, only if it understands need of an organization and materializes campaigns for branding of Company & products. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. a leading communication company of north India has understood the meaning and purpose of PR. It provides various PR services through: Relationship Management Online PR Releases in Urdu News paper Press Conference Press Releases Issue Management Besides PR services, PR 24x7 Network Ltd. also provides monitoring services to its valuable clients. Why monitoring? Because an entrepreneur does not find sufficient time to go through the news published in a news paper or appearing online, as such, we monitor news of clients & competitors & provide to clients for perusal and analysis. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company spread over 31 Cities & 11 States. Its Network comprises of the following cities and states: Madhya Pradesh- Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ujjain Chhattisgarh- Raipur, Bilaspur Jharkhand- Ranchi Uttar Pradesh- Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Jhansi Rajasthan- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur Uttaranchal- Dehradoon Orissa- Bhubaneswar Gujarat- Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Ahmedabad Bihar- Patna Punjab- Chandigarh, Ludhiana Maharashtra- Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune PR 24x7 Network Ltd is proud to have valued customers of different sectors including, Lanxess, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra First choice, General Motors, Sahara One, Bindass, SAB TV, Bing Magic, Birla Sun life Insurance and many more. PR 24x7 Network Ltd. believes in utmost satisfaction of customers, that is why the number of customers are increasing, month to month, and the entire team of company takes the task as challenge and discharges the assignment, effectively.


Ramzan Eid al-Fitr (Ramzan Id, Eid-ul-Fitar, or Idul-Fitr) is a gazetted holiday in India. It celebrates the end of Ramadan and marks the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. muslim man is praying in the mosque Many Muslims in countries such as India set aside some time for prayer during Eid-ul-Fitar. What do people do? India's Eid-ul-Fitar festival starts on the first day of the month of Shawwal (or Shawwl). Many Muslims attend communal prayers and listen to a sermon at Eid al-Fitr. Those have not given the charity known as zakat al-fitr during Ramadan do so during Eid al-Fitr. Zakat al-fitr consisting of a quantity of food, such as barley, dates, raisins or wheat flour, or its monetary equivalent given to poor people in the community. It is common for Islamic communities organize communal meals. Many Muslims in India also wear new clothes, visit family members, exchange Eid cards and give presents of sweets and small toys to children. Public life National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed. Islamic stores, businesses and other organizations may be closed or have reduced opening hours. Those wishing to use public transport on the day may need to contact the local transport authorities to check on timetables. Large prayer meetings, parades and marches may cause local delays to traffic, particularly in areas with a predominantly Muslim population and areas that are close to large mosques. Background Eid-ul-Fitar is one of the two major festivals in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar year.

Friendship Day Date Friendship Day is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August. In 2011, it will be celebrated on 7th August. The day for the occasion was declared by the US congress in 1935. The occasion began as a small event, to commemorate the relation shared by friends. Today, it has taken the shape of a grand festival. Gone are the days, when holidays such as Friendship Day were confined to the westerners. Today, since the world has turned into a global village, people in the rest of the world have adopted the festival wholeheartedly and celebrate it with great

enthusiasm, just like any other occasion. They can easily relate them to the festival, because no one can merely survive without having at least a true friend in his/her life. The idea of honoring friendship has been appreciated by people in many countries of the world. Over the passing years, the festivities related to Friendship Day have become even more colorful. The exchange of gifts, flowers, friendship bands and greeting cards has become an important part, rather, a tradition of Friendship Day. The festival has proved to be a boon for the retailers of gift and card galleries, because they cash in a lot of money on the occasion. Apart from the exchange of gifts, partying all through the night is one of the recent developments of Friendship Day. The trend of partying is seen largely among the youngsters. In the present time, get-together and reunions have taken the shape of parties. With the advancement in the field of science and

