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De La Salle University Master in Business Administration Advanced Microsoft Word


any people have learned word processing on their own. Bad habits and a poor understanding of Word features mean hours o needless fiddling with word documents. This workshop will help you discover the way Word works, and in the process you will discover 13 new skill areas that will allow you to create most documents in a fraction of time. Most Word users spend 60% of their time formatting documents and 40% writing content. After this workshop you will spend just 10 percent of your time formatting. The result… much better documents! Course ID : MIS001M

Day and Time : Saturdays, 8:00 – 11:00am

Styles • If you’re using styles, Word is just a typewriter • Learn all about styles

Length: 3 sessions

Mail Merge • Master mail merge and discover how they are not just for sales letters

Tables • Discover best practices for using tables • Learn advanced table skills and keyboard shortcuts Numbering and page Numbering • Make numbering work perfectly once and for all Forms • Learn to turn documents into easy-to-edit forms Finding documents • Discover how you can find lost documents in a fraction of the time Arrange Windows • Learn to work in multiple documents at once • Learn to edit two parts of a long document at once

Sections • Master document sections for more complex documents Bookmarks & Cross References • Discover bookmarks • Use bookmarks for navigation and cross references Fields • Discover fields and find how they save you lots of work Macros • Simplify repetitive tasks with marcos Autotext and autocorrect • Learn where and when to use Autotext in legal documents Track changes • Discover the most efficient techniques for sharing documents with colleagues

Who should attend You should know and use at least the Word basics before you attend this workshop. WE suggest an introduction to Word workshop prior to taking this course. Call now or visit our Website to register Taft : RCBC : Ortigas :

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WEB 2.0 and Cloud computing: the Next Digital Revolution

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My Top  10  tools   1. Facebook   2. Youtube   3. Twitter   4. Google  Docs   5. Google  (mail,  maps,   calendar,  bookmark,   books,  scholar,   sketchup)   6. Prezi  (presentation)   7. Diigo  (social   bookmarking)   8. Wordpress,  Blogger,   Tumblr  (Blogging)   9. Evernote   (notetaking)   10. Dropbox  (file   storage)   11.  (mind   mapping   12. Seenly,  Magmypic   (fun  photos)  

DESCRIPTION Mind  Man…   Word  Cloud…  



ith increased  popularity  of  tables,  scattered  wifi  hotspots,  USB  modems  in  the   market,  and  the  growing  blogs  and  cloud  computing  applications,  individuals   experiencing  a  transformation  to  a  digital  lifestyle.  Aside  from  popular  social   networking  such  as  Twitter,  Facebook  and  Linkedln,  the  Internet  provide  tools  to     achieve  continuous  learning,  empowerment,  productivity  and  collaboration  Today,  more  websites   are  providing  users  a  voice  and  a  choice  to  share  and  collaborate  anything  that  he  wishes,  to  express   his  interest,  in  whatever  language,  manner  or  form.  

SOCIAL  NETWORKING  SERVICE                        

Prezi is  a  Flash-­‐based  visualization,  storytelling,  and   presentation  tool  that  allows  you  to  create  nonlinear   presentations.  Using  the  simple  editor,  you  can  place  text,   images,  video,  Flash  files,  and  draw  lines  to  show  relationships   between  each  item.  The  final  result  is  a  visual  map  that  lets   users  zoom  in  and  out  and  navigate  to  content  in  a  clickable   environment.   Google  Docs  is  Google’s  “software  as  a  service”  version  of  an   office  suite.  Documents,  spreadsheets,  forms  and   presentations  can  be  created  within  the  application  itself,   imported  through  the  web  interface,  or  sent  via  email.  They   can  also  be  saved  to  the  user’s  computer  in  a  variety  of   formats.  Documents  can  be  shared,  opened,  and  edited  by   multiple  users  at  the  same  time.     There  is  a  limit  on  how  much  a  user  can  store  on  their  account.   Individual  documents  may  not  exceed  250  MB  as  of  Jan  13,   2010,  embedded  images  must  not  exceed  2MB  each,  and   spreadsheets  are  limited  to  256  columns,  200,000  cells,  and  99   sheets.  (     A  social  networking  service  is  an  online  service,  platform,  or   site  that  focuses  on  building  and  reflecting  of  social  networks   or  social  relations  among  people,  who,  for  example,  share   interests  and/or  activities.  A  social  network  service  essentially   consists  of  a  representation  of  each  user  (often  a  profile),   his/her  social  links,  and  a  variety  of  additional  services.  Most   social  network  services  are  web  based  and  provide  means  for   users  to  interact  over  the  Internet,  such  as  e-­‐mail  and  instant   messaging.     Aside  from  meeting  a  lost  classmate  or  linking  up  with  new   friends,  another  “popular  use  for  this  new  technology  is  social   networking  between  businesses.  Companies  have  found  that   social  networking  sites  such  as  Facebook  and  Twitter  are  great   ways  to  build  their  brand  image.”  

LEARN  Web  2.0  and  Cloud  Computing!  Expand  your  knowledge  on  the  use  of  various  that   are  transforming  individual  lifestyles  and  businesses.   File  :  G:\112  –  Ms  word  validating\DocExer  –  Web20  table  for  2011  09.doc  

File :  G:\112  –  Ms  word  validating\DocExer  –  Web20  table  for  2011  09.doc  

VE - MS WORD by Armando Alfonso L. Reyes  

VE - MS WORD by Armando Alfonso L. Reyes

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