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Fighting a moral and physical struggle My inbox had an interesting email. It was from a 401k membership group who surveyed their members. Here’s their question: Thinking about your retirement, what keeps you up at night? Here are the answers: 1) Running out of money 2) Health issues 3) Health-care costs

continues, we are also reflecting on the future of our members. Think about the Union, among all else as the leader in fighting for your financial wellness. What we invest in our future is what will be protecting us later. Fight now for your fair share or suffer later. We are fighting now. In July we deployed a team of six ATU leaders to the field to continue changes in our bargaining for members who have been the most battered by our employers in recent memory, the privatized services.

4) Inability to meet monthly expenses 5) Inability to maintain standard of living Two relate to healthcare, and the other three pertain to financial wellness. All five are connected. “Preparing for healthcare costs in retirement isn’t a separate discussion with clients,” they say. “It’s an extension of a financial wellness conversation.” Who is losing sleep thinking about these issues for all ATU members? Well, we are.

ATU focused on issues that matter to members

Power-building campaigns The goals are improved wages, healthcare and retirement security. The team will be running power building campaigns all across the ATU. We will call on Local Union officers and members to prepare more for negotiations. We will invest every resource we have in this project.  We need massive unity to force our industry to start funding real benefits for our members. So, please join hands with our members across Canada and the United States now. Lock arms in your Local and give some thought to this. We will not get what we deserve, a fair share of the value of our work, unless we demand it and fight for it.  There will be some too timid to fight. Ignore them.

We have been highly focused on things that really matter to our members. In recent issues we have rolled out our continuing campaign to keep ATU members alive and healthy at work. While the campaign for better workstations


May/June 2018 | IN TRANSIT

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In Transit - May/June  

Supreme Court advances attack on Labor - What does it mean to ATU members?

In Transit - May/June  

Supreme Court advances attack on Labor - What does it mean to ATU members?