9 technology, connecting to friends on the wonderful occasion of Friendship Day has become easier. Today, friends living in two corners of the world are just a mouse click away from each other. Internet, the largest virtual information bank on earth, has influenced the life of netizens in many ways. The most popular methods to convey wishes to friends, on the festival, are web cam chatting and sending e-cards. In addition to this, chatting service has provided the opportunity for people to develop virtual friendships as well. Another development in information technology is sending SMS text messages to convey wishes to loved

ones on ceremonious occasions like Friendship Day. Now, sending wishes is not just limited to greeting cards, letters or e-mailing. You can stay in touch with your long lost friends, by sending timely wishes to them, via SMS, on every occasion, including Friendship Day. Apart from being easy and fast, the service has proven a hit among the youngsters. This has paved the way for the creation of interesting, emotional, inspirational and funny messages based on Friendship Day, which are exchanged every year, by people across the world. Hence, it can be said that Friendship Day is commercially significant and socially a hit amongst people of all ages.

9th August 1942 Historic Quit India Movement

In March 1942, British Government sent Sir Stafford Cripps to India with proposal for a new constitution. This proposal were found unsatisfactory and were rejected both by the Congress & Muslim league. In May 1942, Gandhi called on Britain to "leave India to God. If this is too much then leave her to anarchy." The historic session of the All India Congress

Committee began on the 7th August 1942 and was concluded after midnight of 8th/9th August 1942 at Gowalia Tank Maidan, Mumbai. The resolution was passed unanimously. The resolution which came to be known as 'Quit India Resolution' created on 'electrifying atmosphere' in the country. Gandhi in his stirring speech told the people "There is a mantra, short one, that I give you. You imprint it on your heart and let every breath of yours give an expression to it. The mantra is "do or die".


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In the midnight of August 15 1947, India got its freedom from British rule. They become free country again from that date onwards, after many years of British colonial law. The otherwise concealed tri-colored banner of India was given its due admiration, when it was raised on the Independence Day midnight. The red-letter day has been celebrated since then with gaiety and pomp, across the breadth and length of India.

Janmashtami Sri Krishna Jayanti Shri Krishna Janmashtami, or Sri Krishna Jayanti, celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna. In 2011, the date of Sri Krishna Jayanti in North India is August 22. In some parts of South India and in some parts of western India it is on August 21. It is observed as Dahi Handi in Maharashtra, the formation of the huge human pyramids to break the pot hung high up. The festival is also known as Gokulashtami and Krishnashtami.

Date of India Independence Day 2011 When is India Independence Day 2011? 64th India Independence Day in 2011 will be celebrated on Monday, 15 August 2011. Historical Background of India Independence Day India was a very rich country in the 16th and 17th centuries as of its agricultural minerals and products. Western nations always needed to develop trade in this country and after lots of efforts French and Dutch and British were capable to launch the deal with India. Each of these countries established their trading business in India to conduct their own trades. The most powerful out of them is the East India Company which was established by British in Calcutta. With time pass, the British gain more power and influence and by the end of 19th century has India mostly under their colony. In 1946, the Labour government in Britain, its exchequer exhausted by the recently concluded World War

Shri Krishna is today one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Hindu Gods. He is worshipped as the eighth incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is also worshipped as a supreme god in his own right by numerous sects around the world. In North India, Shri Krishna Janmashtami is observed eight days after the full moon day in Hindi month Bhadrapada (August – September). In South India, the festival is observed on the eighth day after full moon in the month of Shravan (August – September).

11 II, and conscious that it had neither the mandate at home, the international support, nor the reliability of native forces for continuing to control an increasingly restless India, decided to end British rule of India, and in early 1947 Britain announced its intention of transferring power no later than June 1948. Finally, at the stroke of midnight, as India moved into August 15, 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, read out the famous

“ Tr y s t W i t h D e s t i n y ” s p e e c h proclaiming India’s independence. India, now a smaller Union of India, became an independent country with official ceremonies taking place in New Delhi, and with Jawaharlal Nehru assuming the office of the first prime minister, and the viceroy, Louis Mountbatten, staying on as its first Governor General.

The Sri Krishna Jayanti festival is not celebrated on the same day in all parts of India and this is due to the various regional calendars and the various calculations

Happy India Independence Day 2011 !

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on full moon day(Purnima) of Shravan Masa. As per the scriptures, Raksha bandhan should not be celebrated in the Bhadra (inauspicious)time of Shravani and Phalguni Nakshatra. According to a belief, King in Shravan Nakshatra and tying of thread(Rakhi) in Phalguni Nakshatra, is worst and harmful for the public. Hence, while tying Rakhi, it is important to remember the auspiciousness to time. At the time of tying thread, Bhadra is kept in consideration. Rakhi is not tied at the time of Bhadra. In 2011, Bhadra(inauspicious t i m e ) w i l l stay t i l l afternoon. Therefore, this day, tying of thread will be favourable after this time only. Before tying Rakhi, let us see, how to prepare for it. Preparation for tying of

Rakhi(thread) This day, sisters, after having bath etc. in the morning, prepare variety of dishes. After this, plate used for worshiping is decorated. Together with Rakhi, saffron, turmeric, rice, lamps, insence sticks, sweet and some money is kept in the plate. A suitable place is chosen for brother, to be seated. First of all, the family God is worshiped. Brother is seated at the selected

location. After this, auspicious mark on(Tilak) forehead of brother is made with saffron, turmeric and rice. Akshat(rice used in worship), scattered on

head. Aarti is performed. Then, Rakhi is tied on the right wrist of brother. Money is moved around his head (as an act of removing evil eye) and, distributed among the poor. On the day of Rakhsha Bandhan, sisters have food, only after tying Rakhi to their brother. Like the other festivals of India, on this festival also, gifts and dishes have their particular importance. On this festival, meal is taken after lunch. At this time, girls come from their ‘inlaws house’ to their parents home, covering long distances, in order to tie Rakhi and meet their brother. This day, the priest and Acharya(spiritual teacher or guru) reach their host(Yajman) home to tie Rakhi, and, in return accept money, clothes.

in the time of the birth of Krishna. In 2011, Sri Krishna Jayanti is marked on August 21 in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and is some parts of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In North India, it is marked on August 22. The Smarta Tradition observes the festival on A u g u st 2 1 a n d t h e Vaishnava Tradition on August 22. Special pujas are held in Sri Krishna Temples spread around the world and millions of people visit the shrines. Special poojas and rituals are held at midnight the time of Krishna’s birth. Staunch Krishna devotees fast on the day. It is a 24-hour fast.


Eid ul Fitr Eid ul Fitr is the biggest Muslim festival that is celebrated all across the globe. It falls on the first day of Shawwal (tenth month of the Islamic Calendar), after the completion of the month long fast of Ramadan. The celebrations extend up to three days. Id-ul-Fitr is distinguished as a thanksgiving day. Allah is thanked by Muslims all over the world, for his blessings. Prayers are offered under open sky and in mosques, by the entire Muslim community. In different Muslim countries, Id-ul-Fitr is celebrated in different ways. However, fasting and offering prayers is a common feature of Eid celebrations across the globe.

The arrangements and preparations for celebrating the festival start long before its arrival. People wear new clothes on the day, while women don ornaments and heavy jewelry also. They also decorate their houses in fancy style. Friends and relatives visit each other for giving Eid greetings and wishes. On this festive day, Muslims wear new clothes and women also apply henna or Mehndi on their hands. In all the Muslim countries, markets are decorated and people go on a shopping spree, to enjoy this festival. Children are

given money, gifts, clothes, sweets, and perks on this occasion. Daughters and sisters also receive gifts. For the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims dedicate themselves in offering prayers to the Allah, by reciting Ramadan ‘dua’ as many times as possible and visiting mosque. In India, thousands of Muslims flock to Jama Masjid, the main mosque in Delhi. The country celebrates Eid ul Fitr with great enthusiasm and zeal. A lot of Hindus also participate in the celebrations of the Muslim festival. The day has been declared as a public holiday in India.

Sweat it out with Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV The health bug has bitten all the women of the Godbole society. With the fashion show coming up in an upcoming episode on Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV, the women are all geared to look and feel their best. So, news has it that the fabulous women of the society have taken up the challenge against their weight! Their only motto in life is to lose weight and look perfect for the show. So, out come the salads, fruits and a big no-no deep fried bhajias! And so it happened, that the cast took it up seriously, and went on a real diet. So the women said bye-bye to their stilettos and said hello to their jogging shoes. The men folk of Mrs. Tendulkar are no less. Instead of encouraging and supporting the wonderful women, they have been playing a mischief by tempting them with piping hot samosa, irresistible chocolate cakes, mouth watering bhajias and vada pavs. Said Kishori Godbole, “We were realy excited about the diet. But the men have tried their best to trick us into giving up our diet. But, a woman's will is a woman's will. We never once cheated on our diet. We stuck to our healthy salads, sprouts and regular workout!” So, with all the excitement going around, wonder if the women will actually achieve their target. Catch all preparations and get set to watch the fashion show on Mrs. Tendulkar. Watch Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm


Future Generali launches Bima Advantage Unique unit-linked endowment plan with enhanced insurance cover feature that offers protection + wealth creation Future Generali India Life Insurance Company, the Insurance joint venture between Future Group of India and Generali Group of Italy, has launched Future Generali Bima Advantage, a unit-linked endowment plan that not only helps build wealth, but also offers protection, with an option to double your insurance cover from the very inception. The policy holder can opt for Enhanced Insurance Cover to enhance the life cover under the policy, at inception and in the event of demise of the life assured, the Enhanced Insurance Cover sum assured is paid in addition to basic plan sum assured, to the nominee. On maturity of the policy, fund value as on date will be paid to the life assured. The policy holder can choose to receive the maturity benefit under settlement option through periodical payments after the maturity date for up to 5 years. On death of the life assured during the settlement period, the fund value will become payable. Future Generali Bima Advantage has term options of 10 to 30 years and is available for customers in the age group of 7 to 65 years. T h e

b a s i c

Is your term plan equipped to keep pace with increasing responsibilities? Birla Sun Life Insurance Company, a joint venture of Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial Inc. has announced the launch of its new term plan offerings Protector Plans. These plans offer flexibility to customers by giving them the option to increase their sum assured over a period rising out of increasing responsibilities and inflation, at no extra cost. The Protector plan is available in two variants; BSLI Protector Plan and BSLI Protector Plus Plan. Says Mayank Bathwal, Chief Financial Officer and Head - Institutional Sales, “Over time, an individual's responsibilities grow and this, coupled with lifestyle improvements, makes one realize the need for increased protection. To ensure that one's loved ones continue to enjoy the same comforts, even under unforeseen circumstances, there was a need for a plan that could keep pace with changing requirements.” He further adds “BSLI has repeatedly been able to not just assess consumers' evolving needs, but also introduce innovative solutions time and again that have set industry benchmarks. Keeping these customer needs in mind for a term plan that can grow with growing responsibilities; BSLI has introduced BSLI Protector Plans that aim to ensure a family's financial security as per their evolving life cycle needs at affordable cost” Both plans offer customers the flexibility of opting for a constant or increasing Sum Assured at inception. Customers, who opt for an increase in

14 Sum Assured, have the option of increasing it by 5% or 10% every year, in order to factor in growing needs and responsibilities. Under this facility, on every policy anniversary, the Sum Assured increases by 5% or 10%. For added protection, both plans can be enhanced with the following riders: BSLI Accidental death and disability rider UIN: 109C018V01 BSLI Critical illness rider UIN: 109C019V01 BSLI Surgical care rider UIN: 109C015V01 BSLI Hospital care rider UIN: 109C016V01 BSLI Waiver of premium rider UIN: 109C017V01 While, blending complete financial protection with affordability, the two plans also offer an additional advantage of lower premium for women. Key features of the BSLI Protector Plans: Option to increase sum assured at no extra cost Choice of 5 additional riders to enhance your policy protection Flexibility of premium paying frequency: Annual / Semi Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Income Tax benefits as per prevailing norms under the Income Tax Act, 1961 Additionally, Protector Plus Plan offers the following benefits: Special premium rates for non-smokers Special premium rates for women

premiums, net of applicable charges, are invested in unit funds of the customer's choice. This plan provides for a choice of investment funds, thereby, adding flexibility in directing the investments to any or all of the 6 unit linked funds of the company. 12 free fund switches per year means investors also enjoy flexibility to manage their investment actively. Future Generali Bima Advantage also allows four free partial withdrawals in a policy year, facilitating easy access to invested funds, whenever required. Minimum basic sum assured for policy holders between 7 to 45 years, is half the policy term or 10 times the annualised basic premium, whichever is higher. For policy holders aged 45 years & above, the minimum sum assured is 0.25 times the policy term or 7 times the annualized basic premium, whichever is higher. Deepak Sood, MD & CEO, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company said, “Life Insurance Policies are primarily taken to protect the family from the financial insecurity that is inevitable in the event of an untimely demise of a bread winner in the family. With the Enhanced Cover Feature, one can substantially increase life cover and financial security for loved ones. The plan offers a wide choice of investment funds to suit varying risk appetites and keeping in mind the current volatility of markets. In summary - Future Generali's Bima Advantage is a well designed, uncomplicated ULIP that has been designed to deliver unmatched flexibility to manage investments, allow easy accessibility to funds and ensure complete transparency of charges all in a customer-friendly package that will help policy holders meet their medium to long term financial goals.� Future Generali is currently active through 191 offices with over 56,000 licensed advisors. Besides this large network of agents and offices, Future Generali also offers its Total Insurance solutions across Future Group malls.


3 edition of Mahindra Auto Quotient Quiz begins Unique pan India auto quiz reaches out to Engineering Colleges and B Schools across the country Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), a part of the US $12.5 billion Mahindra Group, has announced the launch of the third season of Mahindra Auto Quotient (AQ), a first of its kind pan-India Auto Quiz, telecast on India's leading English news channel, NDTV 24x7.

15 Auto Quotient is part of Mahindra's endeavour to support and promote young automotive talent across the country's engineering colleges and B schools. The inaugural edition of the quiz which was held in 2009, received an enthusiastic response from engineering students throughout the country and in 2010 Mahindra took a step further by encouraging auto enthusiasts from B-schools to participate as well. This year the quiz has taken a whole new dimension as it now reaches out to students across 44 cities, having increased from 20 cities last year. Mahindra AQ is a first of its kind initiative by an automotive company in India - perhaps even in the world- and through this pioneering initiative the company is seeking to make more and more enthusiasts across the country passionate about Automobiles. It is all about the proposition of connecting and bringing together auto enthusiasts, from every walk of life, on the same platform. Students can now participate in the quiz by registering on The website has plenty of trivia on the website to keep the grey cells busy. One can also log on to Facebook and win exciting Mahindra AQ merchandise.

The regional rounds will be conducted across 44 cities, targeting students spread across engineering colleges and B-schools. The winners of this round take part in a special Live Quizzing Round on the same day, with the winning team securing a place in the Regional Finals. Each of these 20 cities has one team each participating in the regional finals. There will be four such regional finals in the zones of North, South, West and East with 20 teams competing in the Regional Final rounds, vying for a place in the Grand National Final. Noted auto journalist, Siddharth Vinayak Patankar, Editor-Auto and Senior Anchor, NDTV, conducts the quiz for both the Regional Finals as well as the Grand National Final. Auto enthusiasts across India can look forward to an action packed telecast of Mahindra AQ on NDTV, making this a much awaited and talked about event. Winners of the grand finale will receive an all expenses paid trip to the largest auto show in the world the 'Geneva International Auto show'. The 1st runner up team gets to experience the thrill of ' 'Dune Bashing' in Dubai, while the 2nd and 3rd runners up get the opportunity to participate in the 'Mahindra Great Escape', one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the Indian off-roading calendar. Participants will also stand a chance to win other exciting prizes.

ACDelco Auto Component Brand expands its product portfolio; Launches Inverters to protect homes from Outage Families the length and breadth of India can now protect their homes from the inconvenience and problems associated with electrical outages thanks to a new range of Inverters that have been launched by AC Delco. Developed and manufactured in India by ACDelco an established and global supplier of automotive batteries, components and systems the latest Inverter technology gives families a choice of three models, all of which provide immediate auxiliary power to support domestic appliances and electrical fittings against power failure.

range of six robust and reliable VRLA ( va l v e re g u l a t e d l e a d - a c i d ) batteries, which have been introduced to give families a complete outage solution from one supplier.

ACDelco range of Inverters can help. In addition to ensuring that a backup power supply exists for equipment such as fans and room coolers, the Inverters also power TV and lighting, while protecting C o m m e n t i n g computers from failing. on the launch “Given that we estimate only 10 o f t h e n e w percent of homes across India are r a n g e o f using Inverter technology at inverters, Mr. present, this is a hugely untapped Rajesh Nangia, market. It is also one that is likely to Director, ACDelco said: “In the grow for some considerable time summer, when temperatures in g i v e n t h e fa c t t h a t p o w e r homes can be above 45 degrees, infrastructure is not expected to even the most short-term outage improve significantly over the next can make living conditions quickly decade,� he added. Also available from ACDelco is a new intolerable. This is where the

16 4 A m a n Ve r m a b a g s a ro l e i n Prakash Jha's upcoming next movie!! Prakash Jha, the director & producer of Aarakshan was recently present on the sets of Lo Kallo Baat. While sharing his amazing experience of making Aarakshan, Jha tells Aman that he would like to 'reserve' only two actors for himself in this industry Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan… Further in the episode Prakash Jha was entertained by the Huddang toil on Lo Kallo Baat, as they sing a song from his latest film Aarakshan. Not only this Prakash Jha was so impressed by Aman that he tells him that he has always wanted to cast him in his movies…and offered him a role in his next upcoming movie. An ecstatic Aman could not stop smiling!

Stay tuned to see what Prakash Jha has for host Aman Verma on Lo Kallo Baat on Monday at 8.30 pm only on BIG MAGIC.

Mahi Vij portraying dual identity in Laagi Tujhse Lagan Playtime Creation’s Laagi Tujhse Lagan has put its lead female protagonist through a challenging path. In the start of the show Mahi Vij was essaying the dark skinned Nakusha, who had to hide her real self on her mother’s insistence. When she resorted to reveal her real self it caused a rift in her marriage. She was separated from her family and the love of her life Datta. To add to her misery she even lost her memory. As Nakusha, she got love from Aai Sahib as a daughter, from Baji as a friend and from Datta as a wife. After she lost her memory, Maai gave her the love and nurturing of a mother and named her Sahiba and Digu fell in love with her. Now that Nakusha has met the Patil family she has vague memories of the things and times shared with them in the house. Will she remember her relation with Datta? Will she be able to remember all the things which happened in her past? The coming episodes will reveal. Watch laagi Tujhse Lagan on Color at 8:30.

THE STUDS TURN MASSEUSE FOR KASHMERA SHAH..!! The sultry and sensuous Kashmera Shah, steps in to the stud farm this week. The hard working lady needed some time off from her hectic schedule and so her friend Ashmit Patel invited her over to spend some time with the studs! Ashmit had already planned a day or relaxation and pampering for Kashmera but little did the boys know that they would be apart of it. Ashmit announces a task that would have all the studs transform into Kashmera's personal masseuse for the day! And to everyone's surprise it was the elimination task for the boys. A spa room was prepared for Kashmera, complete with candles, flowers and the works!! What followed was a nonstop session of massages that she received from the studs while she eased her tense muscles. While some of the studs struggled and fumbled with their massage techniques, few others turned out to be pros at it. Thanks to Ashmit's stud lessons earlier, where the boys were given mannequins to practice massage techniques, while Ashmit expertly guided them. We are sure under Ashmit's watchful eye; Kashmera had a blissful massage marathon. The studs that did not perform well, had to be eliminated as Kashmera chooses the worst masseuse….to find out more tunein to Superstud on 24th July, Sunday 7pm, only on UTV Bindass.

17 60days to Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand ~ New Zealand gears up for Rugby World Cup 2011 the 4th largest sporting event in the World Symbolic with the All Blacks, visiting teams will be intimidated by the 'haka', the traditional Maori war dance during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand ~ Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora! ka ora! The 7th Rugby World Cup begins close to 60 days from today in New Zealand on 9th September 2011. Rugby is embedded in the hearts and minds of Kiwis and watching the sport has become somewhat of a religion. Seeing the New Zealand National Rugby team 'All Blacks' on the field in their black jerseys emblazoned with the silver fern, performing the haka, stirs pride in the hearts of Kiwis around the world. Many New Zealanders would say it is an integral part of the country's culture. Haka is the traditional dance form of the Māori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. "KA MATE" is the most popular haka and is performed by the All Blacks Rugby team of New Zealand prior to every match. World over, there is a thrill to watch the All Blacks forming ranks prior to kick off. The modern All Blacks perform the Haka with passion and pride. They have reclaimed the dignity and mystique attached to this traditional art form and in the process, increased its recognition as an icon of New Zealand.

“Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora! Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā Ā, upane! ka upane! Ā, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra!”

Telangana bandh stops Dirty Picture Shoot again The scene that couldn't be shot was a intimate moment between Tusshar Kapoor and Vidya Balan On June 6, the shoot of the Ekta kapoor's production, Dirty Picture at Hyderabad's Ramoji Rao Studio had to be cancelled following a two-day Telangana Bandh. Filming resumed the next day, but the unanticipated 'stop work' call reportedly cost the producer Rs. 40 lakh. On Friday, July 22, shooting once again came to a halt following another 'bandh'. This time, the unit was prepared as they'd been given advance notice still because a lot of stuff had to be carted in from the city the scenes featuring Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah and Tusshar Kapoor couldn't be shot. After the 'bandh' ended, a few smaller cuts featuring other actors were taken. Interestingly, the earlier shoot also featured Vidya and Tusshar and was an intimate moment between the two. Tusshar returned after a week and completed the scenes. This time, he resumed shooting yesterday evening.

Quiz tusshar on how he spent the "Unexpected holiday" and he says, "well it was boring since you couldn't go out. I worked out in the gym. The previous evening we'd watched singham; It was a lot of fun. But that day, I didn't have any DVDs with me, so despite having a DVD player in the hotel room, I didn't have anything to watch. I just went to sleep." Tusshar has three-four days work left and is hoping to wrap them up without any more interruptions. He refuses to divulge details about his role, but admits it's thrill doing a film set in the 1970s and the south film industry. "That makes it a different from other romantic roles I've done in the past," he points out. "Emraan (Hashmi) and I have worked together in Good Boy Bad Boy (2007), but this is the first time I'm doing a film with naseer saab and Vidya. And Milan (director Milan Luthria) is fast, organised and a super cool director."

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